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real hooker porn/share your experiences
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Clothed pics of girls you have nudes
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75 year old man pushed by cops and bleeding from his head. He’s now in the hospital in serious condition.
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SOCIAL FAP also moar of this huge titted goddess
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do i stop wanking? first good reply decides
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Cosplay thot thread, post cosplayers you have nudes of
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Does anyone know who this is?
This is real wife material
Also wife thread I guess
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UK thread, bonus for Lancaster
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Tributes Forever
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girls that are built for BBC
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What are the best animals to fuck, and how to go about it? Which ones feel the best and are generally the cleanest?
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Rekt thread
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Another YLYL thread.
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Mexican slut taking a pounding, who wants to see more
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Big titties only
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What's the kinkiest/nastiest sexual thing you've ever done with a girl?

Pic related, it's the girl who sucked me off after I rawdogged her while she was on her period.
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download (95)
Who remembers him?
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Even my girlfriend has a gun,
>pic related
What's your excuse, /b/?
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What do i do /b/? What can a person do when he has no one to turn to? No one that loves him or cares for him.. everything is fucked and i dont know what to do. I dont want to feel this way, why cant people give you a chance to prove yourself or to show them that you are a good caring person... ?
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So you know how like in Spain everyone has a lisp, because some king had one years ago and everyone copied him because he was THE ALPHA MALE. I think after 4 more years, this is how winners will walk.
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We had it trending and we're gaining traction.

Keep on it fellow keks
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Why do black Americans steal?
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Why are Germans always such perverted creeps?
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black lives don't matter
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post peepeepoopoo monsters
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rate her feet
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As a Trump supporter, what exactly about Donald Trump do you dislike? Do you believe that Joe Biden would be any better on certain issues which you have particular concern for?

Let this be an invitation to start a conversation. I understand Iiberals want a conversation. Trolling or short answers without evidence shall not be taken seriously.

For example:
>I dislike Donald Trump because __________ since ___________. That is bad because ____________. Instead, ___________ would be better because __________.
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Trap thread.

Cute Femboys/CDs/Sissies welcome as well. Where the OC at?
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Booty rates
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How's it going /b/ros. My country (toilet USA) is quickly circling the drain, everyone knows this. But what has been recently pissing me off are these people who claim "if you're silent, you're part of the problem." Are you fucking serious? Just because I don't post a black profile picture, or march in protest, this means i'm racist? By trade, i help and interact with people of all races daily and have done so for years; I have no qualms with any of these people. I should not have to do some stupid social media shit to prove to anyone that I am not a racist.

How would you respond to someone who (aggressively) comes at you with this bullshit?

Pic related
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post perfect faces
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Post her collection
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how bad is my body
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Pennsylvania thread
412 reporting
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W̷h̶e̶n̶ ̶w̸i̷l̷l̵ ̶w̵h̷i̴t̶e̴ ̵p̷e̴o̸p̵l̷e̶ ̵a̴p̸o̵l̸o̷g̴i̶z̶e̵ ̵f̶o̷r̵ ̴s̸l̵a̶v̸e̴r̸y̵?̸
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Choose wisely.
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Loli thread.
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Shouldn’t share/saved/want more of thread
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Let me explain Trump's base by telling you about my dog.

My dog is the sweetest doggo ever created but he is dumber than a box of hair. He LOVES it when I throw the ball to him especially when, like Trump, I make a huge show about throwing the ball. I often pretend to throw an imaginary ball and every single time he froths at the mouth and chases after this invisible ball with the excitement and manic joy of a meth-head. Even though he knows I often trick him, he never fails to chase that imaginary ball. That is Trump's base - Even though he only throws out crackpot bullshit, they trust and adore him in the same way my dog looks at me with dopey eyes and tongue wagging, waiting for me to throw the next ball that doesn't exist.

One may ask why, but my dog could tell you the answer: because I feed him. Trump feeds his base with the bullying, racism, and outright hatred that they thrive on and nothing is going to stop them from chasing his tiny balls.
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My gf. What do you think?
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Which race or groups of women age the worst? I vote Mexican, they shit out ONE kid and immediately loose all of their looks, they go from 25 to 50 in like two years after marriage and a baby.

Pic unrelated.
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We were talking about this with a friend earlier: WHY ARE WHITE PEOPLE SO ANGRY AT BLACKS?

and we came up with this answer: they're jealous!

Let's see why:
1) We got awesome resistance against the sun. Enjoy being burned
2) We are more fit, we can outrun any white male anytime
3) We got bigger dicks
4) Girls dig us better
5) We have very wide social circles. White people have forgot how to live in society
6) We got rhythm. We can dance, rap, sing, make music, you name it!
7) A black chick wouldn't date a white boy. On the other hand, white girls would drop their white boyfriend anytime for a black guy if given the chance
8) We're simply cooler. Admit it, maybe it wasn't the case some 200 years ago, but nowadays being white sucks whereas being black is cool as hell
9) We got a sense of what family is about
10) We get MANY children so that our genes will last long on this mother****ing earth, not like your average pathetic 2 children
11) If you don't die a virgin, and happen to get a daughter... chances are she'll be sucking and swallowing black dicks :)

I could be going on and on and on but you get the point by now

Enjoy being white, sucker :)
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pregnant babes
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Grond appreciation thread
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Wwyd thread - gf edition
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It's been a while, how gay is /b/ still?
Thanks anon who created this image last time, my results to follow
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Can we start a dom/lustful loli thread, other one image maxed
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It's good to see this board hasn't succumbed to much to hate, and that the majority understands that there is only one race. The human race, and regardless if you're black or white we're all in this shithole together. Stand up for each other, and your beliefs even through anonymity, because what happens in darkness will be revealed in the light.
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Guess her name for more and face unblurred
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my old friend is still having severe mental issues and I am at a loss as to how to help? he won't return my calls or emails or even answer the door anymore

he is isolated completely, no longer takes cares of himself, he is almost completely blind now and hasn't had a shower in almost 6 years, his elderly parents bring him food, all of his doctors/therapists/helpers have abandoned him because they can't "deal" with his mood swings and irritability

I am afraid he will die, can you die from self neglect or isolation? How do I get him some real help?
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Which one would you want to fuck?
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Webm thread?
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Insta feet.
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Mommy-san's Straight Shota Thread! Vol.10 - "Is it Nr. 9 or 10?"-Edition

Hello and welcome to the thread. Feel free to post anything straight shota related, images, videos, stories, etc. or just talk about your fantasies.

You can find me on Twitter @Mommysan4You
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My mom died today and i just feel lost. anyone wanna talk?
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Feral zoo and bestiality thread, s/fur

Post please, if you want.

Sex is fun.

Wet bitches, music, Drugs and booze hnnggggg

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Peepee poopoo tine
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images (5)
Where do you think she is rn?
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biden racist
why do so many liberals support biden?
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femboy here, i have used toothbrushes and hairbrush handles before for playing with my ass but always finish by stroking my dick, how do i have a full prostate orgasm? tips and techniques pls
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Can we get some leftist NPCs to shave their head?
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waifu bread? WAIFU BREAD!! image limit was reached on the other thread so bring it over here plz :3 love you all!
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Does anyone on /b/ use a Viberect X3?
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tit rate thread
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These monkeys have proven that Covid is a hoax. There's no spike in Covid cases despite all these mass gatherings. Trump was correct, Covid will disappear in the Summer.
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Are you ready for the /b/oogie tomorrow bros?
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Fap worthy YouTube videos, and no she's not underage.
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Got an acoustic and have been practicing using some YouTube videos. Anyone got tips on who to watch or tips in general for playing?
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im high af heres a picture of my cock
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How do I go about getting a girl with a penis to fuck my ass?
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>are you in a sexual relationship?
>how often do you fap?
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The left is in a self-feeding loop so all they need is more rope to keep spiraling.
Protest for BLM? Wear a shirt for BLM? Retweet hashtag for BLM? Pitiful!
>Go Bald for BLM!
>Go Nude for BLM!
>Bleed for BLM!
>Crawl for BLM!
>Whiteface for BLM!
>Punch right for BLM!
>Burn your car for BLM! etc.
>#A4B can be the catch-all dogwhistle, say, "All for BLM"

If we do it right, we'll have bald nude whores cutting themselves and crawling through Manhattan by the end of the weekend.

photo source:
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pajeet slap
What do pajeets think of ching chongs? Would they likely join the West if there was a war with them, join China, or sit it out?
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This guy keeps mocking my looks but when I bring up the fact he has a huge chin and looks goofy as fuck he spam replies with "I'm handsome and perfect".
Is this some sort of mental illnesa or what, how can you look this goofy and not realize it.
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Do you think the United States will fall during our lifetimes?
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Hello there /b/. This thread may be a little gross than usual. I had my pee bottle for about several months and used it regularly. Recently I noticed some weird white dropouts on the bottom. Does anyone has any idea what this might be?
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Fuck humans in general.
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You're in charge of creating a sex-themed prison system for arrested college girls to replace the normal prison.

What kinds of features will it have, and will innocent girls ever accidentally end up in there?

also looking for the efficient reporting system guy from last thread
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The Minneapolis city countil might disband the whole police department, just no police anymore. Crime is going to spike and god knows what will happen but Trump will definitely send out the Army if it happens lol
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All Aircraft in vicinity are required to contact the tower. Paradise Valley International Airport ATC is live.
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Post girls snaps. I'll try to get wins and message you if successful.
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Comment something shitty for upvotes on reddit
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Waifu! Heat edition!

QOTT: If the all the States in the USA were represented by food, what food would each state be represented by?
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Big tiddies cute faces
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Can someone explain these poor areas in nyc?

We aren't rich buying all the poor Manhattan area?
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Timeto roll
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Change my mind
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Drop your KIK's bonus points for Edinburgh
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kik bread
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How manny bikes a nigger could steal if nigger would steal bikes?
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easy ways to kill someone without being caught?
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How are there still be porn threads on here at a time like this? How can you even be jacking off when there is something very important and serious going on? Too afraid to face serious issues?
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blowjobs from cute girls
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gobaldforblm01 - C
Is this for real?
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drawthread: Haha! Funny! Edition
72 images | 215 replies
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Why are god believing idiots allowed doctors and medical care? They should just pray to god to fix their cancer, AIDS, coronavirus, missing limbs. Don't waste my time waiting for a doctor when you have your god. Prayer works 100% of the time by the way
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Why are horses so ugly?
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Are SoundCloud drug dealers legit because I don’t want to get a vpn and browse the dark web trying to find LSD tabs not sold by the FBI but also don’t want to get scammed.
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"Stop treating us like niggers"
>Acts like a nigger

Explain yourselves
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Hello Anon!
Behold! Your favorite interracial dating site!
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Ohio Sluts!
2 images | 5 replies
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I beat my wife twice a month & she's to scared to leave
4 images | 18 replies
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Let's start the #BlackedforBLM on Twitter
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I'm an extreme Satanist and have been convincing people that I am a gentle God loving man for years.

I just needed to get that off my chest, thanks.
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I want you all to have a good day.
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Im tired of this protest rioting shit the officers involved got what they deserved but stop this pissy shit I can't scroll without seeing a black square or some other shit I don't blame the riot control for blasting people with rubber bullets they must be sick of this shit soneone tell me what they all really want racism will never end and there will always be bad cops what are some of your thoughts
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number 46
(2025 - 2033)
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This guy wants to move to Italy. Do you like Italy?
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What the hell? I thought these were peaceful protests. Are we being lied to?
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Give me reasons to hate women
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>be me
>14 yo tard
>love dogs
>from conservative religious family
>parents dont want dog
>spending my holidays at my grandparents with my cousins
>cousins bring their dog
>the dog is always super happy to see us in the morning
>i wake up early to see him first and pet him
>the whole house is sleeping
>autism kicks in
>whips out my dick
>dog start to lick it
>i panick but wtf was i expecting
>won't ever be able to erase from my memory that my first sexual experience was with a dog
>wasn't even pleasing
>be today
>22 yo virgin only ever succed by a dog
>very nice
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I took 400ug's of acid and drank a small bottle of Sam Adams. Here's some shit I drew
18 images | 51 replies
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share covid-19 experiences /b/

>have you caught it
>do you know anyone who died from it
>did you get better
>do your lungs work the same as before
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Straight anons who explored their gayness, what was your experience like? I’m thinking of sucking a t girl off soon and I’m scared I’ll feel disgusted after. Anyone had a similar experience?
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What is your opinion on our lord and savior Jesus christ
3 images | 18 replies
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No one is born gay

Homosexualism is unnatural and srerile
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What do I do if I’m just so fucking tired I can’t move

I have unmovable appetite for days. I already am so tired. I literally wake up all day it takes me hours to do one chore. I just say oh ill play xbox nvm too tired. Ill eat thatll help. Just makes me more tired. Literally every single day I just want to sleep 24 hours and my eyes are totally black

>wake up every day
>damn man I need to go back to sleep
>lay around stuck in limbo too tired to move
>I need to eat
>food just makes me even more tired
>being hungry makes me tired
>legs feel like heavy concrete noodles
>I should play a video game
>nvm too tired
>I should go outside
>sun burns my eyes too tired
>I should do a chore
>legs too heavy tired

I sit on my phone posting for social contact 18 hours a day. My eyes are so black and everyone tells me I need to sleep and look tired
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Who’s Hotter My cousin Sophia or her Friend Kate?
1 images | 6 replies
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Post the sickest porn and weird shit you've got faggots
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Make fun of my little puppy dick /b/ <3
6 images | 25 replies
No title

What does /b/ think about police brutality against little girls?
2 images | 2 replies
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You can put it on my Twitter feed. You can put it on my TV. You can protest in my town. You can post your black squares. You can give me your shittily researched hot take. You can scream at me all you want for disagreeing. You can whine as much as you want, and demand immediate change from a system that’s been in place for centuries, as futile as it would be.

But you stay the FUCK out of my video games. I don’t need any more of your bullshit jammed up my fucking ass than I already have. I play games to get my mind off of the pinko pox and dindu riots, not be reminded of how fucked the world is. What more can you expect my ass to do when everyone else is already doing shit and it’s all anyone ever wants to talk about on TV and social media?

btw no new spike in corona cases with all these protests, still think it’s real and as deadly as they’re fucking saying it is, and totally not a coverup for Sleepy Joe?
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Help me /b/, you're my only hope.
So, my 15 yo sister is dating this 20 yo black guy (yes, it's legal where i'm from). Already heard them fucking several times. How can i stop them?
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Is there any reason why I, an atheist white nationalist, should not pretend to convert to Judaism, move to Israel, marry a sexy Jewess, and spend the rest of my life shooting brown people with the IDF?

Israel is the only place in the world where ethnically white people still dominate nonwhites. I know that Jews are responsible for the decay of Western Civilization, but it's starting to feel like it's time to admit that they won and join the winning side.
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ITT: We compliment each other and act like positive people
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economy in ruins, 100k+ dead, race riots, threats to invoke martial law

objectively terrible state of affairs, complete and abject failure of a presidency
44 images | 332 replies
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Early sexual encounters thread.

My best friend when growing up had a sister who always tried to flirt with me. She was a little on the dumb side but I didn't think much of it.

One time all three of us were messing around in the lake at their summer. We were all wearing goggles as well. Then when I dove down under water she flashed her pussy at me.
I got an insta boner and I still get hard as diamonds thinking back to it.

Every time after that I went under water she pulled her swimming suit to the side and showed me her pussy and whenever my friend was under water she didn't. It was amazing.
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Here's the link to The Edd Zone:
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I just wanna move to japan now and I fucked my life being a drug addict and now its ruined forever

>just wanna live in japan
>hate how every woman is a slut in the west
>fucked up my life when I was younger
>got arrested for a bunch of petty drug shit
>no redemption
>japan immediately fucking hates every single person that even touched weed one time 40 years ago
>never went to college

I am absolutely disgusted by western women. Every girl is a whore running around in the sluttiest clothes possible, covered in tattoos, colored hair, piercings all over their face, having a dumb slut look in their air. EVERY single girl in america is raped or molested. America has higher rates of rape than third world countries and everyone is a lazy degenerate. Women here start having sex at 13 or 14. Every single girl i see has slutty pics all over instagram and a really slutty looking face. Every female singer here dances around on stage half naked and has slutty pics all over instagram and sings about being fucked all day. Every person here is just a brain dead hedonist.
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No title
Can buy me roblox giftcard?
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No title
why does everyone from reddit write the fucking same; NEWSFLASH we can tell youre from reddit because you are all fuukin clones
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download (94)
>Middle School
>South Park Movie just came out
>Everyone was hyping it up
>Everyone was talking about it
>Teacher lets us watch it in her class
>Big Gay Al shows up
>My name is Al
>Everyone was laughing at this part simply due to my name being Al
>My face was as red as pic related
rip /b/ros
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