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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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Maybe dumb question, but for character animation is it better to sculpt the character and then retopo or simply model it, and why?
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/Daz3D/ general - Kristen Stewart edition
Previous: >>979755

Daz youtuber's and general guides:
Travis Davids (Marvelous designer)
Kelvin Jin

Suggested Blender Bridge:

Similar programs:
Vroid Anime Tool:

Hair Creation: (Being reworked?)

News: James Thornton, Leader of Tafi and Daz 3D, Named 2022 Utah CEO of the Year

Some anon created a cool morph. May require editing since it auto applies to any Gen8 female. Quinn -mega(.)nz/file/2qpGmDoD#YdTIb5G1dMRMnpPneyGGRpp5t5KUTC7glXwgu_daL_8
Fix in next post.
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Anime General
Previous >>980013
Discuss and post anime styles in 3d. From figurines to celshaded models, etc.

Recommend Youtube Channel :
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Blender General:
Blender General - Aren't all /3/ threads *really* about Blender tho edition

Previous: >>984313
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Im a 3D world thief with no money WHICH IS BETTER
I spent so much fucking time trying to get a pirated version of Cinema 4D working When i get it working the Redshift not working right when redshit working some other shit crashing

Why the fuck did i think just because that shit more expensive it was better than blender when blender addons & renderers are so easy to install

>but in reality i do want to go into mainly motion graphic simulations & animation so it might be better
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No title
If I'm serious about animation and modeling should I get a Wacom Cintiq or other similar tablet?

Right now I do everything with just my mouse. Is a tablet something mandatory or optional? Does it provide a significant improvement to workflow? And do I need a tablet like a Wacom if I want to work professionally or would something like an artist 15.6 pro work?

I have the money, I just want to know if I need this or if it will help substantially in my career.
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No title

Have any of you learned using this series and would you say it's worth the 15 bucks or am I better off just learning on various youtube videos?
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3DCG Furry Visual Novel
I've been using SourceFilmmaker over the past year to make a voiced-acted visual novel. It's called "Please Fur My Wife" and Pizza Girl is one of the heroines that you can date.

There's a demo out and you can see a few completed SFW scenes at

The game's premise is that you're one of the last humans in a world of furries. This was an NTR fetish parody game (still is) but it's growing into a story about furries vs humans.
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No title
I'm trying to make upper and lower lips separate (model has a mouth cavity) but dynamesh merges them if they get too close. Should I make upper and lower lips different groups and then dynamesh by group? Is this how everyone does it?
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Learning oldschool 3D style
For context I work professionally as a commercial illustrator for editorials, packaging and advertising and I'm proficient in using the gradient mesh tool in illustrator among other things in order to create "quasi-3D" looking illustrations.

With this in mind, how easy would it be to learn this 90s CGI style like pic related? It's something I want to learn for myself because ive always been obsessed with that style and want to make art in that style.
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No title
What does /3/ think about the Metalheart aesthetic?
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No title
How to make good 3d anime model?
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No title
Screenshot from 2024-05-15 20-24-15
it's so over bros
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Donut Thread
There are currently 4 donut threads in this board. Let's make a fifth one. Fuck you Cris.
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No title
its kinda crazy what blender is capable of in 2024
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No title
I keep seeing you guys begging for jobs and having software wars but when was the last time you actually had fun with 3D artwork?
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No title
If you're so smart then how would you rig up a sling? WITHOUT double transform errors?

...Yeah, thought so.
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Donut birthday
I made this donut to celebrate me using blender for 8 years, hurah
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Why do you need a phd to accomplish the simplest tasks imaginable in maya? I just want to paint the middle of this mesh with an asphalt material and the sides with a grass material. This couldn't be more simple in blender- you make a mix node and plug your grass into one input and your asphalt into another, then you plug an image texture into your alpha input, create a new image and paint your mask.

In maya the paint3d tool seems to do absolutely nothing unless you're painting on a cube primitive. Tutorials that may or may not help me accomplish this very simple task have 30 minutes of nonsense to skip through. why
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Is 3D modelling quick to do?
I'm a commercial illustrator and one thing I hate about actual illustration is it takes so long just to do one project and everything has to be lit, textured and drawn laboriously and even then you've only got one fixed perspective.

3D has always been an endgame for me because it frees me from all these constraints, but also because it seems people can make stuff really fast with it. Is it true that it's quicker in that respect, I only want to do basic vaporwave type stuff like this, nothing too involved.
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No title
Questions that don't deserve their own threads

I wanted to ask a question that didn't deserve its own thread but I didn't see one active, so I'll start one
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No title
been here for 10 minutes and already notice the blender hatred, what are recommended softwares for 3d modeling for someone with zero experience 3d modeling or creativity of any kind?
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No title
itt we post /3/ stuff that makes you go "huh."
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/wip/ - Works In Progress
/wip/ - Works In Progress - High Level Edition

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>982476
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/cad/ - Computer-Aided Design General
A thread dedicated to CAD, the chad's choice and the working man's choice in 3D production.

What projects have you been working on lately? What kind of work do you do?




>Tutorials and Guidebooks
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The future is AI.
Lets see how you're using AI to generate content and discuss the role we (the humans) will take once AI is doing most of the heavy lifting.

I'll start.
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Failing at Blender
Can someone review my issues with Blender and present a diagnosis? I'll be actively comparing myself to someone else that started at the same time. Both have no previous practical experience (Mine was like 2 parts of the Blender donut years ago)

Please help me decide what to do
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No title
I'm actually scared about AI, like is there any point learning to draw or model when computers are becoming capable or generating shit within seconds?
I really don't know if it's worth to keep learning
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Stylized Characters
I'm interested in the creation of simple, stylized characters like picrel. Modelling humanoids has always been my bane and I want to get good at it. Could some kind anon point me in the right direction resource/course-wise?
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Can one of you mentor me on low poly model
I want one of you to show me how to make low poly model like this. Please show me. Please, please. Please. I want someone to stream and show me. Please. Why the fuck do I have to learn on my own. Please show me.
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No title
Flouride stare
What's the board obsession with DAZ? I regularly use blender, Zbrush, etc in my pipeline and never even once considered using DAZ. I don't even know what it does, yet you all seem to insist on it.
The only thing I know about DAZ is that every model that comes out of it looks like a single mom with a skin disease and a permanent fluoride stare. Even the stylized characters seem to have a "look" about them that instantly betrays their dazzieness. What's the deal? What's being offered in DAZ that I can't get anywhere else?
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No title
>the most popular normalmap tutorial for photoshop
>he creates normalmap straight from diffuse, no heightmaps involved
>in the end his bricks are concave
>doesn't even mention that photoshop doesn't have option to generate OpenGL normalmaps and you would have to manually flip green channel if you want OpenGL standard normalmaps
>video gets a lot of praise in the comments and no one points out this tutorial is absolute shit

How do we stop Crises like this from making tutorials?
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No title
Which VR device has the most accurate/precise controller tracking for modeling in VR?
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No title
This is the best 3D AI model generator right now.
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No title
Where can I pirate Keos Mason's stuff?
I want to see their tutorials and have their resources.
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No title
images (50)
When did you realise this software is for women?

For me it was when I was looking up guides and all the comments were about making clothes for their Sims.
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cris won.

Sometimes I wonder, how the fuck am I able to make such levels of KINO.

cris, you basterd bloody beatch.
you made it again.
you got KINO.

AI can't win over this level of uganda KINO.
Humans won.
AI lost.
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2D Mesh Animation
mobile game
Is there a better software to do stuff like pic-related yet? Surely with all that AI talk, there's at least one software that automatically breaks up the parts, creates the meshes or at least rigs the assets.
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/ueg/ - Unreal Engine General
What projects have you been working on lately?

Unreal Engine 5.1 new features video:

Building Unreal Engine from source:

Learn Unreal Engine:


>Why Unreal Engine over Unity?
While Unity has it's place with some great cross-platform support and an easy user interface, Unreal Engine is much more powerful and pushing the boundaries of real time graphics further. Unreal Engine also has a better license for independent developers; it's 100% free to use until your project generates more than $1 million in revenue, whereas with Unity you must pay to remove the splash screen in your game.

>Blueprints or C++?
Both. When creating a new object, consider creating a C++ class, then a blueprint that derives from it to get the best of both worlds.
C++ is much better for performance and memory management. Certain types of code can be much easier to create and manage compared to blueprints. The downside of C++ is that it can be verbose and difficult to understand, particularly with Unreal Engine's archaic macros.
Blueprints are easier to learn initially and compile much quicker, but as they grow bigger, they can get very messy and difficult to manage. Operations involving real time loops, structs and casts in blueprints can cause performance issues.

For more information:

Previous: >>927882
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No title
Rate my babe. Also post your lowpoly babes!

You do model lowpoly babes, don't you anon?
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No title
Do any of You Do Stage Visuals?
1 media | 2 replies
What's the job market for 3D artist right now?
From what I'm hearing it's that the 3D job market has dried up and things are looking bad right now. In the US everything is being downsized and offshored to India, Canada, and Europe. So finding a job in the US at this point seems rather difficult. I'm happy to take anything, but long term I want to work in games and make my own games and animations. Pic related is something I made for school, hope you think it's cool.
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Blender geometry nodes
I hate geometry nodes.

So I wanted to get an array that has a offset for example every repeated part is -5 of the original distance.

This is impossible to get in the array modifier (despite the devs being retarded for not including it)

So lets see how I can do this in geometry nodes.
Repeat something node yes???
WTF? What is this shit.

Youtube search.

LOOOK AT THIS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the FUCK! Are there 2 extra nodes?!
WHY THE FUCK!!!! Can this crap not simple repeat an object?!!!!

Why the fuck do they keep changing this crap all the time!?
When will they finally come up with a non retarded geometry nodes solution.
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No title
Constructive Solid Geometry
Is there any sort of Blender add-on that converts it to using sketch/constraint-based CSG style tools?
Blender-style tools are absolute garbage for hard surface compared to basic CAD
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No title
Another blog post of a guy hoping to make it.
for reference i never complete any projects cause I'm lazy and I lack discipline, also because I have a day job.
Let's see if I can finish this time, goal is to finish a base mesh with game res and textures, as well as eyes and hair cards.
Also, please feel free to destroy me, I value your opinions.
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/3DSG/ 3dsMax General - Fuck the jannies edition
So I'm finally unbanned. /archviz/ was cool but was pruned in the ban I'm no longer in the mood for that.

So /3dsg/ anything 3ds max related. Tell me if you have any doubts using this god awful fucking piece shit of a software, wips, works etc etc.
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No title
how do i put the vertex then the edge around there to move up down
3 media | 7 replies
The only way to truly create retro CGI is by using period accurate hardware and software, anything else is forced soul from coping zoomers.
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No title
evil blender be like: separator
evil 3ds max be like: 2ds min
evil autodesk maya be like: manualfloor aztec
evil blockbench be like: spherebed
evil softimage be like: hardidea
evil bryce 3d be like: bruna 2d
evil source filmmaker be like: derived filmdestroyer
evil freecad be like: paidcad
evil plasticity be like: inflexibility
evil cinema 4d be like: at-home 3d
evil zbrush be like: achisel
evil substance painter be like: immaterial paint stripper
evil autocad be like: manualcad
evil revit be like: unvit
evil miku miku dance be like: miku miku (but evil) sit
evil windows movie maker be like: walls movie demaker
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can someone recommend me some vintage cgi stuff?
basically stuff like beyond the minds eye
ive been watching a lot of 90s 3d demo videos lately and i just love it, but im having a hard time finding similar stuff
please post them here if you find any
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No title
He taught me Blender when no one else would.
Doughnuts, anvils, chairs, you name it.
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No title
Where the hell is autosmooth normals?
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No title
the ai demon can make better donut than me it's over time to uninstall blender and find a real job such as coal mining fuck you donut tutorial guy you made me believe I have a chance you should find a real job too btw
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No title
What is this artstyle called? it's between anime and realism like the new final fantasy games and are there any resources/courses for this specific artstyle?
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No title
so imagine that i got good at 3d modeling, how do i realistically make money? is porn the fastest and easy route? how do you build a fanbase or do you make videos for pornhub and cash on views?

i dont want to work in a studio or with other people, want to fly solo here
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No title
Sup, /3/? I’m sick of Cris shitting up /v/ and all of the other boards with his dogshit models so I have decided to combat him in his domain.
You might know me better as the guy who made that one Jet Force Gemini picture, but I have much more impressive stuff than that.
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/GG/ - Gunt General
Post anything Gunt related or of a Guntish nature

>I want to use the Gunt model

Gunt's model should be here:
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No title
Gonna start learning how to seriously Blend today. Haven't used 'er in over a year so let's see.
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No title
What now biitches?
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No title
Is learning blender a waste of time if I'm serious about learning animation?
I just want to animate anime girls with bouncy boobies fighting with weapons and magic like RWBY.
I've seen people say that Maya is better for animation than blender but I've not seen people actually explain what makes it better specifically. Is it the UI or something? I only have experience in Blender and cinema 4d. I prefer animating in blender over C4D. Right now I'm not doing shit professionally but I don't want to waste time learning Blender if I'm just going to have to learn Maya later. I'm not getting any younger over here.

I've taken a 3d animation and modeling course at college just for an art minor. I plan on taking animation again but learning Maya instead of cinema 4d. Would it be better to just fuck around in blender making meme shit until this fall or should I just dive into Maya?
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No title
Why cant I do 3D at all?
I cant even pose nor understand poses
4 media | 11 replies
No title
recommend me a good UV mapping software freeware
i tried headus but i cant use the save even on hobby mode
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No title
>spend dozens of hours making a sculpt of Michaelangelo's David in zbrush
>show to friends and family
>"huh that's cool. So your computer made it?"

>a woman makes an ugly fairy with sculpy
>"that's incredible.. it looks so real"
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No title
is it a bad idea to use A.I. pictures as reference for modeling and texture color?
4 media | 41 replies
No title
Always keep track of your topology, lads.
1 media | 3 replies
No title
Can someone who has worked with blender geometry nodes, give me a QRD on what the limitations and possibilities are.
I've literally never even had to touch 3d modeling software up until recently for game dev stuff.
How schizophrenic can you get with parametric designs? How crazy/precise can you make the logic chains? Can it be used for 3d printing/engineering projects as well?
I have yet to hear someone say it's shit because _____, other than for a seeming lack of problem solving skills. It kinda reminds me of when FM was first starting to get really popular in the sound design space and I know you can go off the deep end with sound design pretty fucking fast. I'm hoping parametric modelling is the same.
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No title
rate my rockbruches (mudbox)
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No title
guys i'm never on this channel but i wanted to know something maybe some of you who play tarkov or arena breakout infinioty have heard about it
BSG the company that develops tarkov says the game arena breakout has stolen their assets including not only models but also sounds etc. you are experts in 3d modelling what do you guys say? i really wanted to hear from experts what is true or not here are two videos one says it is stolen the other says it is not stolen
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Movie script
code neon starter pack
Hey /3/, I did something astronomically stupid: I wrote a feature length screenplay
Now some anons are goading me to make it into a movie
I have told them that this is many orders of magnitude more difficult than just writing the script, especially for something that's over two hours long and drenched in 4chan memes, yet they persist
You guys have real skills and know what you're talking about so maybe if you're the ones to say it there's a chance they'll actually listen
Can you help me convince them this is literally, unironically impossible?
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Is there even any point learning 3d?
Learning to 3d model has always been my creative end game as a graphic designer, but like everything other form of visual art, I feel like once I get good it won't matter because it'll all be automated by AI. This has already happened with my 2D illustrations, with people thinking it's AI (pic rel) even though I spent a day meticulously drawing it.

Should I try 3d modelling or have I just missed the boat at this point?
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No title
Deleting the default cube in Blender is bad practice.
You're supposed to drag it out of view.

Of course the total hack hiding under the moniker "Blender Guru" (or as I like to call him "The Doughnut Grifter") teaches you to erase it.
I hate him so much.
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No title
>"don't use blender EVER. never ever EVER use blender PLEASE use literally ANYTHING else or you will NEVER make good art, EVER"
>search "#b3d" on twitter
>significantly large community that creates portfolio-tier content with the most visually and technologically impressive 3d bullshit i've ever seen
is this a bit or something, or
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No title
When are they going to make a proper 3d modelling software?
1 media | 15 replies
No title
Plasticity surprisely hasn't been cracked neither has Fusion 360, Says alot about their product.
2 media | 23 replies
Jack's Low Rez Texture Garden
Is anyone in possession of this mythical pack, courtesy of world4jack, and willing to share? The mega folder listed on his website is sadly empty :(
0 media | 0 replies
What are /3/'s thoughts on this new GLITCH animation?

Personally, this is some of the most creative modeling and animation I've seen in years
12 media | 103 replies
No title
You DO use it, right?
2 media | 12 replies
No title
Don't mind me
8 media | 24 replies
No title
am i gonna make it?
ITT: post animations you did with blender, anything is welcome
37 media | 118 replies
Where is Houdini general thread?
Just my luck ffs finally have a week of free time to try to learn something and it's gone.
Not saying I'm lost without it but it would help.
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No title
good morning sirs
sirs please can you rate please
made from sir blender guru turoiral
please rate mistakes or what can I improve
thank you sirs
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/3/ as a side hustle
my doughnut
My plan is to learn enough modelling and composition so I can make NSFW "art" and sell it on Fanbox/Patreon/Gumroad. I have identified a niche of degenerates that seem underserved and recently a big artist in that niche burned out. I'm thinking of giving his audience a new home. He published a new comic every month of roughly 60 pages consisting of shots from around 3 or 4 scenes, all rendered in DAZ. I think this can be trimmed by at least half. He was a bit too into his own story and characters and cutting that out while keeping the degenerate stuff will keep me from burning out too.

Do you guys think this is a viable idea?
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Maya mel / Studio Library
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.27.58
I'm having an annoying issue with studio library, probably me using it wrongly. If I add a run animation to a character in a scene, so I don't have to animated it every time, it snaps back to where the root is, and aligning it so you can't tell afterwards is a problem.

So I wanted to make a Mel script to create a locator at the current position of the character, then constrain the root to that position so the character will end up in the same place, but I can't get this fucking Mel garbage to work. Even examples online just give me syntax errors.
Now I'm just trying to select the locator and set its translateY to 0, but how to I set the position of either a named object, or the selection?
spaceLocator -p 0 0 0 -name FuckYouMaya;
parentConstraint -skipRotate x -skipRotate z Character:RootX_M FuckYouMaya;
select -r FuckYouMayat_parentConstraint1 ;
select -r FuckYouMaya

SetAttr //what goes here?
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Rendering in Marmoset
Can you suggest tutorials for setting up lights and render settings in Marmoset for professional looking renders that I can post on Artstation?
Paid or free it doesn't matter.
0 media | 11 replies
blender or c4d?
Was originally trying to learn blender but the user interface is really slow for me to use and even after getting the hang of it im just not enjoying making stuff with it. I would have been happy to buy C4D outright but since they've changed to subscription plans I'll be pirating it.

Which one should I invest my time learning? Is it beneficial to learn both?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
How hard is it to make your own engine and make your own content in it compared to using unity or unreal?
4 media | 66 replies
No title
auto shade smooth
me when i try to learn blender
4 media | 9 replies
No title
i think im finally starting to understand blender im going to try 3ds max and maya next, is there anything i should know before i use them
(robot made in blender )
1 media | 12 replies
No title
> failed to save: No disk space
0 media | 1 replies
3D design software for Linux
I want to start doing learning 3D modelling since I want to design small accessories and jewelry, mainly the kind of stuff that would be injection moulded.
So, what software should I be using? Blender seems to have a lot of tutorials available but a lot of people also decry it as having an unintuitive interface. It also doesn't seem to be that good for when you need exact measurements, which I'll undoubtedly need to be able to fit in pre-fab components such as snap buttons etc.
AutoCAD is unfortunately Windows only, which I'm not going back to ever considering the dumpster fire it seems to have become since I left. FreeCAD might be sufficient for my needs, but would using a straight-up CAD program actually be good for my use case which isn't really that technical?
0 media | 17 replies
Meshy General
I was going to learn how to model but I saw there's a text-to-model AI software. It's got textures too.
Has anyone tried this out? How is it?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
How do you even justify a stylization like this? It's so disproportionate.
10 media | 22 replies
No title
>Koreans start getting into mainstream media
>All their models look like high quality DAZ renders
Explain this, I can't be the only one who notices.
6 media | 49 replies
No title
Thoughts on how Bloodborne PSX looks?
1 media | 5 replies
SolidWorks ATV
some school project thats going tobe 3d printed.
It looks so flat and i hate it. Im thinking of just putting stickers instead of coming up with details. What do you guys think?

17 parts in total excluding the wheel+motor
0 media | 3 replies
No title
>try to search for tutorials on modeling
>everything is a fucking youtube tutorial
Why are modellers so fucking ADHD brainrotted? Is there really no text resources for non retarded humans to study?
4 media | 57 replies
No title
Why did you guys choose 3D over drawing? Is it because drawing it's too difficult?

I've been thinking if I like drawing or 3D more and what to invest more time on, because with 2D you can also animate
11 media | 100 replies
No title
>joined an 3D animation discord server for connections and potential work
>most members are broke and unemployed
>only do one animation a year and never update their portfolio
>criticize popular 3D animators and how THEY can do better
Why is this so common?
1 media | 13 replies
Keeping feet on the ground in rig animation
So I made a skeleton for my game and now I want some animations. I downloaded a bunch from Mixamo, scaled and applied their rig to my model and overall everything works fine. Except one small but important detail. Feet are kinda floaty in z-coordinate and not consistent regarding it in various animations. For example if I move model to make feet perfectly align with ground during walking animation, I will get them slightly above the ground in sword attack animation because knees are bended more at all times in that one. Moreover in those attack animations feet are moving sligthly inside the ground and slightly into the air. Is there any good way to fix this without needing to edit every keyframe in animations? I think this is a general question of principle/approach, but if that's important I'm working in Blender. I think there should be some way to lets say ask feet bone to be as close to given z-coordinate as possible and everything else animate around that "pivoted" bone.
9 media | 46 replies
No title
20 years old photo realism
1 media | 25 replies
No title
people are getting ridiculously good at these.
hats off to blender users.
1 media | 17 replies
Exploring Topology in 3D Art: Practice Exercises Thread
Welcome to our thread dedicated to honing your topology skills in 3D art! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, mastering topology is crucial for creating clean and efficient 3D models. In this thread, we'll share and discuss various exercises aimed at improving your understanding and application of topology.
150 media | 277 replies
No title
Hello, Last saturday i was informed by an internet chum of mine about blender. I have never used 3d modeling tools before and was interested to give it a try, had an old housemate show me some stuff about 10 years ago and it looked tedious and overly complicated and i had no pc at the time either.
I have now used blender for less than 24 hours in total and am enjoying learning, have made 2 (well 1.5) things so far.
My E-Chum also informed me about this board, as he said it can have good info here now and then so here i am.
I like sculpting the best so far and spent 3 hours today experimenting with geometry and extrusion, inset tools etc, so may check out this more often.
Thank you for reading my blog.
24 media | 81 replies
Is /3d/ modelling easier than illustration?
I do illustrations like pic rel with the mesh tool in illustrator but it's extremely laborious and takes far too much time to flesh out one idea. I also hate illustrator's workflow, if you make one mistake you have to retrace your steps and it just chews up more time.

My illustration style may as well be 3d at this point but would it be easier in 3d? The mesh structure is practically the same, and lighting would be way easier.

Pic rel not my art I just dont want to dox myself by posting real art.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Why won't this avatar just stay in a T-Pose? Enforce T-Pose won't fix it. It looks fine in the Mapping tab, but it does this in Muscles & Settings. It resets every time I try to move the bones.
It changes to this whenever I add an animation controller, even if the animation just moves a finger.
0 media | 8 replies
Topology in Maya
I see a lot of people saying that they don't need topology in Maya. How does that work? How does Maya handle subdivision? How do meshes generated by Maya look like? What does Blender lack in terms of modeling tools since its users need to resort to topology knowledge?
1 media | 37 replies
low poly
>the secret to making low poly waifus is literally just having 10 years of drawing background and tracing over your drawings with vertices and cleaning them up after
yet another win for 2d
4 media | 33 replies
Learning Hard Surface Modeling in Blender.
2024-03-05 (2)
So I am only a day old diving into Blender after 3 years of trying 3DS Max with no progress which is more of a skill issue on my end.

I am specifically wanting to model cars. I have something started but am not too happy with the outcome of the doors. I am starting with blueprints but still getting to grips with pretty much everything else.

What tips can you give an absolute noob when it comes to modelling?
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Why should I use Zbrush instead of sculpting in Blender?
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Anime general
Previous >>959310

Discuss and post anime styles in 3d. From figurines to celshaded models, etc.
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Free MMD Models, Motions, and Music
I'm building a free web-based MMD player for 3D glasses and would like to display some random scenes when no other content is selected. Would someone provide some free models, motion, or music files? Credits will be given.
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ive made some shape keys for a half-life 2 model to make it more customizable but, now I want to know how to make my own head model, is there any good tutorials for a beginner that only knows how to animate other models and make slight edits to models on how to make a face?
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>*breaks nonphotorealstic rendering*
>uhhhhh hey can you guys fix this, we're stuck on Blender 3.0
>it's just one guy
>he broke it on purpose and refuses to fix it because of his "vision" for Eevee, a realtime engine that runs at 2 fps
I'm starting to understand the criticism against Blender.
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New Bimbo Muse just dropped.

Gooning to my Bimbo Muse wife while downloading CC.
>buy an ad
Sorry, already donated my savings to Bimbo Muse. God I love Bimbo Muse.
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Need help, will pay
Can anyone help me by modeling a bay verse style head for my transformer? I have provided image references to what I would like the head to look like.

I would like the model to have crown-like elements to the head as well as a mask and a visor. I'm a 3d hobbyist and can pay 100 bucks for the model.

Thanks for your help.
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>Just learn Blender, bro
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Is it now time to admit that Blender has "won", /3/?
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How do I improve sculpting bros? Does this look like I need to know more Zbrush to improve? I feel like I can’t draw the planes and I fuck up on the mouth a lot
I want to improve and I’m really stuck. I’ve been following a head anatomy course and while I have improved a bit-it’s only a little bit, I think I’m not understanding a lot. I know I sound extremely naive in this whole thing, I just don’t know where to start. I can’t keep up in this course and make turd after turd without knowing I’m knowing how to improve after each turd
I bought anatomy for sculptors book too
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Is blender even good for animating anything?
A real question since I love modeling in blender.
However the animation looks ass backwards.

How it should look like
1) Take a MKV or whatever
2) Drop into blender
3) it looks like a picture however animates on the timeline so you can precisely capture the key frames of animation.

Do other software do that?
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How did the Japanese master low poly?
Do they take a special computer graphics course in Japanese only? Why do we westerners have to be content with a subpar anatomy tutorial with ugly bodies?

My answer: Topology over anything else. After extracting 3d models from multiple japanese games myself, they were simply made by hobbyists with no background at modeling. It's the information they had available at Japan which is something I need to obtain.
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Vaporwave/Utopian Scholastic 3D
What software would be good for this basic style of 3D modelling? Would it be pretty easy to learn? It just looks comfy and I want to make my own worlds in this style.
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How do I start building my skills
I want to get to a point where I can start doing human or animal characters for game and mods. How should I go about building up to this? I’m starting with texture painting right now, is this the right move?
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This is from Lethal Company. Whenever you're modelling/texturing/rigging/whatever and get hung up on stupid shit that nobody cares about, take a step back and remember that this game made $100m
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Miraculous Animation. Any ideas?
So, there is this show Miraculous Ladybug with multiple studios handling the animation process. We have 3 very cheap studios and 1 expensive Korean studio SAMG.

Recently, there was huge leak with models from the show, and ppl can make own stuff with it. But no matter what technics people use, no one can repeat what SAMG is doing. Any speculations what they are exactly doing to make models look like this? Triangle lighting doesn't seem enough, and Sun lighting don't really matches the outcome.

They're using Maya 2015 and Vray 3.05/3.6
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RODIN AI. 3D mesh generation with text and 2D images.
All RODIN needs is a brief description, a 2D image and within seconds it will generate a 3D mesh asset with the desired amount of polygons that can be exported in formats compatible with Maya/3DSMAX/Blender/etc.
It's currently in a semi-public beta where people can apply, releasing next month.
This is just generation 1 but it's already this good.

How will this affect the 3D artists?
Mass layoffs in the 3D industry expected?
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cris general
I am now much stronger, and now have mastered AI as well as 3D and 2D.
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/wip/ - Works In Progress
/wip/ - Works In Progress - "You know you guys can make this thread yourselves, right?" Edition

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>980444

List of free resources: (embed) (embed)
/3/ Discord:
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I'm trying to make an animation in Lego style based on the work of Dagon by writer H. P. Lovecraft.
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/Daz3D/ general - Let her in already edition
Previous: >>968906

Daz youtuber's and general guides:
Travis Davids (Marvelous designer)
Kelvin Jin

Suggested Blender Bridge:

Similar programs:
Vroid Anime Tool:

Hair Creation: (Being reworked)

News: Daz/Tafi new Ai engine with the help of Stability AI -
Truebones meltdowns got deleted again
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Animation render times, suicide
I'm making a feature animated film by myself and it renders 1 minute per frame. I have 300,000 frames. And this is AFTER I gutted everything to the bare minimum and upgraded my specs.

Before I kill myself, is there anything I can do besides go back in time two years and use Unreal instead of
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OIP (1)
is cascadeur good or should I just learn normal animation?
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Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?
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