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No title
malena 2
nudity in movies thread
81 images | 204 replies
Jelly Bean Nose
Anything with Heather, especially any newer stuff where she's more milfy and fatter cause everything I have is old.
29 images | 43 replies
What makes this board tick?
Mainly asking the people who post/scroll through porn threads - what about it do you get off to? Why/when did it start? I've given up porn awhile ago, but when I'd go through some threads I thought it was other black/mixed guys that just wanted to better imagine themselves with the chick, is it really mostly white guys? I just don't get it, and I figured the best way to ask would to start a thread
9 images | 33 replies
No title
I know you're tired. I know you're apathetic towards everything. It's normal that in a world filled with misery, anger, resentment, hedonism, and lack of courage, a man chooses what is easy for him and outright refuses any help. But He knows this. And He's always willing to give you a hand. Don't do it, Anon. You're stronger, smarter, and better than those who try to bury you underground. He's there, and He won't miss. Do not do it, Anon. Not today.
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No title
Can we have a BDSM thread?
51 images | 73 replies
women cumming thread
yes, they're women. Get over it, bigot. If you don't like it, don't click on this thread, simple.
49 images | 276 replies
Can we get a Indian with white cocks thread
71 images | 235 replies
38 images | 93 replies
YLYL and call-in-show pranks thread, will be dumping my collection
22 images | 30 replies
WMAF Amateur
WMAF Thread

Help me find the sauce for these vids too if ya don't mind full vid here

They have a pornhub but can't find it
44 images | 259 replies
No title
Post anything except fag shit, trap, feet,scat,piss, bi, anything that isn't a biological man with a biological woman. Should have a different board for all that shit
28 images | 39 replies
Monster On Woman
Monsters fucking women, hentai and SFM both allowed.
112 images | 232 replies
No title
What is this position called and why does it drive women to orgasm so hard? Soneone else needs to post the same position or thread will be cancelled.
6 images | 161 replies
Hooker lore
39yk for bin

You know the drill. Post hooker vids to keep the thread alive
11 images | 162 replies
Implied Sex
And other things that don't show full on fucking.
11 images | 25 replies
Cozy Feels
Nostalgia of the your old Glasses
Stuff that hits in that special way, that echo emotions from a time you can't quite place.
136 images | 194 replies
cock pop
Post only cute and pale femboys, twinks, and traps. No chastity bullshit, and they gotta have nice cocks. I don't wanna see a video of your hairy "female" asshole this isn't a tranny/metal illness thread.
179 images | 299 replies
No title
It turns me on to fantasize about dp'ing my gf in both her holes. Have you done it? would you do it?
6 images | 6 replies
BBC Thread
Big Black Cock Thread! NO GAY SHIT. Cuck stuff allowed, but it don't let it cross the line. No tranny stuff allowed either. Bonus points for wives, matures, & milfs. Also bonus points for creampies, anal, & double penetration. Please keep it as amateur as possible!
95 images | 125 replies
Big White Cocks
132 images | 230 replies
Mixed Sex Fighting
Men and women wrestling for sexual domination. Either side winning goes.
56 images | 158 replies
No title
girls with their face buried in another girl's buttcheeks and/or pussy/thighs
lesbian only
40 images | 46 replies
Incest: Mothers fucking their sons. Convincing amateur stuff preferred. Staged stuff acceptable. Captioned gifs need not apply.
41 images | 267 replies
White guys on Black women only, or just black women.
24 images | 38 replies
Rekt thread
The other rekt thread is a chatroom edition; i dont care what you want to say post vids
2 images | 7 replies
50/50 Porn Roulette
lexi-too small 1
>Continued since last thread hit its limit and this has been enjoyable, so lets roll.

We've had a couple of these threads recently and they were good fun, couldn't find any in the catalog today, so here it is.

>Post porn .webm
>Don't tag anyone else
>If your post ends 0-4 you're the girl from your .webm
>If your post ends 5-9 you're the man from your .webm
You MAY masturbate to your webm imagining yourself in the role you rolled yourself

>Post porn .webm
>Your post must tag someone else on the thread, to show them that you're challenging them
>If your post ends 0-4 you're the girl from your .webm and the person you've challenged is the man from your .webm
>If your post ends 5-9 you're the man from your .webm and the person you've challenged is the girl from your .webm
You MAY masturbate to your .webm imagining yourself in the role you rolled yourself
You MAY make a post to incite others to challenge you

Feel free to challenge me, prefer it.
63 images | 96 replies
No title

Femdom is good too
27 images | 94 replies
No title
creepshot thread - big booty edition

no shower videos, no upskirt gifs, only fat asses in public :) i'll start!
33 images | 47 replies
Moles/Freckle Play Fetish
Hot mole play
Have niche fetish. Would love to find some more vids. Even better upload some OC of your gf/wife's moles/freckles
1 images | 17 replies
"traps" cumming
Just some people in "girl" clothes cumming
34 images | 177 replies
No title
jav anything goes
113 images | 189 replies
No title
Streamer/Youtuber Thread
66 images | 257 replies
Traps and request
i'm brown with good curves, nice legs and nice feet and etc, shortly I will have the means to have a good camera and take good photos, I would like to know if it is profitable to sell my content and if it is profitable to onlyfans or do the sales by paypal since I do not know anything about this, also, bonus point if the videos that upload are not in the other threads
18 images | 93 replies
No title
with sort of YDYL
102 images | 268 replies
Sasha Grey
Still edging and going braindead for succubus Sasha
34 images | 75 replies
No title
girls who are sweaty as fuck
29 images | 91 replies
No title
Trannies/Femboys eating their own cum. Straight from the source, or however you want.
16 images | 39 replies
Mouth Fetish
Tongues, drool, uvulas, spit, ahegao
Solo preferably
42 images | 80 replies
Daddy Issues / Ownership
Post webms of women calling guys 'daddy' or related + mentioning being owned/belonging to the man. Amateur highly preferred.

Bonus points for thanking, begging, saying they're a good girl or related.
26 images | 186 replies
No title
Post every orgasm you have
59 images | 168 replies
Can we get a sleep thread goin'?
15 images | 51 replies
No title
There is no god
2 images | 35 replies
No traps
This board has died a death. I'll dump some decent stuff contribute if you want but no traps or gay shit.
107 images | 255 replies
No title
Why is /gif/ spammed with "n-word" (holy shit 4chan is pozzed) threads constantly?
43 images | 205 replies
Fight thread
School fight, public fight, sports
58 images | 310 replies
Tiktok girls
No BBC/cuck, just hot girls
32 images | 58 replies
Cheeky reface gifs
I've amassed a decent amount of good gifs for refacing. I've got a pretty good hang of what will fly and what won't.

Enjoy, post em if you got em
15 images | 41 replies
Sigma & Beta Thread
Let's do some glorious Sigma & Beta thread. I need this shit anons.
7 images | 19 replies
Thread for the intellectual discussion of AMWF love and pornography.
3 images | 7 replies
celebm and deepfakes only str8 edition
my fucking god, I counted 8 fucking gay/trap(still gay) threads, i cant fucking fap to that shit, also like 5 tiktok threads and 3 cuck, this week we fell on quality i just wanna se some bubis and go to sleep
52 images | 130 replies
No title
Undressing nice tits
31 images | 140 replies
Pregnant Thread
55 images | 186 replies
I'll dump all of the humiliation stuff that I have, post more like this if you have it, especially JOIs, or just normal femdom/ruined orgasms.
94 images | 231 replies
No title
incel thread
27 images | 201 replies
No title
20 images | 62 replies
No title
BMWF complete 4Chan edition
150 images | 200 replies
Too cute for porn
Let's see all those girls that are just too cute. No traps, gays, femboys, etc
64 images | 170 replies
Female Scat Thread
No eating, smearing, etc. Just women pushing out the biggest turd-logs and turd-ropes.
50 images | 159 replies
No title
i have a question, people, how much do you recommend creating an only fans account, a lot of friends told me to do it but i'm not really sure about it (i'm a girl btw)
2 images | 114 replies
cky1 (1)
Many more clips are coming, this is just an appetizer.
108 images | 277 replies
Romance/Cuddle Thread
Post straight white couples loving each other/being passionate
Short hair/tomboys are a huge plus in my book
8 images | 58 replies
No title
I'm practicing enhancing some old gifs with some tools I bought recently. Let me know what you think. Post order is:

> gif
> video

If you have any requests, post em and I'll get to them when I have time.

Inb4 post 3. It takes a minute to upload them all. I have 5 to start.
78 images | 118 replies
No title
video0-27 (2)
black introverts porn dump

i said i'd do another one before the end of the month, and i'm coming through with my promise
205 images | 233 replies
No title
webms that make you want to drop down on your knees and service a king size BBC
40 images | 74 replies
Butt Stuff
Stuffin butts
133 images | 223 replies
Faceless gay
I wanna see gay porn but i dont want to see their face
85 images | 154 replies
No title
Based thread.
46 images | 153 replies
2D and 3D welcome! PMVs encouraged!
176 images | 302 replies
No title
Old Italian porn thread
66 images | 142 replies
No title
spooky ghosts
no fake "just the tip in" stuff, I need full penetrations, only white and latina (no niggers), no gay, vaginal preferred
20 images | 64 replies
Female body
Post females with beautiful bodies, breasts, tummy, legs and etc.
79 images | 192 replies
No title
post sph webms

bonus for sph + cuckold
2 images | 8 replies
Panties and Undies
blue panties
Post any females taking off or putting on underwear. Jiggly boobs a plus, Lickable ass encouraged, and Delectable pussy gets you bonus points. Camel toe too.
157 images | 243 replies
We need your help in selecting pictures
Rules for evaluating the material:

After reviewing the image, evaluate which component of emotionally conditioned consciousness predominates. Which is more, suffering or pleasure. After determining the predominant component, give it a quantitative rating on a five-point system. Then evaluate the one that is less predominant.

Your assessment will be subjective, of course, but if a large number of people's assessments largely coincide, this will allow you to speak of emotionally conditioned as an objective reality.

A benchmark for quantification:

+1 - Very weak state. Minimal that can only be recognized as positive.
+2 - A state that can be expressed by the word "good".
+3 - Very Good. It is winning the competition, sex, light drugs.
+4 - A state that a person is unable to break. From which he does not voluntarily come out.It is the best possible sex, light drugs, the happiness of the long-awaited victory...
+5 - Maximum possible pleasure. Corresponds to the peak of the best orgasm.
-1 - A very weak state that can only be recognized as negative.
-2 - Bad.
-3 - Very bad. Toothache. Headache. This is a state of intense suffering, but one that the person is able to overcome by an effort of will and engage in activities that are not directly related to getting rid of the suffering.
-4 - Pain from extensive burning, skin tearing, flesh tearing, horror during a panic attack. It is a condition in which the person cannot do anything except try to end the suffering immediately.
-5 - Maximal suffering corresponding to blinding pain at the moment of bone crushing.

In grading, we assume that any emotional states can be combined, except when the intensity of the emotion is rated at five. In these cases, all mental activity is subordinated to either suffering or pleasure.
1 images | 8 replies
As promised I've come back
65 images | 105 replies
7 images | 12 replies
Doggystyle thread
1. Bonus points if it’s POV.
2. No bbc posting.
24 images | 43 replies
Oral Fixation
Post anything related to the mouth. Blowjobs, deepthroat, facefucking. Bonus points for spit, saliva, drool, tongues. Made some WEBMs I will start out with
6 images | 6 replies
No title
Rimjob thread.
Post them girls cleaning assholes with their tongue.
35 images | 60 replies
Fat asses
thicc lower body, fat ass, preferably in tight leggings.
anything like gifrelated.
127 images | 307 replies
Futanari/Dickgirl thread
Feel free to post anything as long is it futa included, 3D would be preferred but 2D is also good
89 images | 158 replies
make me gay
About 5 minutes ago I just made plans for tonight to meet up with a guy and give him a blowjob. I've never done anything, not even kissed, with a guy before, but I want to try sucking dick so bad. Convince me follow through with it, please. Post anything that would convince me to try sucking dick, gay or straight. Post hot guys, tell me any stories of you sucking your first dick. Literally anything that will keep me turned on to the idea of going down on this guy.
87 images | 198 replies
gender extinction thread
T-cock & pussy domination
Take the trap-pill
Open borders for Israel
Support your future gay daughter
6 images | 16 replies
No title
It's not too late for you.

No matter what you've done, no matter what you look like, how old you are, or anything else about you. Any and every evil you have ever suffered or caused can be turned to good, for through God all things are possible.

Get up and fight. Jesus loves you. I love you.
40 images | 298 replies
109 images | 169 replies
/WmBf/ white boy summer edition
Haven't seen a regular white male black female interracial thread in a while so here it is. Post black woman taking BWC
>no whales, chubby allowed
>no ugly ghetto whores
>bonus points for amateur
100 images | 195 replies
No title
14 images | 37 replies
Ruined orgasms
When girls stop stroking, hands free cumshots, pullouts etc
69 images | 117 replies
Femdom pegging
Post men being put in their place by the superior sex. The rougher and more merciless the better. Amateur and professional both welcomed.
30 images | 111 replies
Fat/BBW/SBBW Thread
bathroom jiggling
no thicc meme, no chubbies. Just got old fashion fats
174 images | 300 replies
No title
Stop cooming.
10 images | 25 replies
No title
post webs wich girls are gagging on cum and bukkake
24 images | 41 replies
Chastity Thread
Chastity thread. Anything involving guys in chastity. St8, gay, cucks, traps w/e. I have a disability.
85 images | 167 replies
Black Male Ginger Female
Anything BMGF goes. Bonus for sound.
70 images | 195 replies
2 images | 3 replies
No title
Black girls white cocks
37 images | 84 replies
No title
No titktok thread?
11 images | 25 replies
50/50 Porn Roulette
>Continued since last thread hit its limit

We've had a couple of these threads recently and they were good fun, couldn't find any in the catalog today, so here it is.

>Post porn .webm
>Don't tag anyone else
>If your post ends 0-4 you're the girl from your .webm
>If your post ends 5-9 you're the man from your .webm
You MAY masturbate to your webm imagining yourself in the role you rolled yourself

>Post porn .webm
>Your post must tag someone else on the thread, to show them that you're challenging them
>If your post ends 0-4 you're the girl from your .webm and the person you've challenged is the man from your .webm
>If your post ends 5-9 you're the man from your .webm and the person you've challenged is the girl from your .webm
You MAY masturbate to your .webm imagining yourself in the role you rolled yourself
You MAY make a post to incite others to challenge you

Feel free to challenge me, prefer it.
194 images | 321 replies
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