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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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>posenet's existed for years
>open source
>still hasn't been implemented as a plugin for ANYTHING
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Show me last thing you made, this is mine
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/3/ Hardware
There's a few random threads about this but I thought I'd start a general thread about advice when it comes to hardware in regards to /3/ related shit, hopefully it'll be less of a shitshow than asking for hardware recs on /v/.

Are Quadro cards worth it for the home /3/ user? They're way more expensive and you cuck yourself out of games you'd be able to play if you pay the same amount for a Geforce card. Should you pay more for ECC ram or just get more regular ram? How important are xeon CPUs?
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No title
/3/ I need you to redpill me on this one.

I used to freelance by doing CAD design and product visualization. It's a highly saturated market and the payment isn't that good, so I decided to move to product animation. I learned Houdini, FLIP fluids, pyro, the whole thing.

But I can't find any work.

It's not that I'm not being hired for jobs I apply to, it's that I literally can't find anyone to hire me. Most 3D profiles I see on Instagram are people working freelance doing huge commercials that pay a lot, so I thought that since Houdini is a lot harder to learn than, say, CAD design, there would be a big market for it. But I can't find anything.

Am I looking at the wrong places? Is it impossible to freelance as a 3D animator for commercials?

Please help me /3/
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No title
>this is what it takes to "make it"
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No title
miku eats polymesh
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/DAZ/ 3D General - Milf edition
Previous bread >>780401

Character Creator 3 is still shit ( (

Vroid Anime Tool:


Hair Creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

MB-Lab for blender:


(Daz blender importers)
Daz importer for blender:

Sincespace is still shit

Make money making digital models NOW:


Filament is out now!

New meshgrabber:
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NeverEngine Early Alpha
Could this be the future of graphics? You decide
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the Tom Platz of 3 returns
Game ready copy

let me know what you guys think, if the videos too fast, etc, if this stuff is useful or if you think I should make a video on a certain topic.
I like the Idea of going over how to create things quickly as to not waste peoples time in both the way I edit my videos and the actual speed it should take to make the 3d assets.
Ive got a lot of funky ticks up my sleeve for fast asset creation like unironically using mouse auto-clickers for some texture painting tasks that I'd like to make videos about too.
Thank you all for coming and reading my blog
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No title
anyone here into 3D printing?
what do you print?
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/questions thread/
>Ask well researched /3/ questions and get answers
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No title
Would having a glasses free 3D monitor help with 3D modeling?
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No title
IMPOSSIBLE to avoid that stretching
is it even possible? getting so frustrated im about to delete everything, how is this possible wtf
its blender
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No title
what happened?
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No title
How did they made this?
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No title
Why are 99% of 3D "artists" coomers?
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No title
>Make PBR material (from internet or just made on designer)
>Paint material on model on substance (just drag and drop on an object layer, add some layer filters and masks)
>Model already impresses 99% of the gaymer plebian population
>/3/ thinks you're a hollywood pro
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UE4 Ray Tracing
I've been playing with ray tracing in Unreal for a while now, and I'm still searching for the best settings to achieve max quality.

One of the main problems I've noticed is just a lack of bounced light which for some reason doesn't improve no matter what value I increase in postprocessing or a light source. So I'm wondering if anyone else has been playing with ray tracing, especially with ray traced GI, and if you can share a few tips. Are there any useful hidden console commands out there?

Also, I noticed this random image on a forum and can't understand how did they manage to make the lighting so similar to a path tracer. For me they give vastly different results and when I activate a path tracer for some reason it is brighter by a few f-stops so I always have to tweak the exposure to compare it appropriately. Is there a fix for that as well or am I doing something wrong?

And in general, what are your opinions on this current tech and do you think UE5's Lumen will provide much better results?
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No title
CGPeers is up again
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VRchat General
Let's have a thread for discussing modeling VRchat avatars, worlds and assets.

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Donut Guy BTFO
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/wip/ - Works in Progress
/wip/ General.
- Flipped Normals Edition -
Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>791660
List of free resources:
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No title
What software to use to make this, /3/?
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No title
Should I learn Godot?
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No title
Any of you chads know if cgtrader is rippable? Any way to get models for free? Any related threads on right now? Pic related
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No title
behold the pinnacle of 3dcg, the kino of blender, the anime of the year, blender ftw
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Made the Pink Knight
Thoughts on this model? First time doing hands, all done in sculpt
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No title
how long does it take to be able to create in 3D without needing to spend most of your time thinking about how to create?

earlier I wanted to model a spear and there were so many mental hiccups of "shit, how do I make it do this?" that I eventually lost the muse. with drawing it's much easier to just put down what the muse is telling me to create
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No title
Are there any benefit in real practicals terms of making a toon shader over painting the shadows (anime style) in the texture directly?

Most normies wont realize the diference and is simpler and easier and faster to make and looks 99% the same and can run on toasters.

Basically no practical benefit.
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No title
pepe mad as fuck
How does anyone afford these expensive as fuck programs? Some of these 3d programs ask for thousands of dollars a year. Why would anyone pay that much? What the fuck is in these programs to make them worth that much?
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Hi Guys, i'm starting my journey with blender to make some interior renders. Here is one of my 1st try. I'm loosing a lot of time (and patience) with texturing and i would like to find some nice 3D models. I know that Evermotion sells great ones (and i don't have the money, i'm just doing this for a hobby), so anybody here can share with me a way do ddl arch interior blender files (vol 33 / 43 /48)?
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Getting Rich On 3D General - /GRO3DG/
Entrepeneur chad here, share your BEST advice to get rich on 3D
>no larping allowed
>no losers allowed
>only WIN allowed
I've heard furries pay a lot for 3D, and developing indie games sure gives you the best bang for yer buck. A friend of mine started on Blender a few weeks ago and now he's making 10K on low poly fursonas
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/rig/ - rigging general
Can we have a general focused on finding and sharing rigging solutions? I think this would be most useful, considering the resources are scarce and hard to find, and specific issues get burried in the questions thread.
I will start with the image some anon dropped a while ago. I really like this concept of achieving nice deformations even on extreme joint ranges. Is this viable? How would one go about implementing it bone-wise?
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Its over
Pic related. Fucking app automatically turns a photo of anybody into a stylized 3D model (see upper left square). We're done for.
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No title
how do you simulate great animation motion? balanced especially... rhis question comes from me cuz i never make natura walk cycle unless its a loop...anything more than a loop is something else entirely

i know mostly rig and how things should turn normally but making the "motion" is just something else...

other than mocap, deep AI r kinda...horrible in the way it procedurallh generates its motion so...

htf do you make "great move" for animation, given ready use rigging like from 3d softwares or 2d bone rigs? like regularly throughout a show even, or just regularly in practice... a kind of motion that are natural looking. especially walking or running really... or gallopping and crawlling... at least look balanced and normal

i understand this Q is complex and most animations dont do so feel free to call me tard or whatev
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/houdini 18.5 general/
How do I parent at the sop level edition.

I have a sphere - "sphereAnim" and a emitter thats another sphere - "sphereEmitter". J drop down a geometry node and create a transform node and animate the transform. I now want the emitter to follow the relative motion of the sphereAnim like you would expect parenting to behave. How? The only way i could find was to manually copy the transform node into sphereEmitter. This cant be the way...
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No title
Bros, is there any worse feeling than buying zbrush for $900 and realizing that you dont know anatomy and should have just grinded blender sculpt mode while learning anatomy?
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No title
when did autodesk go nuts?
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No title
I have a background in business, audio production, and voice acting. I just discovered 3d and really enjoy it. Have any of you ever launched a startup with your skills? I'm interested in making a cartoon. Any advice in appreciated.
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No title
Imagine how much work and skill it must take to do something like that to end up earning the equivalent of a tradesman monkey.
Not worth it.
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No title

Industry faggots again BTFO by based blender artists.

Blender == SOUL
Industry == SOULESS
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Slip options gone?
tomato sauce
Where tf are the slip options for fluid in blender 2.91? I hope blender didn't remove them for whatever reason, that'd be retarded.
>ask blender.stackchange for that
fuck that stupid website, no one awnsers anything there
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ITT: pretend Blender was just bought out
>the blender foundation dissipates
>some tech conglomerate already dominating the industry (adobe, autodesk, etc) swoops in and acquires blender for a few billion
>change in leadership leads to new subscription-based pricing
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No title
Where and how could I get a plain white shirt model to throw test patterns on?
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No title
I can do fairly good 3D.
I Model, I Sculpt, and i'm learning to lookdev better.

How and where can I make some money out of this?
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No title
Tell me about VR sculpting. Is it worth it over zbrush?
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Learning textures
So ive made a bunch of ship models i want to release but dont know how to export UV maps so i can make the actual texture sheets. How do i do this? I know its not a 30+ minute video worthy topic like some pretentious youtubers make it out to be without getting to the fucking point.
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No title
How can I learn to make nice looking low poly 3D models, a la N64?
51 images | 183 replies
Need help learning textures
Mad cat IV
So Ive been modeling for a while now and want some critiques and advice on making custom textures beyond the unhelpful

"lolz just copy and paste someone elses work from the internet dummy" that most people like
Donut boy actively promote in their tutorials.
I get that its to show users how to actually set up materials, but its not what I was looking for.

>tfw you get so sick of PGI's anti clan bullshit in MW5 you make your own iteration of a mech.
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No title
Screenshot (893)
Does anyone have the archived streams or access to these Guilty Gear streams ArcSys did? They're only archived for those with subscriptions and shit.
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Blender 2.92 beta just released

>but muh slow board
Fuck off with your 2 months old threads.
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No title
This was made by pablo on blender.
It is better than 99% of anything made by "industry" faggots on this board.

Again, blender is good enough for 99.99... sculpting.
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No title
best software for 3d imagery?
9 images | 42 replies
No title
Might have landed a job. Anyone got a good resource for cøømer models? Gonna need to find some good ones for 3d printing.
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No title
Is there a way to convert Polygon Hair into hair like this?
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No title
Hey /3/, long story short im working on my indie game that's heavily inspired by gundam, so I tried doing some concept art for my model asset of my mech's head unit, but as you can tell, im no artist but im really digging the side view of my mech.

Wondering if there's any talented mech artist that could maybe help me pull my concept into a more fleshed out look.

Also seeking someone talented to commission to turn all my rough sketches into a 3d model usable 3d assets
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No title
How much better is the "custom" version of maya that studios use than the 'nilla version that us pirates use? Same for pixar's and weta's tools - are we screwed from the beginning using off the shelf tools?
5 images | 27 replies
I rendered this on my potato $20 CPU
used cycles
took me 5 minutes and some aI upscale
It can't be this easy bros?

my specs are:
intel celeron G1610 dual core
5gb DDR3
no GPU
ssd 60gb
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No title
Any good men can help me with retopologizing? That's + substance painter are the last things I need to learn before I become industryfag and get paid 40$ to make the Grubhub burger guy. Links would be appreciated. Also fuck flipped normals.
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No title
Blender + Substance designer + Substance painter + Godot 4.0 (nightly build).
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5 minute car challenge
You have five minutes to model a car


As soon as the alarm sounds, you have to render and then submit the image here.
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No title
[YouTube] Astra Inclinant. Sarah Peterson. 2000+ mods HD 256k textures. SKYRIM SSE 2020 TESG 2160p (embed)

Made in Skyrim SE engine, 256k textures 100k poly verts

banned from reddit
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No title
santa claus
0 images | 1 replies
where to start
download (2)
i wanna start modeling but i dont know where to start. any suggestions?
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I lost all of my 3D files
I have been building 3D portfolio, gathering free/premium 3d assets files, basemeshes, kitbashes, as well as my own 3d files and renders in preparation to start building robust portfolio for about 2 years now
yesterday in my attempt to download premium malwarebytes for free, ironically i got infected by ransomware from sketchy site, it encrypted all of my files on my PC and now i can't open anything. i tried to decrypt them but it's nobu. extension and online encryption which is unbreakable. all my files are basically lost. ransomcunts are asking for 980$ to decrypt my files back but i dont have money and would never pay them even if i had it.
2 years of grinding
fuck me
i was about to buy external hdd i knew something was gonna happen
this is absolute rock bottom and waste of time
at least i cant go any lower ill try to build back up from knowledge i gained over these years
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No title
>click blender tutorial
0 images | 2 replies
No title
am i too good for this board
2 images | 10 replies
No title
are you guys ready?
what do you think they will unveil, i thought the 40 series was going to come out at the end of the year.
im hoping for the announcement of more stock
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No title
How to avoid the uncanny valey?
1 images | 24 replies
RS3 Model Viewer
Does anyone know where I can find and view the models from Runescape 3? I tried going on the Rune Server website but the link to it was taken down.
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Just look at this master peas
0 images | 1 replies
test message
0 images | 2 replies
So yeah, just started on this blender thing. pretty good.
Ryzen 5 1600 af
Rx 570 8gb DDR5
16 GB ram DDR4 3200
240 ssd
1 tb HHD
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No title
How many models did you have to make before you got good enough to get a job in the industry? For me I only have 5 decent ones, and no humans because I know those are senior positions and like Andrew Price says "stay the hell away from human sculpts as a beginner". How many more do I need? 50? 100?
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multiple characters
why is it so hard to find out how to animate a scene with multiple characters ?

i cant import another model and from what i have found out so far you have to make animations and then apply them to different models ? but i want to just animate 2 models interacting.

why is this shit so unintuitive ?
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No title
>maya in 2012
>maya in 2021
almost no difference. What happened?
1 images | 11 replies
No title
Thank god they invented digital 3D modeling, look at what humans were "sculpting" irl just a handful years ago lmao
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Free /3/ Resources General
Free Resources thread
/3/sources General
- Teapot Edition -

>Pastebin with free resources

>Last Thread

Use this thread to post any free resources or anything else that you'd want to share with your fellow anons. Textures, materials, brushes, models, references, tutorials, anything that you think might benefit another anon, please post it here.
It might help to check the Pastebin before you post, in case there might be duplicates, but it's not a problem if you don't.

Almost everything on the Pastebin list should be free. That doesn't mean it's CC0, so if you're wary about copyright, it might be a good idea to check the license of what you're downloading first.
Some sites may require a signup, and some might be sites that are "free" but limit how much or what you can download.

Let's get to it!
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No title
ss (2021-01-11 at 12.56)
Hello, i've awoken from cyro stasis, is topogun 2 still meta for repotology or has there been any changes in these past years
0 images | 2 replies
No title
where can I promote my 3D art?
ps. it's porn
5 images | 36 replies
No title
I want to learn 3D so I can make Overwatch porn animations. Any estimate how long it will take, starting from complete noob level? Weeks? Months? Years?
9 images | 82 replies
No title
We won over /ic/
1 images | 16 replies
No title
/wip/ General.
- 2077 Edition -
Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>785753
List of free resources:
98 images | 324 replies
No title
CAD example
Hey all, this a general CAD question for you drafters out there. I am currently taking Mechanical Engineering Technology classes, and I ended up doing a good ammount of work for a guy which pushed my CAD skills past what a lot of MET students tend to have. Unfortunately, living situation is such that I have to SEVERELY limit my social interaction in person until the people I live with can get COVID vaccinated.

So my question is, what kind of options are there for entry level CAD work online? Not looking to get rich, just a way to continue to improve my skills and make a couple bucks doing it.

Pic is just some random render for a waste water treatment hippie project I was drawing up.
1 images | 2 replies
Judge this render
New fag here, how good is this render to you? And how much would you charge for it? Just trying to get an idea of what are the standards in the 3D industry. (process:
0 images | 14 replies
Bodily Fluids Sim
Let's say one would want to do that. How would one go about stimulating some bodily fluids? Specifically s***n? ( It rhymes with seamen ).
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Screenshot_2021-01-07 UV model - Google Search
UV mapping.

I have a simple hard surf model with bevels and supporting edges, and ive tried this and that and the UVs wont align (the checker squares wont).
Pray for me, 3.
Im not even sure if they should align, or is this some kind of deliberate autism of mine.
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Ok, let me explain my idea.

>Make quick sculpt, focus on getting a raw piece of garbage
>Sculpt again to get those nice details for the normal map

Does this workflow has any name I can google?
It's an original idea or just retarded?
1 images | 11 replies
Weight paint Blender
oh shit
Suddenly unable to remove paint with 0 weight in Add mode or 1 weight in Subtract, same issue in Mix. Tried reparenting and restarting Blender, but I must have clicked something I shouldn't somewhere. The fuck.
3 images | 19 replies
References and guides thread
Anatomy, tutorials, construction, building, texturing, etc. Anything that you think might be useful goes.
150 images | 310 replies
Wacom Intuos Pro M 2017
I want to buy a tablet for Zbrush (and maybe normal modeling if it's viable?) and I'm thinking about pic related. Is it good? It's definitely the one I hear the most about. Price is fine by me, I often see people recommend some cheaper alternatives, but I can deal with this.

So the only question is will this be good for everything I need, and is the difference between this one and normal Intuos M noticeable? I don't know how they release their models, but I only see 2014 and 2017 versions, so I assume this one is the latest one?

What graphic tablets are you using?
2 images | 38 replies
No title
Soon I'll make an AAA game.

2 images | 9 replies
No title
Why cant we post about our unity and unreal scripts here? Why is only asset discussion allowed?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
HermesInfant Dionysos4th CenturyBCE
Start with the greeks. Use the centuries of sculpting knowledge. Stop learning 3d from youtube hacks. Get scultping books
5 images | 33 replies
No title
Is the book "Stop Staring volume 3" outdated material or does it still hold up for maya faces? Is it best to rig, make blendshapes and animate all your hero characters for your folio or not to bother doing the whole process he describes in the book and just make multiple characters that are unanimated / unrigged?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
man, making low poly from sculpts is so good.

Retopoflow makes retopo not suck.

I love blender.
1 images | 7 replies
No title
Hello /3/

I'm aware that automatic retopology tools can likely never be able to do the particular details necessary that manual retopology does, but is there some kind of synthesis of the two?

As in, some kind of approach wherein you can use zremesher to get 90% of the way there, and then just do manual adjustments? I'm not trying to sound like a galaxy brain here, but that seems like it would be an efficient workflow.

Does anything like that exist, or is on the horizon?

Or just call this a general retopology thread, I am curious what you guys are doing for retopology. I am a hobbyist just making my crappy little fun animations so I used zremesher to get my low poly to bake to and honestly it got me like 90% of the way to where I want to I'd rather not learn an entirely manual retopology workflow because frankly I dont think I need it. That said I know my shit does not meet the "animation quality" for a professional, but it does for me as a hobbyist working on personal projects.
0 images | 20 replies
No title
WTF Bros, when are we going to get a fucking break, i've been waiting for half a year to get a decent price on a gpu and i cant fucking catch a break, all get sold out with in a day... i don't have millions of dollars to get a fucking 3090, what am i supposed to get, a fucking 1660?
7 images | 33 replies
No title
when you see it
when you see it, you'll shit bricks
1 images | 9 replies
Blender BTFO
How will they ever recover
2 images | 8 replies
No title
Using Blender is actually pretty easy. Just take a look at this video

Why don't more people do this? It looks really simple.
0 images | 2 replies
/AMG/ Anthro modelling general
Welcome to /amg/ the general thread about all things to do with modelling anthro creatures.

>post your works in progress
>post anthro models you like for study
>talk about anthro specific sculpting, modelling, texturing, rendering and animation technqiues
>be nice!
64 images | 328 replies
No title
Lightwave's green and blue edge colors makes me wanna puke
0 images | 1 replies
How the fuck do I do volumetrics
How the fuck do I blend the fuking volume samples in hlsl? Its driving me mad, cant get a simple color grading in a texture volume.
3 images | 10 replies
No title
How do I make textures like in the PS1 spyro games? I don't understand the image creation process. Generally for high-res lowpoly stuff it seems like people downscale photorealistic textures, while for highpoly cartoony stuff a lot of the time the textures are flat colors + a shader, but for something like spyro neither of these is accurate.

Also, is there a way to do a similar style of vertex lighting in Blender?
2 images | 24 replies
Submit Your Renders
to /lit/'s magazine.
/lit/ made a magazine, looking for cool (or shitty) images to put in the next issue of &amp.
Anything goes. You can enter submissions ITT or via email:
[email protected]
15 images | 26 replies
No title
Is it possible to make this horse in blender?
3 images | 27 replies
Learning Resources Thread
Thread to post tutorials/courses you've seen and would recommend. Free/Paid/Pirateable all permitted.

[Houdini] Basic to advanced covers a lot of ground, includes example files. Free:

[Houdini] The BEST dynamics and simulation tutorials. Paid but pirateable:

[Houdini] Mostly procedural and abstract stuff. Pateron content on cgpeers includes a VEX course:

[Lighting] Product Shot Lighting. Former photography pro. Redshift + C4D but will translate to any pathtracer:
3 images | 31 replies
No title
I want to learn to make anime models very much like these (both for VRChat and for some light animation/streaming purposes). I spent two weeks once making an anime head and it was serviceable enough to use it for VRC, but only just. So I'm starting from nearly zero, and I assume that Blender 2.9 will be my go-to editor (last time I did anything in 3D the latest version was 2.79 and that one's apparently obsolete now).

Could you please suggest me a learning path to begin with?

Both free and paid resources would be really appreciated, I'm ready to spend as much as it would've taken me to actually commission models if it's something good. Anything related to the required 2D drawing/painting skills as well, since it's, like, at least half of the work when making anime models. CGcookie seems alright, but maybe there's something better and/or more targeted on the weeb stuff.

I realize it will take me at least a year or two of learning to make anything even remotely close to this quality-wise, but I don't wanna waste any more time just thinking about it.
8 images | 35 replies
No title
images (5)
Spent 45 mins on Blender just to make a fucking furball, so many parameters, so much fucking view options, eyes got so strained, all for a fucking ball. And my computer got hot as fuck.

Is 3D always like this?
4 images | 29 replies
No title
how do u animate the perfect walk cycle without AI and simulation?

just dip it until its correct or i get fired?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
I won't lie and admit I am looking for encouragement, but really I am just unsure what to do next.

I began trying to learn how to rig stuff in Blender, with Rigify, using the pre made metarig to place the bones needed to generate the Rigify rig of course. I got the hang of this fairly well, though it is just moving and resizing bones at the end of the day. And now I am at the part where the rig needs to be generated. I spent a good chunk of the day messing around with this, struggling to get her hair mesh (it's the kind of short hair that's a part of her head rather than particle based...she has a ponytail but that's also just a regular bendy mesh) to move with her head.

I'm however starting to feel...really overwhelmed and not sure how I can continue. I haven't really followed tutorials much since my attention span at the moment is quite bad and I am not disciplined enough to really sit down and spend a whole day learning this. I fear that if I do, I will end up forgetting everything I was taught and not knowing where to go afterwards. But this may just be because I am simply again, not used to doing something as demanding and technical on a daily basis, and perhaps if i just do the tutorials and then apply it to my own model later, things will be alright.

Lastly. I feel that I HAVE to do this because I don't really have many employable skills, and I really want to work in the animation/game industry in some way (even if it's just for personal indie stuff, which is really my main goal, and freelance work would be good to do as well) so I have a way of generating income for myself at home. While some many suggest I just "give up", I don't really see that as an option.

So anyone here whose skilled with rigging, what was it like being self taught? And should I just follow tutorials for a while?

And yes the pic included is a model I commissioned before anyone asks. She's intended to be used in a game engine at some point.
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No title
blackpill me on this
0 images | 6 replies
No title
i'm struggling, fellas. i'm trying to connect these two pieces while creating a segment on the right side where they join, but my slice plane is all fucked up and i can't figure out how to fix it. i am so completely lost as to what the best option here is
1 images | 11 replies
No title
>made with shitty mudbox
software doesn't matter.
0 images | 6 replies
No title
>2.92 will have geometry nodes
>soon blender will make houdini irrelevant
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Brine Pool Help
brine pool
Hiya guys,

I'm looking to make a 'brine pool' in the Unity HDRP Pipeline. I'm wondering how I might re-create the 'smoke' effect in this image and video.

I can work out generic water and smoke from tutorials, but how would you create something that looks like neither?
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>watch Zbrush tutorial and pixologic streams
>it's always kitsch cape shit loving West Coast soi bois meme spouting who think sculpting Dead Pool riding the Death Star is peak creativity
>always skipping over common troubleshooting problems like leaving you with awful topology from hard surface boolean meshes and then jumping straight into deformation
>try Japanese 3d artist with subtitles or Engrish
>very organized and straight to the point explains the purpose and importance of using specific features and techniques with what values and why
>the samurai will draw out how topology should flow for different types of subtools
>pushes the envelope for creative design especially when it comes to attire and armor designs always bet on Japs to work with quality vtuber avatar and characters
>actual irl sculpters that incorporate strong art fundamental into 3d instead being lazy kit bashers.
>many of the Japanese video are all in moon runes and moon speak filtering out Western plebs
It's time to learn Japanese or get left behind
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images (12)
Dont even know if this goes here but ill ask anyway:
How do i change someones face in a video with something else? Like green screen but just the face. For example a protruding 3d render that moves along with the head movements. This should be done inside a 3d software right? Will blender be sufficient here?
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Apply a transform to all keyframes?
How can I add a relative transformation to all keyframes of a bone while retaining the original animation movements?

For example in this case I need to change this idle cycle so that his hips are facing forward, so I need to rotate the hips by 45 degrees in all the keyframes and then rotate his torso to aim forward again.
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has the cloth brush in zbrush made MD obsolete? Rn I have head busts that need bodies with clothing
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Have they recently made it harder to get the educational versions of Max or Maya. I logged in recently to get the latest versions and it said I have to upload documents if I want to download them. Anyone know a no questions asked uni you can put in the form when you sign up.
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Is zmodeler underrated?
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hows my topology?
extreme beginner to blender. this took about 20 minutes to make with the bevel tool and moving verts to make it look good. only modifier i used was mirror because i cant figure out that shit.

i'll post my ref in replies. more screenshots will be provided if asked
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I am coming to this board in hopes of getting some conversation about SolidWorks started, as well as to seek help with my current project. I'm trying to make a violin but need to smoothly make an arch for it in the shape of pic related, the curvature of which remains somewhat constant along the entire edge of the violin base. I've been trying to apply lofted bases to do this but with no luck as of yet.
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Crew Dragon 3D Model
Does anyone has the 3d stl files of this model or something similar?

The ones I find on thingiverse dont have hatch or different colour trunk
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how to simulate good animation
hello how do you simulate good animations from idle breatjing to talkin to walking?
like what is written in the AI to do all the correct movement?
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When did you realize that porn fags make all the money and us regular folk will struggle to make a dime?
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Cel shading in CGI shows
bad vs good
Name some bad examples and good examples of CGI shows that utilize cel-shading.
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3d modelling tutorials
Does anyone have good modelling tutorials? I have access to 3ds max and Maya and no preference for either. I see talk here about "fundamentals". What is considered this fundamental knowledge?
The link to and in >>561989 seem dead, and the remaining working link refers to a earlier tutorial that is also lost. I would like to use a 3d equivalent of cntrl+paint.
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Do anime models use textures or they simply have flat shading but every detail is made from the geometry and everything is made from basic toon shader materials?
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Today is blender birthday.
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I'm trying to make a GTA-esque game in UE4 (with a much smaller map of course). All 3D is being done in Sketchup, imported into UE via Datasmith. I'm still a rookie on UE4 but I'm learning. I know Sketchup is not precisely the best software to work with UE. Do you think this has future or am I a retard? I guess I could try other 3D softwares but Sketchup for almost a decade now and I can do basically anything in 1/4 the time it would take for me in another program.

Pic related, the map I'm building. This is a shit looking render I made a while ago using Lumion. Still have to fill the map, make better streets and upgrade the textures.
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