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TRANSLATION: the rumors of britney being addicted to sex with strangers are true and this is the only thing her family was able to do to contain her.
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wwyd to my tits, /b/?
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Would you live like this for $1,000,000,000?

I’ve been made an offer and I can’t decide.

They said they’d freeze my sperm beforehand.
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Clothed pics of girls you have nudes of
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Social / WWYD - Dangerous Magic Act Edition.

show me what you got.
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imagine a kirby game what a laugh
Hunger Games
First 24, please
First code accepted
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Daily Most Enjoyable Berserk Thread

Come on in and read some chapters with us all!
It's not porn, but it's still pretty good.
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How do you even use Twitter?
I tried getting on there, tried DM'ing people, tried posting, but nothing is working.
The best thing I can do is just look at cringe tweets and get bored in 5 seconds.

I mean, I browse reddit more than I browse twitter because it's at least half interesting.
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So when did you realize the primary purpose of the left is to push corporate propaganda while performatively whining about corporate power?
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Fat people are beautiful. For years, society has told me to be ashamed of who I am, but I met with some amazing people on Tiktok and Twitter who told me that being fat isn’t

1. unhealthy
3. Unattractive
4. Doesn’t change who you are on the outside.

These people call themselves “HAES” or “Fat Acceptance” and I learned so much from them, including studies that show doctors are wrong about fat people and that we live much healthier lives then they say, HAES has also encouraged me to gain weight as well.

Thank you HAES, I’ve never been happier.
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Tittyshopper VI. read the rules edition.
Some rules though cos some cunt always spoils it:
1 pics without a description of who it is and age will be skipped. no exceptions.
2 don't be a greedy cunt, one pic each. Unless I specifically ask for another picture don't post same girl twice, I will ignore second pics.
3 manage your expectations. sometime it's good sometimes it's not. if it's shit laugh it off, don't be a cunt and complain
4 incase it's not fucking obvious higher quality pics work best. grainy pics look shit, small distant pics looks shit. tongues out, eyes closed and face covered don't work well, especially the last one.
5 say titty please so I know you have read and understood the rules. posts without titty please at the end will be ignored.
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New /g/fur thread, last one out of images
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The Left now idolizes drug addicts and violent felons.
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Her: careful anon, it's my first time
Also her: pic related
>why even live?
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Show me your dubs
singles can rot in hell
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Watch thread. Why are you poor? Addition.
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YLYL no /pol/ edition
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What explains the rapid rise of these kinds of "men" ever since the 2000s ended?
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Can some old fags post some good movies from the 80s and 90s?
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Dubs decide what i do with it
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Natalie Portman liked this
I just watched Inglorious Basterds for the first time.

The Bear Jew scene was just too brutal. The German guy was already surrendered on his knees. Did the Jew really have to bash his head in like that? And did they really have to show it?
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>Loser who hangs around college campuses picking on freshmen gets in to deep with Ethan and bitches out

Why does the right love to idolize such cowards?
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Drawthread: Scheming Xeno Edition
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Stand down white boy.

If whites are the superior race then how do you explain this picture?
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currently in prison with a smuggled phone


pic unrelated
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We should make the belief in any religion illegal.
Society would be so much better.
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Perfect pussy thread
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ITT: Post suicides and other depressing pics/videos.
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BBW Thread version 3.2
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Whats your secrets b?
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how was your day, /b/?
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Bout to carve some designs in my NAZI Mauser
Was gonna do some swastikas and my initials but I'm open to suggestions.
Got any idea's /b/?
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u gonna eat sum pooooooooooop?
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The government assassinated a King again.
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Cat thread
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Jo buds/jerking buddies thread! Post porn and drop your info so we can all meet fellow buds! My snap is @jobuddz
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Dick rate thread

Let's rate each others dicks.
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whatever you don't come to this board /b/ you've been warned
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Shouldn’t Share
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Yaoi shota thread, come here for the better shota thread
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you're taking a walk in the countryside when you come accross this sleeping girl scout. Do you
a) maybe she's knocked out, perform CPR
b) draw a moustache on her face
c) call for help
d) tiptoe softly past her
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I need a BBC <3
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Does /b/ prefer a round or square shovel?
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Risk 2
Hey guys, anyone wanna play 4chan risk?
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why am I so obsessed with the idea of a fat girl taking advantage of me
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Kik thread

Kik: ittybittybabes
Looking to trade taboo with people
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rate my new tattoo
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I caught a flonder frens
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Alright faggots let's do this right
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Who's drinking tonight?
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Loli thread
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Christians: how do you explain land animals crossing oceans to board Noah's magic zoo boat?
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does anyone still have that green text of that dude who races his girlfriend to college after telling her goodbye from home and made her freak the fuck out?

can't find it

also greentext thread i guess
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what motivates you anon ?
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Loli thread
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Share those skinny chicks with perfect tits!
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>be me
>6'2", 230lbs
>pretty bulky

all i want is some small girl and make me the small spoon, am I gay?
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>be me
>lonely because I can't be bothered to socialize
>look for others to wallow in self-pity
>find neat server, join
>only 4 or so people active, fuck
>actually all really cool people
>watch a movie, play games and talk
>shy brazilian girl is shy
>talk to her more, she starts shitposting and referencing old memes
>hit it off more, she starts flirting(?)
>talk to these people for a couple weeks, flirting never ends
>talk more to brazil girl, find out she's got some kinda condition, has to stay inside or she'll get sick easy
>flirting continues, making jokes about how I'll go to brazil for vacation
>she says she'll let me fuck her if I do
guys I'm going to brazil to get some cripple girl pussy
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Souldnt share
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; ;
Twice thread!
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Asian Grad Girls! Let's JO to some Asians in their Graduation Day Best!
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>be me, meet big titty goth girl
>go on a couple dates
>it goes well
>on the third date she casually mentions she wants to wait 3-6 months for sex
>bitch what

What should I do?
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kill lgbt
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>roommates are a bunch of foo-foo faggot feely morons that want to suck each other's dicks all the time
>i just want to be able to cook without there being a mess in the kitchen every day
>have a """mediation""" appointment tomorrow with these fuckheads

What's the best way to call people out on being snot nosed little irresponsible tiny children without outright calling them useless snot nosed children?
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Waifu Cream Puffs
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Did he deserve it?

>mcafee antivirus
>wanted on tax evasion
>hung self in spanish jail cell when extradition to us was cleared
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Merry Christmas, /b/!
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! Mandate for Palestine (legal instrument)
Just a reminder: Though not all Jews are Zionists (like ' White supremacists,' but for Jews and 150% more loathsome), NOT ALL Zionists are Jews. There are fundamentalist "Christian Zionists" as well, but the only ones who truly profit from ZIONISM and the false designation of "antisemitism" and it being an exclusively "anti-Jewish" falsehood are Jewish Zionists

This misrepresentation is one Zionists use vehemently in the effort to brand a person "antisemetic" (another misappropriated term that Zionists, who are actually the most "antisemetic people on Earth, pull frequently out of their 'bag of tricks') when defending/shielding the terrorist state of Israel for their numerous war crimes and atrocities, or state and U.S. SANCTIONED APARTHEID for one example.

As far back as the early 1900s (and much earlier) the World recognized that JEWISH Zionists FULLY CONTROL THE U.S. which is why the totalitarian state of Israel even exists.

In order to entice the U.S. to come to their aid during their campaign against the remnants of the Ottoman empire and effort to secure the region (and its wealth) known as the Middle East, the ruling powers in the U.K. offered U.S. Zionists the area now known as "Israel" (which was actually PALESTINE, but to this day lying Zionists deny ever existed).

Your great grand father probably died for Israel and if you, or your relatives, or friends have fought in the wars in Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere in the Middle East, you/they have fought and possibly died for Israel and the Zionists as well.

So, next time the Zionists call you to be Israel's bitch (like Trump, Biden and the majority of U.S. presidents have been through the history of this country) ask yourselves this,

"What exactly has Israel, or the controlling world Zionists, ever done for me, my nation, or the world, aside from sacrificing non Zionists for it's own personal interests?"
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yummy corn
It's that thread again. Tell me your revolting perverted sexual fantasy. You know, that really darkly sick and twisted one that you wouldn't dare tell your therapist.
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Clayton ray huff aka dreamwastaken?
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I'm from South America and in my mid 20s. My heart says I should go to Western Europe but my pocket says I should go to the US. It's still over a year before I should take a decision, so far both have strengths and weaknesses.

Where do you think I should go, /b/?
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Too obese for respect ?
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Fl thread
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Family Fap Thread. Post pics of your relatives you jerk off to
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show me proof of God, /b/
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No Feet thread?
I'll start
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gentlemen, Gabbie Hanna has an onlyfans

also, youtubers you'd fuck
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Cosmic Pepe
what does a blowjob feel like
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Northeast PA Socials/shares

570 in particular, I'm still waiting for the day I can recognize a girl on here
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*blocks your path*

wat do???
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girls that sucked your dick
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i just.....
i can't.
the f*cking racism here.
you people are ill
literally shaking right now.....
wow.....just. just wow. literally unbelievable.
ill never understand
it feels like
after the past 2 days i have been here it just seems to get worst and worst.....
blatant racism
child porn spam
animal abuse
anti semitism
holocaust denial
anti feminism
woman hating
fat shaming
animal abuse
free watches
the list goes on and on.......
the n word literally hurled around like it was a casual insult......
are there even moderators to control this insane place??!!!
disgusting.....are you even "humans"? or just jaded pieces of SH*T??!!
i see why you people are callled the sewer of the internet..
you, people like you.... hate you! from the deepest part of my heart... i hate you more than I could hate anything else
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Yo mama on so much crack the bitch look like she survived Auschwitz
Yo mama so black she look like she ain't survived Auschwitz
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Random gifs, webms, and images.
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I'm 33 and I'm in love with 17 year old Avril Lavigne. How do I cope with the fact that I will never meet anyone even remotely like her, because girls don't dress or act like that anymore?
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Even cock
Odd ass
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There are only 2 types of people I like to see in skimpy outfits.

Women and Rhodesians.
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Hot UK Girls
UK girl thread
38 images | 73 replies
No title
Pa thread. 724 here
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Just a reminder and/or some info on the term "Antisemitism"

"Antisemitism" is a divisive and manipulate word, primarily used by 'Jew' Zionists and sympathizers of the terrorist state of Israel in order to deflect any negative criticism, or stop an argument dead in its tracks.

People need to be aware and remember that a Semite is NOT a classification, or designation of a religion, or even race. It is a REGIONAL indicator of people who live in a region which primarily consists of "The Middle East" and its surrounding areas.

By this true definition the most PROVEN and verifiable “antisemitic” people on the face of the Earth (by number of killings in the 2014 massacre on Gaza by Israeli forces that left over 2300 Palestinians, mostly civilians; 575 of which were children, dead, alone) are those who call themselves Israeli, Zionist, or Jews who support the policies of genocidal murder of non Jewish peoples, in the region of the "Middle East" or any place in the world.

(pic related: Its not only Palestinians being silenced. See what happens on your social media if you post even civilized criticism of the country that actually controls our Zionist puppet politicians)
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Shitposting aside, i actually love black women
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Fallen pornstars
13 images | 60 replies
No title
Within Cels Interlinked
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No title
anyone else a 'alcoholic' or close to being one?
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No title
Ass thread

Roll and post butts
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No title
It's time for the official Tranny/Trap/Trans/Sissy/boi/Cuck mental illness hate thread, anything goes.

Edition - 193
'Rent free' / 'Obsessed' counter - 37
'Just come out' / 'Closet faggot' counter - 16
'Virgin' / 'Incel' counter - 6
'/pol/tard' counter - 8

Let's increase that 60% /b/ros.
Previous thread >>857464324
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So what did this nerd do exactly? He wasn't an inventor. He couldn't program. He didn't know anything about art or design. He had really basic, obvious ideas and had other people do it for him. The DJ Khaled of the tech world.
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No title
Is my sister a slut?
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No title
Name one leftist that isn't retarded.
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No title
I have a message for you, anon
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>WE SAVED HIM! Yes! We did it team! We can keep him alive for decades! Sure he has no legs, no penis, no bottom half at all in fact, he'll never do anything sexual again. He'll never have children. He has no right arm, has to eject bodily waste into a bag for the rest of his life, can't work a job ever again, can't do anything physical ever again, will have a very difficult time playing video games or operating a computer, he will need a care taker for the rest of his life, will be a drain on society, a depressing burden on his family, and will ptobably begin to mentally deteriorate and suffer once reality sets in that this will be the rest of his life until he dies, but that's okay, because we saved him. If this happened to an animal like a dog or a cat we'd put the animal down to end its suffering out of the kindness of our hearts, but not here, here, we saved him and he can live and live and live and if he ever tries to commit suicide we will easily put him on 24/7 Suicide watch to ensure he can live out his life to the fullest! We can keep him alive to suffer for decades! We are heroes.
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I always thought foot fetish was disgusting but after years of browsing /b/ and seeing foot threads i have slowly been unable to masturbate unless i am looking at female feet. What should I do? I am addicted to feet but i dont wanna be a footfag, what are my options?
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>pride yourself on being a "progressive state"
>there exists websites to track all the public defecation that happens in your cities
>one of the biggest populations of homeless in the country
>extremely strict gun control, still get mass shootings
>now your water tastes like dirt
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Kendall river friend 1
Was there ever a second part to the kendall river or lolipool greentexts?

also general loli greentext
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I read on here that you can't get stds from gay sex and thats why being gay is superior. I took the gay pill and fucked like 20 dudes in a month. I guess you motherfuckers lied. Now im like magic johnson if he sucked at basketball, was retarded, poor and ugly.
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This is why I fucking hate woman. I tried my best to entertain her. I try my best to be nice and not be a fucking asshole. I use proper grammar. What the fuck am I doing for her to not answer me? fucking cum sluts. I bet she's probably messaging some ass hole who doesn't even treat her like I do. Fucking roastie sluts.
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No title
Why isn't anyone talking about how they just epstein'd John McAfee today?
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No title
It's time for the official Tranny/Trap/Trans/Sissy/boi/Cuck mental illness hate thread, anything goes.

Edition - 194
'Rent free' / 'Obsessed' counter - 40
'Just come out' / 'Closet faggot' counter - 16
'Virgin' / 'Incel' counter - 6
'/pol/tard' counter - 8

Let's increase that 60% /b/ros.
Previous thread >>857493955
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Friendly reminder that americans are retarded
4 images | 15 replies
No title
Guess my name

Starts with K, 5 letters. Not kevin
2 images | 42 replies
No title
Post it OP
Hunger Games Thread
Kicking off today's games Edition
Best code
First 24

QOTT: Come up with the most badass muslim name you can
Hardmode no Mustaffa
67 images | 83 replies
No title
Bre fucking stevens
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No title
the Girls of Summer are here ~
aaare youuu reaaady to RoLLeM?!
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No title
Good night sweet prince

RIP :(
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No title
Prove to me cancel culture is real.
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No title
to that anon that told me to kill myself yesterday..
i'm still here. i'm alive. fuck you. i won.
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No title
ITT the first two dubs have to marry each other
3 images | 11 replies
No title
Time to roll
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No title
i hate this part of europe so much
7 images | 86 replies
No title
It’s time to open up, anon.
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No title
Are you prepared for the apocalypse?
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No title
trips keeps waifu 4 ever
29 images | 35 replies
No title
Caught my best friend sucking on a hotdog for a few seconds before finally biting a piece off. What did he mean by this?
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What are things you misremember or remember incorrectly about video games?

Here's one thing I misremember about Super Smash Bros Melee: it was in Adventure Mode or Classic Mode, and this giant Pikachu showed up, but it was done in a cutscene-style way. The camera zoomed in on this Pikachu. It's kind of like how Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear.
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No title
ass thread
and rate my ass
144 images | 275 replies
No title
I found an old pic of me and my mom
2 images | 4 replies
No title
I will never fuck a roastie.

Say it with me.
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No title
How do the racist niggers in the united states actually think they are better than white people?

The racist niggers want whites dead. But how can a nigger think its better ? What does the nigger have to offer ? If you look at africa you see niggers arent capable of really anything and live in stick and mud huts. They look like tribe people. They only have cities in south africa cause white people built them. Their army men use ak47s which white people made.
Its amazing how delusional niggers are. They live in houses white people built. They drive cars white people made. They wear clothes and jewlry that white people make. They eat food that white people provide.
Fuck niggers.
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No title
Oh damn, I just unlocked an old memory.

Does anyone else remember the AOL 3.0-era profiles, and how you could inject HTML to override the default fields, add unintended formatting, etc?

>Sex: Yes Please
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No title
>be me
>try to watch a movie
>it’s filled with dumb cliches and clearly design to be seen as a projected version of the ideal reality of the viewer on the most stupid way possible
>switch to a different movie
>story’s too convoluted and flies right over my head

it’s lonely in the middle, /b/ros.
5 images | 13 replies
No title
How can we compete sexually?
65 images | 133 replies
No title
0 images | 0 replies
No title
I got the covid vaccine today and now my arm is really sore. Am I going to die? pic unrelated
0 images | 3 replies
No title
new socials
150 images | 284 replies
No title
Fucking 4 Chan. Actually discussing something and the thread gets killed. Vaccine salesman, where did you go?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Search mexican vacation. results are all innocent fun search jamaican vacation and it's all sex sex sex
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Let's make Tae a famous 4chan whore!
1 images | 16 replies
No title
Niggers and poop are the same thing. Killing niggers is no different from flushing your poop down the toilet.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Straight shota thread
0 images | 2 replies
No title
How do I indoctrinate people into my cult
0 images | 8 replies
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