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What's the general consensus on parisian fasion?
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Futuristic mens warm outerwear? (that are not $1k?)
Are there any warm mens jackets whatever with a futuristic design that are not like 1k+ designer pieces but at the same time also not $100 form over function cheaply made flashy looking garbage? Is there a middle ground? The design doesn't have to be crazy and elaborate. Something minimal would be nice as long as it looks different than regular clothes. I couldn't even find a good example. I wouldn't wear the jacket in this picture but it's the closest I could find for the representation of a jacket design that is a bit different.
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Favorite Pattern Catalogs?
I'm trying to make a collection of pattern catalogs from 1969 and before. I have a couple Butterick and Mccall's ones from the period. Do you have any ones from lesser known companies you really like?

Vogue counter catalogs are really nice. They are monthly and a single book is 1000 pages and goes for 200 dollars or more online these days. It's not uncommon for books in good condition to go for 500 dollars! Do any of you know where these can be bought for cheap(er)? It's my dream to own a collection of all of them!

Finally do any of you guys who follow this stuff know if reprints are produced these days?
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What Are You Wearing Today
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Grid Thread | Goals for 2023 Edition
Grid 2022-2025
Time to fill out yet another pointless chart to appease my autism/remuneration, knowing I won't connect to anyone from it, but still longing for the dopamine hit of a (You). Might as well be honest this time. I'm curious as to what people think of me when I don't sugarcoat myself in order to appeal to strangers.
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Goth Thread
Post everything goth (cybergoth, vamps, trad, rockabilly, pastel, bubble, romantic, nu-goth, etc.)
Please do not ruin this thread, please. I just want to talk about goth because I enjoy discussion of all things that present the beauty and elegance of everything dark.
I also enjoy discussion of Goth in particular because it is truly one of the most personalizable subcultures (although if it's as much as the past, is debatable), due to how much DIY stuff you can do with it. It really can define someone's style that much more.
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No plastic
I‘ve developed a significant dislike to plastic in my clothes and in my life. I try to only buy clothes made entirely of organic materials.
I also think plastics in clothes give them a cheap vibe.

Unfortunately the opposite of cheap is expensive and so are most proper non plastic, organic clothes. At least those which aren’t vegan or otherwise progressive.
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I feel so bad for guys who can't grow a proper beard.

Facial hair is makeup for guys.
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Gen Z
Why are they so fashionable and SOULFUL?
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Why are all down jackets shiney?
What's a good down jacket that is not made of nylon, shiny or loud? Why are they all made of nylon, shiny and loud?
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Trad/Ivy/Prep General
inspo (332)




Not being updated anymore:

READS/BOOKS/ALBUMS: (embed) (embed)
Quick guide to prep:
Gentleman's Gazzete info on /TIP/: (embed)
The Preppy Handbook:
Nautical clothing guide:
Boat shoe lacing guide:
Waxing Barbours:
80s Inspo compilation:
Inspo albums:, and

Where to find clothing:
Spier and Mackey
Polo Ralph Lauren
Mr Porter
Brooks brothers
J press
Jamiesons Shetland
LL Bean
Eastland Shoe
Russell moccasin co
Oak Street Bootmakers
Bill's Khakis
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/btg/ - SHELL Edition

What do I need to care for my boots?
>Old cotton t shirt (one for cleaning, another for applying conditioners)
>Horsehair brush ($10-15)
>Wooden shoe trees ($10-15)
>Light conditioner like Lexol/Bck4
>Heavy conditioner (if you live in terrible snow/rain areas) Sno seal/Obernauf LP
>Don't forget that boots need time to dry properly, rotate them and don't wear them daily for too long

How do I deal with x stain?
>mud: allow it to dry then brush off
>salt: water and cloth as soon as possible
>saturated wet: allow the boot to dry for a full day, stuff with newspaper
>scuffs and scratches: buff vigorously with horsehair brush

>Should I buy turdsdays/soloshits/doc shitans?
No they are filled with synthetic materials aimed at instant comfort but will not hold up to actual use.
>b-b-but muh ecelebs on youtube said they're good
no. you will waste your time and money and still have uncomfortable footwear at the end of the day. spend the extra $100 and get something real.

Manufacturer Red Flags
>Made in Mexico/Chyna

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I like both the terrorwave and techwear/cyberpunk styles a lot. Anyone have any examples of fits that blend the two? I really don’t know if that’s a thing or not and I feel like there’s an argument to be made that cyberpunk is just a futuristic terrorwave anyway
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wool coats
Can we get a men's winter wool coat thread? Car, top, or overcoat.. which design is the best? Also which brands make a decent coat for around $500 or less? Preferable something not made in a shithole country, but I know that's a tall order
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images (4)
This is a toboggan.
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Ushanka General
I am trying to determine the best Ushanka. My ideal one has no clips, extra buttons, or bullshit to knock against your chin and face. Waterproof and windproof. 100% sheepskin and real fur. Ideally, I'd like one colored as the classic, but am open to input as the color is really tough to choose.
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No title
Long or short hair?
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Fat gender goblins ruined Doc Martens. What's the next best black leather boot (not solovair) that isnt shitty plasticky leather AND not some absurdly overpriced designer boot for $1000?
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Artsy print shirt with turtleneck longsleeve underneath....the peak of effay!
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Why is it always chavs that feel the need to confront people over what they wear?

>be me
>literally just wearing blue moleskins, white linen shirt and a red jumper
>and then out of the blue
>”anon you dress like a Victorian”
>I know for a fact that I’m practically naked by Victorian standards and would run the risk of being spat at if I hadn’t just got off a fishing boat
>tell this person she looks like a whore who’s been dipped in a vat of fake tan and she brings shame upon the family by bearing so much skin
>she acts offended and appalled
>why do chavs always feel the need to confront people and then act shocked when you clap back?
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Dark Academia, is it real or is it a myth? can i pull it off even if i can't read actual books?
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Boy/Femboy fashion/aesthetics that give straight men indecent thoughts
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ID on these glasses?
What glasses is Angus Cloud wearing here?

Also, is he effay?
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Its almost winter, time for a Barbour jacket thread
What jacket is picrel?
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>he doesn't wear an extra long down jacket
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am I /fa/
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/frag/ #857
prev >>17362577

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

(Europe) (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents (embed)
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis
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No title
Which jobs have the best fits?
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/hair/ thread
Discuss all things hair, whether it be on the body, face, or head.
Previous Thread: >>17345201
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Which way, white man? Which is more effay?
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How do I get good stuff for cheap?
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No title
How would you upgrade this fit? And where could I cop a shirt and jacket similar to that one?
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It should be illegal for urbanite scum to dress up in workwear.
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A place for everyone thin or trying to get thin.

How to lose weight?
>Calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE, using Google.
>For any lifestyle questions answer sedentary
>take the number they give you and subtract 500
>that's how many calories you should eat a day to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week
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post nerdy girl fashion
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Is this a outgrown bowl cut?
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ITT: Male Underwear
How do you choose em? I don't know what I want I don't know how I like. I tried looking through few pics on Google but all of them give me gay himbo underwears vibes which is not for me at all.

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No title
Any of you tried toupees/hair systems before? Pretty bored of being bald want to experiment with some different looks.
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No title
>Watch a classic film from 50's
>See these fashion houses
>Now one of them makes clothing for 16 year old's loaded with their parents money along with 5 other fashion houses
>The other is embroiled in a child pornography marketing campaign
lol, lmao even
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No title
Where can I find a THICK t-shirt? Preferably cotton. I used to buy pic related and they were pretty good, but they are a lot thinner than they used to be and always vary in quality. Where can I find legitimately thick pocket tees? I like feeling like I have a layer of protection. It’s comforting. And the heavier fabrics drape more preferably on my frame.

Everywhere I try looking for advice is just about starting your own streetwear brand
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No title
where do I get this kek, genuine question I want it
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/fa/ cars
What is your dream car that matches your fashion sense?
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No title
what are your effay predictions for 2023?
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White briefs
Are they /fa/ or not? Is it considered too "vintage"? Whats the consensus?
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No title
How should I dress if i'm a young 19 year old wanting to get involved in my local urban art scene? Meeting painters, musicians, cool socialites etc. I have a few commes des garcons pieces, but don't know how to style them. What else should I be doing/investing in to enchant others with my already quite nice bone structure?
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No title
it's over
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222 edition

> Poorfag guide:
> Watch essentials 102:
> Purchasing used watches:
> Purchasing straps:

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?

Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch?

"Suggest a watch for me."
> Your budget
> Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot
> Movement, e.g. automatic, hand wound, quartz
> Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd time zone
> Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet
> Wrist size or desired watch size

Previous: >>17365908
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No title
The most effay hight is 5ft10 to 6ft,
Though in general life, 6ft8 is the most favorable
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Balenciaga / Adidas
So, what’s the /fa/s stance on either of those brands?
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No title
If I'm clueless about fashion, is a good stopgap measure to just buy the entire outfit the model is wearing? I assume they get dressed by professional stylists...
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No title
If you are over the age of twenty-two and you're still wearing logo t-shirts you are a manchild.
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No title
>heavily-worn piece but for a decent price that's locally available and I need winter trousers before winter starts
>send them message asking if we can setup some kind of variation where I pay less than standard eBay shipping fee because it costs like 4 euros instead of 17 due to me being local
>can tell because he uploaded more products
god, what an utter fucking kike this seller is. Literally forcing me to pay 17 euros when it costs fucking 4 because I'm desperate. They're fucking heavily worn and this guy think that does it doesn't affect its demand. Fuck this kike.
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No title
I just saw someone who's dog wore one of these. Do you know long I had to save to afford one? Not to speak of an actual trench coat.
It's fucking over isn't it
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No title
Does anyone actually dress sexcore or is it a post ironic meme?
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Should I bleach my hair?
I'm a hapa with dark brown hair but I've always been curious to know how I'd look with blonde hair. But I'm worried I'll permanently damage my hair
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No title
can I wear this in public?
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No title
My GF really wants me to buy her this midi dress
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No title
can I pull this off if I'm ugly?
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What outfits have you got the most positive response?
What outfits have you worn where you get the most positive complements, people noticing you positively etc?
>Start wearing Western Wear due to a thread here on /fa/ and being an /out/fag
>Literally broke my several year dry spell in 1 day, have girls coming up and hitting on me every time I'm in a bar.
>Guys high fiving me and telling me I look like the most badass person in bars/clubs.

Also yes, I grew up in a rural area, but I mostly just wore High Vis and cargo work pants back then. Never thought about playing into the Rural background because Rural life is mostly boring as shit and you're surrounded by methheads.
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hey /fa/gs, i'm about to finish this soap and i want something better
shill me your prodooct, i need to consoom
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No title
this is peak fashion idc what anyone says
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No title
ID on these boots anyone?
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What do you consider /fa/ on women?
I like it when women wear elegant or traditional attire, but in a somewhat more revealing way (low necklines, spaghetti straps, etc.), though not blatantly slutty.
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No title
Welcome to the WAYWT podcast we talk about forearms and boots.

This is for fun so shout out to the haters prayers on my downfall. It ain’t happen yet!
Come on fellas. Let’s get nasty with the critique today. Let’s be extra mean to each other. Positivity is for soft boys who can’t take the heat!

Let’s stay dressing boy-o
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can you guys tell me how this isnt fa? she looks better than the average bitch walking down the road. is it jealousy because racist virgins from pol can never land a girl like this or just a bandwagon?
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M65 jacket
anyone have these and pics of them being styled effectively?
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Light outerwear
When it's cold out, I dress like pic related (I don't only wear black, I have different colors of sweaters and overcoats, green blue camel etc)

Thing is sometimes it's not cold enough for a heavy wool coat, and I don't want to wear a blazer jacket outside of work. What's some lighter outerwear that fits this style? Female friend of mine tells me to get a black leather bomber, what do you think?
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Hermes Scarves
I am currently living in Paris. My (ex?) gf has always wanted a hermes scarf. I would like to buy her one for when I visit this winter. It is a major purchase (about half of my monthly rent). Is there any way to get one on sale/discount? Is there anything I should know before buying? I know absolutely nothing about luxery fashion so any/all info is appreciated.
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Leather jackets
What kind of leather jacket do you have? I just ordered a custom half belt from Aero Leather, can't wait to get it .
53 media | 209 replies
Enjoy inspo of all kinds.
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No title
Poorfag here.
What is the best cheap hair conditioner I can get for my huge bearb?
Hard mode, it has to be available at my rural Walmart store.
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Christmas Sweaters
Thread for cool winter sweaters inspo

I need shipping to Europe at a reasonable price. Fargo is one of my favorite tv shows.
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Current Shoe Rotation
Haven’t been on here in years, wanna know what you retards think of my rotation. What do you guys even think is cool/hood anymore lol.
25 media | 110 replies
You’re not effay if you only dress well in the presence of the public. What are your effay at-home fits?
35 media | 153 replies
Help with hat
OIP (9)
I wanna make replicas of these hats for my brother and I as a gift for Christmas. Don't suppose anybody knows where I can find hats like these and maybe some help with dyeing (if I need to) and making the patches for them?
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/skincare/ general
Skincare general

Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips:
How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads:
Why you shouldn't use ordinary soap on your face:
How to improve your skin tone through diet:
Studies on how diary and sugars create acne:
How your skin is affected by sleep, sun, masturbation, toxic ingredients, parabens:
FAQ, complete mirror: (embed)

/fa/ wiki on grooming:
Skin care basics:
Acne treatment:

Other good sites:
Ridding dark eye circles:
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No title
When she steals his best clothes for photo shooting
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No title
I want to buy a quilted bag on chain as a gift, mid price range is preferred. Can you please recommend me some brands that make those out of fine leather but not bonded scrap shit? Aspinal makes nice bags clearly stating the leather specs, but their sizes are just off, ether too small or too big.
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No title
I wish Amano would drop a collab with some clothing brand or design and just let me dress as a Final Fantasy Character (from the best era). Small dump incoming.
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No title
>be into weeb streetwear
>either cheap gildan shirts with shit print jobs of anime memes that’ll be dated in a month tops
>or the good shit is expensive as fuck
I can’t even.
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Hoping maybe fa knows some specifics that aren't immediately on google's first pages. On a quest for the ideal slim men's turtlenecks in wools, silks, linen, cottons. High rise, peated trousers in the same.
1 media | 15 replies
Armpit wrapping?
I'm autistic about sweat and so prefer to go with just one layer of clothing. If I do get sweaty I get the armpit puddles. Is it possible to wear some sort of armpit wrapping instead of a full undershirt? What's the keyword? Google just assumes that I'm searching about wounds.

I know what deodorant is btw
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Tattoo Thread
Tattoo Thread

Boomers who are too scared to get tattoos are not welcome.
9 media | 30 replies
Cowboy Hats
Obviously, they make a big statement, but how do you incorporate them into a fit without it turning into a costume?
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No title
What are these boots called?
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No title
Once again, what’s the official ™ /fa/ stance on reps?
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No title
know any brand with good quality for glasses like those? I don't want to pay for a brand name but don't want a cheap pair that's flimsy, I'd pay 100-150€
Europe only, customs from the US make it not worth
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No title
Fucked a hole through my wallet for these
9 media | 19 replies
Actual XXL flannels
I'm 6'4" and a lot more more effay brands' 2X flannels run short on me. Wondering if any other b i g anons know of any good brands. So far I've found that double RL and corridor flannels fit perfectly.
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No title
the GOAT
These boots are great. Why don't you own a pair?
11 media | 51 replies
Christmas Sweaters
hit me with your worst ones /fa/, I need to cop something for the office Christmas party
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No title
My winter uniform (jeans less baggy, better fitting).
8 media | 14 replies
No title
what are some /fa/ bags?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Post ur work uniform =w=
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Fragrance General #857
Discontinued Thread >>17362577

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

(Europe) (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis
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No title
Should i use finasteride now or wait more?
1 media | 16 replies
No title
When did your mom stop picking out clothes for you?
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No title
images (60)
>Get called a faggot and constantly feel out of place for dressing up due to poor town where most people wear $10 sweatpants and hoodies from Target.
>Wear sweatpants and hoodies with them but feel like scum.
Should I be the change my town needs
4 media | 24 replies
Quality boots for wider feet but in eu
I want some quality boots for the winter instead of doc martens. I just want them to be black/brown leather ,last a few seasons, cost less than 300 euros and fit on my troll feet. I have wide feet and either my feet get crushed and after a week of breaking in my pinkie pushes out the leather or I get a size bigger and my feet move around.
I've tried meermin before, but it turned out to be a huge waste of money as those pointy elegant styles are just not a good fit for my feet.
All the fucking recommendations seem to revolve around murrica, I need a brand ai can easily get in eu.
2 media | 12 replies
Recent cops
new with tags U.S. G.I. N3-B parka
Rate my new N3-B military issue vintage brand new with tags
11 media | 26 replies
How do you become a model? Can I just get a couple proper pictures taken, where you can clearly see my features on my face and body. Then I just email that to a local modelling agency? Also what are some red flags to watch out for?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
How come all zoomer haircuts cover their hairline so you can't see it. What are they hiding under there?
4 media | 15 replies
Dos and don'ts; when to wear, when not to wear; general /fa/ opinions on them?
5 media | 22 replies
No title
How do I achieve this hair?
0 media | 1 replies
What do you think of hoodies?
I might get rid of all or most of my hoodies. I've been thinking it's a common, low-effort piece of clothing.
0 media | 6 replies
No title
General Inspo Thread?
0 media | 0 replies
Ski Parkas
Not too Ski Patrol, but not too Park Rat
0 media | 0 replies
Austrian meme boorts
where the fuck am i meant to buy these now?
everywhere says theyre out of stock
5 media | 42 replies
No title
What aesthetic is this?
1 media | 16 replies
No title
What are some feminine styles I can wear as a man?
3 media | 4 replies
Emo fashion thread
All kinds of emo are accepted here: emotive hardcore, Midwest emo, metalcore emo, pop-punk emo, emo rap
26 media | 37 replies
/hair/ thread
Discuss all things hair, whether it be on the body, face, or head. Previous Thread: >>17345201
23 media | 49 replies
/fa/shion redpills
As a professional male model, I never get to express myself through clothing.
0 media | 10 replies
No title
Do you know any shirts like this but similar to pull off a goth look?
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/motofunk/ muh Stolen Valor but for bikers edition?
>what is /funktional motocore/?
/funktional motocore/ is about riding a bike/trike/scooter and being cool about it.

/funktional/ means there's an element of purpose in the fits: something suggests a 'why' behind the ride, whether it's going to the store, carrying out a population survey of coastal amphibian species, or surviving the great drought.

/motocore/ means it's a step away from the 'standard' sources of motorcycle inspo: 50s American biker culture and 60s British rockers, which have built up their own set vocabulary of fashion that extends to the motorcycle itself as a statement piece.
Instead, /motocore/ cribs inspiration from areas like contemporary South/SE Asia, or anywhere where the motorcycle (invariably a cheap, small one) is still an agile, cheap mode of transport used for daily tasks -- just as it was in the UK when biker culture was being codified.
Not that this is more 'authentic' than the 'standard' sources; we're just tapping into a fresher vein to create a newer, less played-out vocabulary of fashion where smaller, cheaper motorcycles become statement pieces.

copied from older thread in the archive
147 media | 278 replies
No title
Are low slip-on boots /fa/?
0 media | 5 replies
Undershirt or no undershirt
I'm not sure if I entirely get the no undershirt meme. You can usually see people's chest hair and nipples and it's off-putting. I have thick chest hair and it makes me feel as if I'm basically shirtless. I don't want to trim it constantly either.

I currently wear a white t-shirt since I usually wear a tie so it's not as big of a deal since it doesn't crowd the neckline, but I'm not sure what to do in a more casual situation. V necks don't always line up with the collar. I get the point that an undershirt looks awkward since you see where it breaks, but showing off my nipples and chest hair doesn't feel very formal.
2 media | 23 replies
No title
should i wear a wig?
i'v been shaving my head for couple years now
i gor fit, grew a beard, take care of my skin and how i dress.
still, the toll is considerable
i went from a solid 7-8/10 to a 5 in a good day
1 media | 7 replies
What do you wear to mog people at the pool?
5 media | 11 replies
BB Belts
Are they /fa/?
0 media | 5 replies
What wallet would you buy if you needed another one?
20 media | 82 replies