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"/bant/ - International/Random" is 4chan's international hanging out board, where you can have fun with Anonymous all over the world.

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Welcome to /bant/
Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.
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Imagine the smell after a long, hot day
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pls explain
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I piss my pants and I piss my pants get in a pants pissing contest who pisses their pants
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No title
this man blocks your path and *smirks*
what do?
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No title
SHIT POST and the Belgian get into a shitposting match.
Who wins?
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my gf Satania is very cute
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No title
What if you were dating a girl who had a dad that was a hot Tgirl. AND she/he also wanted to fuck you!
Would you do it? Be honest...
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Help Please
can someone send me a link to Ariana Grande leaked sextape..?
Asking for a friend
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What is the comfiest country on this planet "Earth"? Provide a reason for your choice and pictures of comfy winter countries are appreciated seeing as Christmas is around the corner. Personally, I think Finland is comfy. Finnish people seem to be rather easygoing, nonchalant, and friendly. America is not comfy, aside from certain states and rural locations. You cannot convince me that this nation is comfortable as the people who live here are incredibly divisive, argumentative, opinionated, and overall passionate about their own beliefs but the issue is their beliefs are so varied and multi-faceted that union is practically unobtainable.
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No title

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No title
More guro.
More piss.
More shit.
More lolis.
Kill all niggers
Kill all niggers
Kill all niggers
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No title
Is enjoying futarani gayyyyyy????
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No title
How are my frens tonight?
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No title
>it's a Spanish translation episode
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No title
I love this girl
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No title
What was the most gruesome part of the Holocaust?
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No title
Hey guys, I'm new here in 4chan and I'm taking a look at everything there is. Anyway, I'm bored and alone in my house, something you recommend? (I like supernatural or horror things)
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I want to clone myself
I am 30 years old and I want to clone myself for future organ transplant. The plan is this: clone myself, take the baby, make a lobotomy (kill his brain partially, so the poor bastard won't be feeling or understand that much), keep him in my secret himding place in basement of my home, feed him well, train him to exercise and be fit, then when I got old and my body become sick and weak, it will happen in about 50 years, cut my head off and transplant my head to his body. (Throw away his head) It will be possible by then I believe. By this plan, I can live forever, clone myself again and again. I am too rich and I don't want to die, I love this world too much. Good idea?
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No title
Matoi Ryuuko
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No title
Hey Anon, here’s what you got in the mail today. Enjoy!
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No title
Why do you think Mr. Goldmanstein likes making these videos?
Its because he is just supplying your demand, delivering your order.

You should be angry at the white men Subscribing and giving money to this website
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Daily reminder to smoke oxygen and nothing but oxyen,
Or else!
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No title
>tfw no bf
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Right here, right now, I am training and working to make this board a better place for the future.
Everything will change soon, and you will know when it happens.
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No title
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No title
>rangebanned from /qa/ for 0 fucking reasons
and you mods are still asking why are so many faggots spamming boards, you deserve shit worse than spam to be completely honest.
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Sometime tomorrow I will be taking over the hosting of bantflags from 4903000.
You should be able to continue using the userscript unaffected, however there may be some issues I haven't encountered myself.

I have completely reworked the userscript, with some sizable improvements, including using up to 30 flags at once, vastly improved load times and auto updates. Please do note that you now have to click the 'load flags' button before you can add new flags to your selection.
Again, you shouldn't need to upgrade - all versions of bantflags will be supported now and forever - but you can download the new script from here:
Currently only newly posted flags will show up on 4chan and Nyafuu, since I don't have the old database, though 4903000 did say they would upload it sometime so they may show up eventually.

Of course, this means that I will now hold all of the data collected by bantflags. This includes the post numbers and flags selected of all posts you make on /bant/ with the userscript enabled. The new script also sends a version number, however this is discarded and not stored in the database.

bantflags is free software, the source for which can be downloaded here:
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No title
Good naito
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No title
My ideal gf

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How Fucked Are You?
This seven trumpets of judgement day sound.
Christ has returned
How fucked are you?
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Unspoken hate thread
discuss things you dislike that you feel as if no one else agrees with you.
for me it is esports players, I cannot stand them. they are such jackasses and have ruined almost every genre of video game in the past decade. and some of the video games that they turn """""competitive""""" are ridiculous. ex. super smash brothers, a party game, that has been turned into the number one """""fighting game""""" online.
what do you hate?
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No title
my cat ran away
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No title
Buildings erect from above the sky
My eyes have lost their vision
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Who made this video? Is it Q?
Capture d’écran 2019-12-16 à 01.04.10
Who made this video from 2018? Is it Q?

The video "Q - We Are The Plan" from "Joe M" YT channel.
"Joe M" is an antenna of Q on youtube right?
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No title
Chimps solving recaptcha be like
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No title
remindre of huge importance: remile a cute
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No title
Good morning, /bant/
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No title
Day thirty-one!
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No title
Susan Wojcicki
Would you fuck Susan?
I would.
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No title
imagine coming to /bant/ for porn
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No title
Hiroshimoot removed the noscript captcha...
Why haven't we moved to our own imageboard yet
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No title
having a chibi you must be rad
imagine all the possibilities
imagine being the chibi you
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No title
koopa claus
google chrome
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No title
this is ur average weab
gross and disgusting
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No title
I wasted whole Sunday playing vidya
I don't normally do this, feel bad about it
make me feel better pls
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No title
*waves at you*
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No title
pict (1757)
Whom would you touch if it were possible to do via internet connection?
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Music Thread
For both smart and dumb people
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No title
future is now
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No title
Xi Jinping sends his regards.
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No title
Why do you litter, /bant/?
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No title
Hey my grandma has given me this egg beater ¿how this shit its supposed to work? It doesn't even have a handle.
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No title
weaked bitch lies
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No title
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No title
who remembers when people responded to pinkybong
nobody do any more not even his child kidnapping partner in crime
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No title
serbian guy hemlock
>mom found the framed waifu picture
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No title
the tree shown to me outside
afther leaving /bant
by theyre fruits ya shall know them
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No title
>crush's hips touch mine
>heart rate is 200 bpm for reast of day
>don't fap
>have wet dream
ty for reading blog
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No title
It’s time for little Japanese girls
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No title
Screenshot (102)
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No title
>mfw the unnameable food is on sale
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No title
I hate this girl
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Happy day
831st Happy day
It's been some serious amount of time since last I passionately created and cared for one of these threads.
I stopped even saving posts for screencaps since around ~125 days ago and every day made me ever so more discouraged to do so, knowing how much I have to catch up with.
I could continue making these in a painfuly simplistic mode, but would it be really worth it..?
It's been literal years since any type of /bant/ spreaded OC was created here, long, long time ago since I did anything noteworthy or inspired somebody with an actual discussion. Nearly none, if any (apart of Koishi in army maybe), of past reasons for these threads to exist are compelling anymore.
> 8. Until people like it and seven days after every single of those rules die their painfully silent deaths.
Those seven days are long gone from me. Only people are left - but what do we really do here..

Bideos, bideos..

If you wanna, tomorrow's thread may happen on >>>/s4s/ so that we could commemorate the Exchange Program.
It may, or may not.
ᴹᵃʸ ᶰᵒᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰ ᵃᵗ ᵃᶫᶫ⋅⋅
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No title
Puchiko 46
How do we fix anime, r/banter?
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No title
10 dYAS tILL xMAS!
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No title
Hi fags i'm here because i have dengue fever and i don't have anything More to do. Aldo i want to remind that you are a bunch of faggots who masturbate with anime
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Simon's Quest CYOA
Simon's Quest CYOA 1 copy
I want to try this

>What is CYOA?
Choose Your Own Adventure. You tell Simon (or a different character, if the perspective shifts) what he should do next, and I'll draw it to the best of my limited ability. I'll do my best to factor in every single relevant post to the next part of the story in some way.
I will update Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 5:00 PM EST. I'll try to make Saturday be a bigger update than the weekday ones. The deadline to make a post for the next update is 5:00 AM EST Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, otherwise I won't have time to draw in all the posts.

>Be Simon
Today, you finally decided you'd had enough.

No more procrastinating. No more slogs through unbearably tedious paperwork. No more long nights down at the bar feeling sorry for yourself. The grind has beaten you and you're too burnt out to care about anything now.

You need a break. A holiday. Something to get you out of this pit and back on your feet. /bant/ will survive a few weeks without its mayor.

You've been preparing. You've saved up your money, bit by bit. You've been sober for nearly a week now. You gave your secretary some basic instructions on how to handle the place in your absence. You're not gonna worry about anything while you're gone. You WILL have fun, goddamnit!

You just have to find out where the fun is. You think you'll start by taking a look around /bant/. All that time cooped up in your office and bedroom, it's a disgrace how little you've gotten to experience the place.
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No title
flag of bant
ITT we draw the flag of /bant/
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No title
pict (1221)
Touhou is a polytheistic web religion with lots of local cults all across the boards and sites,
Isn't it?
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/bant/ makes a videogame #2
>what is this
a collaborative "game" made in RPG maker about Yonkers falling down the hole in his wall and discovering the magical island of bant, every one is free to contribute whatever they like as long as it's tangentially /bant/ related
>how can I contribute
simply draw a background, foreground , what you want your location to look like on the world map and the character you want to inhibit your submission using the handy form in the next post. you need nothing expect any image editing software, even Paint will do!
specify any dialogue or various other requests (within reason of course) and I'll add them as well

the last thread died so I made a new, better one.
webm related shows what I've been working on
any idea which charterers i should populate this bar with?
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No title
my pp in your vagina? you're a girl anon, don't lie to me (like pls, i'm desperate okay)
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No title
play hisoutensoku
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how is everyone doing today?
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No title
Guess where this kettle is going
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No title
I miss King Terry
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Day 67 of bonerbending
I can now no joke shit without peeing
I have reached levels of peen control i thought were miths,legends
But now i know
Never give up /bant/
Never give up
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No title
Is drawing really possible to anyone?

Oh fuck, look at this beatyful Draco, it would be good finish that art and look at it and say "it's my Draco, I did it".
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How to Break Pornography Addiction and Quit Masturbating
If you are like most modern men, you use masturbation and pornography less as a substitute for sex and more as a drug. Sexual stimulation to the point of ejaculation leads to a large dopamine release in the brain, in the same way that heroin leads to a dopamine release in the brain.

If you are addicted to pornography, this can be identified by a brain scan.
People who are addicted to pornography masturbate to it several times a week, if not more.

Even if you were initially to get into pornography as simply a substitute for sex, it would quickly become used as a drug, because of the addictive nature of the material, and the ease with which dopamine can be released.
Masturbation to pornography is also more stimulating than actual sex itself, due to a number of factors, including he novelty of the women, as well as the way you are able to cater the experience to your own desires.

So this needs to be understood: you need to look at it as nothing more or less than a type of drug addiction.
You are ensnared by satan himself.
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No title
gob 12.15.2019
Go/B/, GoB, ASOIAF, Game Of Throne risk thread, get in here!

'Let's forget about the show' edition
I'll cross-post on /b/ >>>/b/816290076

-OP The Reader


"When you play the Game of /B/ros...
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No title
Today they will remind themselves
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my last song
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No title
Alcohol is a ancient meme.

And don't come with the idiocy that whites resist their effect more.
Alcohol is bad and they promote it.
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No title
>21 years old
>my """beard"""
What the fuck is going on? My testosterone is normal, why is my beard not growing?
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No title
post smug animals
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No title
Why aren't you playing?
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Goverment spy tatics
I think the goverment have spy flies spying on me, and before you call me a tinfoil head hear me out. They come and go, around 6 of them in total. They never fly and they don’t move when I get close to them, at most they will WALK behind an object when I put my hand close to it. They are fully grown and never use their wings, atleast one in each room. Anyone else have similar things going on? I’m kinda spooked

>inb4 take your meds
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No title
Why are you not learing German, /pol/?
12 images | 88 replies
No title
Short hair, yay or nay?
2 images | 10 replies
Video games are... bad for us?
After ditching more than 20.000 hours of my life into video games I have come to a realization: video games are mostly a waste of our time. They are fun, yes, we can learn with them, yes and they are much better intellectually than most forms of media entertainment. But not only they steal our lives away, they are also a tool of the jew to let him brainwash us with his propaganda.

Do you think another Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci or Goethe will arise in this generation of ours if he wastes most of his precious free time, creativity and intellect solving futile scripted puzzles?
While you are playing COD and Assassins Creed, a young womb is not getting impregnated; and no one is stepping up against degeneracy and degenerates.

Make the most out of your time. Close Youtube, turn off the TV, reject generate music and movies. And as hard as it might be, stop wasting your time with video games.
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No title
reminder that jackson from yonkers a pedozoo diapershit
and a pedozoo diaperpiss
also a pedo diapershit for humans
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No title
Is she right /bant/?
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No title
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No title
Do people play tennis with one or two hands? Or how does this work? Every shot is different or can one choose? What's the difference between taking a shot with one or two hands?
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No title
oh fuck oh shit
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No title
The Jew fears this fresh cut.
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No title
boring board
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No title
fuck doge
fuck kot
post this dog
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No title
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No title
White people are a myth.
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No title
Does anyone wanna play sum OJ?
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No title
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No title
post here ur preferite ytp :)
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No title
Is it okay if im dog practice kissing with my son?
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No title
The world was cooler when guns didn't exist.
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No title
dis board be razist
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No title
post ur doges
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No title
Tiem tu brush u teef fren. Cum gid u toofbrush fren.
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No title
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No title
Anyone below me is a faggot
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No title
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No title
noooooooooo MY ID AAAAAAAAAA
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