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"/cm/ - Cute/Male" is 4chan's imageboard for posting pictures of cute anime males.

Welcome to /cm/
/cm/ is for 2D male work-safe images. Images should depict animated males and be cute in nature.

1. Check the catalog before creating a thread to avoid duplicate threads.
2. Please post 5 to 6 images to get new threads started.
3. This board is for animated content only. Do not post images depicting "real" people.
4. Images of heterosexual couples belong on >>>/c/
5. Pornographic homosexual or solo male content belongs on >>>/y/

Global rules apply as well. Provide high quality content and report infringing posts.
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Mascot of a certain website that shall not be named
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Elden Ring Boys
Miquella’s DLC finally got a trailer and release date.
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No title
new Hetalia thread, last one reached image limit

previous: >>3783594
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Shota Thread
>The world may whisper, may judge, may scorn, But in their embrace, true beauty is born, For love knows no bounds, no limits, no lies, In the sweetness of two boys' eyes.

>So let them kiss beneath the moon's soft glow, Where love is pure and hearts aglow, For in their union, we find grace, A glimpse of beauty in this troubled place.

Previous thread: >>3865391

Trap shotas: >>3855211
Shota manga: >>3844997
Shota literature: >>3821122
Shota figs and dolls: >>3853606
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Parkgee Thread (Suicide Boy & High School Boy)
Double the degeneracy edition
Previous >>3788489

>Suicide Boy

>High School Boy

Parkgee @ Twitter:
Parkgee @ YouTube
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Lies of P
Post cute puppet boy. Last thread hit limit
103 media | 115 replies
you like hurting boys dont you
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Orochimaru (Naruto)
Posting the most underappreciated man-thing in Naruto.
>long, black hair
>Chad jawline but also androgynous
>basically just Chris Keller (manipulative sociopath)
Why is Orochimaru so slept on in /cm/?
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Eddsworld 03
asktorded (21)
last thread: >>3779052

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Vinland Saga
previous thread reached limit >>3821320 post those cute medieval males
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Baldur's Gate 3: #2
The last thread reached its limit, let's continue here!
75 media | 80 replies
Baldur's Gate 3
Gale edition?
Previous thread >>3837577
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>BD/DVD release of the 10th anniversary Memories of Summer Live event coming out March 6.
>Lyric book containing lyrics for all the songs in the franchise will be released March 20.
>Haru birthday event still on for June 30 @ Yokohama Buntai.

Listen to Free!

>Previous Thread: >>3853580
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the /cm/ compass
cm compass filled
Chart the boys you wanna top and the ones you wanna get topped by using this handy chart
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Fire Emblem
Post Fire Emblem boys, doesn't matter what game, just post em.
86 media | 88 replies
Magic and mischief, running wild and tearing shit up, party to sunrise and fight til you drop, Bucchigiri!
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Golden Kamuy #11
Two days ago it was Ogata's birthday, I thought I would revive the threads to celebrate!

Previous thread: >>3775749
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Trap (Otoko no ko) Thread
A thread for posting (non-shota) traps. It's cool if there's a regular guy in the frame, so long as the trap is the focus.

Can also be a general "crossdressing" thread.
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Warhammer Thread #2
Last thread: >>3700113

More of the cutest grimdark boys from 40k, Fantasy, and Age of Sigmar!
77 media | 94 replies
No title
'mouche on the 'log

Previous thread: >>3829193
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Cute boys of Eorzea - Final Fantasy XIV
Can we get a thread dedicated to the cute boys of Final Fantasy XIV?

Just started recently and I'm smitten by this little homo. I stare at his lips and butt every time he's on screen. Feel free to share some of your favorites.
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Maid boys!
Post your best cute maids here! Preferably with cat ears :3

Image sauce:
23 media | 23 replies
Mob Psycho 100 #9
Happy Birthday Reigen Edition!
Previous thread: >>3822265
102 media | 110 replies
Rockstar Games:
morally ambiguous dudes from GTA, RDR or Bully.
5 media | 6 replies
Rouji Chante
rouji v
Posting the best boy from Gundam: Witch from Mercury.
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/cm/ Drawthread #27

1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Stick to fictional characters.

5) No nsfw requests. Stuff like that belongs in >>>/y/drawthread

6) Please limit image posting to references and request fills. We don't need a bunch of reaction pictures and such killing the thread early.

Previous thread: >>3706182


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently Fireden archive isn't working and doesn't save full images, so be sure to upload all deliveries to the booru before the thread archives! As a precaution I also recommend saving images of any deliveries you like so they aren't lost forever if they somehow don't make it to the booru.

Happy requesting and drawing, folks!
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AI Boys Thread
/ai/: striped pajamas edition

>Easily generate them online

previous: >>3856353
150 media | 183 replies
Manga Thread
Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu
The shota manga thread >>3734757 has hit the bump limit and is currently on page 10, so we need a new one, with a place for all kinds of cute boys. I'll start.

The Summer Hikaru Died is probably my favourite currently running manga. It's a horror manga where the protagonist's friend gets replaced by a monster that (almost) perfectly mimics his looks and personality, but isn't quite right. It's full of gay subtext and apparently it's supposed to be an analogy to growing up gay in the countryside.

If you like it, you can also read the 10 page oneshot by the author (mokmok_len) called "Period".
37 media | 74 replies
Poppy Playtime
Previous Thread: >>3866412

There seems to still be enough art getting made for another thread.

Mostly CatNap x DogDay, but other male characters are fine too.
150 media | 255 replies
Castlevania thread
It's October, let's get some Castlevania in here
63 media | 64 replies
Owari no Seraph
Last thread hit the image limit: >>>3811016
55 media | 89 replies
griffith thread
other thread reached the image limit
37 media | 50 replies
/co/ dudes #41
Last thread: >>3803983
Dudes from /co/ or western vidya/tv/etc
131 media | 177 replies
Tsuritama Part 10
Still going

Tsuritama thread

Thread theme:

Previous thread: >>3712633
26 media | 27 replies
Death Note
Y'all remember Death Note? Can we have a Death Note thread?
150 media | 154 replies
Death Note #2
A good thread deserves a sequel.
Fanart old and new welcome!

Previous: >>3854618
150 media | 157 replies
Yugioh Part 15
nioooow heke298 黒色素 (2)
Last thread
lets maybe not wait a year and a month before hitting the image limit this time
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Link / Legend of Zelda Boys
Favorite Character edition

Happy Linktober!

Theres so many new cute links everyday i cant post them all, so find #linktober2023 for urself and post your faves!

previos >>3836212
145 media | 181 replies
Poppy Playtime
The 3rd chapter released recently. It introduced a group of 8 friendly animal pals called the Smiling Critters, 4 of whom are male, who have been getting quite a bit of attention and art. The villain of the chapter, Catnap, and the leader of the Critters, DogDay, have been getting the most attention. Bunzo Bunny from the last chapter also got a lot of art, so feel free to post him as well.
150 media | 176 replies
Husbando Thread
Can we have a husbando thread? I'm back into my 15 year long on-and-off obsession with yugioh & the abridged series, normal Marik didn't get enough screen time. I want him so bad
18 media | 23 replies
Girlyshos #4 ChocoSho Edition
This thread is for
fem/andro/otokonoko/josou shotas. (preferably tan/darkskinned)
-Characters that physically look closer to older shounen are not allowed. ie: Felix/Astolfo/Rosado etc
-You can post AI shotas too if you'd like
119 media | 149 replies
SPBoys: Toddace Edition
post the cute guys from the Scott Pilgrim series. Can be ship art or solo.
83 media | 105 replies
Danmei Thread
previous >>3820739

MXTX, MDZS, TGCF, SVSSS, 2HA, other Chinese BL
28 media | 30 replies
Blue Lock #8
Previous thread: >>3843826
30 media | 32 replies
One Piece
Post One Piece boys!
74 media | 80 replies
Previous >>3816780
All vocal synth boys and related characters allowed
86 media | 114 replies
Shin Megami Tensei #17
Debisama boys are cute edition

Anything SMT besides Persona is welcome
150 media | 159 replies
One Wheat Mark
One Wheat Mark is a webcomic by truckstoptiger05
4 media | 9 replies
>Unspecified event will be held "somewhere in Kanto" for Haru's birthday in 2024.
>BD Boxset for S3 will be released in January.
>Promo event with Lotte for notebooks and clearfiles.

Listen to Free!

>Previous Thread: >>3851241
150 media | 150 replies
Street Fighter
Cute old men edition
Previous thread: >>3854384
83 media | 84 replies
Star Wars thread
anakin fighter
Post boys from a Galaxy far far away. Especially Anakin. NO SEQUELS!
17 media | 22 replies
JoJo's Bizarre Thread
In celebration of the release of the 9th chapter of the 9th part of JoJo in November, let's have a thread for a long running series that's filled with a lot of beautiful men, starting with these two gangstas.
56 media | 71 replies
I can't believe this series isn't more popular on this board; it has so many cute boys
98 media | 101 replies
No title
Post artwork of muscular femboys.
19 media | 29 replies
thread for all Naruto boys because there isn't one
106 media | 120 replies
Classical art
St Sebastian - Gnevol
Classical/baroque/romantic/neoclassic paintings/sketches/sculptures/prints, etc.

Similar to Historical bishounen: >>3823613 But NO EXPLICIT NUDITY this time you dummies.

Post sources/name of the piece when possible.
95 media | 122 replies
150 media | 169 replies
Buff Men #4
Previous thread >>3775654
120 media | 138 replies
9S Thread
Jannies nuking the thread edition >>3757128
(why tho)
99 media | 137 replies
Military theme thread
I just love them... Special Forces Marines hold a special place in my heart.
8 media | 8 replies
Shota Figs/BJDs 2
post pics or show off your own collection of shota figures, nendorids, ball jointed dolls, etc. shounen characters are fine too. previous thread >>3731038
24 media | 30 replies
Shotacore books
Post books or mangas whit shotas (for males)
35 media | 89 replies
>in 2001, metal gear solid 2 releases, everybody makes fun of raiden for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
>in 2024, raiden gets added to the fortnite store, everybody makes fun of him for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
Time really is a flat circle.
MGR Raiden is fine but I'd prefer you'd poast MGS2 Raiden :^)
22 media | 36 replies
Previous thread: >>3626294
108 media | 128 replies
Kemono Thread
Wahoo Edition
Old: >>3841455
150 media | 184 replies
Bob Velseb thread
Tbh I don't know which board this belongs in. I just want to see cute art of him.
1 media | 5 replies
But with SMG4, SMG3, Bob, or any original character only.
1 media | 9 replies
Boys in a timeless fashion
Any boys in a late 1800's and 1900's fashion.
So dress shoes, duffel coats, blazers etc...
5 media | 6 replies
Lies of P
P is a real beauty to behold, let's make a thread about him
150 media | 174 replies
Lewd but SFW #2
Sexy but not R18
Previous >>3682506
An ecchi /cm/ board would be welcome.
150 media | 175 replies