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So m00t has realy left us?
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homeless coalburner
You could have saved her, /b/
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Coomers are absolutely seething right now, kek.

They're attempting to spam the loli/fur threads with scat but can't rally enough manpower to even become a threat, they have no willpower to follow through because they have to go back to jerking off on porn that they now have to find elsewhere.

Looks like this isn't your hub world for finding your BBC faggot porn you cuckhold soy shitstain fucking retard cunts.

Cope and SEETHE.
>Cope and SEETHE.

Go shove some Nigger dicks up your ass.
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At 33 years old, am I the oldest person on here right now? Please let me know so I can finally leave forever. Please let me go in peace.
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Draw Thread

Squidward Looks With Disdain Edition
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nigger stole your money don't let him get to page 10 and escape
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You know it's going to happen
Libtards of /b/ (aka paid shills), how are you preparing for the inevitable 4 more years of Trump?
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How ugly am i?

Does steroidmax actually work or will i become a wreck?
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Show me your wife’s fat ass
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Who is the hottest female vocalist out there?

I just want Tatiana to wrap her thicc muscular thighs around my head and smother me with her chubby muff. cyka blyat comrades. Cyka blyat
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a shame that this masterpiece as less than 100k views on most songs

hxc for life; eastcost hardcore till i die; post best hxc albums

belie my burial from PGH, Suicide Silence, From a second story window till i die
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I refuse to believe there is a single actual Biden supporter on /b/, only shills.
If you are actually Ridin' with Biden post your Biden merch with timestamp
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All my STEM friends are doing something unrelated to their field or back to living with their parents.

Why do we keep graduating so many engineers if it's clear the market doesn't need them?
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So what's this guy doing these days
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>be me
>go sleep
>highschool classmate
>back then was an instagram model, had tatoos
>maybe even whoring herself out
>felt some kind of empathy/pitty for her
>dream about me and her
>laying on each other's shoulder
>casually saying things, smiling to each other
>each one of us casually goes to grab a drink or do something, then comes back
>this for ~20 mins
>wake up
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Hello /b/fags

I think it is time we create our own movement. For too long the internet has gone to shit. For too long we have had to bear the weight of awful content.

Now it is time we reverse that. The internet must not go to shit : the shit must go to the internet !

I count on you all to put more internet in your shits. Be creative my fellow fags. Do your best. Do your worst. Do your most.

Thank you for listening to me. Let's fight until the end my frens
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I’ve had sex with 20+ different woman. AMA
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Lets see how smart b is. I wrote a python script so i know the actual answer. Will post results of running said script
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Let's discuss
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Women were a mistake.
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does /b/ sleep with a fan on?
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False Games
New False Hunger Games
First 24 Enter
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Does /b/ like Stonetoss?
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Post beautiful faces. Others rate them.
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Loli thread

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Let's get a nostalgia thread going.
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Vote Democrat. But seriously don’t.
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I never expected this day would come, but here it goes:


There I said it.

Also, this is a "press T to thank mods and jannies of /b/" thread
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Is it worth being involved with a white man as a WoC? Will he treat me better, treat me as his fetish, or both?

Full context: Hispanic, recently broke up with my (also Hispanic) bf.
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all the wholesome fun activities that /b/ engaged in in the days of old are now bannable offenses ("Global rules 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 are enforced.") /b/ will never be good again (not that it ever was good).
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happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY
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Summarize the black community in 1 post.
I'll start.
>wait for it
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Where do I find passable trannies?

I've had several experiences with women that make me second guess if they are really all the same. I'd like to know where could I find a passable tgirl and find out how should I approach them in hopes of getting into a relationship, any stories about dating trannies are welcome.

I hope that maybe I find one that isn't into the whole new progressive bullshit and just feels happy being in a relationship with me, not making a scene out of thin fucking air every odd couple of weeks.
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asuka bloomers
ITT Asuka
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steam keys
okay /b/tards, i just got some random steam keys from G2A and there's some I won't play.

Anybody interested in these games for free?
Reply with which ones you'll play & i'll reply with the steam key. First to redeem gets it.

6 games:

Two Worlds Epic Edition

Serial Cleaner


Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire

Pixel Puzzles 2 RADical ROACH

Jack Orlando Directors Cut
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Legitimate question - is it possible to be an intelligent human and be a liberal at the same time?
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Daily reminder that if you don't look ANYTHING like this guy, aren't ATLEAST 6'3ft+ tall OR don't make 6-figures USD annually, you will NEVER get laid without an escort. Prove me wrong, you stupid fucking summerfags.

>protip; you LITERALLY can't
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N'Zoth attack

ten tickles edition
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Why do women age SO horribly?
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How the fuck do you weird motherfuckers get off on this? It's like smelling my own ballsack, but concentrated in a one inch square area.
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Loli bread
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Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 5.18.40 PM
mods are based
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Ausfag here, ive heard every now and again that making "DMT" or changa i think its called is possible quite easily, anyone have info on this?
Ive just got in contact with this bloke saying he has DMT cartridges which is fucking wild.

Basically i wanna know where id start? Im in fucking lockdown so might be a good hobby.
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Can we get a mod appreciation thread?
After so many stunts and stands by the anons and nanny trannies, /b/ is getting back to its origins glory.
No more BBC, trap or social shills. Just good old, spergish conversation! I missed this.
Thanks gods :)
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Unlike the African American community, the latino community is incredibly diverse. - Joe Biden

Do all liberals believe this?Source:
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Jill (001)
eternal war edition

>claim your waifu/husbando
>don't claim a waifu that's already claimed
>no more than one waifu, or you'll ruin your laifu
>don't do weird RP or ERP shit, no one wants to see that
>have a nice time and talk to people!
>heresy means a special place in hell
>no one cares about your interpersonal drama. deal with it like an adult.
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original meme thread
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trap thread
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Ugly guys who have hot girlfriends
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>dead threads last for an hour
>the only threads that get replies are political threads
do faggots actually think this is good
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suicide in car1
Suicide by shotgun
I'm curious about somethings. I'm interested if the suicider can hear the gunshot after the gun goes off. I heard some say you won't even realized you squezzed the trigger while others say you would hear it because the hearing is the last to go.
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Woah, this board seems suddenly good. There's no porn in sight, what happened? This is really nice
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Secrets Thread. I'll start.

I have to drive with my Dad to some place 6+ hours away today to get hay. Fuck this. I have no idea why I have to obliterate 16+ hours of my life to get hay that we can get 30 minutes away.

Oh, yeah, that's right - "Because the horses really seem to like it." So, if we give the horses crack cocaine and they really like it, do we give them more of that? JFC. It's fucking hay. They'll either eat it or starve. I swear to God, avoid owning horses unless you enjoy pouring money down the drain.
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Game F
False Hunger Games
First 24 join
Names please?
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/b/ - Random

ITT we post random things
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what does /b/ think of "U.S. Code §1466A. Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children"

>a) In General.—Any person who, in a circumstance described in subsection (d), knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute, a visual depiction of any kind, INCLUDING A DRAWING, CARTOON, sculpture, or painting, that— (1) (A) depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; and (B) is obscene

>(c) Nonrequired Element of Offense.— It is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist.

also friendly reminder that cached images count as "possession."
if you've clicked on any images that match this description, you are in possession of child pornography which is a felony in the United States, even if it's just cached on your hard drive somewhere.
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His name was Cabbage Hydrant
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Ask the 8-ball
For the most accurate guesses of fate only :^)
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In a world currently consisted of infinite information and reliable resources, why do some still choose to be such ignorant imbeciles?
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Well /b/ I just slept with my hot Mexican friend tonight and we're gonna start dating. So I guess this is it for me champ, y'all are gonna have to go on with out me. I'll see you on the other side brothers.
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What is intelligent and how do I tell if I am an intelligence?
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Where can we find new rules for /b/ to know what we can and what can't post here?
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cute and pure
T - Tender
R - Resilient
A - Amazing
P- Pure
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My sister found this on pintrest.
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What does people taste like?
I have this want to eat human flesh and meat. Are there any risk or what does it taste like???
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nigger in the video game
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Yo onoff

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I found this inbred stray cat, I had to fucking save him, This is the most based cat I’ve ever seen.
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Elle Forrest from Orlando. Disney character trainer.
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Who is feeling charitable?

This thicc bitch works with me. Her onlyfans is JazzyFoxe its only ten dollarydoos but Im beta as fuck.

Would anyone be willing to share the wins?
Pic unrelated
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Anything goes
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If you were starving to death, would it be wise to drink beer, if it were the only thing besides water you have available?
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I was that kid who threw giant rocks in the toilet, clogged up the urinal drains with wet toilet paper, and threw wet toilet paper clumps onto the ceiling.

What are you gonna do about it faggot?
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Haven't felt like myself in the last 3 months, extremely tired of the same day repeating over and over again, too pussy to commit suicide.
Honestly don't know how some of you faggots do it.

>Help me out /b/
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anyone able to get into a for your eyes only on snap? have a girls password and access to account but cant break for your eyes only. Pic related
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/b was all we had left...... the internet was so free. so new. many things to discover. Much fun to be had. the new frontier. The wild west. Everything's changed.

The days of old are gone.
The PLACES of old are gone.
R i.p newgrounds
R.i.p ebaums
R.i.p /b

Goodbye nigger faggit.
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>Yes, I'm a gamer girl
How could you tell?
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Would you mind getting raped if this absolute beauty of a monkey did it ?
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Was Jesus tripping? Why did he see things and claimed he was the son of god?
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>Fleshlight vs Japanese sex toys
What is better?
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Just a friendly reminder that traps are set by the rats in order to put child porn on your internet browser history

You are fucked the exact moment you click on a image. They also most likely carry mall ware.
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Where is spaghett-chan she was beautiful, did someone save her perfect body?
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Hey guys
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Suggestions thread!
We should really do something about the riots.
What do we do b?
I say get a big stick
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Why did you stop playing Overwatch?
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>Sup /b/

Name our band
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ITT Old fags give young fags advice

>avoid women unless you want to fuck them
>avoid relationships unless you want to marry
>save every dollar you can
>learn the stock market and how to pick stocks
>become a miser and learn how to save money wherever you can
>bargain for items you wanna buy on places like ebay. Make up a bullshit story if you have to ie im broke because ... people often fall for it
>get a job, no matter how shitty it is
>keep an emergency fund in the bank, else invest it for long-term growth. If you want to save for a car, then determine how much you need and set it aside in a long-term savings account
>clothes and looking trendy wont mean shit in five to ten years
>life gets shitter the older you get but you can make it much better with the choices you make NOW. Don't fuck around
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you know what it is

5 images | 8 replies
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>Born to kill
>Born to die

Go on /b/ give me the right awnser
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The Reich is in need of skilled pilots. Join the Luftwaffe today!
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Goddamn watching the coomers get what they've deserved for ages now is so satisfying.

Fucking hilarious watching them still try to post the same shitty generic threads in the most soulless way possible too.
>Girls who take BBC
They continue to systematically post this shit like robots and watching them continue to get banned each and every time is pure fucking bliss.

Get fucked, coomers.

Sincerely, /b/.
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Ugly Asian Sluts

19 images | 41 replies
No title
Why are niggers like this?
24 images | 72 replies
No title
What does "based" mean?
6 images | 27 replies
No title
cursed food
144 images | 292 replies
No title
Mods are Gods... not because they're banning al the posts you like but beacause they're helping you going back to your way!
So tell me why the fuCK HAVE YOU LOST YOUR WAY?
Abandon all this normie nonsense and let's make /b ok again!
And when you find your way DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING LOSING IT AGAIN OK?!

Dubs, trips, sings, quads, oldfags, summerfags, bananaposters, logposters,YLYLosers, BLMutts, frogs, trapposters, furfags, b/tards from all the lands unite, let's doooo it!
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Hey shrimp cock, tell us again how the Israeli Defense Force is posting black cocks to make you feel inferior. I want to laugh at what a flea brain you have to go with your tiny dwarf penis. No wonder you spend all your time watching children's cartoons.
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No title
let get it boyyyysss, kiks for share too flr more specific names

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No title
Did you know he was never actually a child?
2 images | 5 replies
No title
who is this chick and why is she so racist?
11 images | 40 replies
No title
Oldfags of /b/, tell me about the 4chan of old, what was so good about it?
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No title
>JFK was killed by the CIA.

Now that I've got your attention, just wait for it guys. With all the splitups of the /v/ board it's only a matter of time before an actual /fur/ board is created. (and not like the april fools one from years back)
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No title
Let's go bros
7 images | 155 replies
No title
Any success stories to keep those of us are having a hard time motivated?
5 images | 68 replies
No title
Whose faggot idea was it to make /b/ too prudish for cleavage, but greenlight nigger hatred and retarded Jew conspiracies?

Are the mouth breathing fuckwit mods from /pol/ in charge?
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No title
images (18)
How does one man divide the alt right so badly? Destiny is a liberal chad and you sweat buckets can't handle that
4 images | 58 replies
No title
2 images | 15 replies
No title
could an RV septic tank be rigged to eject sewage out the side at the press of a button?
1 images | 11 replies
No title
If there's a girl you're interested in but you find out she once dated an asian, would that be a problem for you?
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No title
Best Canadian punk albums
3 images | 3 replies
No title
Will it hurt?
3 images | 28 replies
No title
the sims
lets get a ylyl thread
3 images | 3 replies
No title
Good sirs I must have misplaced my Pepe's. Can you spare some.
5 images | 7 replies
No title
what would you do if you found Tomoko tied up in your basement?
1 images | 3 replies
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Have you ever called a black person the N-word in real life? And i dont mean "ahhh yeahh my friend is black and we joke around"
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No title
Thinking about making this into a song, tell me what you think.
no sign of flies gettin by on a back flip nose dive. 20 brain wash turbine .8 strive alive but i can't seem to buy staunch mind ties fuck it get mai tais. 5 cry thought crimes
My Empathetic intellect is pathetic at best synthethic but vested.7 say unproven I believe id see black when i die it would only seem that is clandestine. 15 For I cannot see nothing if
nothing cannot exist. 22 you can see stupidity is truly bliss.3 Darkness enfolds the clerk jests to hold on to the light 1 son do you imagine how I might just see the shadow inside of me as
a projection of free. 14 Low key no bees in my teeth or peace on these streets. 18 lately just watch tv. 5 deprive myself of leads. 1 rive and lunge my dreams 4 deprive the core of all my
being 13 of who i used to be 9 lies dormant the key of my chi 14 seeking the light of destiny. 4 a fools dream of poor synergy 19
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Has /b/ ever interacted with a commie irl? Why do they want to kill themselves?
2 images | 11 replies
No title
Why do conservatives defend an admitted child rapist?
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No title

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Lets get 77777 in here
38 images | 131 replies
No title
Shota bread IV.
Again: every kind of shotas are allowed.
150 images | 273 replies
No title
Got this as an AD earlier today. I couldn’t stand to listen to his horrendous voice for more than two minutes without having a sudden urge to tear my ears off so I don’t know if he says anything particularly retarded, but he’s a grow adult in an animal costume talking about religion, so have at it /b/
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No title
Rip kissanime edition
50 images | 62 replies
No title
When did you first come to /b/?
>Spring 2004
6 images | 50 replies
No title
Any tips to endure your parent's divorce? (Pic unrelated)
2 images | 11 replies
No title
Cheers to my Aussie friends, with love from the U.S.
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No title
Everyone who reads this post will be blessed with positive energy
2 images | 13 replies
No title
Send pics, trying to cum, starting new thread

1 images | 1 replies
No title
just don't come here to jerk off, go to a real porn board or /trash/ if you're a super degenerate and aren't welcome on any of the real porn boards
>>>/s/ for vanilla sexy women, no dicks allowed
>>>/hm/ for the same thing but with hunky dudes
>>>/hc/ the forces of vaginas and penises combined
>>>/gif/ the most varied porn board with the largest range of fetish material, and it comes in video form with audio

>>>/soc/ is where you can go to be a camwhore, jerk off to camwhores, or find contact sharing and meetup threads

>>>/trash/ and this is where you go if you're a big enough degenerate that none of the previous boards want to see the shit you jerk off to. Its basically if /b/ had its own /vg/ but it was all gross furry, cuck and whatever other kinda porn /b/ normally has.

/b/ is of course however the only place you can post loli/shota. Technically the only place you can post furry as well, but /trash/ is the new unofficial home of furry, it doesn't get banned or fucked with there.

All of these boards also have much higher file size limits, and the boards archive instead of 404ing, so the posts don't just vanish into the aether when a thread dies and you don't have to worry about missing anything. You can just add threads to your watchlist (very useful feature) and never miss a post even if you close the thread or it dies while you're away.

The only kinda people that want to go to /b/ for porn are either people that don't know its literally the worst option, or people that want to post illegal shit and should fuck off.
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No title
I'm not an artist but now that the porn is gone I feel that should celebrate this occasion by requesting that we commence a "great revival" of /b/ with art! Memes! Trolling the remnants of what poisoned our server out of here
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No title
Orange man
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Looking to find someone to trade creep pics of gf/wife sleeping mine is sleeping right now add me on Kik: Anon47834
0 images | 1 replies
No title
download (8)
Tomoko is a goddess

prove me wrong
3 images | 5 replies
No title
send funny trump images, real, edit or drawings.
2 images | 2 replies
No title
Illuminati confirmed.
0 images | 25 replies
No title
7 images | 57 replies
No title
hey i find this dumb ass youtuber kid name nickcheezy this kid spam 4 or 2 fucking shitty video everyday and and this kid stole random meme from random website and post this meme to his youtube channel

this is the fucking channel
0 images | 5 replies
No title
I've had it, I'm done. I wanna kill myself but I'm to much of a pussy. Every time I try and find a way to do it without much pain I keep getting a ton of bullshit articles that are just people talking about shit that nowhere near relates to me. Can someone help?
1 images | 31 replies
No title
>women roll around and stretch on the floor for "booty gains"
>millions of views

explain to me why women should be taken seriously
>pic related>>>>>>..;.
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No title
images - 2020-08-15T020011.342
What's the best place to go and meet women, /b/ros?

Heres the deal: I'm 19 and my luck hasn't been the best since quarantine hit. I came from a small town to study physics in what's basically the second most populated city in the country, my girlfriend left me last November and to cope with it I downloaded tinder, but ended up getting some hookups without its help.
Then I fell into a relationship with a recovering big tiddy goth junkie and bailed the fuck out once I knew just how awful she could be and have been chatting with a girl I did meet on the app for about six months or so, things have gotten REALLY sour since I had a crisis because my grandma died and I got diagnosed with Covid, we agreed to stop talking since we both concurred that things were starting wrong, hopefully she'll check up on me sooner or later (If I haven't freaked the fuck out permanently).

In the mean time I just wanna meet girls and look for someone who fills right and means way more than a cock sleeve. I'm not particularly adept at dancing but I'm good at conversations and making people laugh, I also play bass and guitar. What should I do once lock down's over? Keep trying my luck on tinder? Go to a bar with some friends? Strike a convo with random girls in the street that I find cute? Or maybe something different?
1 images | 31 replies
No title
Red pill success stories?
>can't be arsed green texting edition.
I was going out with a bird (now my wife btw) about 6 years ago. All going good, then she dropped a bombshell. 'im a jahovas witness'. Great...bird I'm into is in a cult. So i slowly started to red pill her on how they are a bunch of pedo sympathizers and if you need money to get into heaven then you are in a cult.after about a year of work she finally stopped going and when they sent someone round for a 'welfare check' she told them to fuck off. Admittedly i was also revving the chainsaw up in the back garden. Fuck the jahovas witnesses, bunch of cunts
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No title
His monkeyshines?
His orangutans?
His chunky monkeys?

In other words, his log of shit?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
stoner thread
only high people allowed to post
yes u can be high on other things just no sobers allowed because they are stupid.
12 images | 54 replies
P: 0 other user on this page