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Claire Gerhardstein - 8152865_RO ENHANCED
The girls' goods, auction-style.
22 images | 41 replies
I'm addicted and too much conditioned by sissy hypno and bbc. I wanna go back. HOW CAN I DO?
how can i do? i've conditioned myself so much. always looking at sissy hypno, bbc and porn that tells you to masturbate when you see a big cock and dont touch yourself when u see a pussy, look the girl only in her eyes, etc...
i wanna reverse this. how can i do? is there porn video that reverse this, that make you do the opposite work?
i need that... thank you if you'll answer

ps.: i'm into a particular situation too. i'm 23, virgin, never ven kissed and i never jerk off anymore 'cause i ALWAYS cum HANDSFREE in my own underwear just watching porn and imagining to be the girl and just focusing on the cock. i literally wet myself.

pps sorry for bad english
12 images | 33 replies
Where are the lesbians?!
61 images | 154 replies
The internet has been knuckle dragging boring lately. From politics, to mom memes, i'm considering living in a tree and not eating or drinking until I die. Please entertain me.
35 images | 105 replies
No title
Amateur blowjob
16 images | 31 replies
No title
Girls crying while being fucked. Bonus for crying from being creampied
7 images | 36 replies
War webms
Thread died, posting new one. Its been a while
44 images | 137 replies
Porn for women
girl im chatting with liked this clip i sent her and wants more but i've only got a few clips that really fit the vibe

anyone care to share?
42 images | 261 replies
Massive cock thread
Solo, straight, any race, doesn't matter. 7.5+ preferred.
5 images | 9 replies
White boy love
Cute white boys in a Lingerie set, Chasity, pictures/video. 1080p/clear please x thanks x
11 images | 31 replies
China. 4chan's fav country
>Why do you come to these kind of threads?
>Why do you hate the chinese?
>Whats different between china and the rest of the world?
36 images | 261 replies
Chubby Anal
Chubby, curvy, thick, plump taking it in the butt - the bigger they are the harder they should be taking it. If you post a fatty they better be getting dominated.

No prolapse - that's not a fetish it's a medical emergency.
122 images | 230 replies
Alexis Texas
White Males Fucking White Females
88 images | 172 replies
big cumshots
facials/body shots/solo/bukkake/whatever just big cumshots
180 images | 255 replies
Asian Girls
No race baiting please, asian men don't deserve the hate :(

> wmaf
> solo girl
46 images | 146 replies
No title
Me and the GF have a thing for Manuel Ferrara (she has a thing for french guys in general)

Can we have a manuel ferrara thread?
29 images | 54 replies
Girls Do Porn
The eternal GDP thread

Compilation webms welcome
52 images | 282 replies
Black male on white "male"
89 images | 143 replies
Public shit
Girls acting slutty in public
15 images | 59 replies
caught, bonus if they enjoy it/join in
17 images | 79 replies
Lets worship our masters
185 images | 274 replies
Titfuck creampie
Big tits getting cummed between, no dudes jacking off titfuck to completion only
76 images | 232 replies
Negress facials
Who doesn't love the contrast of hot white cum on dark skin??
Darker the skin the better.
28 images | 41 replies
JAV thread
japanese girl targeted
Post Japanese porn in this thread.
92 images | 262 replies
Webms you've cum to
If you don't like the last person's taste, post something better
13 images | 26 replies
Why are Asian women obsessed with white cock?
4 images | 15 replies
Female POV & Girl's view
Post all the videos from the perspective of the woman. You are the girl below.
46 images | 72 replies
This thread is dedicated to beautiful black women.

I'm going to dump some new webms because I'm tired of seeing the same old webms reposted in every fucking thread.
47 images | 56 replies
blacked nations
Nadia Ali
Here's how you make them
1. Open Adobe Premier
2. Import the video source file (mp4 or other, webm won't work) and flag
2a. flag resolution should be the same as video resolution
3. Drag video to "Video 1" tab, crop the bits you want in it
4. drag the flag to "Video 2" tab and make the lengths equal
5. select flag in video 2, go to effects, mess with opacity as much you'd like (I set 50%)
6. Bonus add the national anthem mp3 file in Audio 2 (Audio 1 would contain the porn audio)
7. Either mute the porn audio or don't
8. Export as flv, convert to webm under 4 MB
23 images | 62 replies
No title
cocks that even 100% straight males would have no choice but to submit to
159 images | 241 replies
Midget thread
Need more tiny texie and diana blake
20 images | 146 replies
gay twink thread
gonna suck my first dick tomorrow. any of you faggots got any tips?

i dont have enough twinks saved. bonus points if theyre mexican
6 images | 13 replies
Megalink thread
Share your mega folders. This thread is in memory of asshat, the great /gif/-hero of olden times.
Here is the last living mega-folder of asshat (the webm is made by him too, no sauce tho):
https://mega. nz/folder/JFYFWJRC#FKBoY3FNHsoQhnozgl_71g

And here is my own very small folder as a present for you, grab while you can:
https://mega. nz/folder/BGpHFahS#TwpsxSIOI39ZjBpx_N_w_A

Some random porn folder:
https://mega. nz/folder/nkcREa7C#Cxn_Kx-lTkbWVAkj4uHPFg

I would highly appreciate it if anybody could post an Maxisma/Elzbieta (especially "dual oil" and "work office bathroom") or DelightfulHug (or at least her new york sneaky cum video)folder. And/or Dliion Harpers Milking Table. Godspeed.
14 images | 47 replies
Real Incest
Post incest between people that are actually blood-related. None of that fake porn crap.
7 images | 18 replies
women who exist ONLY to pleasure the white man
50 images | 111 replies
Mom Son
I need more like this
40 images | 182 replies
No title
ylyl thread
53 images | 108 replies
Can we get a wardrobe malfunction thread goin.. ill drop what i got... but it isn't much
24 images | 69 replies
Throat Insertion
Thread for deep throat insertions.

Anything long/thick/extreme going deep into a throat.

Forced/tied up is way better.
14 images | 62 replies
Best Feeling
Almost anything goes as long as it feels like heaven.

Straight, bi, shemale, gay. All allowed as long as it's toe curlingly euphoric.

No puke, shit, or piss. Help a brother out and provide sauce on these if you got it.
150 images | 187 replies
No title
I need some advice from the 99% of non-virgins out here.

I fucked this girl right, but i cum too quickly and i want to know how to last longer

FYI This was the second time i had sex
10 images | 116 replies
White male + Latin female
77 images | 149 replies
/BLACKED/ Waifus
6d3f7572e8e6d579fab99211e7cc2db4 (Encoded)
Waifus getting blacked, SFM HMV PMV and other animations
14 images | 17 replies
No title
abigail johnson drugroleplay JAV
Abigaile Johnson
6 images | 43 replies
war rekt
no boring executions post actual combat
7 images | 14 replies
No title
Average girls sucking average dicks
12 images | 43 replies
Made for Colonization
Women whos bodies are just asking to ravaged by the cocks of white men
52 images | 114 replies
HARD anal pounding.
I have a thing for hard and fast ass pounding.
It's so difficult to find this though!
Do you have any good content like this anon?
67 images | 194 replies
Amateur preferred
3 images | 43 replies
No title
moonman thread cuz it's illegal and i'm bored
25 images | 47 replies
No title
How do you cope with an average sized dick?
42 images | 313 replies
No title
I try to make some webms, how do I do?
29 images | 48 replies
No title
Natsoc thread. Get me hyped. TOTAL WAR edition
63 images | 108 replies
BBC Split Screen Thread
Let's get this going. Also, if anyone has that webm with Samantha Dagher in it (the chick that fucked & exposed Jalen Ramsey from the Jax Jaguars), I would appreciate it.
42 images | 93 replies
she finishes
anything where the lady finishes the job. preferably onto her face or body, but anything is fine.

Bonus points if she's into it.
44 images | 86 replies
White "men"
White boys submitting to cock like they should.
20 images | 44 replies
Milkers, jugs, all sizes
All this tranny, blacked, cuck nonsense. Let's have a civilized Tits thread. All milkies acceptable, from A's to E's
34 images | 40 replies
No title
8 images | 23 replies
Sexual Colonization
Non-white women having mouths, asses, pussies, and wombs plundered by white cocks .Amateur preferred, and creampies are the best.
17 images | 32 replies
Degenarate sluts
womenasatoy (240)
Just sexually degrading things that make you want to hatefuck your women
13 images | 25 replies
No title
anything that have nazis

I just lost 10gb files about nazis
please help me post anything with nazis
42 images | 93 replies
YGYL: Monday Night Grooves
It's Monday night, already the work week seems a bit stressful, how about some grooves to settle the nerves?
120 images | 194 replies
Political videos thread
57 images | 95 replies
WOC General
Black/Latina/Asian/Mixed. It's not that white girls are unattractive. They're just... meh?
62 images | 83 replies
No title
New wet pussy thread anyone?
19 images | 49 replies
/slav/ thread
ty chuju bobrze
extra points for poland/baltics
132 images | 247 replies
Fuck it, sloppy thread
I am looking for the vid that this is from
the original filename was
>buttman focused messy.webm
and the star I think is
>sheena shaw
Besides seeking the sauce just post sloppy girls, no vomit tho cause that's yucky
7 images | 16 replies
No title
Girls farting, no scat shit
69 images | 173 replies
Traps / Shemales Cumming While Fucked No Hands / Hands-Free
Need to expand the library of hot moments like this. Any and all additions are appreciated.

I'm looking explicitly for traps, femboys, sissies. crossdressers, or trans women/shemales that are receiving dick in their ass, and their own cocks are ejaculating from receiving STRICTLY anal stimulation. The whole clip has to have ZERO TOUCHING of their penis.

If you can't upload clips, link videos to stuff like AShemaleTube, XVIDEOS, xHamster, PornHub, etc. Any race is allowed, amateur and trap-on-trap is a bonus.

And of course, I'll start off with what I have already.
30 images | 136 replies
Women being Sexually daring
bonus points for getting caught. Doesn't have to be out in the open public. but there has to be a thrill seeking risk of being caught factor to it.
44 images | 298 replies
Post 'em
6 images | 17 replies
Best Webm to jerk off too while HIGH
I found the best porn clip for me while I was high, watch and LISTEN to the audio while fapping close to Cumming...the sync in orgasm is in perfect harmony. You will orgasm on another level.

Post your best WEBM vid while you were HIGH
0 images | 6 replies
Anything chastity goes
- Amateur prefered
- Slut in the gif prefered
63 images | 106 replies
Clothed WDWGN?
non nude porn and board discussion
where do we go now?
I hate to say this, but /gif/ died, our community died, is gone. /gif/ stands no chance against the spammers, because /gif/ is the spammers, and the bots, the incels, the racists, and we don't belong here any more, we deserve better.

Where do we go now? where can we get our kicks and our kinks, all sites considered, because nothing can be as bad as this.
27 images | 56 replies
BBC Cheating captions
Gf went to visit friend who exclusively gets blacked and her friend keeps trying to convince her that she needs to try a BBC once in her life. My gf keeps telling me it’s not convincing her and that her friend is just going through a ho phase. Week later I find bbc porn in her search history and noticed she’s commenting on more black actors as being hot. Help, this is fueling an insane fetish in me.
5 images | 11 replies
Rekt-or 9
Help contribute would ya
95 images | 332 replies
This position is called pronebone, girl laying on her stomach and fucked from behind or "from the top".

No traps and no blacks.
82 images | 297 replies
No title
South American tv
74 images | 221 replies
White males and Black Queens.
56 images | 105 replies
Muscle Women
post muscular women, it doesn't matter if they are dominant or submissive, as long as it involves a muscular woman, its good.
19 images | 59 replies
Bubblebumbutt thread
Best booty in the game.
Post all you have of him, especially his manyvids/premium stuff
35 images | 266 replies
/Athletic Girls/
Lisa Mayer - German - Runner
Thread for professional athletes who also happen to be hot! Try to keep all videos as high quality as possible.

Post the athlete's name, nationality, or sport if you know it!
93 images | 326 replies
No title
Reface material with two faces!!
2 images | 3 replies
No title
25 images | 28 replies
Eating Ass and Pussy
Foxx #1
Boy > Girl
Girl > Girl

Girl > Boy
4 images | 4 replies
No title
jerri lynn davis _dance
NSFW movie and tv show thread
8 images | 22 replies
No title
Post bears and other animals
156 images | 340 replies
Feels thread bittersweet edition
post things that feel nostalgic/melancholic/bittersweet
110 images | 307 replies
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