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my first swf
Followed the guide for slowpokes. Have some questions:

1. How do you play two tracks, one after the other? I want track one to be the intro, then the looped audio for track two.

2. Is there a better way to get better audio quality? Got source audio as an M4A from khinsider, then used audacity to loop and export as WAV.

3. Is there a way to change text selection color?

Will happily take any other advice for future flashes.

inspo: trance.swf :3
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No title
On the Dick-Helocopter
Around rainbow
We are flying
And you're all are crawling
What weirdos you are!
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Oh To Be A Flower (fixed)
I don't normally fix my flashes. If there's something wrong with them I consider that part of their art, a mistake petrified in time.
This was some good advice though, and I feel like it helped the flash a lot. ty!
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Ann's Story
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As Time Goes By
Time goes by too fast.
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