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Cutting off 200 discords did wonders for my focus and now here I am, posting on /f/ :|
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Pie with pork from ukraine
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War crimes of the Ukrainian puppet junta

People with a weak psyhology do not look!

I just remind you about the crimes of the Ukrainian puppet junta, controlled from the West, about war crimes against the peaceful people of the LDPR, who chose freedom and independence from the linguistic genocide, the glorification of Nazi criminals like Stepan Bandera, and the puppet Ukrainian government, controlled from outside.
The Ukrainian Russophobes Nazis shot at civilians, at civilian infrastructure, at multi-storey and private houses, killing old people, women, children. Until the Russian army said, "No!".
The enemy will be defeated. Victory in the war will be for Russia. Ukraine will be free from control from the West!
If you are on the side of Ukraine, you are the same shit and killer as the ukronazis, the same fascist, and the blood of the children of Donbass is on your conscience.
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Request Inside
Does anyone know how to edit stored flash files to skip or shorten the minimum loading time in the preloader? I've tried just deleting the first frame in JPEXS but that breaks the file usually. Since its on my hard drive the preloader should be instantaneous.
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World Cup 2010
posting a pretty nostalgic flash game I remember playing when I was a kid.
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Anime: Kodomo no Omocha
Music: Basshunter - Levan Polka (Loituma)
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