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Anybody else (non incel) childfree by choice?
26M here. Basically, me and my girlfriend have chosen to never have kids, largely due to financial reasons. Our main goal is to FIRE (Financial Independance, Retire early).

We plan to work (we both make 90k already) and save and invest our dual incomes. We own a condo together in a major city and have no student debt. At this rate we should be able to retire in our 50s since kids are so expensive.

Other benefits:
- travel wherever, do whatever we want
- less stress and commitment
- way more sex
- free to be selfish and focus on yourself.
- so much money that we can be financially "irresponsile" like eating out all the time and barely be affected.

Anybody else in the same boat? how's life? any advice from older people in the same boat? have you ever needed an abortion? are you attractive?

If you're "childfree" because you're an incel, I don't want to hear from you. both me and my partner are pretty attractive and high earners. i personally fucking love being a selfish DINK.
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how do i fix my hair bros
>its messy
ik but kinda beside the point, i mean like why does it have that 'bump' in the back that gives it that kriss jenner quality
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guess game thread
hairy, trimmed or shaved pussy?
guess and post pic
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SOCIAL THREAD - huge tits edition
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Doggo thread. Post doggo doing doggo things with humans :^)
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Girls you want to see blacked
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Since the FBI and DOJ is now a criminal enterprise run by corrupt political ideologues, it’s safe to assume that the FBI and the DOJ now has as much “legal authority” as the Russian KGB or the Mexican cartels. Am I correct or incorrect?
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/cel/ - Celeb thread.
Celebrate celebrities.
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youtube/twitch whores
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Hi guys.
I’ll do a few rounds of Tribs for you. Chubbies preferred, bonus for preggo and tongue out
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Kik thread
Show your cock or show your girlfriend.

Femanons may show tits.
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/b/ bros can you tell me how a penis can become like this(I have more pics)
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Scorbunny_footjob_on_human_m-f (Pokemon)
Draw Thread: Pokefootjob Time Is the Best Time Edition

Previous: >>883694413
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Shouldn’t share continue
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Diaper Girls Thread
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chubby/bbw thread
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image0-10 (1)
does she pass?
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Why do men have g spots?
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>be me
>realise early in life I'm fascinated by other women's boobs
>regularly go online and search 'big boobs' and just stare at them
>'haha this is normal all women like to stare at breasts!'
>assume at some point I'll start liking men
>friends start talking about getting crushes on guys
>come out as bisexual because it's more socially acceptable than being a lesbian
>try to jedi mind trick myself into liking men
>manage to convince myself I am actually bisexual
>start dating men because I live in bumfuck nowhere and lesbians are nonexistent here
>not attracted to a single man I date
>hate having sex with them
>keep doing it anyway because of self esteem issues
>join a club
>hit it off with a guy there
>we start hanging out
>he's looks like the stereotype of a neckbeard but is a genuinely cool guy
>he asks me out one day
>I panic, say yes because he's my best friend and I don't want to have to leave the club
>he's ecstatic
>we date for 2 years
>everyone in the club is super happy for us
>he has been a part for longer than I have so if we break up I'll probably have to stop going
>Every time I dread having to have sex with him
>still do it because I don't want to let him down
>he starts calling me the love of his life
>'oh haha, yeah, I love you too!'
>hate myself for saying that when it's not true
>he asks me to marry him
>I say yes
>all friends and family are super happy for us
>family is relieved I'm not a lesbian
>realise I am actually completely a lesbian
>feel like at this point it has been going on too long to say anything
>the wedding is in 6 months

I cant believe I got myself into this situation, I think I will just end up marrying this guy and spending the rest of my life with him
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Do I come off as a faggot?
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g/fur my pp is NOT SMALL
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Lmfao do Amerimutts really?
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>Hurr Durr it was trump appointed fbi guy signed the warrant deeeeeerp
Wheres all the posts now libshits? Garland just came out and said he personally signed the warrant. Dont run back to le leddit so fast! Come back!
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Girls you jack off to everyday
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Eternal trap/femboy/sissy thread.
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Built for BBC
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Have you ever seen your moms pussy?
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Waifu thread

Previous: I'm not pasting previous.

>Claim your Waifu/Husbando
>No Claiming Waifus/Husbandos that have already been claimed
>No stealing (unless you roll trips)
>Only one claim per person
>Keep RP/ERP in private.
>Discussion is welcomed
>Insults must be original
>No oversexualized content
>If you're posting images you're not lurking
>Stop reading these
>3D is almost always trash
>Joining means a reserved place in hell
>Most importantly, have fun!
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YLYL retards welcome
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UK Girls Thread - Bonus for Norwich / Devon
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how about a actually random thread on b?
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Why do these air conditioner things always start buzzing as soon as I walk by? Literally every single time I walk near one of these things it starts buzzing again. Could be ones beside a convenience store or near the back of somebodies house they always start up as soon as I'm near. Is this my electromagnetic field kick starting them or do the little dwarves inside these that crank all the gears to make it work see me through the openings and hurry to get back to work instead of drinking mead or else they'll likely get thrown out for being a faulty air conditioner?Discuss.
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Hunger Games Thread HG
> Post a picture and name to enter.
> First 24 are in.
> Don't samefag unless requested.
All tributes get to work overtime in the office to become employee of the month and gets 20 dollars/per second for life. Also Karl broke the water machine again. Goddamnit.
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escape the princess
tryh nu ut
oh no /v/ bros. the demon princess is mad at you and wants you dead. quick! use your gaymer skills to escape!
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Why can't atheists define athiesm, /b/?
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Don’t post porn on /b
Enjoy yellow lemons
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He's not wrong
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Year of Mao
Hunger Games Thread.
First 24. Don’t samefag unless asked.
YoM game 65: /asp Rumble/.
Thread theme:
YoM is back. After almost 3 months away I have a lot to catch up on therefore I will be hosting a lot, if any host wants to host and one of my games is going feel free to host yourself. For those who might not know what the YoM is, it is a 601 game tournament. There are also other special events happening throughout the year, like the /B/rawl in february and several Host Till I Drop events.
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Brown/Arab/Indian Thread!
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You want the most brutal blackpill of all time?

All women are whores. That includes your mom girlfriend sister all of them.

However they're not whores for a subhuman incel. They're also not whores for normies. Maybe they'll starfish for the average Joe sure but let's be real. While Mr normie makes love to his princess she's laying there dreaming about Chad

Women are whores for Chad only. They'll give up anything for a chance at alpha male genes. A successful mother will leave her normie husband and ruin her kids lives the moment someone with better jawbones and therefore better genes shows up

Only Chad matters to a foid.

The cute nerdy girl you tug your cock to the mear thought of? She's getting split roasted by Chad while you sit there daydreaming about your first date

The cute Christian girl who says she's waiting till marriage? She lets Chad ram his cock up her ass and nut all over her face. But not for you. You get his leftovers

It's over
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So who turned on Trump? I bet it was Melania
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What’s the scariest thing that has happened to you /b/?
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Ask russian any question thread.
Maybe you have some, so go on.
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What exactly is it about communism that libtards want?

Do they not realize they if the US became a communist country the rich people theyre trying to take money from will control everything and stay rich, while they become more poor?

America is pay to win. If you’re not rich you don’t get to make decisions or have human rights like healthcare or access to healthy food.
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Join the NEET side
As a NEET, I enjoy all the best things in life. I eat the choicest foods. I drink the highest quallity ales and wines. I watch only the finest animes. And all that’s when I’m not selflessly doing charity, writing, learning, and generally being a complete human being.
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No title
Post the best uggos, trolls, and butterfaces you've sen on /b
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No title
Gonna hero anyone wanna c?
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Hey, Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars here
Let's see, I need you guys to stop faking the death of my son Corey. This isn't the first time I have asked you to stop, and yet I continue to see fake posts of someone in a hospital bed, saying its my beloved sun Corey. I'm sorry, but legal action is definitely on the cards.
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Have you ever fucked a monkey?
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No title
Can someone please tell me what this flag means?
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No title

Re-roll only if you hit a zero on the template!
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If Apollo would have challenged Clubber Lang would he have won?
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Have you ever fucked a chicken?
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The Black Veil Bride Problem
The Black Veil Brides are committing massive amounts of violent crimes around the globe.

How do we end their reign of terror?

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of throat clogging.


I suggest you download and learn the PDF (perfect dookie feces) available here, containing all the information you’re not allowed to know and much more:
https://files.scatbox.throat/666log.pdf (66 pages, 60 MB)

The BVBs are running the government and media and they’re paving the way for logs to clog throats.
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No title
Asian women literally have the worst bodies. No ass few have MILKERS. Just face? Weak
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The Black Problem
The blacks are committing massive amounts of violent crimes around the globe.

How do we end their reign of terror?

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers.


I suggest you download and learn the PDF available here, containing all the information you’re not allowed to know and much more: (67 pages, 50 MB)


The jews are running the government and media and they’re paving the way for niggers to attack whites.
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No title
It’s gonna be okay /b/
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No title
OF girls worth while
Alt girls preferred
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No title
They're delectable.
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No title
Love it when girls sell clothes on depop and unintentionally make the best jerk material
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No title
Cum Tribute Thread: OC Encouraged
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Get woke go broke
Apparently losing 100 million on batgirl wasnt enough. WB to scrap $200 million Flash. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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No title
There it is, /b/ cucks. Brace yourselves.
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Recognize Thread 2
Initials or name is you do?
Local to the Long Beach/Anaheim area
3 media | 5 replies
No title

How does watching this make you feel anons?
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No title
Why won't he release the warrant? It's obviously a witch hunt with Trumped up charges. Let us see it so we can know the facts
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No title
I was molested repeatedly by a 22 yo female babysitter when I was 4, AMA
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No title
why do I (as a 22 yr old zoomer) romanticize and idealize Europe and the people within it? Am I just airheaded and ignorant from being sheltered and stuck in Long Island New York my entire life?
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No title
yaoi shota

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No title
Mom or daughter? Wwyd?
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No title
What is the most horrible thing you have seen on 4chan?
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No title
Why is 4chan so funny?
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Drawthread: Enemy Unknown Edition
Previous Thread: >>883694413
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Yellow says no to porn on /b
You should too
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No title
For any super straight people in this board, I have a question for you. How do you not find Femboys and or Trans girls attractive? Seriously they're like the best of both worlds.
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No title
What should I draw?
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No title
these feet aint petite >:3
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No title
Be honest. In a royal rumble type scenario where it is just you vs everyone and every 90 seconds a new midget comes in how many do you think you would eliminate before they finally got you? I think I would be able to get 50 before they finally got me out
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No title
how are you guys doing? meeting this milf i met online(check pic) for the second time in a few hours.
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No title
Heeeeey fren! So are we yellowin errrr
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No title
I just can't believe he's gone.
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No title
Join the yellow side, anon
Help defeat porn posters
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No title
Can we get a Bhad Bhabie thread?
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No title
Loli thread
Futaba Edition
45 media | 53 replies
cool web shit
floosh lets you publicly edit a line of text without restriction

enjoy lmao
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No title
girls you absolutely need more of (preferably nude)
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No title
>He can't stop thinking about sex, so he keeps on posting porn like the coomer simp soycuck pornfag he is.
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No title
How do you get the rank of Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps?
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No title
Fucking Microsoft fucking up my audio.


The next time this happens, a random employee dies.

No, I'm not kidding, how do you fuck this up so much?
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No title
Asian Thread, c'mon!
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No title
Pretty sure this chic I went to school with has an onlyfans

Any way to find out for sure?

Name's Luisa

Pic related, it's her
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No title
Liberals defend this
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No title
Some rich person from The Church of Scientology wants to kill me for my house and property, my Grand father’s foreknowledge of JFK’s death and a high order Freemason Skull and Bones Black Hand member (loved and hated by the Jews ) from Beverly Hills and he partied with the Nazis as well as the Italian mob, and me being affiliated because I spammed /b/ with Boxxy and then I became the tripfag Julien #riquid after I graduated Microbiology with all this cult knowledge given to me by Anonymous. And I’m rich too, but Serena Christie wants money.

Will you marry me, Michael Jacksoff Prussii Pressella? I’m Serino’s Papa lol. Ping hangolin spanklina, I want to live over the over past. Can you imagine my love for all of Michael Jackson and Priscilla Presley’s Grandhildren? Will they all marry me, or what? In exchange for them, I offer my Sphmurphy Sphincter, and also, (little boys) my burley burrita. T.ò,_or_the_120_Days_of_Sodom

Look, Kennedy the snitch wanked to us, because the real anonymous ran off to San Diego in 1913 after being kicked out of Russia for killing MILLIONS OF MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS to spy on all the little girls with Psychology and Psychiatry, capish? 1913, Radio City Music Hall, checkits. That ‘’MAN” in the wheelchair was Karl Marx Stealin Wheelies.

So that voice actor is saying ‘’what shall I do with his mother” and ‘’what shall I do with his bones”? I saw a (terribly sorry) Nigerian female try to collect my semen from the bedsheets after I baited in the motel. So, sayaNERO. (Will Smith, you’re cool, we got you man, promise. No Kill LA Kill). t. Gattica (PMS: Nina Christie , Pyramid Head let’s you down softly).

4chan, prepare for warp engage to Uranus.
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No title
girls you saved and want more of thread
3 media | 3 replies
No title
Let's have some fun
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No title
"Yes, I signed the warrant for the raid on Trump's home. But since it created such a backlash of hostility, I'm here to say that, again, we fucked up. We were idiots to think that Trump wouldn't fight back on this one. I could stand here a act insulted at the slings and arrows aimed at our wonderful FBI, but let's face it, our reputation is shot and history will not forget this childish action."
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No title
What would you do to this slut? How would you use her tight body?
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No title
Socials continued
150 media | 310 replies
BS reasons you got fired
>Be me

>At work
>Chatting with coworker to pass the time
>He’s always kinda gave me weird vibes the entire time I’ve known him but didn’t want to assume anything
>We start talking about conspiracy theories which isn’t abnormal since we both have an interest in that kind of stuff
>He brings up the protocol of the elders of Zion
>He asks me if I thinks it’s impossible for this to be true
>I take a moment to think and say “Well I don’t believe that any ethnicity has a secret order that influences global politics but as a hypothetical I don’t think that’s impossible.”
>Bitch coworker over hears us and goes to HR
>Try to explain what I said to the HR lady but for some reason she doesn’t understand the nuisance and complexity of what my opinion is and so because of that I get fired
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No title
What music is /b/ listening to right now?
I haven't listened to music in like months.

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
32 media | 103 replies
>Be me
> have blue balls haven't fucked in like 6 months
> go visit my freind to chill ( he is a zoophile
> he notices i'm on edge and stuff.
> Asks, if i ever considered animal puss? have a little discussion about that
> He tells me if i want to, i can try and fuck his girl.
>End up doing it because soo fucking horny

WTF, How has it never been said that dog pussy feel better than human pussy? I never even realised that our genitals were so compatible?
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No title
traditional Christian family - endangered species
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No title
Anyone else mad at their parents for giving birth to them? It was so fucking selfish of them. My dad was mentally ill and short and somehow decided he wanted a son to suffer like he did.
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No title
Sluttiest thing your Wife/GF/ex has done?
1 media | 2 replies
Thank you for paying attention.
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No title
The nigger race shouldn't exist
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No title
What does he say?
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No title
My collection of stolen panties
Pick a pair
Post ends in odds you get the previous owner
Post ends even get me wearing them
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Autism Apocalypse
TACA-Occurrence-Graph-2020_c-copy-scaled (3)
Everyone's crying about global warming and all that but are you people prepared for 'tismgeddon.
6 media | 11 replies
What's the best thing you've ever seen on 4chan
Fuck the negative threads of worst things you've seen on here, what about the good things? How has 4chan helped you?

For me its the language learning and art resources as well as the comfy art boards.
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No title
she is polyamorous, does that mean her bf is a fuckin' cuck?
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No title
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No title
This was my bully in high school. He got to fuck my crush while I'm still a virgin at 25. I hate niggers so much.
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No title
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-10 at 7.00.55 PM
Yesterday i gave me and my gf an enema, ask anything
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Yellow Army
I am the Batman of /b/
>I fight undesirable people using my wit and skill.
>I use a complex tech device to fight the undesirables.
>I have a strong resolve to accomplish my goals.
>I have Robins and Alfred's (other yellowposters). They aren't always there, but help when they are.
>Nobody on 4chan knows who I really am. My true identity is unknown to most.
>I have a symbol just like Batman (the color yellow)
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No title
the new Predator movie is such a fucking shit /b/

in 1987 it was fighting with an alpha male Arnoldo S. and shooting red lasers on his prey

and in 2022 it's a little girl fighting Predator and the Predator shoots her with fucking arrows dude!

what the fuck?
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No title
I dont know if i can resist my fag nature anymore. Gay bros: how is the Interacial gay sex? I need some tips before i whore myself out on grindr
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Based nudist thread. Only nudists may reply here.
Clothing is stupid and annoying. I'm nude 99% of the time. You can't stop me
12 media | 54 replies
No title
Show me your wiggle /r/wiggle!
10 media | 16 replies
No title
Saw a 503 post here the other day, but didn't get in b4 pruned. Anything good?
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No title
>too stupid for college and a cushy office job
>too old and autistic for the military
>work at an Amazon fulfillment center, only making 16 an hour
>no friends
>no girlfriend
>still a Virgin
>have never been invited to a party
>never had alcohol
>never smoked
>losing my love for vidya
>socially awkward
>still live with my mom
>baggy eyes I can't get rid of because it's genetic
>tendinitis in my right wrist, so all my lifts have gone down
>only have 30k saved
>shitty eye sight and hearing
>penis is only 6 inches

I wish I had access to a gun bros I want to blow my brains out so fucking badly.
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No title
have this soy food
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No title
incest discussion and family fap thread
43 media | 136 replies
No title
I am not ashamed to believe in a utopia. U mad?
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No title
0 media | 0 replies
No title
my president
Say his name
2 media | 36 replies
No title
Ponytails you want to cume in
0 media | 27 replies
No title
0 media | 0 replies
No title
2 media | 4 replies
No title
Illinois Thread Wins/Socials
0 media | 4 replies