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Requests for the source of an image, the name of a girl, or more images from a set go on /r/.


Failure to do so will result in bans.

OP must post at least 6 images of their own to start a thread, or else it will be deleted without warning.
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Girls as Food
Media depicting girls as food in a generally sexualized way. Good images of this sort are so rare that it's near impossible to have a properly filled thread for it on other fetish boards: /d/ gets mad at Western art, /aco/ gets mad at Eastern art, both get mad at 3DCG, and nowhere but here can you post actual photographs. So this is the thread to discuss fantasies, images, animations, 3D renders, photosets, fanfiction, or whatever else you like about girls being eaten.

1) Only girls are for eating. Girls can be predators too, but prey is always female.
2) This thread is for /all/ genres, mediums, styles, etc. Just don't get the thread deleted with excessive gore or break the photomanip rule.
3) Remember this is an imageboard. Vore/dolcett/gynophagia trends towards the wordy fantasies, but include images with your posts.
4) Vore-adjacent media is welcome as long as the context is relevant. Girls in cages, restrained on kitchen counters, kept like animals, etc.

I'm starting with a mild image so nobody in the catalog has to see something they don't want to. We're vagrants here so be polite to our hosts.
Enjoy your meal and remember to tease the prey.
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Video you've jerked off to the most?
This Muffia scene of Kristina Rose and Phoenix Marie... I just KEEP going back to it. Nothing ever tops this video for me. I have no idea why.

What is this video for you?
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Millenial "Real" Bimbofication
I have a fetish I’d like to share. “Real” bimbofication, or women of my generation being slowly but surely brainwashed into being sexualized fuck-objects under societal and career pressures. Let me explain.

As a young man, I was into music, and was thus surrounded constantly by QT indie girls. I also had crushes on celebrity QT indie girls. The appeal of the QT indie girl was she was someone you’d take home to your parents - smart, bookish, quirky, with a sense of humor, not overtly sexy but still attractive.

In the ensuing decade, following the arc of these women, a huge portion of them transformed themselves into highly sexualized fuck-objects that are a complete 180 from their original persona. This is both girls I know personally, and celebrities, which I will focus on in this thread. At the end of the day, many are dumb broads, and as we know white women mold like clay to the world around them. Many bought the sex-worker-empowerment bait hook, line, and sinker, and many moulded themselves due to subconscious psychological triggers and brainwashing I will explain later.
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Worst comebacks in porn
The ones the mske you wish they stayed retired so at least they wouldnt ruin your memories of them
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Strapon Pics
ctrl+f strapon = no results, this cannot stand, post up hot strapon action
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JAV Thread
Rio is cute, no?
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Disciples of Desire
Anyone into this stuff? I’ve seen a few of their vids and it looks like BLACKED but better. Same hot girls, including Blake blossom but more screaming and more dirty talk/race play. Some of their scenes even involve the girl begging for a black baby.
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Weird Kinks
What's something weird that turns you on? Mine is girls using cucumbers
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Show your hottest amateur pictures
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No title
Love fishhooking. Nothing hotter than a girl spreading her mouth wide open to gobble you down.
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Sluts with bbc toys
58 media | 74 replies
Analvids is the best company ever and is single handly keeping main stream porn alive.

If analvids dies so does porn
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No title
WWYD TO MY WIFE? The darker and nastier the better
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Pov Doggystyle
Let's post some phat, thick asses getting fucked from behind,
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Binder-chan anyone?
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Where the mil sluts at
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Fuck Her Brains
Expressions of pleasure/elegant mid sex snapshots 2
>>2168099 old thread
204 media | 214 replies
Secured Sucking
Dick is halfway in her mouth with lips secured around the shaft.
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post your cock going in
lets get a thread going where we show our dicks going in. add a little story or description for extra funsies.

ill go first;
when i was 25 i was banging this chubby girl that had an amazing tight pussy. on her 18th birthday she let me take pics. good memories.
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Only anal penetratios and cum hole!
217 media | 271 replies
This is my wife's gaping cunt let's see yours!
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437281433919463607_9999 (1)
Aria Alexander
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No title
sluts who are heavy with child.
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No title
Love her big dark holes
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No title
>Its just acting silly, now man up I'm ready to settle down
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California wins
Post cali sluts
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No title
Thread for appreciating or humiliating cut dicks.
last thread: >>2171041
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Before And After
One of these threads
No fake shit, thanks
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Shyla Stylez
The most beautiful pussy in porn.
Gone forever.
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No title
Are there any male porn actors you just absolutely cannot stand to fap to any scene that they are in? Something about this guy just makes me insta nope any vid hes in.
4 media | 10 replies
is she an idol for anyone else here?
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Fat & Busty
I love it, when I like people, especially when people that I do not like give me a special reason to now like them!

So, what is this about?
I am absolutely not into fat people, but i am hopelessly into massive tits!

So when a fat chick I would normaly not fap to has massive tits, I get an instant boner.

I want to explore, how fat a chick can be, with enough massive tits to still be fapable! ;-)

Who is in? ;-)
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Texas girls
Post your favorite local girls
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This bitch loves racist white men.
This ape loves it when white people are genuinely racist towards her. She says it’s just “race play” and that she doesn’t actually condone it but this begs to differ
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No title
Been a while.
Post used women. Amateur preferred. Only consensual, obviously.
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Labia Minora
2013-04-28 16.46.54
I want the longest, flappiest, wrinkliest lips you got. Preferably amateurs that you have been inside of, wives, gfs, etc. Huge bonus points for insertions and creampies. Inside, not on top, why would you cum outside of her?
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Hi <3
Call Me baby <3
+56 9 5874 2388
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Autogynephilia: Oral edition
Last thread reached limit: >>2217316

Post if you imagine yourself as the girl in porn. Especially if you want to close your lips around a throbbing cock or feel a hot tongue between your pussy lips.

Autoandrophilia is fine too. Post if you imagine yourself being sucked on and love the taste of cunt.
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Going to dump portions of porn milf sets, contribute if you can
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No title
Doing cock slap Tribs
Trib thread i guess

88 media | 98 replies
New diaper/ABDL thread

previous thread
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Women Outdoors
bonus points for them getting caught doing something lewd
142 media | 164 replies
white men asian women
36 media | 43 replies
Tanner Mayes Homage
So cute and such a devilish smile. I heard she was a mega bitch on set, but whatever... She's retired.
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Asian BBW
A thread for the rare and elusive Asian bbw. Chubby, fat, thicc- whatever you want to call it. If she's from the far east and fat, post her here
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cum haters
girls that dont like cum but still take the loads
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No title
Walker would deport this entire site
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No title
Alright it’s grown since the last time. I think it’s time to share my physical collection again. Let’s start off with my biggest disappointment. This is my holy grail item, I’d also be fine with each separate but this made most sense. 150 dollars for “like new” item.
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No title
bonus for white men + latina
6 media | 9 replies
No title
Jade Johnson or Big Pussy Jade
14 media | 23 replies
No title
Time to cum for the porn queen of the 2000s, Miss Jenna Haze
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Wacky bodymods
Mod (1)
Bodymods with sexual intentions.
Disgust me
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No title
Veronica Avluv
92 media | 97 replies
nolim risk
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Pornstars Thread
What your favorite?

Mine is Ginebra Bellucci.
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No title
Show us your fucking wives.
I start with my wife.
262 media | 311 replies
Cuck thread!
Share stories, captions or pics of your wife/gf getting fucked by another man!
18 media | 25 replies
Cocks between big tits
16 media | 18 replies
The Plummeting Quality of Professional Porn
Are we witnessing the death rattle of Professional Porn?
Has OnlyFans completely killed it as we know it?
I pirate and even I have little enthusiasm to watch what's on offer for free.
Take this for example, Evil Angel, a site I used to enjoy and their upcoming slate is just terrible. Who is the content for now? From 66 upcoming videos 17 are tranny porn. Yuck.
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No title
Babecock socials edition.
51 media | 63 replies
Amatuer Prostitute/ Crackhead Creampie Thread
I tend to prefer amatuer material, not anything shot in a studio or with high resolution cameras. One of my favorites are risky prostitute and crackhead creampie vids.

The porn video relating to the picture can be found on xnxx titled "deep creampie in a c."
5 media | 5 replies
Race Play Thread
Post your best raceplay porn.

The more messed up the better.
105 media | 187 replies
Amateur chicks sleeping or napping.

I’ll kick it off with a few of the wife. She’s a sleepy little slut
154 media | 216 replies
PAWG Babecock: Built for BBC pt2
Another thread! Post babecocks with hot PAWG asses side by side with big BBC.

-No face-onlies.
-No small butts!

To make your own, go to: com/babecock
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All women are attracted to you.
Ok guys we’ve all fantasized about having the super power to be able to sexually entrance any women we meet to the point of them basically becoming our sex slaves.

If you had that super power what places would you target?

For me:
1: Schools, every hot teacher would get it.
2: Churches, corrupting & impregnating wives
3: Gyms, athletic events. Firm toned bitches.

Post your dream target areas if you could let entrance any girl you wanted into sex.
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Danish BBW wife
Random pictures of BBW wife from the last decade.
9 media | 12 replies
Xmas amateur Milfs
It’s that time again, post your home made Xmas pics of your wife’s and girlfriends…
15 media | 19 replies
Jewish porn sluts
Posting some kosher whores
Starting with Stephanie Cane (RIP)
38 media | 58 replies
On/Off Foot Cum
Not sure what to actually call these. Basically an On/Off thread, but with foot cumshots. I love these. Will post what I have.
53 media | 121 replies
Name: Rosa
Lastname: Belaiche
0 media | 1 replies
No title
BBC no penetration edition
121 media | 155 replies
High (sensational) Sex
I am looking for videos of couples having sex while stoned or just extreamly slow and sensational. No fast angry fucking, just smooth, slow and deep penetration
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No title
wtf happened to hoby buchanon? no update on the site for months now? No preview of coming material?
7 media | 17 replies
Holly Michaels
pornstars with cum on their face, tits, body, etc
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Stable Diffusion Porn General
It's not every day you get to create and participate in a brand new fetish.

I decided to try using the new Stable Diffusion image creation AI to make me some new jerkoff material.

They have a public free trial website here:

I basically just used the prompt field like a pornsite search bar.

And I can't stop jerking off to it.

This first one was made with one of the best porn search prompts, "married woman enjoying bareback cheating" :
75 media | 101 replies
Proxy Paige thread
Inspired by a thread I saw on /b/ the other day, post your dirtiest pics of this wonderful whore here. Fat skanky Proxy is positively encouraged but post whatever you think is hot.
58 media | 76 replies
best models from seamles-flow....
5 media | 11 replies
Pajeet Ass Pounding
I have an intense desire to butt blast pajeets, post rekt paki holes, bonus points for amateur content and painful/regretful expression
5 media | 6 replies
No title
1571705769_030-horrorporn_the_demon_grip-1 - Cara Loft - Amazons - Capital punisment - Pinhead - UFO - Schizoid twins - Porndora - Against the clock - Blood fairy - Hell in jail - The Exorcist - A dame to cum for - Dumned nun - Cleopatra - Real barbie doll - Rabbit hutch - Fetishlord - The Demon`s grip - Twisted family - Evil dead
0 media | 4 replies
Caught in the Act
Girls catching other girls.
Surprise, outrage, disgust, Etc.
8 media | 8 replies