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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

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hello guys im new to blen...uhh 3d modeling i can draw 2d art so i said why not try 3d modeling any tips you would want to share any tutorials mistakes i should avoid creating models like in the pic
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No title
Ok, so I watched the GGXrd GDC talk and It seems I'm the only one in this board who understood what they were talking about.

Since there's a lot of discussions about such lecture I think I can summarize the video.
Maybe we can discuss here how to acomplish every step on blender and godot or unity.

It seems that the most dificult and important part over traditional cell shading is a texture that controls the threshold of the cell shader.

Dunno how to implement this on blender, maybe someone can help there.
This texture is like 70% of the work.

Later they use an individual vector light point for every character, they didn't used universal/global lightning.
Last step for the anime perfect shader is normal editing to fix areas like the face.

The colors are done using a basic albedo/specular texture and another tint texture that effects the shadows.
They also used an inverted hull for the outline of the mesh.
For the interior lines they aligned their UV to create such lines using the texture, but taked care to make every interior line to be a perfect horizontal or vertical line, to avoid antialising and jaged lines.

And last, their animation seemed to be not interpolated.

So far their tech doesn't seem ultra revolutionary except for their threshold texture.
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3D eroge
Serious question, I want to start making profit with my 3D abilities, throw me ideas in how to make money with niche porn, I wonder if this is a good market haha
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No title
Quake style low poly retro models. Modelling and animating. In blender???

Hello /3/ I'm an indie dev, aspiring to make a dusk inspired retro flavoured fps that pays homage to the gems I grew up playing (quake and doom). I know that's nothing new and remarkably original (wrath, dusk, prodeus, etc). But one step more above being a contrarian edgelord who shoots down other peoples goals, is not giving a fuck about contrarian negative edgelords who shoot down other peoples goals. I'm doing it despite the fact that there's a whole trend of people doing this.

Now I'm comfortable modelling in blender, and I can paint textures very comfortable. But how do I learn to animate a model like this?

Is there a go-to tutorial, or site that will teach me to go from concept/turnaround to model to animated ingame character ?

Thanks for your efforts or interest.
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Questions & Help
/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

Previous thread: >>721238
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No title
Modeled in ZBrush, rendered in Maya with Arnold. The only flaws I see are:
--Right lower eyelid doubles a wrinkle that should be much less prominent in the lower secondary wrinkle, skin is too opaque (usually compensated for in the diffuse texture)
--Left cheek texture looks like she slept on canvas; too regular and would have been smoothed over with foundation
--Excessive hair at jawline and it looks like it was generated as male stubble instead of the finer, female vellus hair. Women used depilatory cream for this in the 1950s, especially movie stars.
Head hair is amazing. Thoughts, /3/?
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The story of Sculptris is the saddest fucking thing in all 3DCG history
>starting out in 2008 as freeware made by one really clever and ambitious programmer
>has literally game changing, never done before technology in it (realtime subdivision on brushstroke)
>gets improved at a rapid pace
>has no bullshit in it
>only the basics you need to get a basic sculpt done
>basically Notepad for 3D to visualize sculpt ideas
>super fast and super smooth

>established industry leaders get nervous about the rapid progress and its groundbreaking technology that is available FOR FREE
>dev gets offers from all sides
>dev finally ~~joins the Pixologic family~~
>dev makes super optimistic announcement of future plans and features on the P forums
>Sculptris gets rebranded as their software, gets gutted and its technology assimilated into Zbrush
>dev gets spit out like an apple seed just 1 year later
>Sculptris development COMPLETELY STALLED
>no word anymore from the dev, more or less stopped visible online activity for several years
>people keep asking about bugfixes and what will happen with the software -- No answers, ever from Pixologic

A decade later and it's still being a corpse propped up by Pixologic without receiving any development, fixes or anything. It is a fucking disgrace and utterly disgusting. Nothing still comes even close to its smoothness and speed.
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No title
clown boy
DAZ 3D: I just copied the last OP edition

Last thread: >>713092

Character Creator 3 Help: ( (

Vroid Anime Tool: (now with obj export) (vrm importer for blender)

Hair Creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Magic poser:

mobile XNALara:

MB-Lab for blender:

Daz importer for blender:

Daz face plugin:

Dforce strand hair for daz3d
daz is planning on improving the animation tools
free octane renderer for daz:
Daz has "plans" for hexagon
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No title
why even learn any other program when this shit makes everything procedurally and 1000x faster than classic workflow
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No title
How stupid is it to put your pirated software as something you used on your artstation?
ATM for me it's only MD but MD is what I love using. Do interviewers ever ask if you own all the softwares?
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No title
Anyone know how to achieve realistic rendering such as pic related in Daz or Octane in Cinema 4D using a Daz model?
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No title
What's a good texture for human fingernail? I've been stuck on this for a while and can't find a texture for one.
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Does anyone 3D model low poly models anymore?
I see all these annoying sculpting tutorials for sculptris, mudbox, or Zbursh and it makes me mad. The sculptards have taken over the the tutorial section of any website. Plus sculpts don't animate that well. They need to have their topology corrected.

But enough of that whining. Does anyone still low poly models characters like an OG? Around the 4k-10k tri region.
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No title
What good 3D communities are there that are similar to /3/ or 4chan culture?

/3/ is shit at 3d but has top bantz
Polycount has great art but they talk like cucks scared to offend
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Metroid N64
Metroid N64 Samus 01
Always wondered what it would have been like to have a Metroid game released for Nintendo 64. I've been working on some models and scenes with that reto-poly look in mind.
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No title
Are 3D artists
>really fucking desperate
To pull shit like this?
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What makes all those utterly desperate people flock around /3/?
Have you noticed how every second thread is about "how to get into the industry" or "how to learn and make money FAST" or "what tool to use to become a professional with a 6 figure income"?
Where the __FUCK__ are the hobbyists?
Is it because it's the first board in the smartphone app?
Who keeps fucking telling them that they'd get rich easy and quick with 3D artwork? You don't see absolutely desperate and depressed people plastering miniature plane building forums begging to get spoonfed to get rich quick.
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Help me find reference plz
I need a reference similar to this one but I can't find a reference with big tits
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Lets talk about 3D tutorials
- What would you like to get explained?
- Do you like it fast or slow paced to easily understand?
- What do you like the most in tutorials and what do you absolutely hate and should be avoided?
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Finding 3D models
Hey /3/, I'm looking for a source where I could get WW1-era 3D models for a video game I'm making.
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No title
there's a way to make a extrude to the cursor in maya like you do in blender? (pls don't begin the fight blender vs maya vs the world, just answer that if you know)
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No title
Be honest, does it look good? I am new as fuck to Blender and this obviously has no textures as I haven't even covered that yet. But does the actual model itself look good? How high is too high for triss?
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Animation Retargeting
currently working on an animation retargeting addon for blender. going great so far.
what's the industry standard for doing this kind of stuff?
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WIP thread, get your WIP thread
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Ron Thornton on the secrets of spaceship design
What is the basic shape of the ship, from all angles? Can you tell which way up it is in a long shot?

Sometimes you have a clear idea of what you want, other times you have to look for inspiration. A really good idea is to do scribbles, free-form just one per sheet of paper, then look through them later and you can start to see shapes come out of them.

Above all make the shape iconic and memorable. How do the shapes join together and compliment each other. Will you have a symmetrical shape? Or might asymmetry be the best choice. How do all the parts link together?

This is form follows function. Does the ship look like what it's supposed to rbe? Alien? Terrestrial? Freighter? Tanker? Does the scale suit the purpose? You wouldn't have a battle cruiser that looks like it's only 30 meters long.

Have areas where the eye can rest. This throws any detail you have into better relief. Too much detail without a break ruins a design. This is SUPER important.

All good designs have an area where the eye can rest. It's about compositional contrast. Guiding the observers eye to the core elements of the ship. Modeler Paul Pepera is a master at this.

Make some recessed areas on the hull. Recessed detail suggests design confidence. Also recessed detail gives more areas of contrast and shadow, The size of detail in the recesses can add greatly to the impression of scale.
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Gravity Rush 2 models
kat worker cute
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
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No title
Assuming you want stereoscopic VR output, is raytraced volumetric lighting a true substitute for DOF?

I read on a forum on 3d (stereo) movies that DOF shouldn't be used because your eye is supposed to be able to explore the whole image and focus on what you want, making it useless.

pic related is my attempt at volumetric lighting in blender
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A halanger apears.
Watch this and tell me how blender is complicated or unintuitive.

PS: Fuck the ribbon fuck it to hell!
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Wow, trully the industry way of making game models if the future
halo pixel art
3D low poly with pixel art textures:
>Model (1 hour)
>Texture (1 hour)
>Rig (1 hour)
>Animate (1 hour)
>export to game engine

3D AAA profesional garbage:
>Get photo references (2 hours)
>Sculpt to realistic detail (20 hours)
>Retopo (10 hours)
>UVMap (1 hour)
>Make the materials in substance (10 hours)
>Texture the retopo model (20 hours)
>Rig the model in realistic ways (20 hours)
>Get video reference and mocap (10 hours)
>Animate the model (20 hours)
>Export the model

>tfw after spending a month on a model it looks like garbage unlike the retro model
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Wat do
Hi and qq: long time gamer here started when 13 y old, currently approaching 35. Wanna pick up something new to do that may even potentially replace my job and will bring money and will excite me. Porn and games are hard to stop because i got nothing to fill the void when i quit and cant start anything because nothing else excites me really. Any advice on this please?
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No title
How similar is blender to Softimage?
I'm sick of using 3ds max for the past 5 years at work. Modeling organic looking stuff is fucking rage inducing.
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Free /3/ Resources General
Free Resources Thread OP
/3/sources General

- Gone but not forgotten edition -

>List of all links in previous thread

>Link to previous thread

Use this thread to post any free resources or anything else that you'd want to share with your fellow anons. Textures, materials, brushes, models, references, tutorials, anything that you think might benefit another anon, please post it here.
It might help to check the pastebin before you post, in case there might be duplicates, but it's not a problem if you don't.
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Sculpting vs modelling
Flipped normals already dealt with this. Spoilers sculpting is better so stop asking. PS Blender is shit at sculpting so dont bother.
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things /3/ hates
>inb4 [software entirely] xdd

I mean by things /3/ hates, I mean certain things in your software; a feature you don't like or other miscellaneous things you wish your modelling software didn't have.
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No title
Is this Infographic good enough?
Consider that drone's camera was shit (at least, not professional), and the background photo was a little noisy. Everything is custom and specifically made for this project.

(Newfag here - don't be so rude it's my first work lol)
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No title
rate my model
2 images | 18 replies
Blender 2.79b to 2.81
87octane-styrofoam-gunpowder for a fun surprise
>have all my work on 2.79b as I never knew Blender got updated
>cant open any of it with this new zoomer-grade update
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No title
Slowdinifags and Autoshills completely BTFO
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No title
What kind of script would you want the most to be a reality in maya? what you miss the most in that program?
2 images | 9 replies
No title
Wow maya is actually worse than blender
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RPD blender model.
What are your thoughts /3/
I did this over a week, for my libre videogame.
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No title
Did Rule of Rose Blender/Maya/SFM model exists ? Just asking.
1 images | 20 replies
No title
Opinions on this fella?
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No title
Is there any place I could sell models to make a bit of money for my hobby?
I am not looking to make a bunch of money just places I could possible sell some simple assets that I could whip up.
Is there a market for that or is all pretty much covered by big companies?
What is actually a good way of making a bit of money from this?
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Do any of you guys use mmd or is it a shit program?
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No title
This is a Half life 2 map I have made
17 images | 66 replies
The Future
Dumping the future
10 images | 30 replies
What's with all those "3D industry professionals" making complete fools out of themselves?
>instead of criticizing artwork using their knowledge and experience, it's just "lol u suk", "xD hes using [insert software]
>calling Blender users "Blendlets" when the -let suffix actually just implies that their skills of using the software are insufficient (as "manlet" means a short guy)
>spending way more time shitting on software than actually being creative
All this feels like some dumb falseflag by a handful bored NEETs to make 3D artists look like total idiots. No professional would waste time acting utterly retarded to this extent, especially not artists who're actually active in the industry where time is literally money.
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No title
cube with friend
Why does my sphere reflect so cube?
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No title
what will be faster to learn?

basic programming oriented to web dev


3D modelling (no sculpting)

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No title
Tell me again why sculpting is superior for anime girls if all the best anime girls ever made were made using traditional vertex modelling?

>but muh zbrush sculpts
They all look like 3D sculpts and not like 2D anime girls.
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Custom bevel profiles
I saw this video about custom bevel profiles in the newest version of blender (2.82)
It looks pretty cool and like it would save a lot of time. I was wondering how I could do this in Maya? (or 3ds max)
thank you
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Any way to get this model somewhere?
chucky-3d-printable-3d-model-obj-mtl-stl - copia
Paywalls for this model are over 50 bucks in most sites. Some dude is selling it in a local marketplace but hasn't clearly bought it, so idk.
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No title
Sup /3/, Long story short I'm an indie dev making a survival horror RPG. And I need to make a "Stats" screen. Theres only one issue.. I can't into menus, as im shit at 2D art. So the way I figure it I could simply make the menu itself a 3D object with a PBR material on it.

How do you create such an effect like the paneling above? I've been loooking for hardsurface tutorials but everywhere I look its just tuts for guns, any suggestions?
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VRchat Avatars
derpy loli
Hello /3/

Can we have a thread dedicated to the discussion of creating assets, worlds, and avatar in Vrchat?

Here are some official resources:

46 images | 161 replies
No title
Recommend me a render farm setup
1 images | 6 replies
No title
For pre-rendered, non-realtime 3d, is after effects essential? I feel like I suck ass because I dont know ae. Is the blender compositor up to snuff or is it shit?
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No title
/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

Last thread >>721238
1 images | 3 replies
Lighting General
Lighting ftw
ITT, Share:
>Lighting tutorials, theory, resources etc.
>Your own lighting work to ask for criticism
>Examples of good CG lighting, references, inspirations

Everything lighting related!

Good read: UE4 Archviz Interior Rendering
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No title
Can we ban blender from /3/?
31 images | 180 replies
No title
>tfw about to post a question in the questions thread and figure it out on your own
I'm gonna fucking make it bros
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Blender or Piracy
cgi car
Is it better to get Blender or just pirate Maya/3Ds max if I wanna make 3d models? If piracy is the better option should I pirate Maya or 3Ds max?

All hypothetical of course.
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No title
So I took the plunge and attempted to get a small freelance job. It was for retopologizing around 30 marvelous designer garments and baking out the standard maps.

I created a nice workflow to automate the process, the guy was retopoing by hand. He asked me for a price and this is where I got nervous. Pricing has always made me run away from potential work, I guess because I feel like I would way overcharge (I work a minimum wage job so charging money that would make me over $20 an hour is weird for me...). But, I stuck to my guns and told him what I would personally want in payment for the job, which at first I was gonna say $30 per mesh, but then lowered it to $25 cause I didn't want him to think I was an asshole.

Is that way over or undercharging, or just right? How do I come up with pricing? After spending 4 hours creating/learning the workflow, I was able to do another mesh in an hour. So do I charge based on hourly, or skill, or potential issues, or all? I suppose it's just logical to charge what I want to be paid, and if the person doesn't like it there's no reason for me to be an aspie and feel like shit.

Side note; the guy says he has multiple applicants but I have a feeling he's bullshitting. Is it common to say there are other applicants to gain leverage?
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how to train my sculptor
is there any tips you guys wanna give me i wanna make 3d characters like this and how do you get perfect lighting in 3d software im a newb
0 images | 4 replies
how do i into blender
i've been a maxfag for like 15 years now but i don't do it professionally (software dev now) anymore and haven't for a few years, i want into belnder, python scripting is neato, and i like free, i'm only gonna fuck around anyway, do some hardsurface and weird art renders, maybe some 3d printing

should i learn the old way of keyboards shortcuts because then old tutorials will make sense to me, or is everyone just going to use 'industry standard' from now on and i should use that cause it'll make sense to a max user?

is there a chorded keyboard shortcut based poly-modelling mode or plugin for blender like the graphite tools in max?

is there an equivalent to particleflow in blender? does it have a good ui.ux or is it at least easily scriptable in python?

pic related it's my best model
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No title
Give it to me straight /3/, becoming a 3D animator isn’t a realistic job isn’t it?
10 images | 107 replies
So I sculpted this. Am I doing it wrong? How am I supposed to sculpt real good anatomy?

Are there any good tutorials?

Rate and commend on my creation.
4 images | 26 replies
No title
What software do you recommend to a beginner?
0 images | 23 replies
No title
Been working on this a few months and did my first test animation render last week. VERY MUCH a WIP.

gotta fix the fire to be better

will add more debris and particles

haven't done much post processing yet either, this is all just the redshift beauty pass

having a friend help with character animation, haven't started that at all.

camera movement is a bit wierd, but i dont wanna waste time working on that too much cuz i already spent 2 weeks on that when i was starting

What can I do to make it better?
3 images | 19 replies
Multilayer EXR
I want to edit EXR multilayer by GIMP, or another photo-editing software.
But GIMP can't deal with exr multilayer type.
So please tell me how to divide the each layer into one file.
Or, please tell me how to deal with multilayer exr by free-software.
(I'm not a native speaker. Sorry for the strange English)
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Can someone please explain exactly how this person made this video?

I'm not sure how they are able to get the different angles which shows it isn't just a single minecraft image on premier in the background. How do they give the minecraft level depth to match the angle of the camera for the hamster? What process/programs did they use to make this meme?
0 images | 6 replies
No title
This is Joseph Drust, and welcome back to another episode of reading this in my voice.
2 images | 16 replies
RMS isn't going to do anything about GRSecurity
I've been emailing RMS. (Regarding the GCC plugins, etc)
RMS isn't going to do anything about GRSecurity because Bradly Kuhn, a non-lawyer who stabbed RMS in the back recently
, said nothing can be done.

What the FUCK?

RMS says "No evidence right?" and "I'm not part of the FSF anymore" and "wasn't it agreed that nothing could be done?"
There is in-writing evidence:
Has he forgotten about this:
Has he ever heard of "Discovery"?
Subpoena the customer list,
then subpoena the customers.

I told him the contributors to the FSF codebase should sue to recover their copyrights on the basis of fraud in the inducement then.

Why are these free-software people such fucking FAGGOTS that WONT SUE?

(And yes: you can recover donations to organizations that misuse your donation / don't do what you've instructed in atleast NY and California)

Bradly Kuhn is NOT A LAWYER: he's just a FAGGOT with a Bachelors degree, RMS BELIEVES HIM, and ignores actual lawyers. Is RMS a senile idiot?
3 images | 4 replies
No title
So this is the power of industry standart zbrush.
clearly Blender is inferior of such advanced results.
11 images | 47 replies
How do I make 3D hair?
bros I need help with making hair in ZBrush or Maya. Any tutorials?
0 images | 9 replies
How demanding on a system would a fully rendered,textured, and game ready Earth and Solar System be on a given system and Game Engine.

Something like Kerbal Space Program with GTA V or Ace Combat level Graphics?
2 images | 20 replies
porting MMD to SFM
i just started checking out blender and SFM because i wanted to port an MMD model i like and make some clips. can anyone experienced with porting give me some tips? aside from the guides. i am aware of the huge guide on porting but this covers a lot of subjects and is very intimidating. i just want my mmd to be in SFM. the bones and the expressions make it look very delicate to handle.
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Is luxcore superior to cycles?
0 images | 0 replies
Stuck with my head
Unsure how to add nostrils and nose details.

Feels like e-poles may be at suboptimal places.

How to go about nose + mouth loop?
8 images | 22 replies
>Shrewd owner of a mine or industrial plant? Having labor issues? Pinkerton's Men have brought with them a new problem-solver...
>The 1877 Colt Gatling gun. 10 barrels of crank-fired libertarianism could donate lead trinkets to striking protestors at a rate of 1200 trinkets per minute. Pinkerton's men made efficent use of these in making sure no men of various localities would be living after looking "too long" at anyones daughters. No shotgun needed (wooo ain't no one gettin muh daughter, murica!!!). Many fathers were pleased, though they did not know why... they really didn't question things. They were just happy no man was getting their daughter and they didn't have to use their 8 gauge black poweder double barrels! Soon after, however, their wives petitioned the various state governments to simply make marrying girls illegal, and thus the 1877 colt gatling gun had made it's mark, and then-some. Once the law went into effect it was no-longer needed to mow down scores of expendable daughter-desirin' picketing protesting striking mmaalleess so the gatling gun went into storage for a near century... until the minigun came around.
>Download the gun that killed all the daugher-desirin' degenerate male scum! Ally of the father (who don't want no reproducin' goin on with HIS dauteru! EVER!) Ally of the woman (who don't want no competition, and the "bulldog" makes the opinion clear) and giver of justice to the mmaallee. (A true millstone around his neck!)
>Once this gun came around, the New Testament finally and truly defeated the Old. (But perhaps in the future the Old will strike back!)
>Modeled in blender (2.73) for the free/opensource videogame standalone-mod/fork of Xonotic: Chaos-Esque Anthology Dual Licensed: CC-BY-SA, GPLv2 --MikeeUSA--

What the fuck is wrong with blendlets? It;s like they have a fucking mental problem
19 images | 82 replies
Free ue4 assets

yuh bro i got you
3d asseets, cryengine, godot, ue4, unity, autodesk, blender, houdini and substance stuff. free :)
0 images | 6 replies
No title
How does it feel that you will never be as good enough to be apart of
0 images | 16 replies
what the hell is this
1 images | 4 replies
No title
It's the 15th and CGPeers signups aren't open. You lied to me /3/.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
I wanna build small town sceneries like pic related. Filled with lovely details and also some forests in the background.

Now I know that guy is using 3dsmax. My prefered tool is Cinema 4D. Is there any advantage for building something like this in 3dsmax? Like performance, etc.?

C4D is just so easy to use but I'm afraid to miss on something or so.
0 images | 11 replies
No title
remade some levels of lego star wars in unity
0 images | 1 replies
No title
i'm interested in learning about modeling environments, but I want to be able to plan things out ahead of time so I have some sort of reference point when I do the actual modeling. I have Dungeon Painter Studio and I think it's nice for mapping out what an interior is going to look like, but I think it's lacking when it comes to outdoor/more open environments. is anyone here aware of a good program/method for planning out larger areas? it's fine if it costs money, assuming it's not too pricey
0 images | 1 replies
How to make a waifu app
Inspired by project melody I want to make myself a waifu app where you can design your perfect girl, dress her and save outfits, makeup, simple greetings, do softcore lewd things like undress her and pose her how I want, etc. I want it on my phone so I can say hi any time of day when I have a moment.

Is there free software that would make this possible? Basically a 3D engine with free models of anime girls that can be customised
1 images | 9 replies
cgmatter discussion



He literally FORCES Eminem to smile with the raw power of stock Blender (i.e, no plugins)
BTFO Autocucks, bet you can't do that with your decrepit buggy M*ya or 3DS M*x autoshit
5 images | 18 replies
Substance Painter Help
Does anyone know why these jagged edges happen when I paint normals?

INB: Texture Set is already at 4K so that's not the issue here.
1 images | 11 replies
No title
I want to step up 3D modeling from a hobby and into something i can make extra money off of in the future. What are some cheap PCs, software, and general tips and knowledge you guys can tell me to help out an ammature? Once i do get a computer I plan on using source film maker to make various picture scenes since .vDD files are extremely common and usually higher quality than Obj. Files from sketchfab
0 images | 1 replies
No title
check out these models from a game im working on
0 images | 2 replies
cgmatter discussion thread
/3/, what do we think of CGMatter and his Blender tutorials? He's been gaining popularity over the past year or so but I've not seen him mentioned on this board.

I find his upbeat, fast-paced style very entertaining to watch, he's a bit of a personality. I've not observed the same from tutorials of other software.

And he makes a lot of cool shit, fully exploiting the vast possibilities available with an integrated and multi-discipline program like Blender. I get the impression that he has a lot of experience with it.

I've been CGMatter, you've been you. Buh-Bye.
6 images | 28 replies
VG resources
Hi everyone please dont bash me how do you use the models on VG resource like importing them and stuff in I’m new to blender
4 images | 13 replies
No title
it's a masterpiece.
0 images | 3 replies
What is the best workflow for non particle hair?
Post some tutorials.
What is the best programs for making hair.
7 images | 64 replies
/dm3d/ - Danny Mac 3D General
Danny has JUST dropped some new sculpting kino, done in a Blender only workflow of course.

Wait, you're not using Blender yet?
Yikes. Why would somone CHOOSE to deliberately cripple their workflow and productivity? Standardlets really do this, huh?
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how realistic is it to wish my mobile game to have Dragalia Lost's visual if I have no knowledgee of 3d modeling or drawing as of now? I really like this esthetic of a Nintendo DS JRPG rendered in high resolution. is it possible for a single person to make an indie game with visuals this good?
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ITT post faces of /3/
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Blender shit UI 2.8x
Whats are the best tutorials for an advanced blender user who just wants to get used to the pants on head retarded new UI?
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How do you make fire like this?
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Daily reminded : if you don't use Blender, you are not huWhite.
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/3DReq/ - 3D Requests/Commissions Thread
Since we have no mods/jannies. Lets try to fix /3/ a bit. By "popular" demand this thread is made.

People that will commission/request a 3D model please follow this format.
>1.Image (Image of what kind of artstyle or 3D model would you like.)
>2.Description of the request.(Is this gonna be a low poly model?,Sculpt of something?Would you like this to be fully rigged?)
>3.Budget. (Are you requesting this for free? or if you're paying (Please include the amount. I dont want anons undervaluing themselves. If someone wants to take it then they take it.))
>4.Contact Information. (Email/Discord/Etc.)

For Anons that are interested on someones request just reply on them if you've sent them a message. No need to say your contact information if you want to be anonymous.
Taking suggestions on what to add/improve in the thread.
Please no software wars. Improvements on the format would be appreciated.
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How did they do it?
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>Structured GUI
>Easy to use and understand or modify.
>Included tutorial meant to teach you in order, unlike Blender where you just go from basics to pick what you want to learn.

>most plugins aren't free but are made by professionals for professionals, and will always do the job.
>works in good conjunction along zbrush or mudbox

>Blender "sculpt" lmao

Why is Blender more popular now?
Do people not see that 3Dsmax is a superior software in every aspect?
As far as I am concerned 3Dsmax should be the only soft used in the industry.

Whats Blender good for besides being the hipster's favorite amateur tool?
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Soo... My topo loops were fine until I started adding subdivisions for pulling and pushing. At this point I've spent 2 hours on it without noticing it. Should I just say f it and sculpt out the details then retopo or should I just continue doing what I was doing the loops dont look right to me (anime character doesnt need nostrils modeling going to use testuring instead)
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Convince me to drop blender for industry tools.
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How advanced is this animation?
It's manually animated. How advanced would you say it is? How long time would it take to create it for one person?
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Choo Choo
Uncle used to write graffiti in NYC back in the early 80s

He paints model trains with paint markers now.

How would one go about using meshroom to create a 3d model of a train car model?

I have a gopro but limited experience with this, I have hopes of putting it in a yard so that he can view it in VR, maybe even model some of the old photos onto the cars?

let me know /3/

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Does anyone know legitimate sites to get pirated 3D software from?

I'm looking for a specific program and I can't find that shit anywhere.
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will drawing improve my meshes? maybe this is a stupid question but for some reason I feel like improving my overall creativity and char creation skills would transfer well to 3d modeling
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Is poly modeling still a thing?
Everytime I dig into material made by professionals it is as if their models were made with sculpting from start to finish, and still had accurate topology for animation.

I look at some stuff and there is simply no way it was done with simple poly work.
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Questions & Help
head topology
/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

Since the other one hit the post limit, so here it is.
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can you save a bse model in blender as a template? im just getting my toes in the water and want to know before deciding

pic unrelated
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Non-PBR anyone?

I'm a huge fan but the only software that got it right is SoftImage which at this point is pretty much defunct.

And to just get his out of the way because I know someone's gonna bring it up:
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Enterprise or personal?
Hi there! this is my first post on this board its nice to meet you all.
So I've been working in 3D for a long time now and I've been looking at ways to make character models more efficiently. I came across a program called Marvelous designer which I've tried out. It has features that allow me to connect with ZBrush in which has been pretty nice and has helped me out by cutting my time in half.
Question is there are two licenses as a freelancer am I expected to get the enterprise version? it's extremely expensive per month and I'm really not great with reading ToS that they have. I'm pretty confused and there's not much in terms of information out there that I could find.
link to the website:
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Is using referencing images "cheating"?
I can make pretty good looking characters and objects with a reference image, but can barely make shit without one. Do you think using references is in a way cheating? Most good artists can draw whatever they want without having to look at something. Does the same apply to 3D? I just feel like im cheating myself whenever I use one.
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How do u make 2D waifus with blender?
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cgi software for a beginner
im wondering what the preferred cgi software for an absolute beginner is. I really want to get into making short films and things like astartes. After watching corridor crew it peaked my interest. I also want to make videos for commission because of the financial opportunities if I have the talent.

pic completely unrelated.
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How do I stop being a cumbrain with my projects
I have a pretty solid grasp of how to use a 3D program but I can’t stop wanting to make big titty monster girls whenever no one is around. I feel like a God but then feel ashamed afterwards. How do I make characters that aren’t sexy but are still interesting, /3/?
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I'm a blendlet new to sculpting and it seems like I've been going about my designs all wrong. I thought anatomically correct facial structure, lots of detail models while still been stylized would stop the uncanny valley effect.

It's seems like actually all the 3D artists for stylized girls just forego all detail for very smooth faces with subtle bone structure.
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I think I've improved a shit ton with my animation skills.

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How to get over the fear of starting a sculpt?

I will be failing for YEARS before I can get to the level of pic related. Everything I do just looks like CRAP and I feel humiliated whenever I try and reminded how absolutely garbage I am...
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motion capture
A few years back I remember seeing quite a lot markerless motion capture systems that could track whole body just from a single RGB camera footage, now the projects seem in the same state as then or dead. What happened? Why do I still have to pay thousands of dollars for mocap equipment when there is machine learning for everything
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How to start over with Blender, having studied with and used only 3d studio max?
Whats the best approach and why is the UI so autistic and complicated?
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3d printer newbie
3d printer
any good info on how to get started on 3d printing, im more or less decent at 3d modelling and want to get into printing, but i dont know shit, any starters info or good youtube video or personal experience would be greatly apreciated
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Hey guys, any industry character artist here?? If there are then how did you guys get into the industry and tips for a graduate on how they can get their first job as a character artist??
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Anatomy Books
Are there any more books like anatomy for sculptors that shows a breakdown of anatomy using simple shapes?

I've heard "Anatomy for 3D Artists" is good but there no pdf option on the product page and I like to use screen grabs of reference in pure ref. I will pay for books but I feel that I need a pdf of the book.
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