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/gif/ is dedicated to NSFW gifs &webm files. Please review the following rules to ensure your posts contribute to the overall board.

1. Do not request. All requests belong in >>>/r/
2. Contribute 2 or more additional related images when starting a thread (in addition to the OP).
3. Report rule-breaking posts and threads. Use the inline extension for easier access to this feature (Settings>Recommended>Report Button>Save)
4. If you know the source of a given image, please provide it directly. Do not respond to sauce beggars.

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No title
Post the dumbest shit you've laughed to.
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Little Buts And Peesis
mountain grapefruit joy
29 media | 105 replies
Lean back and take a deep breath...
What are you doing? look up at the titles of all the porn tabs that you have open. Look down at your hand holding your dick. Look behind the screen and see the dark room you are in and imagine seeing yourself here from a 3rd person view. Would you be proud? C'mon anon, you are better than this go take a shower or go for a nightwalk, i believe in you
4 media | 61 replies
Nice Tits dancing
Post chicks dancing in the nude with nice tits!
58 media | 87 replies
No title
BBC rimming
43 media | 87 replies
You know the drill.
75 media | 281 replies
No title
Brutal Master - 20200402 - Carmen Rough Terror - chair collar fishnets nipple tattoo fear scream harsh talking beg needle tits - sound - 11 - M
Let's play a game, /gif/.

Name something to do with bdsm, and I'll try find you a webm of it.

>Only legal. Only girls. Sauce is in the file name.
6 media | 37 replies
Post crazy women you'd still fuck
34 media | 223 replies
New vegan hate thread
32 media | 186 replies
Candid/Creep Thread
Preferably Yoga Pants/Leggings however all are welcome
43 media | 110 replies
Mom's love
snapchat preferably... by far the hottest incest porn
35 media | 283 replies
50/50 man or girl below PIMP EDITION 24
>Post a porn WebM/GIF and don't tag anyone
>If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF
>If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF

>Post a porn WebM/GIF and tag someone
>If your post ends 0/4 you're the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the man/top from your WebM/GIF
>If your post ends 5/9 you're the man/top from your WebM/GIF and whoever you've tagged is the woman/bottom from your WebM/GIF

Animated content is allowed but try to keep the quality consistent
You're free to make posts inciting others to tag you and/or proposing alternative rules
You're free to post pornographic content of any sexual orientation/fetish and/or medium you prefer as long as the other party agrees to it
If you lose interest or have to leave the current session it's ideal to the other party know before leaving
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133 media | 281 replies
uncut cock thread
Stellar Barey The Anal Princess Love Foreskin
>Shalom, goyim, rabbi Moishe here. There's nothing I love more than seeing a woman (especially a Jewish woman) be pleasured by a superior, uncut cock.

>I just love jerking my small, ugly, inferior, mutilated, Jew dick to women experiencing what a real man's cock is supposed feel like.

>I want to be humiliated by my white overlords for having such a small, ugly, circumcised, Jewish dick.

>Let's have a thread where women suck, fuck, and pleasure big, thick, gorgeous, superior uncut cocks.

>Bonus points for women expressing a preference for uncut cocks. Even better if she ONLY likes uncut cocks and straight up HATES circumcised ones.
99 media | 263 replies
diaper thread
actual baby diapers / pull ups / goodnitea
18 media | 22 replies
Tiny Whores
You must 4'11" or lower to ride in this thread
48 media | 279 replies
No title
Ultimate Surrender / Evolved Fights Thread (Only Lesbians)
8 media | 16 replies
vertical thread
so we all know phonefags are pathetic lowlife cancer who casually browse in the middle of their dead end work shift because their lives are so starved of dopamine and serotonin that they risk being caught viewing porn in public than go another braindead minute in their boring mindless lives

with that said they're probably the best people on this god-forsaken site so let's show them some love. post your best verticals and give a stroke in honor of those wageslaves who have to wait 325 more minutes before their shift is done for the day.
45 media | 106 replies
No title
Anyone have more of Rosie?
13 media | 25 replies
No title
Butterface general
28 media | 86 replies
Very wet pussy
Video Aug 29, 8 53 16 AM (1)
Vids where you can very obviously see or hear that a pussy is really wet

No (male) niggers
2 media | 7 replies
Animated Blacked
Anime, cartoon, and video game girls taking BBC.
73 media | 161 replies
Atheist Hate Thread
Last thread died, post anything related to christianity. Ignore fedora tippers and kikes
52 media | 253 replies
Lesbian ass eating
I'm talking face deep in ass please! Bonus for sound
136 media | 279 replies
Impregnation Party
Figured I'd make my own thread, I'm a 23 year old white cuntboy who's biggest fantasy is being a hotel cumdump with guys passing my holes around and never pulling out. Just want to get used and fucked with no consideration to my own pleasure. May also smoke weed beforehand just to turn me into a total whore.

Any tips or apps that are good for arranging something like this? I'm pre-op so don't feel comfortable posting to Grindr.
5 media | 13 replies
2000 mules clips
mules montage (1) (1)
if this thread is still up when i get back ill make more
25 media | 267 replies
Cuckqueen Humiliation
WebMs where wife/GF, Husband/BF are visibly KEKED! Whether deriving pleasure, pain or both.
62 media | 129 replies
Cock Reaction
Chicks reacting to big cocks. Web cam preferred but all is welcome
79 media | 225 replies
No Cunnilingus thread? Let's change that.

Guys/girls going down on girls. No niggers pls.
53 media | 169 replies
AR - 4MB(a)
Posting some new WEBM I've made.
Just got done with a 2TB rip of that site. I will mostly be posting the older/better releases. I'll throw in some BLACKEDRAW as well. Please no shitposts, it's literally just porn.
26 media | 53 replies
Russo-Ukrainian war fap!
post your favourite Russian and Ukrainian women to fap to
please no gore or war webms

starting off the thread with the beautiful Cathy Bulgakova
79 media | 266 replies
Hood Shootings - The Thread
His brains on the floor all nasty 'n' shit
Post videos of shootings and/or dead bodies in urban enviornments or suburb enviornments, such as New York City or Chicago.

Anything goes.

Bonus points for visible brain matter.
Extra points for video of the shooting taking place.
22 media | 198 replies
Anything JAV
57 media | 108 replies
Accidentally Embarrassing
accidentally x1
Girls shitting, pissing or doing anything accidentally. And its gotta be EMBARREZZING.
8 media | 40 replies
Throat fuck
Facefucking, deepthroat, blowjob slaves etc
22 media | 24 replies
Cut/Circumcised Cocks
>only cut/circumcised cocks
>no whining about uncut being """better"""" (we already know it isn't)
>females enjoying big cut cocks is preferred, but solo is allowed
>keep it straight
>sharing stories allowed
>bonus points for women expressing preference for cut cocks/humiliating uncut dicks
35 media | 66 replies
bible piss 2
Anti christcuck thread
7 media | 31 replies
Heavy Milkers
Purple hangers, all things boobs. Can be milky can be saggy should be big and natural preferred. Sick of all the faggy threads on this board.
87 media | 107 replies
trilliondollarscam (2)
Go find something you found funny, make that a webm and post it.
38 media | 106 replies
Women enjoying anal
Scenes where she is being pleasured getting fucked in the ass.

Amateur far prefered
Professional is ok as long as it's not fake enjoyment
No black dicks
53 media | 297 replies
No title
blacked femboys
49 media | 210 replies
Trolling in video games
fall into the void
Any trolling, griefing, glitching, hacking or soundboarding to annoy people in vidya or voice channels
47 media | 175 replies
Cock shock
Thread of women just blown away by how fucking irresistible a dude's cock is
56 media | 168 replies
Dragon Thread
Don't slay the dragon, lay the dragon.

Try to keep it to biological females, Others already have their own threads up.
37 media | 67 replies
New Hijab Thread
The last one died too quickly, more hijab
46 media | 108 replies
Nicki Minaj
i need to coom to the monkey queen
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Ill be posting some choice webms, feel free to join in and expand my collections. Anything but race baiting goes.
51 media | 70 replies
Overwatch porn thread
Post Animated 3d blender/sfm overwatch webms

The game might have turned to shit but the waifus and porn will forever live on in the coomer hall of fame.

No blacked! You have your own containment thread for that. Other than that no limits so futa and monster stuff allowed

10 media | 13 replies
No title
Muscular steroid breedable girls
19 media | 43 replies
Breeding | Impregnation | Pregnancy
Stroller Mobster - Derren Grathy [Clip]
Unprotected, bareback creampies for the purposes of hot-as-fuck procreation. Bonus points for babymaking references.

58 media | 288 replies
118 media | 267 replies
Post big bodied jiggly slampigs
73 media | 122 replies
No title
Trannies with this physique:
1 media | 2 replies
whores + fatsos
Post sluts pleasuring disgusting lardasses.
6 media | 17 replies
Multiple dicks, one chick
Gangbangs, blowbangs, anything where one whore is being used by multiple men
103 media | 302 replies
BLACKED tranny thread
gonna be deleting all my porn but before then I will dump it all
207 media | 269 replies
No title
babecock thread
80 media | 185 replies
Big White Cock
13 media | 22 replies
No title
Fat women from the states fighting.
Doesn't matter if they are black or white, as long as they are fat and American. There is something uniquely captivating about those creatures, are there not?
3 media | 10 replies
Post anything bukkake, gokkun, cum swallowing, facials.
BONUS: Create a descriptive name for these whores. Examples include: Cum dumpster, cum chugger, semen sipper, sperm bucket. Cocksucker etc
42 media | 114 replies
No title
low blow
The manlet struggle
8 media | 34 replies
Tomboys/ pans girls
Let's start a thread where we see theese little short-haired goddess. And all their attractive characteristics.
9 media | 48 replies
New /YGYL/
Computer Shop
Jam on something
71 media | 101 replies
The moment it goes in. Vaginal and anal, others holes welcome too.
22 media | 32 replies
Solo Black Cocks
Black men stroking, cum preferred
Drop the thickest BBC you got
56 media | 123 replies
No title
16 media | 88 replies
No title
Big White Cock only
Solo or not, anything goes
117 media | 188 replies
WMXF looking for something specific
The webm is 7-10 seconds long, POV amatuer of a dude sneaking up on a redhead in the shower who turns and smiles at the camera.
If you dont have that then just post hot stuff.
Guys gotta be white (cuck shit aint my thing)
Girl can be any race, preferably with wide hips, a small waist and pretty face.
5 media | 5 replies
Link Bread
Post Link with or without Zelda getting fucked, giving head, etc
6 media | 7 replies
No Africans (S. Africans ok), no African-Americans, no towel heads, no fatties, no trannies, no homo (except for lesbians obvs).
54 media | 103 replies
I know midweek is hardly a day to celebrate but it starts my weekend...lets drop some feels to get this party started
33 media | 129 replies
No title
All races of men getting cucked by white men and their superior cocks.
21 media | 68 replies
Cosplay Goddesses
Lets get a good cosplay thread going. Fresh material most welcome.

No gay or tranny trap
91 media | 273 replies
No title
I know I'm not hot but I will still post
22 media | 65 replies
Let's start a thread pov thread
Let's start a pov thread where, preferably we're in a gopro perspective, giving it to theese ladies.
134 media | 179 replies
No title
Mati Marroni, everything you've got on this crazy latina
19 media | 54 replies
Kino Pegging
Lascivious ladies lovingly pegging lucky lads, keep heavy BDSM and degradation to a minimum.
50 media | 120 replies
Chink thread
Post your favorite CCTV videos, ethnic cuisine, etc
6 media | 31 replies
No title
Any more info webms or links on the glowies standing around ground zero on 9/11.
There was a thread on classic /pol/ on this.
9 media | 27 replies
No cerebral paulsy in Cambodia thread?
I don't know about the funny talk coming from his mouth... Obviously some type of Satan rhetoric fantasizing of dog torture/eating and threats of coverng our nation with landmines thus making our children hobble around on stumps and stubby limbs. Post WebMs that depict the terrifying reality of jungle asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Extra points for Khmer Rouge Pol Pot video's.
4 media | 10 replies
No title
More like this
2 media | 4 replies
No title
Me and my best friend since childhood are in our mid 20's. Since our first girlfriends we've had an agreement to share each other's ladies. Initially we would kiss each other's girls in our early teens. By our late teens we were banging each other's girls. We do have a rule which is once one of us doesn't want to share then it stops for both of us. Recently I've been thinking about just stopping to be able to find an actual life partner. I realize that this will be an issue to do if we continue with our agreement. I've been dating this girl for a while and hadn't realized how much I cared about her until last night. We were drinking and watching a movie when all of a sudden he calls my girl to sit in between us. He begins playing with her pussy and it starts hitting me that he's doing that to my gf. By the time I admitted to my self I didn't like this anymore, she was already throat hugging his thick shaft. I played along and let her jerk me off while they finished, but I'm gonna have to talk with him and now cut it off with this girl once I find someone I'm interested in as a life partner.
4 media | 47 replies
No billy appreciation thread? Fuck that.
0 media | 1 replies
YLYL - Buffalo Shooting Edition #2
postal ny
Vid can be downloaded here:
Also, if you want to have discussions about the shooting, please go to /pol/. This thread is meant for people to post shitposts using the video.
Previous thread: >>22693851
32 media | 325 replies
No title
YLYL - Legitimately funny stuff, you know what it is.
86 media | 324 replies
Redpill Thread
Things the media won't show.

Expose hypocritical agendas and politicians, or just mock the establishment in general. Try and keep the gore and schizo shit to a minimum
149 media | 317 replies
No title
Tranny topping
46 media | 64 replies
BNWO general
we need new content edition
136 media | 320 replies