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Welcome to /bant/
Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.
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Quarantine Reimu
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summoning france again
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GOD id get
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Do you have flags in your bedroom?
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How do i get rid of this chub? my body looks like its from a 35 year old mother and it sucks as i got a pretty decent face
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Daily reminder to respect all humans
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Balls are gonna be gargled later but other than that how’s everyone holding out?
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Let's play sports.
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Yo, murica, take your people of negroid race under control already! You are a disgrace to all whities. Shame!
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Russians are the worst posters
Sage (downvote) (dislike)
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wow look at this funy gay porn intro video LOL!
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deliver me from this fever dream
The Anons over at /x/ gave in to the nefarious temptations of a certain group of invaders and created a discord for succubus discussions. It's over, bros. The discord cabal won.
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Today on my way to work I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I’d have to say it was pretty much love at first sight for me.
She wore a strawberry red dress with a white cardigan over the top of it. And little black strap-up shoes Her tied-up grey-blonde hair shined like platinum in the sun, perfectly framing her face adorned with light sky blue eye and peach pink lips. Her frame was dainty, her build petite and her height lacking when compered to most.
It’s a shame that I never got to say a word to her and will probably never see her again but, she was in a rush to get within the gates of the primary school where it seems that she was enrolled and I had to get to work.
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Never thought of it this way
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Hello my friends
In this thread I m going to explain why Islam is True religion and should be Religion of every sane-people around the world

Ok First of all its the words of Allah and its True and there should be no doubts about that.
Secondly it is scientifically proved and you can get more information about it here or you can just search about it on internet.
And the last argument is that Allah doesn't needs you , its you need him.
So remember about Judgement Day and fear the Allah.
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built for bbc
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What is the best board i'll say /bant/ because it's just /b/ but with less porn and more interesting things
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just had to eat my own puke because i ran out of paper towels ama
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my gf Satania is very cute
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what is your name?
my name is chris
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stupid comic
tha comic
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i must murder
Why do American police officers murder people on the streets?
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I'm making a kebab ama
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Feel much better but also dumber
I cannot rember anything from uni today
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my eyes are up here, bud
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Drugs are bad. Weed makes you stink and lazy. MDMA fucks with your brain chemistry. Cocaine is fucking expensive and cut with shit most of the time. Acid/shrooms can cause permanent psychological damage. They all lead to poor decision making too and are illegal which can ruin your life.
That being said I do not trust people who "never drink". How fucking high strung are you that you'll never have a beer, a glass of wine, or a shot when celebrating? Alcohol is the white man's greatest invention.
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Study suggests link between tattoos and stupidity
>A study of 75,000 Australian men and women under forty has revealed a strong negative correlation between tattoos and a composite measure of intelligence, including IQ, general knowledge, vocabulary and empathy. The results were most marked in Caucasian men under 35, particularly those exhibiting the popular ‘southern cross’ design. For women, tattoos on the lower back (commonly referred to a ‘tramp stamps’), were most indicative of lower scores, as well as other psycho-social markers including self-esteem.

It is true /pol/?
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female sex tourism
wh*toids are mad because we fuck dem bitches
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I have an interview in 30 minutes
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Xi ushers in Ting dynasty
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He's not our hero.
He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

A dark knight.....
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Dutch anime
Saw this Dutch indie "anime" called Ongezellig and it's really good. Blows Hazbin Hotel out of the water 2bh. I know it's an indie thing but I wish they'd make more.
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i hate my life
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idk what to post so here is a shit stained dick
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Do you use coffee to boost you through the day, r_banter?
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Is high IQ good for you?
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Scrolling the katalog again? don't look any further, because this is the one and only id thread

aight le do dis
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ITT summarize a board in one image

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Refrain from loving.
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I want to smell her farts.
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Those with hair don't care.
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What's your waifu?
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Built for BBC.
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pigeon mail
When you want to send a letter via pigeon, how do you explain to the pigeon where he has to go?
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Show me your boogaloo faces
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previous thread: >>10191584

Dynamic map:
Version: java 1.15.2
IP: in the image

have fun
no niggers or trannies allowed

features: dogecoin, nigger mobs, touhou project, society, visual novel
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Cirno in a fridge.
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No title
Countdown to Cirno day r/banter
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Adult Cirno thread
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#GoBareForBLM Operation
White women post pictures of themselves completely naked, some in sexually-provocative poses, with the hashtag "#GoBareForBLM".

This trending social movement helps white women empathize with the helplessness and vulnerability black people experience on a daily basis by submitting to the helplessness and vulnerability inherent within exposing your bare body to complete strangers on the internet.

Additionally, the cruel surface-level judgments others make of these exposed women will align with the surface-level judgments made of black people living within our society - exposing the hypocrisy inherent within western society by weaponizing the privilege of these young yet courageous white women.

The more graphic and oversexualized, the more laudable and brave the white woman is for sacrificing her dignity for a cause far greater than herself.
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Meanwhile on Midwestern /k/
Forces of evil have caused the council of the Midwest to permanently expell the state of Minnesota from the Midwest, and our sub coalition, the Great Lakes States. From now on you animals will be relegated to "Great Plaines State" status until further notice. All contact between Minnesomolians and true sons of the Midwest is hereby forbidden. We will also be taking this time to reconsider the membership of the state of Missouri, who has been using its proximity to Illinois and Iowa for years as reasons for being a part of the Midwest, when everyone knows they're not.
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No title
This is what my ideal husband looks like
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The KQ: the KPOP question
Ive seen my bredrin on 4chan trying to start hashtags but have their messages get distorted by kpop.
Instead of getting frustrated let us them to our advantage.

Koreans hate dark skin which is why all the Kpopper are porcelain white.
maybe #kpopformixedrace
that sort of shit im sure you autists can figure it out
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No title
I feel superior to a lot of people here because im american
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How Do I Get Rid Of This
It Has Been Like This For 4 Years
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Built for BBC
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European Country Tier List
my-image (1)
This is objectively the best tier list
prove me
wrong tho:
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Koume (68)
What if I made all bantflags black for BLM?
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why are girls cute
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what advice can you give to someone whos about to work at the age of 25 for the first time?
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Imagine still dating white women in 2020 .. What does /pol/ think about exclusively dating asian women, and just fathering a white child externally ?
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Alps no Shoujo Heidi 91
How do we fix anime, r/banter?
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No title
Hi guys, what do you think of Poland? Honestly.
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help me out mandolino anons

It's for a greater good.
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bar face
Show me you bar face /bant/ :DDD
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Who is going to win?
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No title
Every non-2D thread is an invitation to post Suiseiseki 3D.
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Fun Not Allowed
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Weekend almost here boys
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Why are men like this?
We turned women into whores

They’re selectively bred to be horny and promiscuous.
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No title
Draw something on this in paint and then reply and then someone do the same to the reply.
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No title
Render unto kot what's kot's
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No title
y-you dont filter american posters,
d-do you?
i-i just wanna hang out with my banter frens
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>4 inch dick
Well that hurt me personally. But I'm gonna strive to better myself and try get in shape because currently am fat but I wanna go all the way with this.
Wish me luck /bant/
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Constant anal rape thread
If their reasoning is that by taking the one-in-a-billion chance of getting an STD by getting my dick sucked is actually "consent" for them to stab my penis and implant remote controllable sexual torture devices into the stab wounds (it isn't), then by that same reasoning anyone who goes outside is "consenting" to getting shot in the head five times (they aren't) because they are consenting to the possibility of getting covid. For some reason, I think the niggers at nigger club are going to be selective in their fraudulent definition of consent such that "consent" means they can do whatever they want, whenever, no matter what the circumstances, and them going outside isn't "consent" for me to shoot them in the head five times even while my asking to get my get sucked is "consent."

You know how these niggers call themselves "vampires" and then make up this shit about who it's ok to be a nigger to even when the law of the Lord say not to be a nigger? For some strange reason, I get the feeling that they don't apply these standards universally and they only do it in the way that makes the niggers in nigger club cheer for niggerdom.
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No title
Is Linkin Park part of pizza/pedo gate ? and why ?

I thought Chester got "suicided" because he was going to speak out about something along those lines
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No title
Can we (millennial age range) make immortality possible within our lifetimes? Is immortality even something to be desired? I’m not sure whether or not I enjoy the idea of death, regardless of what happens after you die.
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red pill reads!
So my normie sister in law, basically asked me to redpill her. She found the whole fentanyol Floyd episode to be insane singe they are basically give him honors that not even a soldiers. What texts would be a good starting point on this whole cultural war without frightening them by and outright intro the JQ? I've already sent here some lightweight non academic stuff by Thomas Sewell. I figured that would be a start since her interest came after seeing a Candice owens video.
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No title
Come home to find Kasey Chase giving you this look. What do you do?
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No title

help commie niggers are turning this into a commie flag
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No title
Anons please help me. Is the earth flat or what? I'm vedy on the fence with this idea.
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No title
damn... he's really gone
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No title
Any anons here come close to death before? What happened?

>working parking service at the airport
>car rental dickheads always drive like they are about to shit themselves
>they're everywhere at the airport
>im crossing a street next to the airport
>im the only person there and no other cars on the road
>car rental van comes speeding around the bend
>barrelling straight towards me
>im wearing a fucking hi-vis vest
>does this retard not see me
>right before he hits me i jump to the side and rotate in the air around the front of the van like a fucking anime character
>feel the wind from the car on my face
>driver slows down and looks out the window, i just walk away
>didn't hit me until later that night that i was seconds away from dying
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ffs /bant/, put your sweaty on my face
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No title
Fucka nigga butt
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No title
i honestly can't remember anything important from 2009-2015
its like one giant drunk dream filled with dopamine gaming and blissful ignorance
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No title
Kik me dilaola010
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No title
Post ITT if this covid thing cucked you over and extended your time to get that degree by potentially a year. pls im doing a survey
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No title
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No title
Thank Floyd it's friday
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No title
this triggers the peruvian
haha nice boat Chile
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No title
fuwa fuwa time
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No title
why isn't there Yonkers wiki yet?
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No title
Imagine you are in charge of film a snuff film and this is the girl who will be killed in it. She has volunteered to be killed of and has been looking forward to this. What do you have her do? How do you have her killed?
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last thread was really comfy
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No title
Can /bant/ fill the roster?
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No title
tony hawks underground dankboarding jump the helicopter mission hawaii level
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No title
fuckin' spooks...
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No title
You wouldn't nuke her... would you?
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No title
Can't decide, wwyd?
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No title
If I say I want to die, I am expressing myself. It is how I feel, and this is why I am doing it.
But I wonder
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No title
what's happening here
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No title
I need something from you...
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No title
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No title
raven hair
>tfw no kinda gross florida stoner gf
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No title
whats with all the 3dpd
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Whiteness explained
Curly hair is an indication of lots of protein bonds, straight hair lack of protein. Straight hair is a recessive trait caused by inbreeding of the same family genetic pool.When you have a tribe procreating within that tribe, you are inbreeding with family members. The result are Pale skin, ( Lack of Melanin) Blond hair ( Lack of Melanin) Straight hair ( Lack of Protein) Blue Eyes(Lack of Melanin). Everyone as blue underlay in their eyes it only visible when you lack melanin.The Zoos around the world creates white Lions and Tigers by inbreeding father and daughters or mother and son.

There is no such things as race, race implies competition, and when Darwin and his cousin came up with term race he was implying that there are many different species on the planet competing for dominance, the Pale tribe was winning the race. The truth is that there is only one human species on the planet. It’s a biological impossibility to have two distinct species procreate together. A dog and a cat are two different species and cannot procreate. The mere fact we can all procreate; makes it a biological fact that we are all one people.
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No title
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No title
What the fuck is wrong with Americans
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No title
Is any one else sick of seeing ellipses...? They're getting out of hand.
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No title
Any incels want to tell me why you are the way that you are?
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No title
me and my tulpa because we are based
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No title
I was sodomized
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No title
I'm a racist white incel who posts on /pol/, how do I get a black gf?
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No title
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No title
fairy butte
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No title
Why does islam exist?
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No title
Heloo bantu my mental health is very bad rn ama
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No title
Tag yourself
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