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/c/ board rules and guidelines
Greetings, /c/itizens!

Just wanted to go over a couple of guidelines for posting on /c/ if you are new here and a friendly reminder for those who aren't.

Try to avoid making single-image requests. Making a single image thread deletes a previous thread from the last page. Please include 4 to 5 similar images in your thread to get it going. Use resources like danbooru, gelbooru or even Google Image Search.

Check the catalog to avoid making a duplicate thread. This way, we can share and contribute more images more effectively and efficiently.

If bumping a thread, please include a picture instead of just writing 'bump' and please do not necrobump threads that have reached their image limit. This restricts the diversity and natural flow of the board. Threads are meant to come and go and sometimes they are even better the next time around.

Finally, as much as /a/ is a discussion board, /c/ is a board for sharing images. Please respect the threads of other users and they will do the same to yours as well!
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Steins;Gate #18
New thread for the best VN, and for the best waifu in all possible timelines.

Previous thread >>4116275
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Homura Akemi Thread 129
Homura OP 129
Be passionate, my friends! Shine bright with the sun, dive into the blue sky, and let summer take you to Homura Akemi Thread 129!

We're moments away from the end of July 2022 and the start of August - time flies when you're having fun! Homura may not rock her devil wings when she's at the beach, but she still helps eyes, hearts, and spirits soar, from the coarse yellow grains below to the soft white and blue heavens above.

Make sure that no matter what you do for the rest of this summer, you make celebrating Homura Akemi a priority, and be sure to visit her thread during all your adventures. Take flight, anon, and have fun doing it!


Previous Thread:
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Strike Witches
Heidemarie night sky - inu3li
Late summer nights, humid and sometimes very dark but also rather pretty.

Previous thread: >>4105020
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Akari~n #108
Summer time edition!

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!

Old thread: >>4070564
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Ryūko Matoi Thread #126
>Previous thread

>/a/ threads archive

>/c/ threads archive


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Ame/KAngel #2
Previous: >>4052663
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Gacha Games! #5
Blue Archive, Arknights, Genshin Impact, etc
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Tomoko Kuroki Thread #120
ざわ ざわ Edition

Previous thread: >>4084893

Watamote Moonrune:

Watamote Translated:

Animu Website:

Where to buy animu DVD/BD and mango:

Older Threads:

Want a Tomoko trip,go here:

Tomokofags Folder:

Steam Group:
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Girls with puffed up or chubby cheeks.
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Nico Nico Nii!
Today is Nico Yazawa's birthday! Let us celebrate with the numer 1 idol in the universe!
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Tainaka Ritsu (田井中律) Thread #164
Previous thread >>4087025

*List of archived threads:
*Very important Ritsu twitter account:

*The Ricchan archive, contains DL links for the K-ON! Illustration archives, the けいおん! Live Concerts, Sato Satomi's discography, Ritsu's Image songs in FLAC, and the official Keion desktop app (calendar widget, desktop mascots, system sounds changer, clock widget, cursor changer and a wallpaper manager):!WsBWhATa!pkf8TUBIsdChuh02DZ0_qA

*Anon's vector project:!IoZR1S5K!PURHPUos2YtdOxIGRJaoiw

*きららファンタジア Illustrations, K-ON! Movie Creator Message book scans and Movie Setting Booklet (scanned and uploaded by anon)

*Need help finding sauce on a particular image?
Try these, which can lead you to even more Ritsu:

>yandex (can find source even if the sample image is cropped)

>saucenao (links to boorus as well as the pixiv ID if any)

*Need help organizing your collection of Ritsu?
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Misao Kusakabe
One of my favorite characters from Lucky Star. She's cute and has a good tomboy personality
50 media | 52 replies
I feel that there is enough content to justify a thread.
25 media | 25 replies
Pointy Ears
Dragons, Elves, Vampires, etc.
47 media | 48 replies
No title
I have been told if I insert 5 Kobenis into the Kobeni machine I will get many Kobenis in return.
9 media | 10 replies
Miu Iruma
From Danganronpa V3.
55 media | 55 replies
New girl, new thread
Part 1 girls welcome too
Previous thread: >>4100082
56 media | 57 replies
Kirino Thread 101

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Previous thread:
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Okita Souji #12
It's still summer! Editiion
all versions are good! regular sakura saber, summer jets, tanned alters and summer alters welcome
previous thread: >>4066499
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Brown Thread #17
Let's Try to Hit the Image Limit This Time Edition

>Previous Thread
96 media | 99 replies
Kemono Thread #57
The fluffy dream will never end!
Previous thread: >>4106635
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Cardcaptor sakura 2
All characters from the show Cardcaptor Sakura

Previous thread >>4103045
122 media | 123 replies
Previous thread: >>4071709
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K-On! Thread #67
How much does /c/ like K-On?
>The best High School rock band in the world!

>K-ON! Music History's Box (aka the whole 13 disc soundtrack) + Disc 14 (all Instrumentals) in one rar file.!YtUBECxT!SlqfUBQJmEcGIEq1PcFfi2RH1CQIhLE-wZLvBXO8PMg

>The K-On movie art archive was recently dumped online for the first time ever too!wigyUKqB!JuPuWXGoCKLxp-7CV4g0bWmMup1CCZRNcRIYCVCC0fs
(Thanks to the anon!)

The Manga Super illustration book

And the Movie Creator Message book

Previous thread
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Azusa Nakano Thread
azusa 12
A thread for the prettiest girl and cutest cat in the whole wide world, K-On's very own Azusa Nakano!
Previous Thread: >>4104201
20 media | 20 replies
Azur lane
Post cute ships!
18 media | 18 replies
Another year goes by, another sundress thread appears.

It's summer, /c/!
Bring out the sundresses!
96 media | 98 replies
No title
cute girls with randoseru
112 media | 123 replies
C.C. thread
It's time for a CC thread again
22 media | 22 replies
Koume #84
Horror fan idol returns!

Archive >4077749
120 media | 120 replies
Random #34
Post any girl who doesn't already have a thread up.
When in doubt, check the catalog.

Previous thread: >>4104983
52 media | 52 replies
Celestia Ludenberg
This thread is miss Ludenberg's castle. Admirers may contribute to her worship. Perhaps she may even let you rise up the ranks to be at her side.
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umamusume - hors #69
another day, another hors!

>friendly reminder to play their game

>link to umayon!

last hors: >>4110419
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Fairy tail girls
post cute girls from Fairy Tail
bonus for Erza
81 media | 81 replies
Overwatch Thread
Happy Anniversary03
Thread the Forty-First!

Party Time Edition.

Old Thread: >>4049729
134 media | 136 replies
101 media | 102 replies
Scenic Thread
>anno domini MMXXII
>no scenic thread on /c/
18 media | 19 replies
Nanachi thread #59
Previous thread:
Keep posting best bun.
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/c/u/te #28
A thread for the purest form of love - sfw yuri or just images of girls together.
Eternal reminder that nsfw images belong elsewhere and should be avoided as best as possible.
All pairings welcome!

Last: >>4102404
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Irregular at Magic High School
Erika Chiba
Lots of waifus in this anime!

(Should I refrain from posting swimsuits, don't want to catch an involuntary holiday).
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Rei Ayanami #195
τίς αὕτη ἡ ἐκκύπτουσα ὡσεὶ ὄρθρος, καλὴ ὡς σελήνη, ἐκλεκτὴ ὡς ὁ ἥλιος, θάμβος ὡς τεταγμέναι;

And yet the beautiful persists.

Give due credit to those who create Rei's images: indicate author and/or source if known. Discussion always welcome, but offer an image.

>Previous thread:

>General archive:
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Fire Force
I currently only have pics of Maki (best girl!) so that is what I'll be posting.
15 media | 15 replies
No title
unbelievably cute even when going nuts (image quality is dogshit but the entire anime looks like that)
26 media | 27 replies
Mugi Thread CXXX - Summer Love Edition
Mugi Thread 130
Hope you're all staying cool, /c/omrades!

After a long day out in the heat, come chill with us and another splendid assortment of images of our favorite tea-drinking* princess, Kotobuki Tsumugi! Thank you as always for keeping these threads alive and for continuing to spread the love.

Continued from: >>4073798

*Iced tea is perfectly acceptable.
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Hanako Ikezawa Thread #54
Katawa Shoujo may be over a decade old, but our love for Hanako remains strong. Let's have another great Hanako thread with lots more cute Hanako pictures!

Katawa Shoujo is free

Alpha/Hanako Download

Sisterhood (Hanako Epilogue)


Previous Thread: >>4056414
42 media | 43 replies
Kumiko Oumae Thread #26
Post cute pictures of Kumiko! Other characters from Hibike! Euphonium are welcome too.

Hibike! Euphonium on MyAnimeList

Second-year light novel translation project

Archive of official art

Hibike! Euphonium on Danbooru

Hibike! Euphonium on Pixiv!%E3%83%A6%E3%83%BC%E3%83%95%E3%82%A9%E3%83%8B%E3%82%A2%E3%83%A0/artworks

Previous thread: >>4078318
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Himouto! Umaru-chan
Queen Nug rewards a brave warrior with the CORA of Destiny
Stay hydrated this summer! This thread sponsored by hydration!
100 media | 102 replies
No title
10 media | 11 replies
18 or older
a thread of cute characters that aren't children
100 media | 108 replies
Maka Albarn
maka sundress
Maka thread #114

Summer Summer Summer time with Maka!

Previous Thread >>4082065
30 media | 30 replies
Rin Tohsaka Thread
"Hey now, Archer. The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right? That's something I've had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it."

-- Tohsaka Rin, Day 3 of the Prologue

Previous thread: >>4095212
119 media | 123 replies
LAS/Asushin Thread #6
A thread dedicated to Evangelion's Asuka and Shinji
Previous >>4080818
103 media | 133 replies
Mio Akiyama Fan Club #121
This thread is dedicated to Mio Akiyama from the K-On! series.

Mio is the mature but scaredy-cat
bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

Previous thread: >>4104304
75 media | 75 replies
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
I feel that enough time has passed to justify another thread.
120 media | 121 replies
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Might be a little too soon after the previous thread, but I need my soremachi fix so I'm making another one
89 media | 89 replies
Michiru / Brand New Animal
Haven't seen a thread in some time. I need Michiru, but will take other girls from the show!
112 media | 112 replies
Yu-Gi-Oh Girls
Surprised there wasn't already a thread up
91 media | 92 replies
no yotsuba thread? yotsuba thread!
56 media | 56 replies
Minase Iori thread #73
Summer fun with the most adorable idol!

Previous thread:
60 media | 60 replies
Tessa Thread
A thread about Teletha Testarossa, the best submarine captain.
40 media | 40 replies
Fire Sisters
Post cutest egg (so both of them)
49 media | 49 replies
Cute Summer Girls
Time for some cute girls enjoying the summer time in any way they can!
65 media | 71 replies
A thread for every girl
43 media | 43 replies
No title
Post cute anime girls in places they are not usually seen.
86 media | 94 replies
Assault Lily
Would there happen to be any kind of interest?
134 media | 135 replies
Azumanga Daioh
I have just reached 30000 files in my /c/ folder and feel like celebrating it with my favourite show, which got me into /c/ in the first place. How big is your folder?
96 media | 102 replies
Chubby girls
I've been thinking about this image all day and need more like it.
Really wanna kiss hex maniac and squish her tummy...
113 media | 119 replies
No title
The theme of the thread is food accidents.
Anything that went wrong when cute girls were trying to carry, eat, or prepare food.
150 media | 154 replies
Non-party-member Persona girls
How about a thread for all the ladies of Persona who don't get to be in your party?

I know there's a thread for posting Shiho, but she's also welcome, why not.
59 media | 59 replies
Yuuka Kazami
Because it's sunflower season right now
21 media | 21 replies
No title - 57091 disgaea harada_takehito pleinair pointed_ears
Pleinair Thread: 第52.2
Previous thread: >>4030890
123 media | 125 replies
Callie/Aori Thread #3
Bomb Rush edition!

Splatoon 3 will release on September 9th, 2022!

Previous: >>4040151
84 media | 84 replies
Lillie Aether
A thread for the cutest pokegirl
119 media | 120 replies
Infinite Stratos
I don't even remember when this series last got a thread.
94 media | 94 replies
Let's do this!
70 media | 70 replies
Junko Enoshima Thread
I accidentally let it die, my mistake.

previous thread >>4077897
51 media | 51 replies
Satonaka Chie
It's Chie's birthday, let's show the meat lover some love
47 media | 48 replies
Azusa Nakano thread!
> there isn't a thread for best girl of all time
it's so over...
150 media | 153 replies
Teruhashi Kokomi thread
It’s currently teruhashi’s birthday, and I haven’t seen a thread for her in forever, so why not let’s see who will post.
11 media | 11 replies