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Welcome to /bant/
Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.
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Suicide techniques, please.
If it's easy to do, I'll do it tomorrow.
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>TFW you are out of toilet paper.
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DNA Thread
Post your results Amerimutts, I dare you
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my pp hurts a lot I haven't masturbated for 3 days now and I'm a virgin what does it mean
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Where is this coming from? Multiple boards have several threads referring to white girls getting blacked, white girls you want to see getting blacked, the BBC, etc. The porn boards, /b/, and /tv/ are full of it. Either 4chan has been taken over by niggers or this is some psyop.
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thoughts on vpnfags?
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nom nom nom nom nom
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I just want 3 big titty smart wives to live with me in the woods. How can I start managing this?
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(what would you do if you saw her irl?)
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do you even know how to cook all the food youve stockpiled??
or are you one of those retards that "cooks" your food in the microwave?
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How do we make a less hateful world, /bant/?
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What kind link is this?

Here's a Zippy:

This was originally uploaded by a guy over at Spankbang, he's the one posting all the TT kinos these past few months. Give him a follow there
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okay so
since the episode is frigging hard to make, what do i do for the comic now haha
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Wallpaper Thread
Post your desktop wallpaper, r_banter.
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Holy Crap
Go outside and look at the moon right now, it's like a thousand watt globe, almost blinding. It's over.
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What phenotype (or even race) is this?
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Are women aware of how easy do they have it in the dating game and how annoying this shit (see pic related) is for all around nice guys like me who can't catch a break because they are all chasing Chads? I seriously wish I could snap her neck.
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hope the bant people aren't after me
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Roast me
Why are smoking hot girls wanting to be insulted now?

r/Roastme is like 50% 8-9/10's.

Are they not content with just blatantly showing off?
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strange patterns
Is someone able to explain why in recent days there is so many planes over Europe leaving such patterns?
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Banter? I hardly know her!
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>Stayed groceries online at 3am to get a delivery window
>Had to wait 4 days
>Supposed to arrive by noon today
>Already late
>Checked the order information to verify
>Saw that my 10 Pringles and ketchup won't be delivered because they're out of stock
I'm having a mental breakdown you guys
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Finns are Mongols
300 years ago, a German scientist named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach studied Finnish skulls.

To survive the extreme Finnish winters, Finns evolved higher cheekbones and relatively flatter faces than other Europeans.

Germans, on the other hand, have much less prominent cheekbones than Europeans.

Blumenbach concluded that Finns are not white but mongols from central asia, just simply because Finns have high cheekbones.

This faux race science was widely accepted by Germans who were jealous of Finnish cheekbones, and was adopted by Hitler as well.

Hitler classified Finland as a non-white, non-Germanic nation, but thought that Finnish cultural achievements were equal to Germanic achievements. So he considered Finland to be honorary Aryan, along with Japan.

In the early 1900s, delusional Finnish scientists started to claim that Finns are actually white, and their high cheekbones are due to Cro-magnon hunter heritage.

In the early 21st century, 4chan, a website dedicated to Christianity and Nazism, adopted Hitler's definition of race, and concluded that Finns are Mongols, not white.
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Varg is proven to be a lying hack

Archived just in case he retcons
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Heloo I only slept like 4h bc my mom is screaming for so many hours already ama
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Would this be an accurate representation?
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China will inherit the future

>Most ""advanced, powerful, #1 country"" in the world

>had weeks, months to prepare for covid 19

>now swamped in a medical disaster with numbers exceeding everywhere else

>cant even manufacture their own masks and ventilators

press S to spit on america
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I feel sorry for them.

How are they going to survive without any tourists ? They can't feed their family and children anymore.
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Trump is the Beast
Revelation 13:5-8.

“The Beast had a loudmouth, boastful and blasphemous. It could do anything it wanted for forty-two months. It was permitted to make war on God’s holy people and conquer them. It held absolute sway over all tribes and peoples, tongues and races. Everyone on earth whose name was not written from the world’s foundation in the slaughtered Lamb’s Book of Life will worship the Beast.”

July 2020 - 42 Months
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Screenshot_2020-02-26 INSERT1 jpg (JPEG Image, 2007 × 1500 pixels) - Scaled (48%)
Are you wearing a mask when you go outside?
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>you start ranting about the Jews in public and she gives you this look

What will you do?
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>Castlevania Rondo of Blood OST - Bloody Tears
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Do all women have perfect lives?
literally all they have to do is stay in shape, and they can be a millionaire by the time they are 30. why is life so unfair?
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No title
>British heist film.
>Theres always a bald, fat guy.
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lulului (1)
My God, I thank thee, who hast made the earth so bright,
So full of splendour and of joy, beauty and light;
So many glorious things are here, noble and right.
I thank thee, Lord, that thou hast made joy to abound,
So many gentle thoughts and deeds circling us round,
That in the darkest spot of earth some love is found.
I thank thee too that often joy is touched with pain.
That shadows fall on brightest hours, that thorns remain,
So that earth’s bliss may be our guide, and not our chain.
I thank thee, Lord, that thou hast kept the best in store:
We have enough, yet not too much to long for more –
a yearning for a deeper peace not known before.
I thank thee, Lord, that here our lives though amply blest,
Can never find, although they seek, a perfect rest,
Nor ever shall, until we lean on Jesu’s breast.
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Sakuya Inaba is best touhou
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File related is a truthful and accurate caricature of what hides behind the following flags:
- Spain
- Germany
- Russia
- Australia
- Poland
- Canada
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traditional female roles have been destroyed by capitalism, not feminism.

women of childbearing age don't feel like they can secure food shelter or safety appropriate for a child without a job, and working full time prevents childbearing. people who claim too many women in the workforce is caused by feminism live in fairy tale land where the rent is free. what percentage of millennial households can honestly live off the income of one single person working one full time job? its not because women are oppressing men, its not men oppressing women, its because most people are oppressively fucking poor, living hand to mouth at a job that can't be relied on to exist in the future. and modern marriages are less reliable than that. sure women want to start families, but at the same time they also want to know food is going to be on the table 9, 12, 18 months from now to feed these children, and in modern america she doesn't know what will disappear first, the relationship she relies on or the job he relies on. so she gets a job.
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No title
I should warn you, I do shitpost on 4chan.
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No title
icucks destroyed
Leafy the new King
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No title
How can white bread incels compete with chad whole grain brown bread bvlls?
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fav vst synths:
korg M1
korg ms80
yamaha dx7/Dexed
arturia jupiter v8
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Roll Thread
what's her reaction to your penis size?
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No title
All women hit the wall at age 13 at the very latest.
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Racists BTFO
I'm brown & my parents are from Azerbaijan and no I will not "go back", I was born & raised in this country.
I know nothing about Azerbaijan, I don't know Azerbaijani language. Other brown people will not "go back" either. If you want to save your country get rid of corruption & bring back anti miscegenation laws. You cant expect us to leave, all we know is Russia and it's your fault for letting our parents give birth to us here.

I have a harem of blonde Russian chicks craving for muh dick (also can't believe how many Slavic girls like licking my Turkic asshole, it's glorious!). I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
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No title
How do I become a schizo? It sounds fun.
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GOD id get
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Child RESCUE General 4: Shills Have Arrived
TommyG Michigan Internet down
Parts of Michigan's internet is DOWN

Previous Threads

*Colombia Thread. >>251999613

* Trump Saving 3000 "Puppies and Dogs" >>251964039
We discovered the source if that camo solder on top of the Mercy with jamming equipment.

* Child Trafficking General 3 >>251967104

* Venezuela Thread >>251964039

* It's Happening Thread: >>251725219

* Child trafficking General 2 >>251906682

* Child trafficking General(deleted) but I have pdf. >>251779105

* They are saving the children. >>251821536

* Internet Shutdown >>251411584

* Videos of the Children Thread >>251890009
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No title
>redditors, I can't have the sex
What do?
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No title
the id...
it must be mine
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/bant/craft - fuck shockbyte and moved to new hostedition
Java Version 1.15.2
Dynmap is same ip but type :8123 after the ip in the browser

We left the old host because their storage crashed and corrupted a bunch of files. New host runs on gentoo now and we have a website now. We added bantcraft 3 and bantcraft 4 world file. However bantcraft 4 has some structures missing because we merged a really old backup and worlddownloader when the server shut down.

Notable Plugins: BetterSleeping, Brewery, dynmap, Essentials, Greentexting, HeadDatabase, Hugs, ImageOnMap, Lands, mcMMO, OhTheDungeonsYouWillGo, Shopkeepers, UltimateTimber

We use lands to prevent griefing.
To create your own land type /l create <land name>.
You can have 2 lands and be part of maximum 10 lands.
To claim territory to your land move to an unclaimed chunk and type /l claim
You can also use a worledit style selection to claim lands by using /l selection then you select the area and type /l claim
You can change various settings regarding your land by typing /l
You can also teleport to other people's lands if it is allowed by typing /l spawn <land name>
To teleport back to your own land type /l spawn

We have several new type of dungeons made by a plugin where you can find nice stuffs and dogecoins

We use dogecoins which you can use to buy anime tiddymaps (or whatever image) or anything you find in the shop.
Shop is at the new world's spawn or /warp youmu
You can get dogecoins by looting doomlike dungeons, rougleike dungeons, vanilla dungeons, burried treasures and mansions
9 Dogenugget = 1 Dogecoin
9 Dogecoin = 1 Dogebrick

Here is a tutorial I how to make your own shopkeeper:

We have /bant/rooms (backrooms) as jail for niggers and shcizos where they can wonder endlessly forever.

Custom monsters: Nigger, Doge
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Just a little over 24 hours ago, I was In Transit from The Brooks Range to Anchorage.
Just South of Houston Ak on The Parks Highway, I was nearly blown of the road by a C5M at Mach 75 On The Deck. I was on a curve at speed myself, the snow deep and the ice thick. It was dark and foggy, but I assure you I had no trouble identifying the aircraft.
I regained control of the rig and pulled over to make some yellow snow.
As soon as I exited the vehicle, 4 more Galaxies blasted over.
When I told you Helzapoppin' in the last thread, it wasn't lip service.
I can now tell you what Happened, as most of our Diolomatic Staff and Families from Iraq and a couple of surrounding localities are now Safe.
We Mass Evacuated all Diolomatic Staff from Iraq, as there are Catastroohic Event within Iran which are currently Classified.
What I CAN tell you, is that Iran has just deployed Hoveyzeh Cruise Missiles to QESHM ISLAND. THESE MISSILES HAVE INERTIAL SATTELITE GUIDANCE and have a range of 1,350 kilometers.
This is not the only Deployment within the last 72 Hours ,but clearly delineates the Brevity of the situation, which is deteriorating rapidly.
I can assure you there are Forces in control in some areas of Iran which fully intend to shoot down an American Aircraft with American Service Personell on board.
There is No Time to be cryptic.
Nuclear possesion with delivery capacity to Tel Aviv has been Confirmed by reliable sources.
American and Israeli F35 Squadrons
are In The Air.
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No title
today i bought DMT
And it was wonderful, I saw my wife Koishi, we had a good time together, she took care of me and complimented me, after some time we had sex. Then we played 2hu together using my brain, she defeated me in PoFV
then she disappeared and I started to cry, I was very upset when she disappeared
I hope my boss will give me a salary soon and I will see her again
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No title
lolemao what an idiot
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No title
>Well, Anon? They're not going to lick themselves.
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How do I stop being a cuck?
First off I want to present the method which cured futa addiction for me.
About 3 months ago I started working out hard 5 times a week for 2 hours. Eat 4000kcal including 2.2 pounds of meat a day.

This made me go from 130lbs to 200!

I also picked up kickboxing and wrestling a short time ago.

All this nullified my attraction to futa and traps.

However I still can't shake being a cuck. I keep thinking about how my gf cheated on me 2 years ago and what she's doing with her new bf.
Whenever I think about girls, I also think about being cucked.
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I'm back yaaay edition
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No title
Chibiusa 79
How do we fix anime, r/banter?
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No title
> you're drunk at the pub and this jewess says
"hey sexy goyim, what if we go to my apartment"

What is your answer
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No title
You can't Chiruno...
What you Chirudon'tno!
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No title
My dream has finally come tru
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No title
>tfw no bf
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/dug/ - Deep Underground General #8 - Supersonic Maglev Edition


Over the course of the past 6 General Threads, Many /pol/ users have come to the agreements that there is a larger conspiracy at play regarding Covid19/shelter-in-place orders, Missing 411/human trafficking, the deep state, and Pizzagate. This thread will serve as forum for data dumping, discussion, and brainstorming over our findings so far. As much as anything posted on this board “could be nothing”, the circumstantial evidence we uncover continues to suggest otherwise.

Quick Rundown:

>Covid19 hospitals are seemingly empty
>yet Trump mobilized two hospital ships on each coast to take on extra “load”
>evidence suggests deep underground military bases exist stretching across most of United States, if not other parts of the world.
>known DUMBs coincide with trafficking routes and national park disappearances
>power outages and earthquakes coincide with locations of DUMBs
>belief is that earthquakes show that these DUMBs are being closed up or destroyed by Marine Force Recon
>belief is that these DUMBs are being used by deep state factions of the government to house and trafficking sex slaves on industrial scale
>field hospitals and the few images from inside US hospitals suggest that patients are being treated for trauma and starvation, not for coronavirus.
>this suggests that covid19 setups and shelter in place orders are actually for the military to carry out this operation and thousands of kids are being pulled from underground.

We cannot allow this thread to slide, this is the most relevant post you will see on /pol/ today amidst repetitive racebaiting and drumpfposting.
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What's happening tomorrow?
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No title
they are frens
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Rent is past due
14 of my 22 tenants are refusing to pay rent. I still have to make mortgage payments by Monday. This isn’t right. I am a human being that worked hard and bought rental properties so I could comfortably retire and tend to my passions. Now I could potentially lose my life’s work because of slackers who live hand to mouth and refuse to have emergency funds like responsible members of society. I have a family to feed to, why shouldn’t I get paid? Why should I subsidise other people’s shelter from my own pocket? When are property owners getting OUR bailout? It's NOT fair

I have enough emergency funds to cover five maybe six tenants not paying their rent but 14? 14! Why should I wipe out MY savings over this? Landlords are entitled to a larger check for EACH MONTH of the shutdown.
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No title
Redpill me on adrenochrome? Why is it harvested only from kids blood? Why not adults, they produce adrenaline too
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No title
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No title
Confess your sins
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Q boards are down!!
Q research board on 8kun is fucked and broken. Are we under attack? Any 8kun anons here too?
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What is your today weather condition?
here is seoul. korea
today daytime temperature is no higher than 15 celsius degrees and Now on it goes under a zero temperature as today weather news forecasts it.

it feels like weather goes back to winter season.
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No title
agenda burnination
Are you okay with Agenda 21, Eurobros?
My rural home is all but dead. No business. No public transport. No anything. Roads are being maintained privately but that will come to an end eventually. I don't like it. At all.
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No title
Why do I still use this website? Curiosity? The desire to troll? Self-destructive behavior? Masochism?

Whatever the case, I'ma try to quit cold Turkey on this website. And I'd recommend you to do the same if you value your mental health, Reddit's unironically better than this place. See ya never, fags.
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No title
Why isnt anyone talking about the link between adrenochrome and how chinks cool their food live to produce adrenaline to make their dicks work better?
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No title
anime girl flying
hello ground control, this is air-/bant/
requesting permission to land :^)
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No title
Pleasure begins in restlessness of desire and ends in repentance.
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No title
stop it
Okay /bant/, this is fucking enough
You may know me as reportfagging kraut, dude who drew a bunch of burdo oc, muttposter, bigbangtheoryfan1995 and many more, which hopefully noone was able to connect, but now i dont give a shit anymore.. Ive been here since day 1 and Im leaving forever - blogpost, yes, but who gives a shit, this probably increases the board quality given that its dropped as low as touhouposters IQs in the second half of /bant/s existence.
Like you were able to have actual discussions here, threads that got to 50-100 replies with actual written sentences about various topics, now all you get is around 5 spam posts from children that got here from /r/4chan and social media meme pages trying hard to be funny and maybe 1 genuine reply if youre lucky.
It seems that except for these children and a bunch of neets that post anime everywhere 24/7 because they have no social life or roleplay as homosexuals because their endless virginity makes them really desperate.
The worst people are especially americans, scandinavians, spanish, other germans, all asians except for emirates, japan, tunisia, india and turkey.
Its a shame how everything turned out because this was a real fun place in the beginning, but pathetic neets and children always ruin everything online

If someone knows where all the good posters went id be glad to know

Fuck you to everyone at fault for this and goodbye
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No title
i hate my life
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No title
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No title
How do I get a qt white wife /pol/?
Preferably a redhead but blondes and brunettes are fine too.
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No title
I fucking love this corona shit
>Borders severely controlled
>NEET preppers living the dream
>Normies going insane from a taste of the lifestyle of isolation
>Boomer fucks dropping like flies
>no signs of flatting the curve yet
>Chink hate going mainstream for their gross eating habits and animal abusing
>Democrats showing their true colors as the opportunist rats they are
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No title
Brown/black men of the world please come to Denmark and fuck our women!
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No title
>wake up
>"get up anon! This is your new battle buddy!"
Say something nice about her, anon
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No title
>barneyfags, this is your mindset
5 images | 14 replies
No coffee = swedish race war
>Online studies during corona pandemic
>Taking a break, reading through Sweden's and the world's degeneracy going on today.
>Sneaking for a quick snack in the kitchen
>Sees 1/2 german father sitting with a giant egg sandwich, consuming it like a true troglodyte
>Asks him about how'd one could "redpill" Sweden towards something similar like Norway or Denmark at the very least
>"You can't redpill Sweden today, but you can trigger them into finding that road."
>"No coffee imports. If it somehow could be blamed on the immigration, the altruism would cease to be. Even faster than this sandwich."

He worked at a laboratory 15 minutes away from our home before retiring, making new types of wood stains. Often having to discuss with the factory workers on changes, fucked up safety measures etc. During lunch breaks, all employees (HR, lab coats, blue-collars, bosses) sat with eachother. It was like a glorious 4Chan shipost IRL 5 times a week. One thing everyone agreed though when it came to reducing costs. If the coffee and other "necessities" goes away, no one will work. Nothing will get done, and someone will have to take the blame. They're looking for blood. Same rule applied when I worked at a brewery.
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No title
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No title
janny team task force assemble for operation banny the tranny
2 images | 3 replies
No title
Meanwhile, at the /bant/ mansion...
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Will Corona eventually cause the thotpocalypse and thots necking themselves in large numbers?
34 images | 209 replies
Modern dating amirite?
Anyone else deliberately fuck up their chances with women ahead of time because you know they're not going to be interested in you?
5 images | 15 replies
No title
How do I leave my basement and save the white race? I'm still a virgin. Not a fucking larp. I would love a white family. I have a college degree but steal feel dumb as fuck. Make $50000 a year and live at home still.
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No title
Just killed a thread
0 images | 1 replies
No title
why green boy kill dog
0 images | 0 replies
No title
answer this thread or you're mom will die tonight
9 images | 17 replies
/DGT/ Demon General Thread
̷̛̗̮̮̪̯̗̿̔͘ ̸̡̨͙͙̜͚̖̳̫̈́͒̃͐ ̵̝̗̳̠̩͉͑͊̍̋͛̀͛́̉͂̀ͅ ̶͚̤͙̩̀̀̋̈̽̾̏̂͊̕ ̶̨̛̫̺͋͑̾̑̀̊ ̶͈̙̳͓͚̰͚͙̠̯͑̍̀̏̋͐̍͗͠͝ͅ ̶͙͙̫̼̤̣͊̾̈́͒̐̔̇̀ ̵̧̛̺͇̜͔̼͖͉͓̬̾̀̐̒̏̇̇̓̚͜͠͠ ̸̨̧͍̺̟̫̳͇͚̖͖̆̀̑̍̈́̃͆́͠͝ͅ ̴̡̨̻̬͈̥͖̗̠̄̇̈́̍̒̓͜ ̷͖̞̰͖̔̓̈́̌̉͂̊̈́͝͠ ̷͉̣̹̌̂͆͌͑̚ ̴͕̿̃̔̏̍͌͘̕ ̵̢̟͕̖̭͈͂̑̉̓́̽̾͝ ̸̨͉̦̞͕̹̄ ̶̫̈́̒͊̐ ̶̮̩̟̗̘̠̳̇̆͠ͅ ̶͍̮̥̈́͋̌̾̇͠ ̷̧̬̉̍ ̶̛̯̏͛̔̎͌̓͂̏̒
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No title
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No title
my gf Satania is very cute
1 images | 2 replies
Has there ever been such a MOG in recent times or in history? Croatian soldiers on the left, Italian on the right. What was the reaction in Italians when you saw this picture? What was the reaction of Italian women?
1 images | 3 replies
No title
wolfgang > catgirls
1 images | 5 replies
Eesti here
How's it going pals it's pretty lonely in here during the quarantine.
7 images | 14 replies
images (31)
It's been one week, one fucking week, of forced isolation and I'm at my limit. I need human interaction, and I've had none other than my family members. Social media doesn't cut it for me, I dunno why but it doesn't and I still crave the human interaction. I've got people to talk to online, but without their actual presence I'm still so lonely. Can't even see my girlfriend, or anyone for that matter, for 3-6 months.

How do you neets go weeks on end without interacting with anyone?
38 images | 210 replies
No title
What is your excuse for being an American?
18 images | 76 replies
No title
Where the FUCK can you buy hand sanitizer and masks? Sanitizer is always sold out and stores don’t even carry masks anymore.

You can’t order online, either. WTF? Do chinks keep cleaning them out?
26 images | 188 replies
Why would she do this? :((((
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No title
You know what /pol/, I wanted to create this thread to target these speed demons that believe there is such a thing as a "fast lane".

Listen, bud, I drive in the left lane because it makes me feel more comfortable. You come flying up on my ass, I'm just going to tap the breaks a little bit to teach you a lesson. I drive the speed limit, there is literally no reason for you to be so close to me I can't see your headlights in my rearview mirror.

I know a lot of you younger guys like to sleep in until the last minute possible, but why don't you try being a responsible adult? That means leaving for work 10 minutes early so you don't feel the need to break the law by driving too fast on the interstate.

My dad taught me to drive with a cup of hot coffee on the dashboard. There is no reason for that cup to spill. I drive safe and within the speedlimit set forth by the state. You guys need to grow up and realize not everything is handed to you.

So no, I'm not getting out of the left lane. That lane wasn't put there for you to break the law by speeding. Grow up. Keep testing me son, I just might use my breaks a bit more haha
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No title
my ideal husband
This is my ideal husband.
0 images | 4 replies
What the FUCK
I was jerking off with my door unlocked.
Usually people barge in here. Good fucking thing I noticed in time, holy shit.
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No title
yunyun is the queen of /bant/
20 images | 29 replies
Attraction in art vs attraction in reality
At home, I spend time surreptitiously reading erotic literature in the form of short stories and exploring my sexuality in the form of art (both traditional and photographic) but when I encounter someone (male or female) I would otherwise consider attractive in these contexts, it simply does not occur to me to engage in any meaningful discourse on the topic or even to consider them any different to anyone else until later in the day.
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Christianity thread
Cross and Bible
I'm going to show you all how to get saved and gain entrance into heaven, but first to preface:

The state of the world as it is now is very bad - We live in the most anti-God society in all human history.

Most people will unfortunately not heed this message, but it's most important that you do to get saved.

What does it mean to be saved? Summary version is to acknowledge that you're a sinner; therefore, you're condemned to go to hell and nothing you can do with your own ability can get you out of it. BUUUT, God loves us so much that he made it simple to not go to hell - Because he sent Jesus Christ (The Son of God and God in the flesh) to sacrifice himself and take upon all the sins of the world and pay for our sins.

All YOU have to do is to believe in him as your savior - Place ALL your faith (Yes, ALL) in Jesus Christ and you will go to heaven.

Check out any of these videos for details and get saved:
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spreading the virus
My allmighty comrades, i live in estonia, and some retards are trying to organize a contest where they "dance to fight the virus" since that is truly wrong info and we are the protectors of human kind i believe we must fight against it and mass dislike these videos and leave comments telling them that this is shit, be shure to go and dislike all videos that start with "Battle the Virus" and include dancing. the link for this one is
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there are words that were rounding my mind all my life, maybe is for something, I don't know if i would like that
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So, logically
bad poo
Passion + ___ = Love

Love - Passion = Dullness


Passion + Dullness = Love
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how do you cope
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lets fabricate a bed crisis!!!!!!!
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w-would you?
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Why are Women so Obsessed with their Bodies?
I work in healthcare (and am thus surrounded by women constantly) and all they ever talk about is their various bodily functions.

>"I am SO cold!"
>"I feel so bloated today"
>"I'm hungry!"
>"I'm so tired!"
>"My body MY choice"
>"I'm on my period!"
>"I need to lose weight!"

It never fucking stops. For me, my physical body has always been a tool of function rather than something that I spend 99% of my life worrying about. Sure, I try to take care of myself with regular exercise and decent diet, but that's pretty much the extent of it. Women can't go 5 minutes without announcing to the world in which her physical form is not in perfect homeostasis. It's infuriating.

Are women incapable of formulating organic ideas and having discussions that aren't directly related to what they are feeling at that specific moment in time? When I'm talking with my male friends, we discuss politics, hobbies, economics, philosophy, and how things work. I've never ONCE had anything similar with a woman.

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I miss being happy, I'm 25 with dreams of being big and successful and I basically suck at life. I'm working at a dead end job not within my field and im hoping for a windfall.
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Green eyes master-race
You should all just bow down rn. If you dont have green eyes you are not even worthy of my response
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I want (you) to click on the feedback button and to make a board suggestion. I want (you) to suggest for all threads in /bant/ to be autosaged. It is both a good thing for this board's health and for the mods' laziness. I want (you) to check out the /qa/ sticky and to join the mods' IRC. I want (you) to ask in the IRC to add the permanent autosage feature. I am fairly certain the entirety of r/banter wants this feature and I know we've been wanting it for years now. I will keep making this thread until our voices get heard at least once.
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kpop general #2156
idols who definitely have the corona virus edition
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The virus isn't just killing fat old boomers. No one is recovering. It hides in your nervous system and reemerges again when your immune system lets up. It does this again and again, wearing you down and scarring your lungs each time. That's why people are being released only to die later after being "reinfected".

WE ARE ALL FUCKED, do you understand? If you catch this virus you are absolutely fucked.

WHO does not include "recovered" in their reports, poorly defined

New: "Recovered" drops dead, surge of reinfections

28-Feb: Israeli "recovered" case tests positive again

28-Feb: South Korea "recovered" case reinfected

27-Feb: Xuzhou first case reinfected weeks after "recovery"

27-Feb: "Recovered" in Japan sick again: reinfected or dormant

26-Feb: 14% of "recovered" in Guangdong test positive again

21-Feb: Patient reinfects himself after "recovery"

19-Feb: "There is a likelihood of relapse", expert says

14-Feb: Reinfection possible and even deadlier

31-Jan: Patients can get reinfected, no immunity after "recovery"

Virus hides in neurons, indefinitely escapes recognition

Virus invades nervous systems

17-Mar: Italy first case tests positive again after "recovery"

14-Mar: Cruise ship "recovered" case reinfected in Japan
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post akari or gtfo bant
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I though italy was cool
I just checked the number and average salary in Rome is like 1.4k euros a month.

Whats wrong with you people ? I though u all drive ferraris and fuck crazy beautifull chicks like in a ferrari ad.
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Uh oh, citizen! It would appear that your social karma score has dropped a wee bit below the acceptable threshold, wouldn't it?
Careful now, or we might have to... Prevent you from having such opinions...
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So even replying to a shitpost can get you banned now.
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i pud finger in yor but
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Why are men more effected by the corona virus?
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middle finger
middle finger
how does this image make you feel
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How do I stop my threads on /pol/ from being archived?
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