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TTD - Tranny/Troon hate thread
We need more threads bullying these mentally ill faggots into suicide, the 41% needs to become 100%.

Deus vult.

39 media | 169 replies
emma rose + justice manyvids sept 2023
Tranny Hands free and dry orgasms. No toys or solo!
32 media | 170 replies
No title
Elisabetta Canalis the oscars- george cloony
reaction gifs/webms
255 media | 260 replies
Breast physics
Titties jiggling/bouncing/wobbling
123 media | 209 replies
Rekt general
Post rekt. No war webms. Please post actual rekt, not just aftermath
102 media | 280 replies
No title
Am I the only one here who jacks off to gay porn even though you'd probably never fuck a dude irl? I'm pretty sure I'm bi but I don't think I could ever be degenerate enough to hook up with random men like a slut, and don't want a relationship either since I'm basically cocksexual.

I still consider myself a big fan of fag porn. Fucking sissies or being a sissy bottom looks like so much degenerate fun. Post your favorite shit and explain why you haven't gone gull gay yet.
64 media | 186 replies
Wheyfu thread
Post fit/muscular women
Last thread got archived too soon
116 media | 185 replies
dreamy dickgirls
Heterosexual edition. No dickboys, no femboys, no feminine boys or boys of any sort, and NO VAGINAS.
35 media | 71 replies
59 media | 97 replies
She gives off complete whore vibes, looking forward to all the porn of her Fortnite model
18 media | 48 replies
ITT: Beautiful boys
Beautiful boys doing the gayest of things (preferably satisfying cock)
95 media | 118 replies
Public nudity and sex thread
65 media | 215 replies
Post stuff that makes you say
>uhmm, BASED? and also REDPILLED?!?!?!?!??!?
79 media | 245 replies
No sissies, no shemales, no caged dicks, no white dicks!
Instead, try to post content that includes:
- Real life BMWF couples from instagram, tiktok, etc;
- Thots from instagram, tiktok, etc, hanging around with black guys (the more, the merrier);
- Women saying they prefer black guys (like the clips by quincybytheway and similar);
- Women wearing QOS tattoos, BLACKED underwear, etc;
- BMWF couples from TV shows, movies, etc;
- Women supporting Black Lives Matter, Refugees Welcome, etc;
- Public interracial sex caught on camera (it's okay if it's staged, as long as it looks real);
- Short clips from lesser known interracial porn (like the trailers that aria_six and Wond3rwoman00 post on their twitter);
- Compilations that combine the above elements (like the stuff posted by noirworldorder on twitter);
- Bonus points if the women have large natural breasts (let's try to avoid fake tits and small tits);
30 media | 43 replies
Non-Nude Coom
Biological females showing off while clothed
No males whatsoever
124 media | 255 replies
Viet vs BWC
Bonus points for homemade stuff.
41 media | 70 replies
If you're looking for raceplay and stuff like that go to the blacked waifus thread
61 media | 99 replies
No title
Celeb stuff. Sexy nude stuff if you want, fill yer boots
154 media | 240 replies
Rectal Rekt
Show people of any gender wrecking their shithole.
31 media | 92 replies
No title
Voyeur Thread / Anything Goes
31 media | 73 replies
Incels Are A Marginalized Group
Things either featuring incels or discussing incels
12 media | 35 replies
/wfbm/ - White Female Black Male thread
BMWF thread, but flipped upside down:
White women dominating Black Men cocks with the Big White Cunt they crave for.

ONLY Amazon position/reverse mating press allowed ITT. Bonus point if amateur and/or creampie.
13 media | 63 replies
anything animated
Post any kind of animated porn you like vanilla degen, it doesnt matter. this isnt the thread to complain about seeing what you dont like, I wanna see all kinds of things.
166 media | 247 replies
Trans Roulette
You post a tranny, and the next tranny that gets posted is your bride, you will have to show her to your family.
143 media | 280 replies
2D/3D animated porn music videos.
58 media | 67 replies
itt only post perfect 10/10 women
67 media | 192 replies
Distracting bodies
Women trying to talk about/explain something yet your eyes keep wandering
79 media | 225 replies
Real hook up stories thread
Post the REAL hook-up stories. More crazier the better. Bonus if with relevant webms.

I will start:

Hooked up with this girl while on a work trip. She was a tall, bit curvy, cute girl in her mid 20s. Matched on Tinder. She said her partner was asexual but she is horny all the time and was in an open relationship. Exchanged pics on snapchat. She sent her address. Drove to her place and we settled into her living room. After a bit of chatting, we started making out. Eventually, she took me to her bedroom. She stripped while I went down on her. I started fingering her initially with two fingers. She kept demanding for more fingers as she kept moaning harder and harder. Towards the end, I was fisting her as she cummed hard as her legs kept shaking. It was so hot.
3 media | 9 replies
No title
Butterface women
76 media | 237 replies
Post cope
31 media | 125 replies
WMAF Splitscreens/Edits
White Male-Asian Female splitscreens/edits. Kpop splits, PMVs, babecock, Asian boys jerking to WMAF all welcome.
76 media | 238 replies
Instant Loss
nahida correction
"Well that escalated quickly"
70 media | 133 replies
No title
Pal Stopantisemites 032B5c
29 media | 102 replies
[murahachiro] insect missionary kiss creampie mating press cockroach 4chan
67 media | 181 replies
Huge tits
Mammaries. The larger the better. Getting fucked, fondling, tit fucking doesnt matter any thing is fine as long as big tits are involved
29 media | 39 replies
No title
A thread for laughing at pooskins and their quirks
2 media | 2 replies
No title
ThinTok. Leggy, Busty, and Thin.

Post tiktoks of thin women with long legs and or nice breasts (not cow udders). Please, no thick, short, fat, chubby, "fat ass," etc.

Avoiding skeletons or unhealthy skinny would also be appreciated.
22 media | 29 replies
Anime, videogame, western animation, etc
96 media | 202 replies
Extremely sweaty women, and I don't mean armpit stains, I mean they could fill up a glass with it! Bonus points if it involves feet or a bottom getting forcefed it.
26 media | 55 replies
No title
Dick flash

because its fun
3 media | 5 replies
From Behind
Searching specifically for this one webmd where the focus is her face while she gets railed from behind
16 media | 22 replies
Solo asian girl thread:
Just asian girls showing their bodies


(Lesbian stuff welcome)
178 media | 285 replies
Size Difference Kink
Furious Tall Gorgeous Redhead Gives Rough Sex To Petite Spinner
Post webms of people with a noticeable height/size difference fucking
39 media | 55 replies
Sluts & Succubussess
Girls enjoying their sexuality
2D & 3D girls are allowed
92 media | 168 replies
No title
It's been awhile since we had a Hitomi bread. Didn't get to fuck this weekend so need something to wank to
50 media | 70 replies
War thread
Russia couldn't beat Ukraine when it wasn't getting aid so now they have to make daily cope threads since they realize they will never be able to beat them now.
234 media | 267 replies
Girls/Lesbians kissing
Post girls smooching each other
Amateur preferred, bonus points for movie/tv show scenes
96 media | 166 replies
"I'm gonna cum"
Girls who announce their orgasms

No trannies
(Lesbians welcome)
35 media | 116 replies
62 media | 153 replies
It's truly over
>When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat. -George Carlin
35 media | 90 replies
It's not too late to quit
Quit porn , embrace Christ. God is watching no matter what your belief is . Stop jerking off to watching two people fuck and live your best life.
28 media | 242 replies
No title
Damion Dayski General

Post webms of his beautiful BBC
12 media | 22 replies
Amateur kino
I don't know. Something about the combination of lighting and music invokes feelings of nostalgia. Something like romanticised moments that could have happened in memory.
3 media | 20 replies
Tik Toks that end in fucking
I see these all the time, I want to start a collection. I always see the one of the chubby blonde falling back on the bed but I can't seem to find it rn, I'll post the three I could find although it's tough lol.
5 media | 24 replies
dolled up sissy thread
Guys in wigs and make up, long eyelashes, nails done. all that kinda stuff
74 media | 269 replies
Bonus points if she lactates without even touching
37 media | 51 replies
ALL incest welcome!
Incest of any kind is welcome here! Straight, Gay, Tranny it doesn't matter! Don't worry, three vids coming up
70 media | 188 replies
crippletards YLYL
Dank webms with underdevelopers.
That includes:
-cerebral palsy
-Down syndrome
-cystic fibrosis
16 media | 64 replies
Latex Women
Doing Hot Latex Things
20 media | 24 replies
/pol/bait thread
/pol/bait Thread

Fun reminder: The only based Nazi is a dead one.
81 media | 247 replies
No title
Fat guys fucking hot girls
43 media | 98 replies
/erp/ - Erotic Role-Play
No, this thread doesn't break the rules, so please don't ban it... let me explain. I tried making one last time and I was banned from posting temporarily due to breaking Global Rule 3, most specifically the part about no "Dubs/GET" type of posts outside of /b/ at all, so I get why the 50/50 ERP threads, based on "rolls" being high or low, qualifies, so I'm making an ERP thread without the "rolling" for the sake of avoiding to break this rule, and making the thread have no reasons the be deleted/banned. I hope the janitors/moderators reading this keep the thread up since I'm doing this and it really should have no issues from now on... anyways, we'll see, it's worth the attempt at the very least really.

>ERP (Erotic Role-Play)
1. We can ERP with text only or using WebMs or GIFs, whichever the users doing the ERP prefer.
2. How we decide the roles in an ERP is up to the users, but I disencourage you from using "rolls".
3. Any sexual orientation and/or fetishes are allowed if the users involved both agree to it before it.

I'd still like to see the whole "challenge" element to the ERPs though, it's fun to see a cocky challenger take someone on and "lose" despite the confidence, or someone collecting a harem only for a "challenger" to come up to them and "win" to get all of his harem, along with the harem owner himself, that element of chance and wanting to come out on top, only to do so and triumph... or fail and being humiliated, it's all quite sexy for anyone watching from the outside in who just happens to be into ERP. I guess you can try doing the traditional system, but it'll likely get deleted, or have all the thread be deleted with it, so we have to figure out some alternative way to keep these "stakes" alive.
96 media | 173 replies
No title
Hey /gif/, how do I tell my partner that I have heteroflexible/bi/cuckold fantasies?

I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year now and our sex life is great, but when we aren't together I'm watching amateur MMF/cuckold/hotwife stuff as it's the only thing that gets me off. I've had a huge cum fetish and I love eating my own cum, but the post nut clarity makes it far less pleasurable.

I don't want to be in a chastity cage or fucked in the ass or even humiliated really. I just fantasize about watching her get fucked and joining in to suck the "bull"'s cock together and eat his cum. I want to make out with her as she has a mouthful of someone else's cum. I want to eat cum out of her pussy or lick cum off of her tits and make out with her afterwards. I want her to jerk me off with another man's cum as lube. I want her to spit another guy's load in my mouth. There's so much that just requires another man.

She's very monogamous, in the sense that she gets very jealous if I even talk to other women so an open relationship idea would not fly. I'm not sure how she'd take to my fantasies. I don't even know how to bring it up without sounding like a sissy. I don't want her to think of me as less of a man. We are going on a cruise very soon together and I know cruise ships are loaded with swingers so if the opportunity was to ever come up, this would be the time.

How do you think I should go about talking to her about it? Should I just wait it out and see over time if I feel more comfortable talking to her about it? Is <1 year too soon to be talking about hotwife stuff? Is it better to just keep all this as a fantasy that I just jerk off to on my own time? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

Also bi cum stuff thread
8 media | 65 replies
Sexy pregnant women
Post sexy pregnant women / hot encounters with pregnant women
87 media | 110 replies
JAV Thread
Only censored stuff.

The source is in the filename, and also in the bottom left corner of the video.
42 media | 63 replies
Anything WM/WF
skylar_blue (3)
Dumping an old folder i came across
72 media | 98 replies
Porn Things 1
Just the sex scenes
3 media | 4 replies
Tucker Carlson: UFOs are Real and 'Spiritual Phenomena'
>UFOs are real, but they're demons (and killing people).
>Congress is entirely compromised by the intel agencies, and beholden to them (see e.g. Ukraine Funding).
>Academia admits there is no Evidence for Evolution
>We must strangle AI in the crib now
>There's a massive awakening taking place, and people are beginning to understand we are in an existential struggle against evil.
89 media | 227 replies
Vera Dijkmans
I can't stop thinking about this pawg goddess getting blacked on my bed while I'm locked in chastity sucking on her feet. This woman makes me so weak. Share anything you've got of her.
31 media | 113 replies
Sexy Bitches
Post sexy women. Solo or sex scene. No troons/faggots allowed
76 media | 158 replies
Beautiful darkness #13
I fight so world accept beautiful appearance of darkness. When near monster, do not allow it to be a monster, but not hurt it more than needed, and then love it. For it is not a monster but the source of true love...
2 media | 2 replies
Previous thread hit bump limit
125 media | 242 replies
post facials, big tits cumshots. no gay/tranny shit. no niggers.
183 media | 266 replies
post thin women
88 media | 172 replies
No title
11 media | 54 replies
No title
Bad Girl Punished [xhRol8Z] 2
Asian Newhalf, Asian Otokonoko, Asian Ladyboys, Asian "Men"
40 media | 75 replies
Solo, fucking, sucking, anything goes so long as it's a BWC.
113 media | 204 replies
Cow kino
Since the /tv/ thread was deleted. Stick to titcows in movies and shows, thanks.
111 media | 220 replies
fighters at the ready!
Post some actual technical fights in /fight/ where the fighters use legitimate technique to either win in competition or on the street. For once,
>sucker punching is not a fight
>videos like Big Billy where it's just only a full Mortal Kombat finisher aren't technically fights
>shootings aren't fights unless they use cqc
>people getting run over by bulls, while incredibly entertaining, also does count as a fight lol
>animals killing humans or each other also counts as a fight
>human killing animal has to be an actual fight not torture, like the nigga defending himself from pit bulls vs the monke torture lunatics
>black people and white people are the same 1v1, depending how they train
>try to include a diversity of people fighting
30 media | 185 replies
Amateur creampie thread
In this thread we will post actual video footage of men ejaculating their semen into biological female women's vaginas. Nothing more professional than OnlyFans allowed. Interracial isn't prohibited, but this isn't a BBC thread. Honor and dignity will be upon those who post white men of European ancestry ejaculating inside Latina or Asian women.
15 media | 32 replies
BMWM - Black Men White Men
Black men fucking white bois. Fantasies and thoughts are welcome.
Previous thread: >>27003242
72 media | 146 replies
Amateur OC
I can't help collecting as many videos of myself fucking all types of women. Sometimes I'll fuck just because I want new video. Anyone else do this?
26 media | 46 replies
Videos where the guy is going hard and deep. Straight only. Anal and prone work too. Bonus points for POV
23 media | 37 replies
Femboy Feminine w/ Twink Bodies
Femboys with twink/feminine bodies and/or pleasant looking cocks. No brazilian muscular type or trans that aren't even trying.
52 media | 100 replies
AI Deepfakes/Deepnude #4
Quick Start Guide:

1. install Stable Diffusion webui (installation instructions on the git page):
2. install this extension (installation instructions on the git page):
3. install an inpainting model. Here is just one example:
4. in stable diffusion, open the Replacer tab and use the following options:
>detection prompt: bikini, white shorts, etc; simple is better. this will detect which areas to replace.
>positive prompt: RAW photo of a nude girl, naked
>negative prompt: ((clothing)), (monochrome:1.3), (deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3), (hair), jeans, tattoo, wet, water, clothing, shadow, 3d render, cartoon, ((blurry)), duplicate, ((duplicate body parts)), (disfigured), (poorly drawn), ((missing limbs)), logo, signature, text, words, low res, boring, artifacts, bad art, gross, ugly, poor quality, low quality, poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy
>video: browse to the video you want to process

More in-depth guide with frame-by-frame processing:

Even more in-depth guide with ControlNet and AnimateDiff:

Old Thread >>27063002
25 media | 124 replies
WMBF Thread
White Men enjoying African Queenz
72 media | 152 replies
Humiliated / Degraded girls
Acting only. Girls being humiliated/degraded. Anything goes : bondage, watersports, rimming, spitplay, painal, foodplay
No scat.
129 media | 294 replies
Hairy / natural women
Post sexy hairy/natural women. Bonus for hairy legs / armpits
58 media | 115 replies
YATGB - You Are The Girl Below
Post webm in which you want to be the girl.
Get webm reaction to that --> you have been made that girl.
Announce challenges,
maybe deploy rules
(Usually: 0-4 you are bottom, 5-9 you are top)
Or something like this.
Have fun!
42 media | 67 replies
/TAT/ - Terf Appreciation Thread
Post based women outright rejecting trannies and stating what they truly are... perverted males with an autogynephilia fetish.
3 media | 19 replies
Alright lads, it's Friday, time for ygyl. Music, dancing, anything groovy allowed.
152 media | 247 replies
No title
Perfect tits thread
195 media | 314 replies
new 2d futa thread
Last one was great, keep it up!
Rules: no irl and no 3d
77 media | 182 replies
Rough Blowjob / Facefuck
Exactly what I said in the subject. Feel free to post anything even remotely connected. The more the merrier!
80 media | 121 replies
99 media | 192 replies
Monsters Porn
Horrible zombies want the girls
Monsters fuck and inseminate women.
18 media | 32 replies
Deepfakes thread
Hitler sings billie jean
For full video
7 media | 18 replies
Average/Small Dicks
White or black, solo male or with a girl, cumming or not, anything with small/average dicks
23 media | 27 replies
Public degeneracy
itt webms of white people being degenerate in public
6 media | 53 replies
YLYL folder dump
Dumping my golden collection of WEBM from this website, a way to thanks all Anons
also fuck gay captcha
119 media | 312 replies
War Thread
BOBR takes out mortar team - 7d4rm2 (audio) (4MB)
Russia is kicking Ukraine's ass and advancing by the day. Shills are working overtime to flood the board with 2022 garbage videos because its all they got. They can't show anything more recent than that, because they got nothing. lol
300 media | 314 replies