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No title
Pretty eyes
13 images | 25 replies
Dance thread
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
Lets see them dance.
Thots included, but no twerking please.
Check filename for song / track names.
175 images | 240 replies
How to recruit children for the cause
66 images | 148 replies
No title
can i get more vids of people fucked up on something or just demented in general.
22 images | 195 replies
Nice asses
Ass thread, post beautiful asses

Also looking for the rest of these webms
16 images | 26 replies
Sucking dick
>When did you start sucking dick?
>How many blowjobs have you given?
>How many different guys?
>Do you have a blowjob buddy?
>Do you like swallowing his cum?
>Are you attracted to men, or is it just dicks?
45 images | 248 replies
Pay reparations
Go on grindr and look up bbc and do what you have to do
30 images | 144 replies
Split Screen (Non jackoff)
Compilation_06_Mandy Bright
Side-by-side videos, before and afters, slut-mode and non-slut-mode, all that stuff
121 images | 148 replies
Moar of this and relationated. Ty
Brothers, im here today again for this, i nned your infinite sabidury to find a name, and more material for a new faptastic crusade (take with humor)
22 images | 80 replies
No title
Trap thread
70 images | 142 replies
No title
Post moonmen
17 images | 77 replies
No title
condensed scenes of big natural tits
8 images | 12 replies
No title
No german amateur thread? Aight lets go
122 images | 185 replies
Where is the Love
All I see is hatred and porn. Post some webms filled with love.
61 images | 116 replies
No title
Chloe has hot sex with a big stuffed dog!
10 images | 116 replies
Half of the threads on /gif/ are now gay. Why not have their own section?

Why have so many copies of the the same thread with different names? Very few of these threads have any differences. It's not like one is for gay bukkake one is for a certain position... they are all just "gay thread GO."

Many porn websites started hosting dedicated sections for straight/gay content so why not 4chan? It would probably make everyone happy since the gay community won't have to sift through the straight content as well

If this is a bad idea please feel free to shoot my idea down, but as for this thread, let's do straight squatriding.
15 images | 91 replies
Asian Anal
Everything is welcome as long as it includes Asian women and anal.
14 images | 17 replies
No title

Do not confuse this with /TTG/

This is for the whores, sluts and skanks of TIKTOK

If you're incapable of reading the OP please don't complain
15 images | 37 replies
No title
Ahegao thread. More on pic related?
17 images | 54 replies
No title
i'm knowing a PAWG bitch that i want to fuck and i want to jerk off with bodies similar to hers, so let's do this.
Post everything you want but try to post pawg girls no just enormous fat bitches who got 0% ass
60 images | 145 replies
Instagram models
Amateurs, underwear/bikini models, and girls who will do anything to make it big.
35 images | 38 replies
No title
WMAF / Only Asian Girls
67 images | 173 replies
riots /webm/ go let's do this shit boys
51 images | 311 replies
No title
Three Way is the best art. jenna ross belle knox
Post those handful that are cream of the crop.
58 images | 116 replies
REAL orgasms
real women
really having
real orgasms
preferably while getting fucked but please prioritize real orgasms over fake orgasms during sex

if you're not sure or still think squirting is an orgasm, ->
41 images | 301 replies
It's Poll Time
How many of you jerk it with lube and how many of you dry dock?

dumping random porn
34 images | 117 replies
No title
Larkin love
54 images | 241 replies
creep thread
post creepshots....preferably stuff that isn't posted often
27 images | 80 replies
Regular Rekt
Rekt Thread
no gimmick, what ever you want
12 images | 20 replies
Gay greentext stories
Grindr hookups. First time cock sucking ect... Just a bi fag looking for some hot stories
22 images | 286 replies
No title
1589056788793 (3)

Bonus for song:

"Perfect - exceeder" (mason vs princess superstar)
61 images | 136 replies
Non-nude, softcore and gravure only; no dicks, basically. Any race/body type
138 images | 151 replies
Whores in Stores
Post women who act like sluts in public/shopping
55 images | 202 replies
Let's carry on from yesterday, I'll start
97 images | 265 replies
No title
Jesus christ. Just post some feet webms. No stockings allowed.
Also.. Who is she?
14 images | 37 replies
cum swapping thread
mouth-to-mouth or some-other-orifice-to-mouth.

Girl-girl only please.
9 images | 15 replies
BM/WM: Groovin' with contrast edition
Let's just keep this about black/white interracial gay porn gifs, webms and stories. Please keep politics and faggotry out of the thread. This is 4chan, though, so someone is going to be dumb about it anyway...
49 images | 163 replies
High hot girls
Post clips of girls getting high, or are obviously already high and enjoying a cock or pussy

If you share any videos I can make webms
30 images | 81 replies
Creampie pull out back in switched holes
100 images | 175 replies
Black meat and white feet=best combo
This is literally the hotest combo there is. Does anyone have that Swedish commercial where she points her feet to the camera while sitting in a black man's lap?
63 images | 148 replies
extreme violence preferred, but other documentation is also appreciated.
محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم كان له قضيب صغير وممارسة الجنس مع الأطفال.
11 images | 35 replies
No title
Bondage/Rubber thread
32 images | 68 replies
100 images | 197 replies
No title
molly baz deepfakes
4 images | 17 replies
BWC Splitscreen
BWC babecock thread, BBC welcome but no sissy/cuck stuff

Post girls you want splitscreen'd and I'll make a webm w/ it
pic related, made with a couple unfulfilled requests from the last thread
10 images | 22 replies
Take a penny, leave a penny part 3
Simple thread. You open the thread, you leave a pic. You save a pic, you leave a picture.

Old one died so let's start again
6 images | 6 replies
b b w
I love fat girls!
If you do too, you can click on this thread and post some with me.
48 images | 121 replies
No title
Bob cut thread?
12 images | 23 replies
No title
>guy i met on grindr a while ago texts me "hey dude can i come over im fucking horny"
>"whoa, hey. yea give me 1 hour"
>dick fucking rock hard in my pants
>put on 3 deepthroat compilations at once and crank the volume. *glerk gerk glerk mmmm aaughhh glerk glerk glerk*
>pull out the jelly dildo, tilt my head back and deepthroat it *glerk glerk glerk glerk*
>dick leaking precum down my leg, still in my pants
>im so horny that im shaking. fuck its only been 6 mintues
>text him "do you want to come over sooner? my dick is going to explode haha"
>ffw 20 minutes i don't think its physically healthy to be this turned on
>*knock knock knock* i can feel my erection in my stomach
>"hey hows it going?" invite him to sit
>kneel in front of him and rub the front of his pants. feel him get hard
>as soon as his pants come off, his dick is buried in my throat.
>on each pump i come up far enough for a tiny sip of air, and then take him all the way down to his balls
>consistent rhythm this time. ive gotten better at this i think
>grabs my head and shoves me all the way down and cums
>gagging and choking like crazy, but trying to stay limp for him while he cums. insane feeling
>catching my breath, face covered in snot, i thank him on his way out
>wait 35 seconds in case he forgot something
>jerk off, nut so hard it almost hurts
>jerk off again
>watch deepthroat porn and jerk off one more time
>text the guy later "dude that was fun"
6 images | 34 replies
No title
more like this? real people casual and quick
3 images | 10 replies
No title
Non black Cuckold/Wife Sharing. Sound preferred.
35 images | 120 replies
Blacked Homemade
White/Asian/Latina chicks getting blacked, amateur/homemade only, no pro shit.
12 images | 17 replies
Animated Gifs
Starting a new folder old one vanished. Bonus points for any creampie, cumshots
89 images | 124 replies
No title
Real hookers thread
5 images | 36 replies
Blacked sfm
Hi. I need webm like this, do you have something
141 images | 179 replies
Public Piss Pee & Wetting
1585248812684 public wetting pulled down shorts
Any other girls out there like wetting their jeans too?

I love naughty peeing, bed wetting and some semi-public accidents!
157 images | 276 replies
Vibrator masturbation. Hitachis preferred sybians accepted. Female/male/is
16 images | 43 replies
The Chosen People
Ol tom has somethin to say bout that holomombojumbo
Post anything related to Jews, zionism and the Black Hebrew Israelites.
>Yids aint shit without shills and trix
39 images | 127 replies
No title
sound fink friky
Operators Operating Operationally.
30 images | 175 replies
No title
Only the BEST cumshots
-no homo
-sound preferred
-bukkake friendly
-solo approved
68 images | 118 replies
Everybody who was never pegged is gay.
54 images | 88 replies
BMBF Black on Black
Post em lets see some black guys fucking black girls
81 images | 220 replies
No title
itt women that dabble in the oldest profession in the world
21 images | 207 replies
Paranormal thread
6 images | 23 replies
Fitness girls
Bonus for good fitness porn
36 images | 96 replies
No title
Hey lads,post cute girls doing cute things,im tired with all the porn in here

Rules:ONLY white girls,NO sex,NO traps,NO degerancy
75 images | 303 replies
89 images | 240 replies
No title
tumblr_pvowupTszB1tr8sli (1)
bitches getting slapped
24 images | 155 replies
Forced / Rough / Gay
Never see these threads on here so I only have a few. Man on Man forced thread?
6 images | 8 replies
OC Thread
OC Thread
AKA made a bunch of webms of shit i like thread
The vids I have coomed the most to over the years, and hopefully some shit that is not posted here 10000x a day.
99 images | 135 replies
new one fellas
53 images | 74 replies
Feet in stockings, socks, pantyhose etc.
152 images | 284 replies
No title
HUNG shemale/ts/trap/tranny general
74 images | 179 replies
Gondola Bread
Hope you had fun fren, Have a comfy thread and rest your tired eyes
116 images | 178 replies
No title
Carey Mulligan 2
Deepfakes, anything goes
69 images | 204 replies
No title
Girls sucking dildos and dicks in cars, the messier the better with spit
5 images | 15 replies
No title
Old One Died. Let's keep it going!
104 images | 233 replies
Why nothing changes (sissy hypno and bbc addicted)?
I'm 22, virgin never even kissed. I'm trying to recover my porn addiction (in particular sissy hypno and bbc addiction).

It's 2 months that every time i masturbate, i do it with images of solo girls (on /petitegonewild).

I don't see any kind of porn or sissy hypno or hear any audio since 2 months ago.

But i have to be honest... i miss bbc and big cocks so much. I sometimes dream about them, and my cock goes immediatly hard when i think about them. I'm so curious about new videos, new posts on the blogs, etc that could have been created during this time.

Why i miss this fetish so much and why nothing changes after 2 months? Maybe i'm destinated to be a slut? It's my nature?

p.s.: i'm also working out a lot. so don't say "you have to workout" 'cause i'm doing that since 2 months ago, too.

p.p.s.: i'm into a particular situation "down there". I'm so conditioned by sissy hypno, bbc, porn, etc that now i don't properly "jerk off" anymore, 'cause now i ALWAYS cum HANDSFREE (without touching me) in my underwear and in my pants, just watching porn and imagining to be the girl and focusing on the cock... i literally wet myself. sorry for bad english.
49 images | 228 replies
Big Areolas
Big Areolas, the bigger the better.
9 images | 12 replies
Hidden Blowjobs gifs and webms
As per Subject - hidden blowjob gifs. Also looking for that recent tiktok/vine-like clip of a girl faking a blowjob to Cradles Sub-Urban. This gives me like 6 diamonds out of 7. Regards,
2 images | 2 replies
No title
Gimme that bisexual shit. Pegging. Daisy chains. Bi cucking. Cuck queening. Mmf. Mfm. Frotting. You name it
42 images | 97 replies
Missionary Position - FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARDZ!!!!
Normal white heterosexual intercourse in the superior method of MISSIONARY FUCKING for purposes of breeding preferred. Bonus points if they have a bush. Double bonus points if they beg to be impregnated. Quadruple points if you can see pounding mothafucking penetration upon their mons pubis, if you know what I mean ;)
89 images | 280 replies
No title
BWC vs harem of girls
54 images | 62 replies
Post close calls in a combat zone
2 images | 6 replies
Latina thread
Hot Latina Sucks Skin Canela Teasing Cum In Mouth
Same rules as the last one >>17134356

Hardcore or softcore. Amateur or pro.

No tr*nnies, bl*cks, hamplanets or other degenerate stuff.
95 images | 235 replies
just random quality stuff
Alf Stewart Doodleburger 03 green shirt faggot
funny or cool or sexy or good music or a great movie .. just post some quality stuff
45 images | 131 replies
No title
Beautiful looking cocks
35 images | 198 replies
Cock Worship: The Finale Edition
It's time again to help my fellow anons blow some ropes! This time with actual content! This will be my last thread, I've stocked my phone up to the brim with content and now it's periodically freezing. After this thread ends I'll be switching to a new phone so I won't be posting another for a while.
Eh hem, 'scuse me just clearing my throat. This thread is dedicated to the male orgasm and men blowing hot heavy sticky yummy stringy globs of pearly white semen to the point of complete satisfactory exhaustion, preferably balls deep in a hot wet willing hole, so get those onaholes out, get that lube out, and get ready to cum. To all those in this thread, please cum extra hard and super far for me. I'm hoping to help you all shoot at least 6 ropes minimum and have you leave fully satisfied!
Without further teasing, I'll begin with a guide I posted elsewhere.
67 images | 203 replies
Squirting from Anal
Squirting from anal thread. Bonus points for hands free.
43 images | 131 replies
Can I get a sauce on this?
Will post more, give me your best amateur shit, hopefully something we all haven't seen already
19 images | 28 replies
Pussy Spank
there is that what you want 20 whips
Never have I seen a thread like this here before.
Pussy spanking and whipping.
can't believe I'm the only one who likes this...
18 images | 21 replies
Post european porn/pornstars
36 images | 55 replies
No title
Incest Gif
204 images | 270 replies
agnes zoe (1)
Bring em on. Boobs of decent size of any race or ethnicity.
216 images | 251 replies
No title
Footjob Thread
7 images | 19 replies
Male Bag Munching
A rare genre, share what you have. Licking balls. I love everything about it.
12 images | 17 replies
No title
Brown girls and BWC
16 images | 25 replies
No title
gifs where all you'd have to do is run up and pull off their garment for epic lols to ensue
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Sock_sniffing_and_pussy_licking_lesbian_foot_fetish_fun-47zn8fd (1)
Stuff like that
2 images | 2 replies


Once again lets continue to worship the superior male, the BLACK MAN and his BIG BLACK COCK.

As whites we must acknowledge and celebrate the sexual superiority of the black man, lets worship BBC together!!!

Post webms and gifs of women of all races getting completely destroyed by BBC in absolute worship and submission to the BLACK MAN.

As always post the biggest BBCS and the most submissive girls eager to service and worship a BBC

Lets worship our black masters!
103 images | 303 replies
post milkers
Only the largest will do.
119 images | 313 replies
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