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"/hc/ - Hardcore" is 4chan's imageboard for the posting of adult hardcore pornography.

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Requests for the source of an image, the name of a girl, or more images from a set go on /r/.


Failure to do so will result in bans.

OP must post at least 6 images of their own to start a thread, or else it will be deleted without warning.
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The look of shame: Cumshot edition
Pics of amateur women who look humiliated, unhappy or just shamed after their partners have jizzed all over them.
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bonus points for hot/big cocks & multi cocks
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Arizona Thread
I don't see an AZ thread on here so I figured I'd start one.
Looking for more of Her
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No title
Chatpic repost thread. Risk saves, dice losses, random saves
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No title
Lovingly smooching the penis head.
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No title
Let's get a good Georgia thread going! Starting with a classic. Slutty Jessie
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UK girls thread
For great British slags. Mainly because I know there has to be some wins of this emo MILF as she was wild and kinky as can be.
27 images | 47 replies
Post pics and screenshots of your favourite scenes
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Ruined makeup
Let’s get a new trend rolling- beautiful girls with ruined makeups
Extra points for cum and regret
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DP/Threesome (2)
GF has a threesome fantasy, can we get a thread going?
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girls are objects
did anyone ever had the fantasy of fucking a girl like a object, just user her body even if she is unconscious or dead, cum and let the body there
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2021-08-15 08.21.15
Bitches with beautiful butts pt. 2
71 images | 97 replies
I have some of my own lets see yours
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new thread
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No title
Anyone got more of her?
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Women serving, objectified
Where they belong - in the kitchen, serving men, cleaning the toilet, stored away in the closet, being used as furniture, footstools, and decorations...
96 images | 126 replies
superior women over men
52 images | 185 replies
taking requests for her exposure...
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Girl who might be a bit dumb looking in her face
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The ugliest porn star
Who is in your opinion the ugliest porn star?
and I'm not talking about some single appearence in some opscure amature clip, girls with at least one appearance in an AAA movie or in a production of a top studio.

For me it's Emma Hix, holy fuck she's looking like a balding tranny.
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Gloryhole Thread #3
Old Thread: >>2003239

An anon asked for more "amateur" girls and posted one Kalani image. So lets start with her.
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No title
Who else sniffs panties??
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Amateur gangbang
Let’s get an amateur gangbang thread going. Plus post any IRL gangbang stories
25 images | 67 replies
small peepees locked in chastity, men, sissies, traps, trans, 2D, 3D, still images, videos, even women in chastity belts, anything goes
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No title
New diaper/abdl thread
105 images | 259 replies
No title
Queen of Spades / Snowbunny Thread
84 images | 92 replies
Massive Anal Gapes
Post the hottest sluts with the bigget assholes.
Straight only
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Favorite Bimbo Whores
Sometimes you just gotta love a bimbo whore y'know? Big fake tits, big fake ass, big fake lips, all ready to be covered in cum. Committed to being a manmade fuck doll.

Some of my favorites now are

Lela Star
August Taylor
Nicolette Shea
Amy Anderssen
Aletta Ocean

But there are so many to choose from. Who are your favorite plastic sluts?
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No title
Post what you have of this COW and similar BBW sluts
Also anyone know who she is?
32 images | 41 replies
Wide Hips
Preferably OC
159 images | 212 replies
Post pics/gifs(?) of exes
190 images | 291 replies
>Who did you expose? (GF, Wife, Ex, etc.)
>When did you expose her for the first time?
>Did she find out?
>Which sites did you expose her on?
>What did you expose? (Ass, tits, etc)
>How much info did you gave (Initials, Name, Region, etc.)
>How far did it spread?
>Has she been recognized?
>Do you regret it?
>Why did you do it?

Also: post pics and info, if you want. Exposure is hot (Pic Related)
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On/Off Thread: Slutty Degradation Edition
Post on/offs were the girl is doing something degrading or super slutty in the nude pic. Spreading ass, bodywriting, bdsm, sucking cock, cum, etc.. DON’T post simple nudes!
130 images | 250 replies
No title
Beautiful Pussy-1
Reposts sluts
147 images | 235 replies
Chipmunking Blowjob Thread
When the head of a cock pushes against the inside of a womans cheek. The stupider it makes them look the better.

Professionally produces images are the best.
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No title
What y’all think of this little slut from Tennessee
10 images | 19 replies
No title
Time to post cum dumpsters

Take the Survey, Enjoy this nasty quiz
Take your dick in your hand and have some fun
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BBC no penetration
Girls posing with BBC, showing off their bods, before oral or penetration
150 images | 180 replies
1591116178044 - 20200602_123233
requesting binder-chan

come torture and humiliate yourself for us again.
64 images | 149 replies
Wide-eyed expression with dick in mouth
ITT we post picks of chicks with that super face shocked or worried expression on their face and a cock jammed in the their face. Gets me diamonds for some reason lol.

The dummber the better.

Bonus points for:
Messy make-up,
Head held,
Tongue out,
Big cock,
or sucking hard

Will post a bunch but let me know if anyone is interested in more.
99 images | 105 replies
Selective Breeding
Post group pictures and choose one girl to impregnate
64 images | 115 replies
Just the tip!
Post your best "just the tip" pics and gifs.

Vaginal preferred
124 images | 166 replies
hairy pussies
post 'em
bonus for girls that are actually hot
189 images | 249 replies
Best pornstar abs
Who has the sexiest, fit, tightest abs in porn?
8 images | 18 replies
Ultraviolet_Darling Thread
Ultraviolet_Darling from Reddit_4B07289
Reddit user who deleted her account a couple years ago. Surely some anons must have some of her stuff that I don't have
45 images | 62 replies
Wife fantasies
Things you wish you could see your wife doing
113 images | 280 replies
No title
It's time for another Spring Thomas BBC Queen thread. Sorry, haters.
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No title
Eva Angelina
104 images | 129 replies
Dick about to go in
Post pics of dick about to go in and enjoy poon or ass. Bonus if amateur. Double bonus if it's you.
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No title
I don't know who she is. I feel like I've seen a video years ago but I can't remember any details about it.
5 images | 8 replies
No title
1 - v9SRNZQ
have you seen this BBW slutwife anywhere around? if so where?
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Consensual Non-Consent
CNSEXY.NET-018-2019-01-06-10-30-08 (1)
Anything which could appear to be CNC in nature; "sleeping," crying, scared faces, anything that gives you CNC vibes welcome.
60 images | 151 replies
BBC teens
who is your favorite teeny to watch take bbc?
15 images | 20 replies
PMV - post your favourite PMV creators
My choice- Fylgja
his channel:

What is really nice- the guy really wants to hear suggestions from fans.

The two most recent vids are not that great but rest is just the bomb
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Legalporno girls
We all know LP id the best porn ever. Gangbangs bdsm piss and triple anal.

Lets honor the sluts that make it so great.

First is Natasha teen
8 images | 12 replies
ITT: Fetish/BDSM videos that make you think they're not entirely consensual. I'll start:
1 images | 8 replies
Blowjob on back
Bonus points for deepthroat.

I wish this position had a name that made it easier to search for.
40 images | 41 replies
Babecock 2: electric boogaloo

Celebrities preferred
121 images | 143 replies
No title
Time for posting mouthcunt
Post girls used as dick shelters
Post girls who would make good mouthcunt

Also: 10 Girls
1 Slut
Partake and try to guess who is the slut!
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