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"/cm/ - Cute/Male" is 4chan's imageboard for posting pictures of cute anime males.

Welcome to /cm/
/cm/ is for 2D male work-safe images. Images should depict animated males and be cute in nature.

1. Check the catalog before creating a thread to avoid duplicate threads.
2. Please post 5 to 6 images to get new threads started.
3. This board is for animated content only. Do not post images depicting "real" people.
4. Images of heterosexual couples belong on >>>/c/
5. Pornographic homosexual or solo male content belongs on >>>/y/

Global rules apply as well. Provide high quality content and report infringing posts.
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you like hurting boys dont you
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AI Boys
Share your artificially generated cuties!
Previous thread >>3883822

Some free resources:
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Robots #2
Post bots and /m/echa
76 media | 85 replies
Parkgee Thread (Suicide Boy & High School Boy)
Double the degeneracy edition
Previous >>3788489

>Suicide Boy

>High School Boy

Parkgee @ Twitter:
Parkgee @ YouTube
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Poppy Playtime #10
Sorry I figured someone else was going to do it since I never made it.
150 media | 258 replies
A thread dedicated to the cute canonically nullo ken doll puppet

Not affiliated with any other Genshin threads
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Hero Academia Thread
I couldn’t find a Deku or Hero Academia thread as of the time of writing so I decided to make one.


The previous thread ended up with images featuring Deku being posted. There was (used to be?) a Deku-centric series of threads, so if anyone wishes to revive that then consider making a thread separate from this one. Otherwise, post Deku images here.

Deku /cm/ Archive:

The Apparently Last Deku Thread (not in the pastebin):
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No title
plz post cute pikmin boys... :3

If even one person replies, I can die happy.
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Crossdressing Thread
A thread for posting non-shota otoko no ko, crossdressers, and more. Ignore and hide all bait and tranny posts. No Genshin posting either, please -- Venti is everywhere, I'm tired of seeing him.

OC content is generally preferred if you can dig through the X mines to find it.

Offshoot of: >>3895388, as it's been converted into a general trap thread.
Girlysho thread: >>3878372
61 media | 71 replies
Baldur's Gate 3: #3
The last thread (>>3858505) reached its image limit so let's continue here with you favourite Faerun men.
83 media | 85 replies
Trap (Otoko no ko) Thread #5
A thread for posting traps. It's cool if there's a regular guy in the frame, so long as the trap is the focus. No women, or boobs- fake or real. Crossdressing is also acceptable, but not drag queens/ambushes.

Trans/boobs/hrt/twinkdeath posts are off topic/contrarian to the spirit of the thread and should be reported and subsequently hidden along with anyone who replies to them.

Previous thread >>3895388
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OMORI Thread
snnuy edition
Previous: >>3876836
145 media | 204 replies
Mega Man
Have you played the Legend of Network and Phantom of Network translations yet?
37 media | 37 replies
Arknights Thread

Time to show your love for all our cute Terran boys, from Rhodes Island and beyond!
18 media | 18 replies
Manga Thread
Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu
The shota manga thread >>3734757 has hit the bump limit and is currently on page 10, so we need a new one, with a place for all kinds of cute boys. I'll start.

The Summer Hikaru Died is probably my favourite currently running manga. It's a horror manga where the protagonist's friend gets replaced by a monster that (almost) perfectly mimics his looks and personality, but isn't quite right. It's full of gay subtext and apparently it's supposed to be an analogy to growing up gay in the countryside.

If you like it, you can also read the 10 page oneshot by the author (mokmok_len) called "Period".
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Vinland Saga
previous thread >>3872710
post those viking men and farming lads
64 media | 103 replies
And any vocal synth-related boys
Previous >>3848383
84 media | 93 replies
Meme shit
Post cute twinkjacks.
21 media | 49 replies
No title
Feel the fluffiness
102 media | 124 replies
Owari no Seraph
Last thread hit the image limit: >>>3811016
73 media | 111 replies
I can't believe this series isn't more popular on this board; it has so many cute boys
113 media | 123 replies
No title
Shin Megami Tensei #19

Anything SMT besides Persona is welcome
Previous: >>3868365
35 media | 45 replies
Eddsworld 03
asktorded (21)
last thread: >>3779052

58 media | 98 replies
Warhammer Thread #2
Last thread: >>3700113

More of the cutest grimdark boys from 40k, Fantasy, and Age of Sigmar!
121 media | 153 replies
No title
Post artwork of muscular femboys.
39 media | 89 replies
Yugioh Part 16
sk816 笹木さき
Last thread
sorry for the 2 week delay.
it took the last thread a year and nearly 5 months to fill up the thread last time. i'd like to say this time, we'll have more activity here, but ... probably not? long live takahashi
9 media | 10 replies
Evangelion Thread #296
Previous: >>3836570

You WILL keep Evangelion threads alive
You WILL enjoy the series
130 media | 222 replies
/cm/ Character Creators
lloyd and edgar
Dragon’s Dogma 2 just released their character creator. Have you made any cute male characters yet? Feel free to post created characters others have made or ones from other games as well.

Here’s my cute grumpy catboy arisen and his chad human pawn who always embarrasses him with hugs and kisses which make him purr uncontrollably.
102 media | 294 replies
Death Note #2
A good thread deserves a sequel.
Fanart old and new welcome!

Previous: >>3854618
150 media | 157 replies
Death Note
Y'all remember Death Note? Can we have a Death Note thread?
150 media | 154 replies
Lies of P
ar.t,. of the boy,.
43 media | 47 replies
GirlyShos #5 BunBoys Edition
This thread is for
fem/andro/otokonoko/crossdressing shotas.
-Characters that physically look closer to older shounen are NOT allowed. ie: Felix/Astolfo/Rosado etc
-If above are drawn as shotas, then it's fine
previous thread >>3855211
143 media | 165 replies
Orochimaru (Naruto)
Posting the most underappreciated man-thing in Naruto.
>long, black hair
>Chad jawline but also androgynous
>basically just Chris Keller (manipulative sociopath)
Why is Orochimaru so slept on in /cm/?
101 media | 121 replies
Made in Abyss
Post cute boys from Made in Abyss
23 media | 25 replies
Cigars, weed, cigarettes, etc.
61 media | 66 replies
Suspender black shorts + white shirt
I don't know if there's a name for this, Victorian boy fit maybe?
But god it's so cute I love ittt so I am making a thread for it and hoping to find more anons who are into it too
87 media | 88 replies
Street Fighter
Cute old men edition
Previous thread: >>3854384
134 media | 138 replies
Identity V
Let's finally post some idv boys
14 media | 16 replies
Friday Night Funkin'
The base game got updated! Post FNF boys! Mod characters are allowed
40 media | 41 replies
>in 2001, metal gear solid 2 releases, everybody makes fun of raiden for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
>in 2024, raiden gets added to the fortnite store, everybody makes fun of him for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
Time really is a flat circle.
MGR Raiden is fine but I'd prefer you'd poast MGS2 Raiden :^)
49 media | 91 replies
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Devilman thread?
134 media | 144 replies
The most hated anime villain in the medium's history... and arguably the sexiest.
27 media | 35 replies
Rider, Sentai, Garo, Kaiju, it's all good here
71 media | 71 replies
AI Boys
/v/ edition
Previous thread >>3869834

Some free resources:
150 media | 167 replies
/cm/ Drawthread #27

1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Stick to fictional characters.

5) No nsfw requests. Stuff like that belongs in >>>/y/drawthread

6) Please limit image posting to references and request fills. We don't need a bunch of reaction pictures and such killing the thread early.

Previous thread: >>3706182


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently Fireden archive isn't working and doesn't save full images, so be sure to upload all deliveries to the booru before the thread archives! As a precaution I also recommend saving images of any deliveries you like so they aren't lost forever if they somehow don't make it to the booru.

Happy requesting and drawing, folks!
76 media | 143 replies
Classical art
St Sebastian - Gnevol
Classical/baroque/romantic/neoclassic paintings/sketches/sculptures/prints, etc.

Similar to Historical bishounen: >>3823613 But NO EXPLICIT NUDITY this time you dummies.

Post sources/name of the piece when possible.
107 media | 139 replies
Elden Ring Boys
Miquella’s DLC finally got a trailer and release date.
80 media | 105 replies
Blue Lock #8
Previous thread: >>3843826
55 media | 62 replies
Tsuritama Part 10
Still going

Tsuritama thread

Thread theme:

Previous thread: >>3712633
48 media | 49 replies
>Haru birthday event still on for June 30 @ Yokohama Buntai. There will be merch, as expected.

>Listen to Free!

>Previous Thread: >>3888347
5 media | 5 replies
>Haru birthday event still on for June 30 @ Yokohama Buntai. There will be merch, as expected.

>Listen to Free!

>Previous Thread: >>3868143
150 media | 150 replies
South Park #69
Say it with me now:


Previous thread: >>3873678
150 media | 161 replies
Meido Boys
It's still maid day
Post boys and men in maid uniforms

P.S. report any derailing/talk about trannies, don't respond kthx.
48 media | 50 replies
obscure bois
images (15)
post obscure boys and cuties from less popular media (◍•ᴗ•◍)
26 media | 40 replies
Dragon Ball
Goodnight sweet prince.
81 media | 83 replies
Danmei Thread
previous >>3820739

MXTX, MDZS, TGCF, SVSSS, 2HA, other Chinese BL
66 media | 70 replies
Star Wars thread
anakin fighter
Post boys from a Galaxy far far away. Especially Anakin. NO SEQUELS!
78 media | 91 replies
/co/ dudes #42
hp0_gf (4)
Last thread: >>3841664

/co/ refugee camp
non-/a/ generally welcome
82 media | 103 replies
Mascot of a certain website that shall not be named
30 media | 83 replies
my beautiful husband akechi is so awesome i love him very much..
27 media | 42 replies
Ambush Thread
Post muscular big buff feminine men.
22 media | 38 replies
9S Thread
Jannies nuking the thread edition >>3757128
(why tho)
108 media | 149 replies
This thread is dedicated to our Supreme Leader
8 media | 12 replies
Code Geass
In the middle of a rewatch and thought it would be nice to have a little thread. Nobody ever did it like them.
6 media | 6 replies
Fire Emblem
Post Fire Emblem boys, doesn't matter what game, just post em.
123 media | 129 replies
thread for all Naruto boys because there isn't one
150 media | 184 replies
crossdressing manga thread
Thread for talking about manga that deals heavily with crossdressing or at least features a very prominent crossdressing character. Manga about a guy physically transformed into a woman can get the fuck out, manga about trans women is a case by case decision.

Crossplay Love - A fun little romcom. It's one of those series where they don't want to progress the main thing so they keep adding characters who fall in love with people they don't realize are crossdressing guys. But it always has a good amount of crossdressing. Sadly not very horny, but good comedy

I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend into a Girl - It's alright. Only one crossdressing character, very little hijinks, mild horniness.

Love Me For Who I Am - Main character is non-binary but there's a decent amount of crossdressing happening around them, and you can always simply decided not to respect their gender and see them as a crossdressing boy. Very dramatic, lots of crying. Mild horniness.

What else ya got?
12 media | 24 replies
One Piece
Post One Piece boys!
118 media | 128 replies
No title
Let's talk about Xiao Hei!
2 media | 2 replies
Horned boys
Post boys with horns, I have an insatiable desire for them
15 media | 17 replies
Granblue Fantasy
Versus, Relink and more. Post your favorite boys from the franchise
75 media | 78 replies
Helluva Boss
None of the amazon show, just Helluva Bros.
150 media | 165 replies
Super Sons
battle of the supersons
A thread dedicated to the cutest boys in the DC Universe, because why not

Official art and fanart both welcome
141 media | 159 replies
Valve Men
TF2/Half Life/L4D, etc
25 media | 27 replies
Freaked Fleapit
I Mean Really there's only Andy [Newbie? whatever]
(oh and Tie)
4 media | 4 replies
I mostly have transformers, but other/m/echas welcome too

Bonus points for policebots
150 media | 165 replies
Do You Love Your Big Breasted Childhood Friend and His Profound Mental Illness?

Previous Thread: >>3880385
150 media | 152 replies