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Requests for the source of an image, the name of a girl, or more images from a set go on /r/.


Failure to do so will result in bans.

OP must post at least 6 images of their own to start a thread, or else it will be deleted without warning.
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New thread because the old one is about to die. This is a thread to discuss porn trivia. What are tricks and behind the scenes info in porn you know that most don't? What are retired pornstars up to? What stories are there of pornstars that aren't commonly known? Do you claim to have gone to high school with someone who did facial abuse? Share here.

Previous Thread: >>1714237

Asa Akira is way up there in terms of prolific pornstars. I think she retired at some point in 2016 and now only does mainstream appearances. She hosted the pornhub podcast for a spell and I don't know if she still does that.

She is the child of Japanese diplomats, and spent her childhood between Tokyo and New York. In her reddit AMA she says her parents "weren't thrilled initially, but they're ok with it now. They see i'm happy/healthy etc, so they can accept it. We don't talk much about work - but I prefer not to talk to my parents about my sex life anyway." She claims her being photographed constantly during her childhood prepared her for porn. She started her career as a Dominatrix when she was by a rando on the street to work in his dungeon. She claims she wanted to do porn since she was in middle school.

She has a child from a publicly unknown father. I dunno if pic related is babydaddy or not. She was engaged to Rocco Reed at one point, and was married and divorced Toni Ribas.
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Circumcised Dick Appreciation
Thread for cut dicks, especially if they are snipped tight and have prominent circumcision scars.

Last Thread: >>1640219
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No title
Post girls use as mouthcunt!

Also: Can you find the mouthcunt cumdumpster in the lot. 4 girls 1 slut game:
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Well used assholes.
Not necessarily perfect gapes, but they have to look well used, like swollen, wet and slightly gaping.
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Sasha Grey
Post your best hc pics of Sasha. Her deepthroats are best.
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No title
this retarded cumslut
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Fucking my wife
Show us your wives beeing fucked by you. Only homemade!
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OC Timestamp chastity
Its your time to show it proudly... Every 3 points will add a day to my time...

Must be original content so Without timestamp does not count

male chaste is 1 point, female chaste is 2 points,
Máster nude 2 points,
Mistress nude 3 points,
Dom and sub 6 points
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Sluts being treated like fuck toys
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Post your favorites
Post your favorite porn sluts you want to fuck the most!
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Tennessee. Bonus points for 865
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Binder clip
1587846160685 - 20200425_162035
Can we get that binder clip cunt back in here to put 20 staples in each tit?

Old thread: >>1696923
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Before/After - Bonus for Brides
208 images | 291 replies
No title
Exposing my wife.
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Kay loves to show all
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No title
Post pictures of the sluttiest whores you have
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Gloryhole Thread 3
Old Thread: >>1705446

Starting today off with Ranie Mae.
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New Diaper Thread
Get your padded asses in here and post some damn pics! Top Tier Only!
110 images | 171 replies
Comments and tributes welcome, write more and I will share more.
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Pussy & dick
Do you know A beautiful pussy? I do
234 images | 280 replies
chastity couples
no matter which gender, must be minimum two people and one in chastity
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No title
Anyones wife or girlfriends let you take pics of the them sleeping nude?

Pic related-my gf
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No title
Amateur Thai, SEA and LBFM thread
96 images | 159 replies
All girls suck dick
Post blowjob pics of as many different types of girls as possible
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Swan Creek Park
My wife's ass pics at Swan Creek Park in Tacoma WA
13 images | 48 replies
Pregnant hottie
39 images | 50 replies
nice hairy pussy
just nice hairy bush, not too hairy. Bonus for amateur.
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Mexican wife
This is my wife, she does not like swallowing nor anal but she does to please me. I have told her i want to see her sucking other cock but she asked me to stop talking about. She does not want to be a hotwife. The only thing i got was hearing stories how her ex fucked her, how her ex cum inside several times.
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Getting you ready
She is tired of the foreplay and wants you to fuck her good now
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Let's get a Meg thread going
40 images | 197 replies
255 images | 285 replies
Pussy roast
Be as cruel as you can, tell me exactly what you think of her holes and what you'd do to them. Nothing nice please
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No title
Amateur fat sluts
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No title
Lena Anderson/Blaire Ivory
feel free to join in!
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No title
I see you.
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Telephone/chain game/in common the chain continues
Ring ring...The call was coming from inside the board...Ring ring

Last one's been up since Dec, but hit the bumpable reply limit so lets start a new one!

>Post an image that has something in common with the last image.
>Do not repeat the same association as the last post!
Hard Mode:
>Images with something in common other than physical features between characters (redhead, dark skin, etc.)
>Images with something in common that hasn't already been posted!

From the old one >>1725419
Face full of cum
22 images | 22 replies
girls thinking "where dit it all go wrong?"
22 images | 38 replies
Alphabet Part 4
Shyla Stylez
We had the old (>>1660468) one going forever, but it's over the bump limit. So let's continue here!

Rules recap.
Here's a simple game/theme for this thread. Go in alphabetical order posting images. Use the format of "A is for ..." Let's see how many we can get!

S is for Shyla Stylez
82 images | 94 replies
well used
Well used girls covered in cum and looking exhausted from earning all of it
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No title
Finally managed to download a library of 11k+ pics of DebrisX content. Do you fancy a BDSM general thread then?
76 images | 102 replies
stitched professional/whore
Anybody have any pics like this one where its a professional photo that could be on a career website stitched with a whore photo? So hot!
11 images | 15 replies
light bondage
A girl I'm fucking with wants me to tie her up but theres not really anything to tie her up to. Show me some bondage positions where the pussy and ass is exposed without the chick being tied to something. Por favor.

Pic related is nice but if i can find one where the legs are spread open thatd be perfect.
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No title
Dick securely in the mouth. Passed the tip but not deepthroat.
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All-time favorite video(s)
What's your favorite porn film or video? Could be produced or amateur and from any time period. Multiple favorite titles or lists are welcome too, as are screenshots or clips. I'll be posting .webm clips of a few of my favorites.
17 images | 35 replies
Love The Honda S2000 :)
Love this Dutch girl.....if you have more of her then get your ass in here!
26 images | 35 replies
Cum on ass!
pics of cum on ass or anal creampie.
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No title
Private Triplex 30.pdf-044
Been starting to get into making porn for myself with studio games and the likes, can you guys recommend any particularly good gangbang movies where posing is inventive? Girls getting extra horny like cumswapping and rimming is great too. Starting with some shit I like
10 images | 10 replies
Gangbang BBC
addicts girls to BBC, gangbangs/Bukkakke/DP
99 images | 130 replies
Kelly Divine Thread
Pics of Kelly Divine doing anal sex, DP, Gangbang, etc.
156 images | 170 replies
No title
Ebony Slaves and raceplay
78 images | 127 replies
pron dump
here you go anon
63 images | 63 replies
No title
Rate my wife
7 images | 17 replies
No title
Lovely butts
14 images | 18 replies
Inspired by the Old School thread. Celebrating the lost art of DVD or VHS hardcore boxcovers, bonus if they’re funny or ridiculous.
32 images | 46 replies
No title
searching some indian girl pics
175 images | 268 replies
the elusive fetlife user schrodingersdick aka styxschrodinger. sadly she deleted her fl account and reduced her internet presence. lets make sure no one forgets her! extra points for rare images
34 images | 123 replies
No title
Toilet girl, pee on slut
71 images | 94 replies
Women who you know
This woman sucking a bbc is my chiropractor. Found this searching an amateur, home made porn website.
3 images | 9 replies
No title
This cute sissyslut seems to want to explore her sexuality a little bit more, and wants us to take part in it. What kind of degrading things should she do in the next photosession? What humiliating tasks should she perform, and proof it to us with pictures?
5 images | 10 replies
Hillbilly Whores
Pornstars who walked straight from the trailer park to the studio. Average looking tarts who draw from a limited gene pool but give you a confusing boner nonetheless. Tasha Knox to start.
56 images | 72 replies
No title
Want your girl or yourself(trans) to be in a sissy hypno video? Post it here
112 images | 171 replies
Weird insertions
Stuffed holes that aren't regular dildos
135 images | 170 replies
No title
What women are good for
93 images | 123 replies
Old School Fap
Pornstar old school, Katja Kassin, Young version of alexis texas, Naomi Russell, Sasha Grey Etc.

Come here and teach us you material!!!
297 images | 359 replies
No title
Looking to flesh out my Jessi Slaughter collection.
14 images | 29 replies
feeling needy
really needy for some naughty comments
17 images | 27 replies
Severely degrade me
Be as cruel as you can, tell me exactly what you think of my holes and what you'd do to them. Nothing nice please
25 images | 219 replies
Anal sex
Post some good anal stuff
145 images | 164 replies
Femdom Sex
P1012624 copy
25 images | 32 replies
EDF84E31-26C2-4FD5-80C4-BAE2CE023906 the point of being unrecognizable. No cum, just throat slime.
31 images | 36 replies
High Friction
Images of High Friction, Double or Triple Penetration in Ass or Pussy.

All ways used, mouth, ass, pussy, handjob, etc.
288 images | 329 replies
No title
Haven't seen one of theese in a while. What are your favourite pornstars? I'll upload mine later when I'm finished
16 images | 25 replies
Starbucks Angie
Trying to collect all of this slam piggys pictures and videos so post what you have
5 images | 12 replies
Dirty Dump
Releasing all of the kinkiest stuff I've collected whilst in a horny-enraged state
47 images | 62 replies
My wife's asshole
This is my wife's delicious asshole. Lets share our wives assholes
151 images | 221 replies
Sensual Jane Thread
Gonna dump some Jane but am wondering if anyone has any similar models to her that do hardcore? Just discovered her and she is amazing need more like her.
19 images | 22 replies
Riley Mason?
Did Riley Mason fall from grace or does she still film? It's been a while since I see one of her movies. And she was one of my favorite stars
22 images | 46 replies
Wet pussys
Wet and creamy pussies that you want to sniff and lick.
58 images | 65 replies
No title
Jasmine Byrne
14 images | 15 replies
She's a smokeshow. Probably won't, but wish she'd do some hardcore porn.
2 images | 4 replies
No title
She wants to get off on all your dirty post so degrade the bitch
80 images | 109 replies
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