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0 media | 1 replies
NSFW - not safe for Women
Street Assault 1
>post rape, abuse, sexual assault, , rough fucks, unwanted approaching, stealthing, etc
>remind women what the real world is like out there
82 media | 232 replies
No title
You lose you are nigger rekt bellow
31 media | 149 replies
Generic rekt thread
time for a good old rekt thread can be any type of rekt
47 media | 219 replies
Cop Killer
Post hogs getting fucking domed
21 media | 144 replies
No title
Semen on figure/figure bukkake thread
37 media | 63 replies
Cum Kissing Thread
Bonus points if they kiss with more cum on the way or while being fucked.
16 media | 31 replies
Whites only
Trippie_Bri-Riding-Sextape-Cum-on-Ass-Wh5DKuk7 (3)
White female + white male

Amateur/couples/homemade preferred
3 media | 3 replies
ANAL: Big Asses
Anal Only
Must be BIG! - PAWG, BBW, SSBBW, etc.
66 media | 113 replies
No title
Post vids/gifs of Christchurch/buffalo shooting
33 media | 97 replies
Sweet Anita!
Everyone's favorite tourettes girl Sweet Anita!
40 media | 241 replies
sissies cumming from anal only
46 media | 87 replies
/F E E T
Preferably with natural, long toes and shapely, meaty soles
Dirty feet are welcomed
53 media | 98 replies
Black Male/White Male
Gay interracial porn. Preferably amateur/homemade
89 media | 228 replies
Overflowing Creampies
Let's see the pussies or female assholes that can't contain the cum
12 media | 17 replies
No title
Nickado Avocado thread
12 media | 24 replies
just guys being dudes
Any of you ever did this?

i recently got into this,its fruity but i don't think i'm gay i just like the watching each other reach climax part.
17 media | 95 replies
Cheating on Phone
girls cheating on their boyfriends while on the phone, also can someone give the backstory of this video?
12 media | 55 replies
33 media | 117 replies
Post your fav gay webms
Cute/hot/funny shit, aesthetic vids or just porn, post your favorite gay webms. Absolutely no trannies (!)
43 media | 116 replies
No title
I'm also looking for more rare Brenton Tarrant edits drop them if you have.
23 media | 28 replies
streamer ylyl
post best livestreamer trolling
57 media | 229 replies
Thongs thread, straight only, no traps or gay shit.
Bonus points for stripping or moving the thong to the side to show ass/pussy
65 media | 84 replies
YE meeting with Trump
post clips of YE formerly known as Kanye West
16 media | 22 replies
Western Civilization
Post tributes to Western Civilization.

Anons, give me some time for 3. I just can't solve those new captchas anymore and have no Pass.
31 media | 61 replies
No title
BE Twitter40
Big Fake Tits
83 media | 124 replies
No title
Alpha women thread
49 media | 286 replies
No title
webms that make you gay

dubs = do gay shit on grindr edition
57 media | 99 replies
Small titty scene gf
Everyone wants the big titty goth gf. Give me the small titty scene gfs.
14 media | 79 replies
No title
Asian titfuck thread. Try to post more than just hitomi but she is fine too
12 media | 20 replies
Porn where the smoke alarm goes off
I can't jerk unless there is a smoke alarm going off in the background of my porn. Help me out. Don't care what kind of porn.
7 media | 58 replies
No title
things i wish my gf would do to me but i cant figure how to make her, please help

also thread about things you wish girl would do to you
19 media | 245 replies
119 media | 281 replies
Doggystyle thread
Proper Doggystyle thread, no blacks, no gays, no trannies
52 media | 126 replies
No title
Meme thread
9 media | 11 replies
China REKT Thread
Explosions, factory epic fails and goofs, painful deaths, post'em
20 media | 57 replies
Trans balls
Cute trans' saggy fat balls. No blacks
69 media | 254 replies
Bdsm thread
3206069881467 (1)
high time to keeps those hoes in line
29 media | 61 replies
Russia humiliation
Russia humiliation, post everything humilitating Russia
49 media | 153 replies
Short hair
No blacks or cuck shit
74 media | 231 replies
White Pride
White people dominating Niggers
23 media | 58 replies
I'm unbelievably addicted
50 media | 271 replies
Need the source
Source thread, need the to know, keep it straight.
2 media | 3 replies
You know the drill. No nigs, no figs, no men in wigs
66 media | 159 replies
Like the bbc
this was a trend on tiktok
Post women who like bbc
67 media | 129 replies
Faceless gay
Anything faceless and gay
74 media | 216 replies
No title
Ylyl thread

Flart fligu and other tik tok faggots go jump off a bridge or blow your brains out
95 media | 199 replies
Noticed no major BBC BLACKED thread D: don't worry I'll help :D
I'm so horny rn, fucking my bussy w my BBC dildo lol,,
post your best clips preferably amateur white girls with big asses getting fucked by BBC.
60 media | 159 replies
No title
Male cumshots

Ideally with sound / thick loads
78 media | 119 replies
Swingers/Couple Swap
2 guys, 2 girls. WMWF only. Bi is ok. Really wanna see the couples swap.

Stuff like this
4 media | 36 replies
No China!?
1.76 MB GIF
I came here for videos of what the fuck is going on in China because I have none. How is it that /gif/ has an unlimited supply of transsexual white bags giving foot jobs to niggers but not a single result when I search for "China". There's a fucking massacre going on and 4chan, of all places, has zeros results?!
No I don't have 3 let alone 1. Is there one person out there that could take this thread over and post some videos. The world needs to see this.
33 media | 90 replies
No title
My nigga its time for blacked yt bois and yt women, we must condition yt boys to accept to be inferior race of men and women not attracted to them to they become trans to be fucked by men and educate yt women that yt men are the race of losers and we are the better race of men to women of other races be fucked and lust us as the dominant race of men for women watch and want to be fucked by our race of men increasing our racial pride, status, confidence and hapiness in being the dominant proud race of men instead of being like yt bois who are just the cuckold and sissy race of men losers for men of other races who the women of same race is know for lusting men of other races and have years of porn, media, tv, everything showing how white women is the race of women desperate to be fucked by men of other races showing how the men of own race are inferior and for all women know the message that yt men are inferior and undesired and we are the dominant males, with this message we could exploit the depression of yt bois, turn it in racial humiliation fetish for condition them to be inferior race of men of no value for women and losers with woman of same race to them make them develope inferior race cuckold fetish and them make the younger become trans to be prostitutes for men of other races like the white women

Anything to increase sexual and racial status of black and men of other races above white men is welcome, we must exploit everything to destroy the men and fuck the women.

We also need to promote how evil is only when its white men with women of other races, we need to keep yt bois growing up as isolated undesired inferior cuckold race of men watching yt women growing up feeling superior people

We need to show how cringe, unsexy, ugly, is white men and women of other race, bring nazis to boycott it, bring news against it to condition women of other races not be attracted to yt men and keep them isolated and exploit their lack of self-esteem and depression
30 media | 115 replies
No title
Fat milk tanks
108 media | 218 replies
Toilet/Bath Voyeur
NUDE voyeur only. Don't post your boring ass creepshot shit here, you already got a thread for that.
33 media | 79 replies
Justice Thread
Post people getting what they deserve.
10 media | 54 replies
BBW Thread
All fatties are fair game
110 media | 287 replies
BMAF thread
bonus point for amateur stuff
119 media | 176 replies
car stuff
if its got 4 wheels and goes broom you can post it here
6 media | 7 replies
Brace faced cuties, will dump what I have, don't have any sources
62 media | 137 replies
Straight, gay, tranny, solo, etc. anything with a big white cock
26 media | 103 replies
BNWO Propaganda thread
Pixiedreams Pmv
Whitebois beaten so hard they give up all pretense of masculinity, while black men fuck their women.
Previous thread: >>24049329
19 media | 24 replies
Oral Fetish:
Post girls spitting, drooling, or playing with their sexy mouths.
58 media | 127 replies
cute femboys
scarlet 1
posting what i have of some of my favorites
39 media | 112 replies
No title
Dani Daniels Thread
12 media | 33 replies
Regretful research
I´ve spent years looking for the first part of this webm. I always thought the girl was a fatso, therefore they didn´t showed her face. When I finally found the first part, years ago on a rainy day, I was able to see her. She was actually pretty and enjoying the whole ordeal, but also skinny and average boobed so I discarded it as unremarkable.

Now I can´t stop thinking about that damn webm and the joy it would bring me seeing her buttfucked again.

I summon you, /gif/, please help me in the time of great need, it´s driving me crazy. I couldn´t stop thinking of her when stuffing the fucking thanksgiving turkey.

Pretty please,

P. data: I´ll post my three, but the latter two are just unrelated premium homemade anal webms, and I´ll keep posting so this threat doesn´t lose track
14 media | 49 replies
No title
Trans girls with big dicks solo, femboys with big dicks solo. Handjobs are fine. But no blowjobs, no fucking.
71 media | 264 replies
Superior dark meat pleasured and worshipped by beautiful girls.
88 media | 238 replies
No title
sexy girls pissing hot piss out of their little pussies

bonus points for clothed
57 media | 95 replies
you guys have 32 minutes to make me lose NNN22
do your best
12 media | 16 replies
50/50 man or girl below
>Post a porn WebM/GIF and don't tag anyone
>If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF
>If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF

>Post a porn WebM/GIF and tag someone
>If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the man/top from your WebM/GIF
>If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF

Any questions and I'm sure someone will help
216 media | 250 replies
Hairy pussy, hairy armpits, bush, hairy legs
The hairier the better, no stubble, no complaining that you don't like it, females only, no hardcore, no penis. It's better this way, trust me.

Previous thread
114 media | 300 replies
doomer thread
Just remember anon, it doesn't get better
6 media | 36 replies
YLYL: Porn Edition
Last thread died as I was digging up my best webms, but I'll be fucked if I don't shove these at people.

Posting more than 3, so restrain your autism as I deal with captchas.
32 media | 71 replies
Patrick Bateman Thread
You like Huey Lewis
post webms and edits related to Patrick Bateman from american psycho
2 media | 2 replies
girls rimming
116 media | 202 replies
55 media | 97 replies
Brap Thread
Women Only
No Trannies
65 media | 181 replies
public thread
girls in public. no fatties, no trannies.
65 media | 214 replies
Sissy Hypno
sissy hypno gifs, webms, pmvs, etc,
49 media | 118 replies
No title
Anne IR Painal 1
Celeb Deepfakes

Starting with OC
99 media | 268 replies
The new edgy and offensive YLYL
The rules are the same, post edgy and offensive YLYL, it can be about anything like suicide, gore, death, school shooting, mass shooting, racist, sexist and anything else that is edgy or offensive. Please don't post videos that don't belong here.
87 media | 168 replies
N-word while fucking
White girls (or any race desu) saying the nigger while having sex
11 media | 28 replies
Implied Blowjob / Fellatio
Anything where a blowjob is not completely visible even if it's obvious, leaving the details to imagination.
Preferably with an ass view.
96 media | 280 replies
YLYL Streamers
Can someone post all of the Ghost show rekts
Ive only got two
6 media | 10 replies
Politically Incorrect & Random
Sorry for the delay between the previous thread and this one. I had a three day site-wide ban for being racist (and correct) on /sci/
68 media | 138 replies
No title
explain to me why weak-gened sissies and trannies not reproducing is a bad thing
7 media | 50 replies
No title
>13 Degenerate threads
57 media | 220 replies
Non porn Fun
Fun (no pain rekt) animals or if it is awesome!
26 media | 37 replies
anything animated
post anything animated. dont complain if you see somthing weird
115 media | 305 replies
66 media | 311 replies
anything goes
3 media | 12 replies
Chastity and dildo
Cummin in chastity while masturbating a dildo, I think its an untapped market, dont have much but will post some
22 media | 111 replies
No title
There are a lot of interracial threads but i didnt see one like this for a long time
4 media | 16 replies