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Requests for the source of an image, the name of a girl, or more images from a set go on /r/.


Failure to do so will result in bans.

OP must post at least 6 images of their own to start a thread, or else it will be deleted without warning.
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No title

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Favorite hotwives
For me? It’s teasing vixen. She erased a lot of her stuff though dunno why.
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femScreenshot 2024-02-07 143901
Images/videos that feminazis would hate.
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Marina Beaulieu_spe153_027_l
GILF thread?

Marina Beaulieu
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Give Me The Chink!
Not just Asian hotties, I want to see the chinkiest buck toothed street whores get railed
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No title
Girls with dirty tongues
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Personal Stash
Post pictures from your own stash. I'll go first.
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Harcore On/Off
Lindsey W
Last one got deleted. Keep personal info out of this one, but show women clothed contrasting with getting fucked/sucking/covered in cum/abused/humiliated or otherwise relative to hardcore.

<--- Example - On the church website vs. abused/humiliated by her lover
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BWC Shock and Awe
Girls astonished by big white cocks, or cumming hard/squirting. Intense reactions to BWC. Epic level shit.
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There is a surpising lack of MFM right now, I think we need another mfm thread stat.
Also for Mfm lovers, what attracts you to this? For me, it's the trust amongst the three parties. I would never do an MFM, but I would do a MFT and not touch the shemale.
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Cowgirl position
Girls on top of men riding their dicks
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No title
Ava and her massive anime tits.
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No title
I just saw huge fake tits at the gym. Those massive melons triggered me so hard. She looked so dirty with her fake lips and huge porn tits. I just have to edge fake tits porn. Gonna cum so hard and bust so big load at the end...
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Love thyself
Masturbation is a beautiful thing. You deserve pleasure and affection.

Women masturbating with fingers, toys, or anything. Clit rubbing, fingering. Plastic vibrators. Pillow humping. Showerheads. Vaginas stretched with enormous bananas. Anything goes.

Bonus for total self absorbtion with no camera eye contact.
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No title
Big phat booty fucked from behind, preferably pov
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Interracial Aesthetic, Art, Beauty, and Philosophy
This thread is dedicated to the most aesthetically realised moments of contrast that interracial sex, love, and romance creates.

We all either overtly or secretly find the sight of ebony Black skin rubbing on porcelain White skin magnetically satisfying and attractive. I'm going to post pictures which take my breath away in how they demonstrate the totality of humanities beauty and passion through obviously distinct racial, diverse and beautiful contrasts, juxtaposed with the inherent unity and oneness that comes through mating and the genetic permanence of any interracial breeding.

Interracial is so beautiful because it is a perfect depiction of biological catharsis. Opposites - white and black, girl and boy, feminine and masculine - so aesthetically distinct and yet joining together so naturally, so romantically and so obviously more interesting than not mixing.

So blandaa upp, let's celebrate the beauty of contrast and interracial mating.
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no dignity
cunts who need special treatment
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No title
No Diaper Thread
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Post your accomplishments
Preferably nudes or vids just have fun.

This is my buddies wife. Her ass was kinda loose but she put in lots of effort
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Big Fat Asses
2048x1536_b7d13fbf4836cb69335ced6020862bc1 (1)
an ode to fat and fuckable asses
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No title
Amateur mature women with black men.

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Submissive women
Pics showing women in a subserviant and/or humiliating position
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No title
anyone into female villainess wam?
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Asian Facials
Chink sluts look the best covered in cum
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I have fallen in love with this plump goddess
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The biiger the better! not super into fake bolt on tits, but I also dont mind them either
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Latex/Heavy Rubber
Total enclosure, bondage, heavy leather, dollification also appreciated
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No title
ftop.ru_60193 (1)
Skin Diamond
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Cum on my baby momma
She’s a nasty whore and wants you to paint her white with your nut
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Big Wet Butts Series
the best lubricated asses, ready to be penetrated, upload the juiciest asses on the internet.
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Emily Willis
please don't follow the light Em. You have an entire generation of porn addicts stroking for you in this moment giving you their energy. Keep breathing.
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Petite GFs
5’ or under, and weigh 100lbs or less.

Mine is 4’ 10” 95lbs and Latina.
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Amateur Asian Cumsluts
Post AMATEUR Asian girls getting absolutely coated (Only Fans Girls coutn as amateur). Bonus points for True Asian cumsluts who are having blast with some jizz
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Jewish girls on BBC
They know jewish men can't compete, so they don't even try
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Goldie Glock - Latinas
Goldie Glock or latinas that aren’t as well know but you’ve enjoyed draining your balls to
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No title
Was Jenna a good slut?
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Scenes you've coomed the most to
Post scenes you've rewatched and coomed to the most. Can be any genre, orientation or kink. No judgement.

Make sure to link the full scene as well or atleast write the scene name. For me...
It's Harely Dean and Jean Val Jean - He Chose Me (VIXEN)
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No title
zoey nixon
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Porn discussion
Do you think porn is a slippery slope?
What do you watch now compared to when you first started watching porn? Do you watch pornography that most would deem alternative or weird? Extreme?
What are your pornographic interests and kinks?
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No title
AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year is...

Vanna Bardot.
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Amateurs preferred
Slam Pigs welcome
SicFlics fuck off
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No title
Brandi thread.
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Just hot shit -
Whatever turns you on. No fatties or hairy bitches please.
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Angela White
The literal porn goddess
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Your favorite women from 2000s decade?
(Only rule: The chick has to start her porn career between 2000-2009) I gotta go with Rachel Starr. I remember how beautiful her bootyshaking was back in the day, around 2007 or so. She was like the ultimate big-ass baddie that was sort of like a more down-to-earth Kim Kardashian-type. This was way before Miley Cyrus made twerking go viral for white girls around 2013.
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Jia Lissa
yeah she's very pretty and cute but lets see her at her most depraved and filthy
92 media | 165 replies
Post pics from casting style shoots or first scenes that have a more relaxed vibe.
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BBC Babecock
Egirls,goths,asmrist anybody
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Blowjob Eyes
Women staring into the camera while giving Blowjob
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i love thick white women edition
other professional hardcore BBC photos welcomed as long as they're high quality
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Clothed Male Nude Female (CMNF)
Don't care if it's from movies, tv shows, photoshoots, homemade, or straight up porn, though the more mainstream the better. Post what you got.

Pic and link are from "La Machine a Decoudre" (The Unsewing Machine) and features an ~7 minute long CMNF scene starting around 18:00. Just the best of 20th century gratuitous European female nudity.
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Pics that make you want to be the girl.
180 media | 258 replies
Those that swing, post your favorite lifestyle vacation or club destination and discuss! Pics of FFM, MFM, MFMF, orgies, etc are welcome.
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Dorm room - college girls
Post sluts in their dorm rooms. College is a place for exploration and really letting loose. Let’s see where it all began in the dorm room. Poor furniture, brick walls, frat flags, etc. Lots of fake or assumed out there. Bonus for OC or collections
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Nice shlongs
795840181 - Copy
cut, uncut, black, white, brown or long as theyre nice meaty photogenic shlongs and the pic is of descent quality 8===3
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No title
White girls with bbc toys
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ITT: Rank your current Top 5
Just put your top 5 currently, active or not
>5: Ashley Adams
>4: Kylie Quinn
>3: Lily Starfire
>2: Willow Ryder
>1: Violet Myers
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No title
My neighbor looks like Jada Stevens and that makes my cock extremely hardly erected. Let's talk about Jada and her incredible porn performances.
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Bleached: Squirters
Ever notice just how much content there is of girls squirting from big White cocks? I have. Post your Bwc loving squirters here.
14 media | 25 replies
Femdom General
A general thread for femdom content. No posting male chastity unless the other thread goes down.
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No title
BBC Blowbang thread.
20 media | 23 replies
Riley Reid
based or cringe?
137 media | 229 replies
Gangbang and threesome
I'm jerking to the idea of having a gangbang with my gf, any advices on how to do it ?

Stories welcome too.
4 media | 5 replies
Veronica Avluv
Why is she so batshit crazy and unhinged?
61 media | 136 replies
The moment those life choices really hit home
125 media | 290 replies
Daddy issues
Post girls with serious daddy issues

38 media | 124 replies
No title
Anal with legs up and together
17 media | 18 replies
Breeding position
Girls in a breeding position.
Preferable, Mating press or missionary (from above) or missionary (from behind)
race or color doesn't matter (please, don't start)
Bonus point for male presence or creampie
300 media | 319 replies
QOH: Asian Edition
Asian girls who mostly/only fuck white guys
Names in posts highly encouraged.
101 media | 222 replies
Bleached: Dark skinned girls
Dark skinned girls taking big white cocks. Ebony, dark skinned asians, indians/middle easterners. Breed white!
56 media | 90 replies
Pregnant Bitches getting ass fucked
There's something so hot about fucking a pregnant women in the ass. You feels so dominant pounding her in the backdoor while your kid is waiting next-door. 1/6
5 media | 5 replies
QOH: Creampie Edition
Girls taking creampies from big white dicks. White cocks only. Girls who exclusively, or almost exclusively take white cocks highly preferred.
112 media | 131 replies
Bleached: Girls love to breed white
11 (1)
Posts about girls getting creampied, fucked, and bred by Big White Cocks. No girls who take anything other than the white man's cum in their pussies allowed. All female races welcome. Breed white!
68 media | 77 replies
QOH: Latina Edition
Latinas who only or mostly fuck white guys. Names of girls in posts are encouraged.
50 media | 77 replies
No title
Anita Dark
17 media | 18 replies
No title
Does anybody know what happened to the guys from assteenmouth and youngthroats?

Did they retire from producing?
Was there a story behind that studio? Their content was amazing, but there seems to be nothing new since years ago.
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Tiana Blow
I love this 19 year old pornslut
18 media | 33 replies
Amateur lesbians only
Only post homemade/amateur stuff of girls enjoying girls. No dicks, no professional porn.
137 media | 163 replies
Darker women have such beautiful cunts.
163 media | 237 replies
No title
Women that aren't "conventionally attractive" that you think are sexy
8 media | 10 replies
No title
Dumping some babecocks I made with my own cock. Post your favorite babecock.
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Ai sexy
252 media | 308 replies
OF girls with masters degree
post OF girl you are addicted to her (only amateur) I'll start with a girl who has a fiance but is a slut. went to gloryhole with her fiance and fucked a stranger's man. from Europe I guess she lives in Germany. So she is smart and has a master's degree
3 media | 3 replies
BBC, Captions, Babecock, Edits etc.
29 media | 34 replies