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new socials
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Drawthread - Why You Little Edition
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Clothed girls you have nudes of
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celeb thread
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No YLYL? Let's have one.
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g/fur wake up
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Sharethread continued
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Kik thread
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Untrue stories of close encounters with the loli kind

Its not my fault theyre horny edition
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>only 23
>well over 600lbs

how did my life even manage to get like this
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It's sad that if you don't support the LGBT then you're viewed as a person worse than Hitler.
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OnOff Thread time
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Why doesn't America make cool or advanced stuff anymore?
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Mother die
If not reply
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AI art DeGEN general
joker edition

Last thread >>889976080


Don't be a filthy tourist. Ask questions only if you've researched and didn't find anything in those guides and FAQ's.

Have a request? Try to prompt it partially, it increases the chances of it being fulfilled

Check out the guide here:

Different GUI options:
>NVidia GPUs (most commonly used one, has a ton of features) (this one has a one click installer so easier to use than A1111 or Sygil)

>GPU Agnostic (AMD/Intel/Nvidia or CPU - Requires Onnx)
>Onnx on Windows guide (guide says it's for AMD but Onnx can use any GPU or CPU)

Model/Checkpoint Lists:

Torrent for Berrymix model with hash 19810fe6:

Torrent for FreckleGuy's model:

Torrent for RandoMando's Model:
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Post a girl, anons guess

1. How many penises have been inside her

2. What's the largest size she can handle?

Replies get replies!
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loli pls
we love tiny bodies
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Twitch/Youtube Thots. Emma Edition
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tribute saves
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Femboy balls you would go gay for and softly suck and lick
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CAN you post Canadian girls' nudes here?
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Lots of virgins on here complain they don’t have a gf. My question to you use this: what makes you a high value man? What makes you more datable then the competition?
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Waifu thread

>Post your waifu
>Only claim one waifu
>Don't claim other's waifus unless trips
>Keep ERP, lewds and 3D shit inside their containment board (>>>/trash/)
>Insults and discussion is welcomed
>Schizos take your pills with moderation
>And have fun posting about your wife!
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Why do they stand like this?
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If you could go back in time and replace any man in any act in history who would it be and why?
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download (13)
Why does Pedo Pete use the "white power" signal?
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you think her boyfriend knows about the thousands of men who have spilled cum to her?
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Foot Thread
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Is it normal to look at PAWG and fantasize of them gang fucked by Big Black Cocks? I swear there is nothing hotter than this. It just feels right.
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Starving children
Donate to them please
Clean water and nutritious food
Does saving a life through donations to children in need and things like that bless you?
Does altruistic actions have a you scratch their back you’ll get your back scratched too effect?
Basically karma is it real?

If I or someone else donate 1000 dollars to a charity to ensure children have things like mosquito nets, drinking water and food does that benefit me in any way?
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come back thicc hispa-chan
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Post more women hitting the wall
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You walk in the room and see this. What do you do?
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Last thread maxed out
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Suppose you're a 5' balding manlet with a squeaky voice. You got like, all the bad cards. Not like twink, just straight-up horribly ugly. You magically get a w*man and marry her. Then you meet Chad: 6' 5" perfect face chiseled body personal trainer with deep voice and more confidence than you've ever had in your entire life combined.

Would you let Chad impregnate your w*man?

The point is, why should your kids inherit your shitty genes and most likely suffer from depression and end up on 4chan? "Dad, why I cannot be like Chad" "That's because I wanted you to have my genes, I wanted you to go through all the suffering, I was too selfish to accept the fact that you'd be happier if you were Chad's kid"
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Hello /b/
Got any ASMR videos for me?
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Greatest Argument Against God
What is the single best logical argument against God in your opinion? Not looking for personal experiences or etc. idgaf.

Doesn't have to be Christian God, but arguments are preferred to be directed at one of the Gods of a Abrahamic religion.
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incest thread
Am I the only one who is tired of all this fake incest roleplay porn? I mean every single video has this same retarded "I AM NOT YOUR MOM/DAD/SIS, I AM YOUR STEP MOM/DAD/SIS" The fuck is this step trash? If you are going to make an acted INCEST video then at least make it about INCEST.
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shota bread 2
Shota bread
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I keep on getting weak erections

I’m only 27 this shouldn’t be happening already.
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I hope her nigger section of HeLL is especially miserable
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Still your president. Cope.
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Naggers and Joos
The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back.

We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos.

The joos and naggers are working to take people's minds through an overwhelming stream of disinformation and propaganda.

The liberal culture we see in the west is a jooish fabrication.


See for more information.


The joos own the governments and media in the west.

The joos use their power to pass anti-white laws, run anti-white media, censor black crimes and intensely promote miscegenation, LGBT and diversity.

The joos are funding massive illegal migration in USA and Europe.

Joos genocided 60 million people, fabricated the holocaust as a distraction, framed Hitler as the bad guy, and then took over the education system to prevent people from finding out.

The gas chambers of the "holocaust" are akin to the WMDs of Iraq, a farce used to justify military action.

The jooish holy book says that non-joos are the same as animals. How would joos feel if people were instructed to consider -them- as animals?

Should they be setting our laws and choosing our education?

As traditional terrorists call white people "infidels," jooish terrorists call white people "goyim" or “gentiles.”


We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments and the elections are not in the hands of the people.

Each nagger costs taxpayers approximately $750k (in welfare alone) over their lifetime.

Naggers say they attack whites because of “slavery” but most slave traders were jooish and the average joo was 40x more likely to be a slave owner than a white person.

Besides being a mostly jooish phenomenon, the number of enslaved naggers in the USA was extremely small and is obfuscated by the joos for rhetorical effect.

We move forward by sharing this information, awareness is essential.
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trap thread
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You hate to see it
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Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 21.18.10
European right-wingers hate Putin. American right-wingers love Putin. What's up with that/?
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After I take a shit and look down to marvel at my creation, it looks like a black nigger.. What's up with that?
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Why does this idiot get away with his constant spamming?
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New rolling
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Trans porn dump
Been mia a few days, and feel better now.
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What is your favorite dildo?
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Do you /b/elieve?
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We all know what the Left’s new “civil rights” cause is, but how much are they willing to give up to get what they want?
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Let's riot
I'm in the UK, who is with me?
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Going to hang myself
Going to hang myself sometime this week. Was wondering if this rope would hack it? Should i attach it to a bridge and jump off so my back would break making me unconscious, what type of knot should i do around the branch/pole?

Thanks for the input (if you guys help me out I'll livestream the whole thing)
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I don't dislike black people anymore.
>be me
>incel 24 years old
>5'7 and probably 150 pounds
>never liked getting into fights nor confrontations
>my mom says i need to find a job in order to help her pay rent
>i say fuck it, gotta help my mom
>end up getting a security job that starts at 8, ends at 4:30 AM
>same black dude that leaves at 10 every night
>at first didn't like him because he spoke in ebonics, was loud and annoying but overall not a menace and pretty nice to people
>one night my coworker who bullies other people decides to pick on me
>smacking the back of my head, eating my food i left for lunch that my mom had packed me
>eventually cool black guy sees this after a few times and confronts my coworker
>smacks the ever lasting shit out of him and tells him to stop playing with me
>walks up to me 10 mins after coworker has autism meltdown and proceeds to shake my hand/dap me up
>"Anon, dont let these niggas try you bro. You gotta fight back."

I don't dislike black people anymore.
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I jerked off to incest porn all day and came more times than I can count. I'm not proud but I'm not ashamed.
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Give me one reason to believe in the christian God that can't also be used to justify believing in Allah

protip: you can't
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What do you think about profanity and bad language?
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I am dabbling in the design of a moving sex doll that can stand on its own, ride you cowgirl style and have a piston style pushy pump inside.
Currently looking into finger motion for grabbing things. What are some good ideas on how to make the sex doll move?
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Why don't you like little tits, anon?
Do you not like cute things?
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Which one /b?
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No title
I am a certified engineer with a master’s degree. I work at Boston Dynamics. Ask me anything.
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Esperanta fadeno
En ĉi tiu fadeno, ni parolas Esperanton kun aliaj anonimuloj.
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breaking poos: elon musk just made andy sixx PEO (pooping executive orificer) at twitter!
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>be a react youtuber but with slightly more effort
>release “serious” videos repeating the same thing for 10-20 minutes straight
>be regarded as the only real person on youtube
>chronically spread misinformation and release videos too early, creating a hate mob attacking the wrong people
>it’s okay, he’s youtuber jesus. he always admits if he’s wrong.

his latest video the top comment is literally “i only get my news from charlie. i don’t have to consume any other news outlet anymore”. does anyone else realize how much of an actual plague this guy is on internet culture?
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herbert cosplay
How does one make friends past high school?
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No title
Femanon here. Why are women the weaker sex? It's unfair and humiliating.
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Treat me like a Spartan boy, God of War ;)
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Wtf causes this and how can I fix it without a doctor? I've had it for about a year now cause it makes me anxious and I keep rubbing/scratching
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IMG_20180519_233957_111-min (1)
Check out my pp can i see your pp
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Ask a dude with no legs anything about having no legs
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Musk had been directly challenged by zelensky to go to Ukraine. Is Musk going to go? Doubtful.
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Guess her race
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Top Jap Doctor Says "Vaxxies Are Fukt"

Dr Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University:
>immune system suppression
>cardiovascular disease
>autoimmune disease
>nanoparticles absorbed in the brain
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is it acceptible for a hispanic dude to say nigger seeing as for whites its not acceptible bc they made the word, but hispanics didnt.
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Why can't NPCs process thread derailment?
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Took my first creep shot
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Germfucks are the biggest failures in human history. They are such antisocial scummers, they even have to tie sausages to their kids necks so at least the dogs play with them.

German glorious attitudes?

Germfucks absolutely hate to be spied on but they love snooping around and snitching on others.
Germfucks love to point their fingers at other countries for being undemocratic, despite germany itself being rogue and oppressive, hijacking the european union to dictate and control their neghbors and other member states.
Germfucks love to mock americans about their lack of intelligence and how little they know about geography, despite many germans themselves can‘t name all of german states and don‘t know their capital cities.
Adding to all that, germfucks are manically paranoid that other people could take advantage and exploit their stupidity and retardation.


Germans marvelous inventions?

The car is an awful invention because it makes us dependent of oil from oil sheikhs and lots of people die and get injured in car accidents due to the fact that we are not supposed to move that fast.
Rocket thrusters allow us to venture into space but we shouldn‘t be there to begin with and can‘t even survive any minute without heavy gear. Mainly rocket thrusters are carrying vessels for the most deadly weapons.
Speaking of which, germfucks discovered nuclear fission which gives us access to nuclear warheads that can devastate our entire earth globe in no time.
gutenberg invented letterpress printing which is mostly used for spreading fake news and brainwashing.

As you can see there is really no reason to admire germfucks and their culture as they are responsible for how fucked up the world is nowdays. We should all rise up against them and push them back into the swamps they originated from.

Germfucks gnna get kicked out from qatar tomorrow. Let’s celebrate.
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No title
I can’t decide between wanting to fuck shemales and traps because I have a 8 inch dick and crazy sex drive or making a grindr and letting guys fuck my ass raw. I have a big feminine ass and thighs with big lips. And I look very passing with a wig and make up.
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No title
Tik tok now has a "i like the bbc" trend

you cant make this shit up
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I have to berry my sun.
Fucking bastard killed my sun, but I know Corey wouldn't want me to bee mad. God bless him, but he's going to hell.
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No title
I am a right wing atheist.

I support science and the right wing whole heartedly.
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No title
Fuck the free market. DeSantis is right.
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No title
Twatter interferred with the elections
imagine my shock
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yesterday, we walked the earth along side corey

today we walk alone and he flies... with the angles

rest in peace
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vaxxie dance
>it doesn't need to immunize
>it doesn't need to stop transmission
>it doesn't need to work against new strains
>it's good to take it because.. it just is okay?
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Nostalgia faps
82 media | 140 replies
4Chan but videos
Does anyone know if there is a 4Chan, but for videos? Or some other site to get good rare vidyos from? I know that there is, but I was wondering if there was something more like 4Chan. I get my videos from since it is easy to use like twitter but for racists.
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No title
Are you putting this angel on the top of your Christmas tree this year?
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I am not religious but I also know that pure Atheism is also stupid. I know there are things I cannot know, and although I may not believe in any personal god, I cannot discredit the possibility of there being any type of creative hand at some level beyond our understanding. I cannot prove or disprove the existence of god and thus I say "I dont know". That is the most honest answer anyone can provide, without evidence anything else is a lie or a delusion.

On that line of thinking I realize that some people need religion, and that it benefits mankind even if its not entirely true. I dont understand the hate.
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No title
Have any /b/ros actually fucked a shemale or trap before? What was the experience like? I hear it’s better than girl pussy. Should I try? I’m thinking about getting an escort or hooking up with one off some app.
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comfy melancholic night
>be me today
>realised i don't have coffee
>went to the store to get a huge amount of it
>it's literally the only thing keeping me somewhat alive
>enter the store
>walking past a cute girl
>she looks at me right in the eyes, smiles and looks away
>highlight of my day
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How do ugly women have boyfriends?
Theres this one chick in my class that I find completely disgusting, fat, ugly face, ugly hands, horrible hair colour,

We have interacted many times, and I find her an incredibly boring person.

So what is it bros???
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No title
Why are most of the criminals black?
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No title
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No title
heaven's population yesterday: 100000000000000000000000000

heaven's population today:

god's glory gained a corey
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I have alzheimers. AMA
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Roll dubs for Georgia's tits
4 media | 24 replies
Fleshlights vs Real pussy
Incel here . Can anyone tell me if these feel better or worse than real thing?
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No title
I see the sunlight flicker into my room and wonder how lucky I am to be alive
1 media | 12 replies
No title
Don't they realize that they are making a parody
of themselves at this point?
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Andrew Tate naked
does anyone have any photoshopped pictures of Andrew Tate naked? im making a calendar and need 10 more months
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No title
This room's a bit stuffy, innit?
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No title
I'm in my 30's, had a stroke earlier this year which took out my left side peripheral vision probably permanently. I have no friends left (they all moved), my job is ending early next year, I still live with my parents. They are pretty much all I have.

My life has taken an extremely dark turn, and I'm not sure what to do at this point.

What do, /b/
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No title
Many rules /b/
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No title
I miss him so much /b/ros
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No title
Is the 'deez nutz' meme still relevant, or is it just me?
2 media | 4 replies
No title
Is it normal for me to want to look like this if I'm a boy?
29 media | 76 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 12.46.25 PM
what's her name?
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Why do we wagecuck is there any other solid alternative?

My work atm:
> Only one taking responsibility
> Boss blames me if person responsible for staff doesen´t get someone to cover for me
> Even if person of staff has told me it´s okay
> Collegues don´t help me
> Collegue more or less told the boss she didn´t wanna do her job
> Boss okayed it
> Boss then sits on staff meeting and tell everyone we need to do it.
> I am probably one of the once with worst paycheck
> Do the most work
> Produce the best results.
> Collegues are always late
> No joke have had to open the store by myself several times.
> But if I leave for as much as a leak during open hours
> I will encounter them in the staff room asking me if the store is empty

I am just tired /B
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No title
Aly the French Slut
Aly la Salope Francaise
1 media | 1 replies
Yellow Army
Porn Boards
Why do you keep posting yellow images?
>We're a group of anons who've created a movement to stop the porn-spam killing /b/. The color is a symbol of our campaign. It was chosen by a group of anons (for unknown reasons) with the same goal back in 2019. Unfortunately, they gave up after a few weeks. We've picked up where they left off.
What makes this time any different?
>The members of our movement are much more dedicated to achieving our goals. We're prepared to continue for as long as it takes.
>We have a server on Discord that allows us to communicate with eachother. It's building a community of people that believe in our cause. This encourages us to keep going despite the overwhelming odds.
>We petition the janitors and moderators by using the "Feedback" form that 4chan offers. This ensures that they are informed of the problem. Our chance of making a change increases with the amount of people petitioning.
What are your specific goals?
>We want most (minimum of 75%) if not all of the porn spam that CAN be posted on other boards to ONLY be posted on those boards.
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No title
Imagine being a weedless virgin. Kek at /b/ users.
2 media | 4 replies
No title
ABG asian americans thread
5 media | 10 replies
No title
What are some breeds or horses that are easy to train and not too fesity?
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Log bless our troops.
1 media | 1 replies
Post nedersletjes
25 media | 49 replies
No title
what is your daily routine /b/
8 media | 39 replies
No title
Elon Musk is changing the world, and making it a better place
0 media | 0 replies
You know what to do. Let’s see ‘em!

(Also, if anyone saved pics of my slut then I’d really like to see them posted because I lost most of them when I randomly dropped my phone down a storm drain… Only had about 25% of them saved on my comp. Love you)
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No title
150 media | 265 replies
No title
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No title
i wish good luck to you anon
may your days be joyous, and your nights peaceful (or passionate).
be well anon.
0 media | 25 replies
No title
Hii :) I just want to know what you guys think of me or my ass??

Be honest!! I'm a Persian girl 19 years old if you wonder :)

I'm really curious what guys all over the world think soo tell me what you really think of me??
7 media | 31 replies
No title
grow up
warm shit turds
79 media | 120 replies
No title

The amount of Jewish criticism on twitter right now is literally unbelievable. Not an exaggeration. There’s so much that I can’t even believe what I am seeing. It’s not wonder they’re panicking. We’re talking full blown exposure for the entire world to see. I don’t think they’ve ever been this exposed. Not even during WWII. Buckle up boyos, we are in for a WILD ride…
1 media | 7 replies
No title
Have you ever shit out a penis, /b/?
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