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"/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of cosplay, elegant gothic lolita (EGL), and anime conventions.

get out while you still can
/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

Our board rules are simple:

• Thread content must be related to one of the categories covered in the list above. Off-topic threads and replies will be deleted.
• Singling people out maliciously is not tolerated and will result in a ban. 4chan is not your personal army. The singling out rule applies to vendetta threads and replies being made to attack a specific person, as well as predatory behavior like doxing. Discussing an individual in general isn't against the rules as long as it's done within context of cosplay/lolita/j-fashion.
• Advertising and spamming are not allowed.
• This is a work-safe board.

If you encounter a post that is in violation of these rules, USE THE REPORT BUTTON! Please help us keep the board healthy and free of off-topic posts!

Helpful Links:

- Tutorial Database:
- /cgl/ general:
- Taobao:
- Lolibrary:
- Hello Lace:
- Cosplay dot com:
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Midwest Cons General
Haven’t had one of these in a while. Discuss conventions happening in any of the states shown in picrel.

Upcoming cons:

>Youmacon November 2-5
>Colossalcon North November 17-19
>Midwest Furfest November 30-December 3
>Con Alt Delete December 15-17
>Ohayocon January 19-21
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No title
cosplay is not consent
Did the "cosplay is not consent" movement actually improve conventions?
14 media | 179 replies
Magfest 2024
magfest finally gave up the ghost and dropped mask rules. does this affect your attendance?
3 media | 24 replies
Fall thread
Fall themed coords
Mushrooms, fallen leaves, pumpkins, various nuts (and squirrels!), wine and browns, anything goes as long as it's related to fall !
50 media | 60 replies
Anime USA 2023
Hey Isn't Anime USA today? I'm at the Hyatt in Crystal City, VA right now and there's no-one here? I don't even see any con-staff of exhibitors the place is a ghost town.
Wtf kinda of scam is this?
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shopping in japan
it's been a while since we've had one of these: shopping in japan thread! with the yen so weak, i'm sure lots of us are thinking about booking a trip, so let's discuss:

- what shops have closed, moved, or opened since covid, or over the past few years
- the best places to find a great deal
- the demeanor of japanese shop staff (since that always gets brought up anyway)
- fun places for photos; any lolita or fashion-relevant exhibits happening; nice cafes to grab a tea or coffee, etc.
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Taobao dresses and your opinions
What are everyone's opinion on taobao dresses? I DESPISE them with every inch of my body. You can tell always if someone only knows lolita from devil inspired and tiktok. They seem to make up their own categories for lolita too.

Is there any good taobao dresses? What is the worst one you've seen?

featuring this monstrosity found on devil inspired
45 media | 186 replies
Crossplay/Crossdress #23: Choose Your Fighter
A new dawn rises after the largely successful "Positive Vibes" Edition, finally back to proper numbering. Alt title: GIWTWM Edition

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Affiliated Discord server:

Previous thread: >>10839846
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Prop Thread
Share your props.

Still an Idea/want, in progress, or completed. All are acceptable.

I'm waiting on a shoulder-mounted Navi that I ordered from Etsy to arrive and I plan to make her talk for a friends Link cosplay.

What is everyone up to?
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Cosplay Help / Stupid Questions Thread
FAQ (last updated: May 19th, 2023):
Cosplay recommendations thread: none atm
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10862560
LARP thread:>>10813669
Sewing general: >>10865253
Makeup, hair, skincare general: none atm

Taobao thread:>>10849072
Stupid j-fashion questions thread:>>10854327
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the boy
i still need to style the wig, but im so happy
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/ouG/ - AatP in Chains edition
Old thread is nearing its limit >>10790295

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of Japanese lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. We usually just use "ouji" here.

>Shopping spreadsheet
This is broken, now. Can it be fixed?

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for info
buttcape[.]blogspot[.]com (in Japanese) (in Chinese; tap "read more" for a nice rundown of taobao ouji brands, which begin below the "couple clothes" section.)

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Random picspam discouraged.

Discussion: Black Butler is coming back. Are you ready to be mistaken for a Ciel cosplayer again?
31 media | 55 replies
Post-HolMat/FL General
How was Holmat? Anything interesting happen?

Anyone keeping an eye on the cosplayblackbook IG for the latest drama?

Any future plans?
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cosplay photography
>insane demands from cosplayers, more so than an actual paid shoot
>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.
>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.
>thinks posing like a scene from an anime is the same as posing for a real life photo
>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
>will facetune any image you take
>will suddenly want to shoot with you if you have any form of clout from bigger cosplayers

While I still enjoy it, I mostly now just shoot for friends/less popular cosplayers. A few of us photographers actually do have our own group chats, and its pretty civil and we don't really shit talk other models, we actually hype eachother up. The cosplay chats i've seen though are pretty fucking vicious.

Any other photographers want to chime in on their experiences?
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Tips on improving Sayori casual outfit cosplay?
I got a Sayori wig recently, so I tried to cosplay her. I tried to do my makeup like it is in the game. This is mostly closet cosplay, but hopefully I'll be able to do better in the future
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Cute cosplay guys
To counteract all the moids here and the overwhelming spamming of slutty girls, here's a thread dedicated to the cuties who cosplay.

Emphasis on the "cute" part. Bodybuilders cosplaying just to show off their abs are just as bad as the girls who only do it for onlyfans.
41 media | 97 replies
Cute Faces
Let's post cute girls
42 media | 66 replies
Chocolate and sweets
Let's have a thread about lolita coords that are chocolate and/or sweets themed!
92 media | 114 replies
No title
Who should I cosplay?
3 media | 8 replies
Youmacon - 3 Months Away & No Hotel Block Posted
Website with nothing on it:

Dates: November 2-5

Place: Detroit

How many registration desks will there be Thursday?

What's the cosplans and are they real yet?

Where did you book while waiting for the actual hotel block(s) to drop?

Obligatory "can't have shit in Detroit"
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/cgl/ biggest fall from grace?
I remember back in the day this used to be one of the more popular boards on the site, now according to 4stats this board is firmly in the bottom 10, with less than average 200 posts daily. What the fuck happened?
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Super opaque nylon thigh highs?
Where the fuck do you get nylon thigh highs that are actually as opaque as the ones that anime girls seem to wear?

Every "opaque" nylon thigh high I've bought from amazon/taobao appears to be 70 denier at best, and I have to double layer them (so 140 denier?) to get the proper fully opaque look that you see on anime girls.

The weird thing is, even when looking at the thigh highs worn by gravure and JAV models, they appear to be wearing the same thickness thigh highs as the ones I've got (i.e. significantly thinner than anime girl thigh highs), which seems to imply that 70 denier is the IRL standard for opaque thigh highs, which begs the question of where did the artists get the inspiration of having anime girls wear super opaque thigh highs in the first place?
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No title
Hey guys need a bit of help, I understand how to do his helmet and the rest of his upper body but what type of pants is Daredevil wearing? They look like Harem pants but those drop too low is there a specific name for martial arts pants? And what type of footwear is that called?
3 media | 6 replies
Anime Weekend Atlanta
Less than two months away now. Anyone here planning to attend?
5 media | 65 replies
No title
Why is there such a stigma against girls who cosplay for money? As someone who has never had a girlfriend, being able to send money to cute girls who cosplay as the characters that I love is one of the only things in my life that makes me feel like I have a purpose. From patreon to onlyfans, it's on of my biggest joys and motivations in my life. One day I hope I can give money to a cosplayer at a con in real life and not just through the internet.
7 media | 58 replies
fuck life i still hate the name of this fashion hope it would change
you are not mad at me for making this thread, you are mad at the world for being forced to live in cognitive dissonance and pain

it has been ten years for me in the fashionand it still has p3do connotations it always will, it is just disgusting and horrid
9 media | 148 replies
My 2022 cosplays
Just wanted to share the cosplays I completed last year
3 media | 54 replies
What makes a cosplay bad?
I was wondering if I ever make a cosplay, I firstly understand what makes it bad. Even if I dress properly, make up, good wig, I feel like it would look bad anyway. I was wondering if it is something else, like face structure or just being ugly. Also not talking about cosplays that don't match body build or those that want to look bad ironically.
10 media | 104 replies
No title
What was your first cosplay?
>did a closet cosplay from a hotline miami mod maybe 26 people played
>most work I did was dyeing a stupid hat
22 media | 77 replies
No title
I saw a morbidly obese Megumin at the con, why is trashy cosplay so normalized?
0 media | 32 replies
Kigurumi Cosplay
Anyone familiar? Thoughts on Kigurumi cosplay?
7 media | 95 replies
Aus Idols
How come they’re never as cute as JP idols?
2 media | 100 replies
Merfolk thread
I've only seen one thread on this in the past, but it's getting into the peak time of year soon so why not see if there's any interest.
>favorite designs/tailmakers (fin fun, mertailor, fin folk)
>fabric tails vs silicone
>the actual exercise component of swimming with a monofin
I know there are mers on here and I'm trying to actually take the plunge and get a tail this year.
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Feels thread
Old thread >>10844342

Happy feels: Two girls from our comm tried to drown themselves at the lake. They survived, and they promised not to do it again... Now they've earned the lead roles in Lolita Christmas Carol, $5 admission! ($3 for seniors, $10 deposit for large dogs)
41 media | 315 replies
Taobao Thread: Mass-Freezing Accounts Edition
Last thread went sage >>10803045


Taobao Dictionary:

Store Spreadsheet:

Agent Shipping Comparison:

Translator Plugins:

Image Translator:
25 media | 183 replies
Anyone here going to Ramencon next weekend?

Century Center
120 S St Joseph St
South Bend, IN 46601
2 media | 5 replies
No title
>mfw realizing cosplay is only worth it if you're attractive
4 media | 39 replies
No title
How do you organise a convention ?
How do you find people to join your team?
What do you think is the most important thing about organising one ?
1 media | 27 replies
No title
is being into cosplay at age 30+ cringe?
I don't mean token master roshi boomer
13 media | 157 replies
No title
mp5 short
are realistic-looking firearms generally allowed at big cons? Or do they need to be clearly fake looking
0 media | 11 replies
No title
Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 05-46-19 まっすぐロリータ道 青木美沙子 Japanese Books
Stumbled on Misako's book and it depressed me for a reason, anyone read it?
0 media | 24 replies
Folk thread
Post and discuss coords inspired by traditional clothing from all over the world.
It can be lolita or any other jfashion.
91 media | 95 replies
Cons & Cosplay Confessions
CCC #2 Repent Edition

What recently mischiefs have you done recently? Or plan on perpetuate on your next innocent victims.

Me: Ask someone if I can play Street Fighter II on the SNES classic. It was a close match manage to win, He was getting ready for a rematch but I say thank you and prepare to leave, He leaves first. Also after that pick up some free posters that some left of the consoles table and I leave.

Also repent for being lazy and missing 3 cons this year.
17 media | 168 replies
What cosplayers you hate?
image_0 - 2023-09-07T085531.879
It bothers me a lot when women take non lewd characters and go "here is my Sanic cosplay", and the character barely looks like the original. I like coom but this is just as bad as the idiots with Gundam carton boxes "Me so funny". Also special shoutouts to Deadpool cosplayers only real annoying guys can pull Deadpools.

pic related maker
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No title
Hi, I'm working on a Darth Nihilus costume from Star Wars KotOR 2 with the goal of joining the 501st Legion. I've already talked a bit with my local garrison members, but I was just wondering if there are any members here, active or former, and if you have any stories or anecdotes to tell about it. I have some apprehension about entering these kinds of clubs, probably because I don't feel like I'm an absolute Star Wars nerd, and I don't want to do LARPing outside of the official events.
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/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General
you win (you lose)
/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General #14

Afterlife edition

Last Thread: >>10397387

>The most discussed apps/games are Moe Can Change!, Dream Girlfriend/Nijikano, Dream Boyfriend/Hoshikare, and Animal Boyfriend/Gijin Kareshi, but people are encouraged to introduce new games.
>We generally discuss dress-up/simulator games and smartphone/cellphone apps for waifus or husbandos.
>Occasionally discussed games include Fairy Doll, Potion Maker, Mandrake Girls, Soul Girls, etc.
>To our newfriends: please remove any /mkg/ tags and lurk more to ensure proper etiquette. We might be a dress-up game general, but we are already dead, Jim

>/mkg/ Tips, Etiquette and Linkdump (spreadsheet of names for MCC, DG, AB, GK and FD): (embed)

>English Wiki links:

>JP Wiki links:

>Expression/hair viewer/background viewers:

>Moe Can Change! Item Dump: (embed)

>Other Mobile Kanojos Games (Includes link to the apk downloader): (embed)
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No title
Why are there hot girls into cosplay?
I thought cosplay was supposed to be escapism for nerdy guys or nerdy girls I guess
0 media | 3 replies
Colossalcon East 2023
CCE will be here soon (9/7-9/10). Expanded to four days this year, but con rate discount on hotel rooms was not extended for the extra day (is CCE management really that bad at negotiating? Kek.)
Thoughts? Hopes? Concerns? Cosplay plans? Will water park staff be even more insufferable than previous years? Will Victoria (con head) ever address anything, or continue to stick her head in the sand when problems arise?
31 media | 170 replies
No title
Is there any place for cis-men in cosplay hobby?
Girl cosplays are far more popular and look better, and they even are better at cosplaying male characters like pic.
Outside of few specific cosplays like Walter White, Goku, Kratos, etc what can guys even do?
Aesthetically males are like the inferior sex so in a visual hobby like cosplay they're redundant (this changes for male models but that's like 1% of men)
7 media | 42 replies
Cons you'll remember on your deathbed
What are some cosplay stories that you'll remember for the rest of your life?

Wholesome: Cosplaying some My Little Penis characters with my then-gf when a little girl started freaking out over how great we looked. She got her dad to take loads of pictures with both of us.

Less wholesome: I saw a fur-suiter yelling at his wife.

Least wholesome: Walking to the convention center behind my friend's sister in her Sailor Saturn cosplay, on a windy day. She either didn't notice or didn't care that her bare ass was playing aggressive peekaboo with me. Only time I've ever wanted the walk from the hotel to be longer.

Sad: I was at Twitchcon when that lady broke her spine.
20 media | 115 replies
Capcom & SNK Dump thread
Discussion and analysis of CAP & SNK cosplayers.
Post cosplayers names if you know them.
Also Event & Year of pic.
66 media | 107 replies
No title
Do you guys ever like to go through YouTube and watch con and cosplay fandom videos from before the 2010's?
It's a hobby of mine. It makes me sad.
7 media | 59 replies
/CSG/ - Con Stories General
ayyy what
A thread for telling stories about anything and nothing - funny, roommate horror, party shenanigans, creeps, things you wished you didn't see, etc.

>Be me
>Walking around con floor with friend I just met the day before
>He is fairly high at this point in time
>Tells me he wants to try and find some bitches to bring back to the hotel room
>I'm down, decide to try to be a wingman to him at the very least
>He is cosplaying as Loid Forger
>See thicc qt3.14 Yor cosplayer
"That's a really sweet Yor cosplay, my friend here has been trying to find a Yor cosplayer for a photo"
>She sees him behind me
>They start talking
>To my surprise, he has some fair rizz
>A second Yor cosplayer approaches, she seems to know the other one
>He hands me his phone and asks me to take a photo with both of them
>High off his ass, in between two Yor cosplayers, arms around both of them, both of them leaning into him
>He must be in heaven
>Unbeknownst to me at the time, his camera was on a delay for taking photos
>I click the camera button on his phone, it doesn't seem to be working
>I walk back with his phone to ask him what I'm doing wrong
>Camera takes blurry downward photo while I'm handing it back to him
"Oh dude it looks like you took a photo of our feet, hahahaha"
>He finds this hilarious
>Both Yors are looking at us with a mix of concern and disgust
>I'm able to recontain most of the spaghetti to our pockets by showing that it was on delay mode
>Take photos
>Both Yors walk away afterwards

Anyone else fumble the bag this bad?
18 media | 95 replies
Skirt coords
lately ive been really favouring skirt coords over a jsk or op and wanna see sum moar, post your favourite skirt coords!
131 media | 230 replies
No title
A7RV + 50mm f1.4 GM
I bought an expensive camera for the sole purpose of shooting cosplay because talking to pretty girls is the only joy I have left in my life.
But they're only interested in the photography and they're demanding as hell as to what they want from it.
I'm losing my interest in it.
I want to sell it and KMS, or at least do something more meaningful than be a tool to these people.
5 media | 20 replies
FOTM cosplay predictions
Marin (and variations) and Yor were the obvious FOTM cosplays for last con season. What are your predictions for this year?

My predictions:
>Yor spillover from last year
>a fuckton of Kobeni and Makima
>Mitsuri from Demon Slayer (her arc comes out in spring)
>Vash Stampede for guys
17 media | 112 replies
/ouG/ - Biannual thread edition
Old thread is hitting the image limit >>10715389

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of Japanese lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. We usually just use "ouji" here.

>Shopping spreadsheet
This is broken, now. Can it be fixed?

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for info
buttcape[.]blogspot[.]com (in Japanese) (in Chinese; tap "read more" for a nice rundown of taobao ouji brands, which begin below the "couple clothes" section.)

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Random picspam discouraged.

Discussion: What exists for lolita fashion that its masculine counterparts lack? What do you wish we had?
112 media | 308 replies
No title
What's with this trend of black cosplayers refusing to make a decent wig? Or to even try to look anything like the character? I also see black men who wear beards with non bearded characters unironically. Why are the standards different?
57 media | 288 replies
Dutch Thread: "404 Edition"
Previous thread >>10803531 died from a lack of posts. Not all that surprising with how little there was to post about at the time. Personally I'm also somewhat done with /cgl/ and all the pointless con drama and have been focusing on other things. But now that we've got several conventions around the corner, have a new thread!

Question of the thread: What convention are you looking forward to the most this year and why?

Upcoming major events
>22-23 Sep: Elfia Haarzuilens, a large popular outdoor fantasy event in Haarzuilens.
>6-7 May: MIA NL, a popular commercial anime convention in Gorinchem.
>21-21 May: Comic Con Brussels, a large commercial geek convention in Brussels.
>9-11 June: Animecon, the oldest anime convention of the Netherlands, hosted in Rijswijk.
>24-25 June: Heroes DCC, the largest commercial geek convention with a focus on dealers.
>30 Jun-2 Jul: Dokomi DE, a large popular anime convention in Dusseldorf.
>8-9 July: Atsusacon, Belgium's largest anime convention... I think?
>3-6 August: Castlefest, a(nother) large popular outdoor fantasy event in Haarzuilens with tons of great food.
>11-13 August: Abunai!, the second oldest and probably now largest anime convention of the Netherlands, hosted in Veldhoven.
>12-13 August: Showmasters Comic Con Amsterdam, a geek convention in Amsterdam.
>25-27 August: Viencon, a weekend with weebs at Center Parks Limburgse Peel.
>7-8 October: Gameforce, a (new?) gaming festival to replace Firstlook.
>21-22 October: FACTS, a popular commercial geek convention in Ghent.

Links and advice:
>Quick, posture check! Go straighten that back you goblin!
>Rentry guide to Dutch conventions, calander and such:
29 media | 195 replies
how do I trace patterns?
images (47)
hello /cgl/, I'm currently making a genshin albedo cosplay and I need to make the pattern that is on his boots, how do I trace the patterns of his boots so it ends up symmetrical and not squished? If by any chance you have a image or pdf I can print I would greatly appreciate it
0 media | 2 replies
ケーキ姫 appreciation thread
another attempt at an appreciation thread to discuss this beautiful Austrian cosplayer.

things to discuss:
>her cosplay
>her gravure sets
>photos she herself posts
things not to discuss:
>her nudes
>her flaws
44 media | 218 replies
i wanna cosplay stocking
ive like never cosplayed b4 at all nd i LOVE stocking SO MUCH but i have no idea where to get the outfit and stuff… everywhere online is so expensive and/or just shitty material. would i be better off making it myself? im not sure how 2 go about it lol XD
1 media | 10 replies
My first time Cosplaying.
Heya /cgl/! I made the decision to give cosplaying a try. I cant describe how much i enjoyed it, especially because im a very extroverted person. What do you guys think of my first cosplay? :]
8 media | 32 replies
No title
How do we look as Mortal Kombat characters?
0 media | 1 replies
Cosplay groups are the worst
Everyone is a bunch of self entitled, noses up their ass, judgemental, treacherous, skin to a Discord mod. They want power, they want things their own way - selfish as a human can be.

Greatest example? 501st. Bunch of nerds that push you aside because your expensive costume doesn't have a required thing that only someone too fucking addicted to the movies would notice. Then you're pushed away.

Established groups are a cancer in cosplaying.

Pic unrelated
2 media | 10 replies
Hotline Miami
Best way to make the tape recorder for Jacket from payday 2?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Dear CGL,
I wish to make sleeves as part of a larger cosplay. This is the first cosplay I have ever constructed, so please excuse my retardation.
Would it be feasible for me to put a design similar to picrel but less horrible on sports sleeves like these? If not, what other alternatives should I pursue.

Retard dipshit
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Non-heteros or crossplayers of /cgl/, have you ever cosplayed your waifu/husbando? I don't know how to feel about it.
0 media | 1 replies
Brit British England thread. Too much heat edition
Summers starting just as it’s over and it’s too hot.

Overseas cons can save us, but for those of us scared of foreigners and planes here is a list of UK shiz.

Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2023 September 9-10, 2023 Cardiff University Students' Union
Cardiff, UK
J-Con 2023 September 16, 2023 The Riverside Centre
Derby, UK
Sheffield Anime & Gaming Con 2023 September 16-17, 2023 Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel & Spa
Sheffield, UK
Newcastle Anime & Gaming Con 2023 October 14-15, 2023 Event Northumbria
Newcastle, UK
South of England Collectors & Gaming Convention 2023 October 20-22, 2023 The South Of England Event Centre
Ardingly, UK
Brighton Anime & Gaming Con 2023 November 4-5, 2023 The Old Ship Hotel
Brighton, UK
Anime Evolution Ireland 2023 November 18-19, 2023 Dublin City University
Dublin, Ireland

Now let’s go and pay £13 for cod and chips.
17 media | 76 replies
Sowing for cosplay?
Hey! I wanted to ask a few things about sowing because i like to make things on my own (is it really a fun cosplay if you didn't make it?) but i've never sown before.

I want to make a Cirno (see pic) cosplay for Halloween, and I'm kinda wondering about how to approach it. Here's my questions:
1. Should I have a white skirt underneath and cut the dress I have on top to make the triangles or should i get white cloth and sow the triangles to the dress? In either case i'd have to sow, right?
2. In the first idea, the new borders of the dress would have to be sown back in, right? I've always heard that's the case, but I don't understand why. Can you explain it?
3. What are the advantages of each approach, if any?
4. Any tips for making sowing easier/faster? I don't think I have a sowing machine...
5. Any tips for starting out?

Thank you for your time! Happy sowing, everyone!
7 media | 14 replies
corset day
highlights from this year's 8/8 coord sharing tag
143 media | 155 replies
No title
What kinda clothings should I wear for the male equivalent of jiraikei?
30 media | 60 replies
Anirevo 2023
>Anime Revolution (AniRevo) is coming back this year, from August 18-20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building (1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3)

How many here are attending?
8 media | 94 replies
2023 Halloween Costume Thread
September 1st means time to start thinking about your Halloween costumes.

Please post in this thread for all Halloween costume-related questions instead of making your own threads.

For *cosplay* related help, please keep using the cosplay help thread like usual
2 media | 11 replies
No title
New friend finder thread because people in the old one won't stop derailing it with dumb useless arguing

Same info as before:
>Lolita? Cosplay? You tell us.
>Fav brands, substyles, anime, cosplay, etc.
>Other hobbies, interests?
>What are you looking for?
>Not looking for?
>Contact info
>Anything else we should know?
32 media | 157 replies
No title
hey /cgl/ this me cosplaying as my cat rupert, who is on my shoulder for reference.

Does anyone else here cosplay as their pet, or have tips on how to cosplay more like a cat without looking like a furry?
5 media | 40 replies
Classic Lolita Thread: Cozy Hoods Edition
Last thread >>10778622

>Coord/inspo dumps
>VM release: Complaints? Praise? What did you buy?
>Update on dream dress search / hunt?
>Coord help
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Foid here,
I'm starting to think cosplaying is only worth it if you're attractive
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Cosplay Butts
Cosplay Butts 3

Last thread: >>10786393
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Con room horror stories
So I roomed with other people this year of the first time and it was actually a fantastic time. Why do people always make this seem like shit? Any of you got any horror stories
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Film or tv shows about Cosplay or Con Culture
2 kawaii 4 comfort film
Films/tv shows that are based on cosplay/con culture or at least reference it in some way.

I felt that 2Kawaii4Comfort was (for better or worse) the most accurate description of going to a small con and having a bad time at it. It's a shame it ended on a cliffhanger.
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Jacket cosplay (Payday 2 version) suggestions or criticism welcome.
Hello everyone, i'm currently working on a Jacket cosplay (mostly inspired by the Payday 2 version) for a con next month and i wanted to hear what you guys would suggest for me to change or any criticisms you might have (also i know the jacket i'm wearing is not the exactly same, it's very hard to ship a replica of that one here for my country unfortunately)
Also my friend is working on a ''Jacket's piece'' Mac 10 prop and a Sony Walkman prop, but i'll only be able to get them next month, so these toy revolvers will have to do until then unfortunately.
So i'll leave these pics here and i can post more if you guys need any reference or something else, i plan on answering suggestions or criticism in here so just leave them and i'll check it out later, thanks!
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I want to bring up the topic of Why do /cgl/ users get so mean whenever someone selfposts? I think this board would be a lot more fun and the ribbing would be a lot more fair if we all just self posted again like the good ol’ days but it gets shot down instantly all the time now
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>americans legally allowed to own guns
>never get to cosplay at conventions with them

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Ethnic cosplayers
black anime girl
Can you fags post ethnic qt cosplayers?

Not average, but the cosplayers that clearly look like the stereotypes of their country/race, but are where they're not just qt, but become goddesses of feminity?

I need to make an international qt cosplayer folder.
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Cosplay Swapping at Cons
maxresdefault (5) (3)
How much money would it take for you to swap cosplays with some one else? Of the other gender?

I want to do this at a con so badly omg.
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advice for an egl fat
Since starting antidepressants I've gained a shit ton of weight. I've always been chubby but now I'm about 190 at 5'5 (I know it's bad.) Any advice /cgl/? Crazy quick crash diets? I'm willing to do anything to get this weight off. Also first time posting on 4chan so be nice lol
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JFashion Stupid Questions Thread
Unanswered questions from the previous thread:
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sewing newfag
images (61)
how hard is making clothes with a sewing machine? is buying patterns required?

wanting to make basic skirts and crop tops to sell until upgrading and learning to make my own cosplays and lolita dresses. is it difficult? picrel is the machine i have
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What’s the best way to get into male cosplay makeup as a man? I’ve tried looking for tutorials and I’ve read the /cgl/ guide but 99% of them are aimed at woman cosplaying as male characters. I’ve never done any makeup in my life, where should I start?
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new larp thread

Now with 87,45% more polearms and a little bit of hydrophobia

previous thread
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Ai art thread? Used voldies guide for stable diffusion. Who is voldie? I've heard it before
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>too old to cosplay
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I just discovered that oscillating tools exist. Does anyone use them? It seems like they might be useful for cutting materials like rigid or flexible kinds of foam at first look. Probably easier than a basic exacto knife or a hot blade, at least on big cuts.
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Artist Alley General
Old thread >>>>>>10660802

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

Finally most cons are back and less canceled. Back to the artist Alleys for this Autumn-Winter ! What do you plan to do for the end of the year?
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Your State's Con
So what cons exists in your state and how do they fair?
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Popular female cosplayers seems to of become more of dressing slutty for attention than putting together a well made costume for a hobby
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IFF/Anime Toronto 2023
Anyone else going to International Fan Festival Toronto/Anime Toronto? I will be going with my fellow chuddies to see Yukana and discuss our hatred for minorities and normalfags. Hope to see you all there!
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Brandwhore thread pt.2
>what brand do you spend the most on

>how many main pieces do you have

>favorite brands

>latest purchase

Bonus questions:
>how long have you been a brandwhore

>what’s your next planned purchase
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Home decor, Room Decor, Broom Closet Decor
Yo Momma is so Victorian she has to dust single room for whole week until all nick nacks are clean edition.

Previous glorious thread that reached image limit three days before one year anniversary >>10756184
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Recently I got a crush on slav women, they're fucking goddesses

Name: ksana stankevich
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Saboten AZ con 2023
>Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, 340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Anybody going to saboten? What cosplay are you doing? You buying a plushy? I know you want one!
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Western women ruined cosplay.
It started back in 2015~ when random normies would come to cosplay cons to hook up with girls there. That's also when grils started putting on a wig and a bikini calling it a cosplay.
Nowadays the word cosplay is synonymous with porn. A word your uncle probably knows too. If you tell someone you cosplay they're gonna think you're an online prostitute or a real life one.
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Otakon 2023
So who's ready for Otakon this weekend? I just opened my badge that came in the mail.

>Mask Madates gone

I'll be honest I feel the line up this year is kinda lackluster. There's a macross event that's really it.
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>give 3d printing cosplay a shot
>buy an ender 3 v2 neo
>have to split helmet of an arc trooper in 8 because it's too big for printer
>printing time for each piece is approximately 18 hours (250g of pla material at 10% infill and lighting pattern and draft quality)
Does it really take this long?? Am I doing something wrong?
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Staffing/helping out at a con
I may be a staff at the mid-sized local con.
I genuinely want to help out, but I'm also trying to get to know people in the scene for future.
Is it a stressful job? Do you make useful contacts?
(Do chicks dig you more?)
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No title
Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10-40-49 Cyberpunk Trendy Futuristic Mask Cosplay Mask Music Festival Party Accessories For Adult Shop Now For Limited-time Deals Temu United Kingdom
i see these cyber helmet things advertised to consoomers but they are silly expensive.
do you know any good tutorials to make them from other parts/foam/3d prints etc?
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Question for sexually attractive but shy individuals
For individuals who fear potential ostracism due to concerns about appearing "slutty" in cosplay or having their identity revealed, why not try cosplaying characters who have concealed eyes, such as 2B? This allows you to engage in cosplay without compromising your personal boundaries or worrying about potential judgment or negative consequences. I'd pay good money to see a well made Angewomon cosplay
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Gyaru General - Revival Edition
As there hasn't been a gal thread in a while despite plenty of old-school collabs, how about a new thread?

>do you still wear gyaru despite the decline over the past years?
>current favorite brands
>recommended online accounts
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Do you agree with this popular cosplay girl's opinions on male cosplays?
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Reddit Gold
Deep in the murky marshes of the Ita Swamp that is r/lolita, some finds yet remain. Here, they shall be documented, before they are forever lost to the swarm of amazonlitas and general cringe behavior.
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Sewing Thread: post your sewing related questions here.

What threads do you guys use? I need recommendations for strong wholesale thread sites
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Vienna Comic Con
Thinking of going this autumn. Is it worth it? I enjoy cons mainly for its artist alley, but I am also gonna cosplay this year.
>18-19 November
>Wien, Österreich
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Male cosplay question
So... here goes a rather weird question i suppose: if female cosplayers get some income (besides only fans and such) from selling prints, which i know its not their main income but still, what should male cosplayers do to do the same?
just wearing a well build armor or nice boy clothes will do to sell prints? or is there another way male cosplayers can do it that females cannot?
or is this just one of those extra advantages of being female?
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jacket pattern?
So, im working on a Shin Kamen rider costume for december, im trying to locate a patter for a biker jacket but all i can find are websites with convoluted software to desing patterns or extremely expensive patterns to purchase, is there any cheap database where i can get some patterns for this proyect?
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First timer cosplay armor?
Hi!! First time poster to 4chan in general, was wondering if I could get some tips/help on making foam armor since I’m broke and have never really made this stuff before. I’m planning on making D’arce from Fear and Hunger :)
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Coords you love
You know the drill, post inspo/ coords you like. Any substyle!
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No title
When cosplaying at a usual con how many times do you expect to get asked for picture?
What is low amount and good amount? I'm worried I wasn't asked enough.
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Non-Western Cons
Is this board primarily focused on Western Cosplay or are there also posters here from other non-western countries?

How's your local convention scene? How different is it when compared to the stuff posted here in terms of culture and conduct?
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Hunt for Props
lantern light
Hello /cgl/ I come in a time of need as I cannot find it myself and the closest thing I could find to it is somewhere in the ball park of 90~ dollars
If someone knows of, or is aware of where to get something like this for cheap, the help would appreciated
As of right now, I know this is a railroad lantern using a battery powered light rather than oil, and that it just a horizontal handle rather than a vertical one
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No title
Who's all going to Nuggetcon? What brand tents are you bringing? Are you going to do the cosplay contest this year? I'm planning on doing the beer run in a cheaper skirt so if it gets vomit on it, I can just trash it.
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No title
I am new to cosplaying. Should i just buy an outfit online or are they garbage?
I am good with my hands(weightlift, do some construction/woodworking for fun, etc) but ive never tried making clothes. Is it worth the effort?
Trying to cosplay pic related. Seems like a pretty elaborate outfit
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How do i believably cosplay a girl?
Dude here, want to surprise my boyfriend in a Senko cosplay. I'm a manlet and have a skinny build, have no clue how to do make up though.
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My 2005 RE 4 Leon Kennedy Cosplay
my first time trying to do some cosplay, it was quite costly, but i am happy with the finished result. what do yall think?
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When going to cons outside your city where do you stay? Do you rent a room the con offers. Do you rent a motel, How do you save money. Is it possible to build a network of people that will let me stay at their place in their city if I offer to pay for their entrance or something.
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Texas Thread
Y'all know what to do.

>>10834982 Previous thread is autosaging.
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Old NA Indie Idol Group Threads?
Hey anons. I remember frequenting /clg/ a few years back, and there was always a thread for NA Indie Idol groups, with a running spreadsheet of the known groups and various information about them. Is that still a thing, or did spreadsheet anon die? Pic rel is ember*night from Vancouver (under their own label Shooting Star Media).
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