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Balding, head shave time
I'm 33, hair was looking very promising (no thinning at all) until about 18mo when, after a period of illness and /severe/ stress, literally in the space of about a week my hair thinned by about 50%. Back and sides are fine, so it's at least partly androgenic but was initially triggered by that, I'm guessing.

My hairline hasn't changed at all, it's just thinned a lot in a very even way.

Minoxodil does fuck all. Recently started pretty hardcore 1.5mm all-the-way-in dermarolling but it's too early to say if that's going to work.

I've been keeping my hair normal length this whole time, basically grown the top quite long so that it covers down to the front, also use gofybr for nights out etc, that shit really works very well for me. I can make it all look pretty normal.

But if it's windy, or I get wet, it all shows pretty badly and I'm getting tired of covering it up.

I am a pretty good looking guy, but the hair adds a lot. I've fucked 165 girls but was a late starter and still feel like I have some slaying to do. I don't have a suitable wifey gf either, and one piece of advice an older friend gave me years ago... "Bag yourself a hottie before you lose your hair."

I act quite youthfully and party a lot and have a lot of youthful energy. The hair is all that allows that, if I shave it I will look, suddenly, "old", and have to behave accordingly.

Tldr dear diary.

Come at me hairless bros, share some psychological secrets. It feels like game over, but rationally I know it needn't be.

Note, I don't want to go skinhead, would just be buzzed.

Damn I look good with hair, though.
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shoe trees
you DO use shoe trees for your nice leather shoes, right?
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depiction of IGORSWP circa 2020
How do we deal with the Igor problem, lads?
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Post an image from your inspo folder and other anons guess what type of person you are
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Spring Jacket (Male)?
Screenshot_2020-04-04 SPRING JACKET MEN at DuckDuckGo
What are some good/fashionable lightweight jackets for men? Excluding bombers :)!
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/wt - Watch Thread
This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, their history, and the engineering and materials that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

> Poorfag guide:
> Watch essentials 102:
> Purchasing used watches:
> Purchasing straps:

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?

"Suggest a watch for me."
> Your budget
> Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot
> Desired features, e.g. automatic, waterproof, day/date
> Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, metal
> Wrist size or desired watch size

Previous thread: >>15117151
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What are you wearing on your wrist/hands?

Post your rings, bracelets and etc...
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Hair General - Quaratine edition
My hairdresser is going to be closed for the forseeable future next week and I've got an appointment lined up but don't know what to ask for.
Could I get some advice/inspo photos that I can show her?
Pic related
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Thinking about getting some palladium’s as a daily boot, probably looking to do some light hiking as well every now and then. Anyone owned them before and come across any major issues? I know they’re not the nicest or sturdiest boot but the price is very attractive
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pick a bf /fa/
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does this come across as trying too hard if there's nothing wrong with my eyes? i just like the look.
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What can I wear with this? Be explicit
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15c59b7a4f4a381e834326436902c00d (1)
Anyway to make this jacket darker? Dark green or even black?

Its waterproof so not sure if even possible?
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Nose surgery
Guys, should I get nose surgery? I hate my nose.
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What's the most effay hairstyle for women?
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/mdg/ - Models Discussion General
/mdg/ - Models Discussion General

• Fat shaming
• Model Discussion
• Before & After Transformations - Weight Gain/Loss

>Fuck Fatties
>Fuck “Body Positivity”
>Fuck Instagram "Models"
>Fuck “Healthy at Every Size”

Previous Thread: >>15104524
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You don't have the face
Simple as that, you just don't. If you don't have the face you shouldn't even bother with fashion, better save it for a plastic surgery. If you don't have the face you're just coping, you're nothing but a subhuman. It doesn't matter what you wear if you're a subhuman. You're not Chad. It's over for you.
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1582357741419 - Copy
WMAF (White male Asian female) is the most /fa/ pairing isn't it /fa/?

You can't make white females /fa/ over the age of 30 because they all age horribly.
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how should a irl narco dress?
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So I bought this coat and I adore the way it fits me. But. The color is womanly. How can I wear it in a manly way?

I was thinking about dying it but they dye instructions say nothing bigger than what you can fit inside a pan. Fug how I would love to have this in charcoal.
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i let some dude suck my dick for 200 dollars once
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Hey anons. I don’t really post here, I mostly lurk on x, but I’m trying to come out of quarantine with a new look. I’m working but by bit and wanted an opinion on a good shoe that I can take through hell and back (I’m a massive klutz and go on walks in the woods a lot). Any tips on shoes that look good and are durable? Also don’t really want boots, just don’t like them too much, and am a poorfag, so I can’t get anything massively expensive.
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Male teacher inspo
I recently got my B.Ed and will (hopefully) have a job teaching next year, otherwise I'll be subbing which is also fine. All of my contemporaries wear polos and khakis and generally look like dogshit. What are some fits that I can rock in a secondary school and not come across as try-hard?

Pic related is the look I'm trying to avoid, and the build I'm working with.
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Why is everyone buzzing their hair when covid presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with longer hairstyles without needing to show them out in public?

How much will hair grow in ~6 months?
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Clean shaven or stache?
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Libtards, why do they dress so poorly?
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What core is the BBT Indian guy?
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How long will it be before this style comes back into fashion? I miss it.
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sup fuckers
Sup fuckers, what's this shit called? Also post your style
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based or cringe?
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Was Wesker effay?
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Trad/Ivy/Prep thread




Not being updated anymore:

Quick guide to prep:
Gentleman's Gazzete info on /TIP/:
The Preppy Handbook:
Nautical clothing guide:
Boat shoe lacing guide:
Waxing Barbours:
80s Inspo compilation:
Inspo albums:, and

Where to find clothing: (Provisional, European) (Special patterned Sweaters, European) (OCBD, General) (Spanish shoes, European)

Previous Thread: >>15081230
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anyone else appear younger than they actually are?
fashion suit
>used sunscreen and moisturizer since 18
>always cleanshaven
>average height of 185 cm neither tall nor short
>never had a job
>people say i look a bit younger than i actually are
the bonus of this is that i look also very tidy for being a NEET with no education or future prospects at all, people don't even think im a lowlife leech of society thanks to my physical fitness
god bless sunscreen and moisturizer
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No grid thread?
Grid thread.
Lazyposters will burn in hell.
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Is it ok to date chuby, fat body + beautiful face girl? Is it effay? You see, your life is your stile, so is it stylish to date someone like that, or should i go for some zoomer "heroin chick" shit?
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you DO unstitch all visible branding from your clothes, right?
you're not a fucking walking billboard, are you?
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what are some /fa/ approved masks?
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Skin Thread
Skin care basics:
Acne treatment:

Skinacea Links:
Ridding dark eye circles:

/fa/ skincare FAQ:

- Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips
- How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads
- Why you shouldn't use ordinary soap on your face
- How to improve your skin tone through diet
- Studies on how diary and sugars create acne
- How your skin is affected by sleep, sun, skincare ingredients
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/Face improvement thread/
Med nigger
Post face and we give advice to be better looking

I start im a 29 % Bodyfat fatass
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Black streetwear
>brandless, black clothing
>rigs, vests, pouches,
>patches for aesthetics
What's this style called, /fa/? Where can I find more? How much does it cost?
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Whats your favorite Kanye outfit? mine is this, actually the whole 2015 was his best year outfit-wise
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The new cuck shoe. Reeks of onions.
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Are tactical equipments effay?
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How to get soulless eyes?
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Fragrance General
Previous thread: >>15105639
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
4160 Tuesdays' Sarah McCartney talk:

w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).

(Europe) (see directory at bottom for your country)
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
affordable snice scents
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I haven't owned a pair of jeans in almost 4 years, where's the best place to get a pair of men's slim jeans these days
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>Ruin you whole aesthetic by giving you a weak/informatic student look

hehe, nothing personal kid...
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Juicy, Funky Edition

Last thread was really shit and it's pretty much dead, I'll start this thread can't wait to get destroyed by you /fa/ggots for my poor choices in clothing.
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Acronym Fakes
Does anyone know a non Chinese website where I can buy fake acronym stuff
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Leather General
Anyone know where I can cop a leather jacket like this with the zipper right down the center of the chest?
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Hey my niggaz I'm, makjibng a neeeeeeew lkable wat y"all tink
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/fa/ oldfag here.

People used to dress like this way back in my time. What do you think?

Dumping my /fa/ folder
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Lighter Substitute
How can I replicate the "cool factor" of pulling out and using a lighter without sending the message that I enjoy a dangerous, compulsive behavior (i.e. smoking)? Is there another tool or accessory which would serve this purpose? I hypothesize that part of the appeal is that lighting a cigarette taps into the human love of rituals, but there aren't many similar rituals. Obviously, there are other rituals, like pulling out a rosary and speaking a litany, but I should think that the reasons for not doing that are obvious. Then there's the Dale Cooper voice recorder option, but that doesn't work so well if you aren't an investigator. A notebook? Antiquated! I need more ideas, /fa/.
25 images | 137 replies
What are /fa/ interests/hobbies/lifestyles?
I'm always bored as fuck and fashion and aesthetics is one of the few things that interests me. What do you guys enjoy in life and do to pass the time?
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No title
These are Chino’s kids. lol.
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No title
Are you more of a shoe or a boot kind of guy?
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>large upper thighs
My legs are similar to harry styles. Should I just give up on the skinny meme ;_;
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No title
Which one was more effay, Tolsto or Dosto?
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Shia thread? im down. bonus points if theyre rare
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Looksmaxing thread
>be me
>mouthbreather my entire life cause of allergies
>duct tape my mouth 24/7 when I'm sleeping, exercising,and use a whiteboard to communicate
>only remove the tape to eat/drink and brush my teethe
>hoping that this forces me to subconsciously mew even when I'm breathing heavily or sleeping

What are some other ways to looksmax?
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Glasses/Optical thread
I've been lurking on /fa/ and see that some of you guys have glasses questions. This thread is made for glasses related topics. I'll try to answer your questions
73 images | 266 replies
w2c general
couldn't see one so started this
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Comfy /thinspo/
Stay Hydrated
>Drink Water
>Diet Tips
>Exercise Routines
>Post Thinspo


Low calorie food & drinks list

Previous thread: >>15051524
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Cool camo
Whart are some camo that hasn't yet been tainted by the normies and can be perceived as crypto fascist?
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No title
How are people going to be dressing once the quarantine ends?
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/fa/ movie list

Am I missing any??
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No title
How do you deal with not being able to go to the haircut person?
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No title
What makes it s*y?
5 images | 51 replies
No title
What are some shorts that can be used for running and workouts but don’t look ridiculous when worn casually like pic related?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
What does the slowcore aesthetic look like?
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No title
How far in the feminine guy / androgynous look can you go without looking gay or like a crossdresser ? Is makeup too much ?

Also /androgynous/ inspo thread
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No title
Where can I get some shoes like this?
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Is Post Malone /fa/?
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No title
Rate my fit
2 images | 18 replies
No title
post 10/10 faces

Matthew Noszka
14 images | 41 replies
No title
racial/cultural diversity is undeniably one of the most /effay/ characteristics of a city. it's why waspy suburbs are where fashion and culture go to die. how are race relations and integration in your city?
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Buzz cut
No barber open around and my hair was getting too long. I haven’t been this bald in years lol. Anyone else tried it?
16 images | 68 replies
Boots General /boot/
Helpful links:
>How to polish boots
>Learn about leather (long read but recommended)
59 images | 264 replies
No title
What are the essential items to capturing the Casual Kennedy look?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
Fashion gore?
8 images | 14 replies
No title
Is this fa to wear on a normal day?
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Neofolk/surplus stores
What are the best websites to buy surplus stuff in Europe? I'm looking mainly for pants, but everything is fine
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bell bottom pants
I am going to make some bell bottoms out of some tired skinny jeans because I am going fucking crazy at home.

Is it too soon?
Would you ever wear bell bottoms yourself?
I feel in my soul that the world is ready again
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Is KPOP /fa?
What do you thinks boys, is this real fashion?
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>takes the buzzpill
>you look like a skinhead anon
>haha you look like edward norton
>looking like you just got out of prison anon

why cant people just leave me alone :(
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ugly jeans
Why does the standard pair of jeans look like pic related? it's so hard to find good jeans when big companies are content flooding the internet with shitty tier jeans that normies eat up, well this goes for almost any type of clothes. Where do /fa/ggots but jeans?
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cop or no
1 images | 13 replies
No title
How do I dress like this as a male? Not talking about wearing crop tops, but being able to show off some skin without looking like freak or a rapist
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No title
My ribs are too large for mankind.

No clothes fit me properly, my frame is literally at odds with every article of clothing.

I don't know what to do, I feel trapped and will definitely never be /fa/.
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No title
How should a sweater fit? Pic related is really baggy right? Post your fav sweater
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No title
Are you supposed to use hair product before or after you blow dry?
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No title
Consider a car for a man to be a way to express and project his character, as he would do with his clothing.
Consider also the fact that modern cars are basicly aerodynamic perfect buggy's that look incredibly uninspiring and lacking of character, whereas the cars of even 30 years ago were very much more pleasing to look at.

What modern cars could a man today buy which are not only good-looking, but importantly also fuel-efficient, durable and practical?
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No title
corona fashion
How do you stay effay during the corona epidemic?
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No title
I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe
2 images | 14 replies
No title
>I like my girls like I like my clothes, ________

fill in the blank /fa/gs
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No title
Who is your personal style icon?
50 images | 100 replies
No title
what does /fa/ say about this piece?

tryna match with a black cap and some denims.
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No title
If I made and wore these with mens jeans, as a man would people think I'm gay?
2 images | 14 replies
No title
Does this kind of coat have a name ?
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You wake up tomorrow
and your hair looks like this

what you do:

Imagine the pain trying to grow this shit long
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No title
comic question hm
Am I going insane in the membrane, or is it normal for people in fashion to overanal-ize everything?
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No title
download (1)
What's an /fa/ shoe for running that isnt a colorful neon monstrosity.
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No title
Do you rate the Dutch police?
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tumblr 2009 core
i miss the good old days lads so here's a comfy 2000s indie hipster core dump
101 images | 171 replies
No title
Winter Fashion thread for our bros where it's starting to get a bit cold
7 images | 15 replies
No title
how are doc martens 1460 mono still the best shoes ever made?
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No title
Have you ever witnessed or been mogged this hard? Holy shit.
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No title
this board needs a good terrorwave thread with new content instead of half the shit in the catalog
35 images | 70 replies
No title
i/fa/ first time ever posting. I really like "thug" aesthetic. Basic lackey, goon, low on the totem pole, petty criminal, basic team rocket grunt aesthetic. There's something appealing about it. That's all, whatever.
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images - 2020-04-04T135257.353
Does anyone know where I can find the coat on the right?
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No title
What the fuck were people in the 2000s thinking?
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No title
Are skateboarders the most /fa/ of all groups?

>cool shirts
>cool pants
>cool shoes
>cool hairstyles

I feel like skateboarding fashion has inspired many fashion we see like in hip hop and so on
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Is JT fa?
2 images | 12 replies
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