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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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No title
Hi, I come from /ic/. I was thinking of picking up 3D mainly because I am motivated by Custom Udon's works. How difficult would it be to make work similar to his and how long will it take to reach his level?
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No title
Okay cascadeur shills.

How do I import a rig made from mixamo/akeytsu.

Shit doesn't work.
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Shoulder rig
How do one achieves good shoulder deformation?
I'm trying to figure it out for a couple of days now but I don't know if I fail because of bad major idea of how it should all work or just because of bad bone placement and constraint influences. In this thread, we'll find out!

Watched this video
Couldn't understand anything cuz I'm an esl faggot and secondly, there are no rig nodes in blender.

So to get started we'll try to achieve at least the relaxed pose of the arm. We'll be thinking about arms raised after reaching the milestone of good looking arms hanging down, which normal riggers seem to achieve just with two bones, but whatever.
- deltoid obviously needs to slide down and to the side because that's how it works in real life. It is for this purpose that I made its topology denser so it can stretch well
- pectoral muscle shrinks down when you lower your arm. I think Stretch To constraint will be handy
- clavicle doesn't move until you raise your arm higher than 90 degrees so we'll skip that for now
- lateral muscle probably the same as pectoral
- scapula rotates inwards with the pivot point at the top near the vertebra

Here I will post my progress and experienced anons will chuckle at my struggles. Let's go.
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/wip/ General.
Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>755256
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Daz3d - Swinging edition
Previous thread: >>745609

Character Creator 3 forum: ( (

Vroid Anime Tool: (vrm importer for blender)

Hair Creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

mobile XNALara:

MB-Lab for blender:


(Daz blender importers)
Daz importer for blender:


New bridges:
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No title
What laptop do you use?
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No title
I want to get better at blender, and so I practice, but I just pick up very tiny tips and hints here and there and never actually progress toward learning any specific thing.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide that will tell me what exactly it is that i need to learn, in order, to be able to model what I want? I'm tired of watching random tutorial videos with no aim.
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No title
In this thread Z-chads laugh at Blendlets.
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No title
blender guru
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No title
>mfw cascadeur is just in beta and already is an industry standard in a couple months instead of blender

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Blender 2.8
i am learning how to use blender, and i do not know how to make this feets to look like they are on the floor. the distances between the floor and the model is corect but look like it is not. some knows how to fix this?.
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No title
Annotation 2020-08-03 160412
i'm working on a retopo and i've encountered a problem. when i go to sculpt mode in blender, to smooth the topology of my model, it fails to smooth out the mesh in some places. i have to manually move vertices and then very gently smooth them out and it still doesn't look quite right. doesn't matter if i set deformation to surface or laplacian

actually even during retopo i have a problem with moving verts accurately. they snap to random places, sometimes they blow the fuck up and move in weird increments. my snapping is set to faces only. if my explanation doesn't make much sense i can record a video
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Free /3/ Resources General
Free Resources thread
/3/sources General
- Teapot Edition -

>Pastebin with free resources

>Last Thread

Use this thread to post any free resources or anything else that you'd want to share with your fellow anons. Textures, materials, brushes, models, references, tutorials, anything that you think might benefit another anon, please post it here.
It might help to check the Pastebin before you post, in case there might be duplicates, but it's not a problem if you don't.

Almost everything on the Pastebin list should be free. That doesn't mean it's CC0, so if you're wary about copyright, it might be a good idea to check the license of what you're downloading first.
Some sites may require a signup, and some might be sites that are "free" but limit how much or what you can download.

Let's get to it!
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My fellow american /3/dlets
Is this shit even real?
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Low Res Tex
I want to learn how to replicate the low res texture, medium poly model aesthetic from the PS2 era or similar. Any tips or good tutorials out there? Anything would be appreciated. Also if you're working on something similar then please come by and show your work.
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No title
FUCK rigging
What is the worst part when it comes to 3D, and why is it rigging?
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Microfacet Fresnel Theory
It seems like most microfacet models including the disney model are wrong when it comes to fresnel. Normally fresnel is either considered from either only the view angle or only the light angle, and sometimes from both. Sometimes it may be considered per ray which is accurate for specular but not for diffuse. Sometimes it may be integrated for the specular which is wrong.

I've never seen anyone do the actual correct thing and consider fresnel for each individual incident ray on a microfacet surface. Remember diffuse lighting is absorbed and re-emitted light. The amount of absorbed light is physically determined by snells law. It must be accounted for every microfacet direction for each incident ray. This would be expensive to brute force, but it may be possible to integrate over a hemisphere for an incident ray considering a smooth NDF. But for a realistic non-smooth NDF it may be impossible. Very few renderers use realistic nonsmooth NDF's as well. I've seen it in one research paper.
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No title
do you need a drawing tablet to starting to learn 3d modeling? I wanted to try Blender and make donuts but I don't know if my shitty old mouse will be good enough to learn the basics.
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Best auto rig software

WTF lads, is this the future of rigging?
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Question You Ask That /3/ Now Must Answer.
>What is the sexcret simplest way requiring no effort to become best artist ever?
>Can I still get very good if I almost never practice?
>If I put water and become become the teapot, must I move to Utah?
>If I DAZ long enough will I come to understand the Mayan people?

Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.

prev thread: >>752424
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No title
Typically how long does it take you to create all the assets and script a short scene?
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No title
What needs to happen for Blender to get cancelled?
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No title
Hey 3Dfags and texturefags. Is cel-shaded 3D and overly gritty detail possible? I want it to look cartoony, but I want it to look like detailed sketch art with angular forms and edges, eloquent looking. I don't want blocky round baby faces.
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No title
Best retopo tool in 2020?
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No title
Do you use waifu2x to upscale your textures, /3/? Im trying to get this into my workflow
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No title
>Don't go to school buy our courses instead
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No title
What's the point of maintaining the distinction between Max and Maya? I know historically Maya and poweranimator before it was used for movies and had a better material system, renderman integration, scripting and all sorts of tools for movie production. And Max was used more for PC games and other low poly stuff. But nowadays they seem more or less the same thing with just different interfaces for boomers who couldn't adapt to a change.

I understand maintaining a distinction between autoCAD, since CAD is quite different from art. And back in the day of course it was two different companies, discreet and alias.

But why continue to have two different products doing the same thing under the same brand just with slight differences in featureset and GUI? Why not make a unified product that shares all features?
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No title
WTF is with the weird fucking obsession with Blender on this site? This website is spammed down with "hurrr durr blenda sux dixxx" comments from users who probably haven't been in the 3d industry for more than 2 years and think they're the shit because they use 3dsm without branching out to other programs.

If you're a person with an iq above that of a fucking potato you'd realize that you use whatever tool your need for the specific job you're doing. Any low iq chimplets start screaming "hurr durr blendfag!!!" in the comments I started with max and branched out to learning blender as well after a few years. I found that for general hard surface stuff I work a lot faster with the old 2.7x hot key layout than I do in max. But again, there's certain shit that max just does better although I prefer Blender for casual work outside of my job.

I've found that arrogance in general is a big problem in the 3d world and as you'll probably see some chimplet examples of in the comments below.

Sadly this isn't limited to /3/, all forums have problems with basedboy beta bitches acting like tough guys online. It's not hard to have a civil discussion online and if you're incapable of doing so then you have some type of mental disability which is why you lurk here.
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No title
unknown (14)
i plan to sell this model once i am fully finished with rigging and texturing etc...

for how much could i sell something like this? what are the average prices?
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/blend/ - Blender General
Welcome to the Blender General, where we discuss Blender, share our Blender-related works and ask for Blender-related help.

>What is Blender?
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


>Blender Market


>Useful tutorials

>Useful addons

Previous Thread: >>757494
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No title
>name a piece of software you use
>name a feature you wish it had

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Fast Paced Environment and Tight Deadlines

Why is every creative industry obsessed with fast execution. Everything has to be done yesterday and delivered a week prior preferably. Maximum Urgency.


What do slowpokes do then?
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One man Alexander the Great trilogy
I'm going to channel all my autistic NEET energies into making a one man animated trilogy about Alexander the Great. The first film is going to be about his father Phillip II, then Alexander, then his wife Roxana.

I want this film to be a combination of Gladiator, 300, Lord of the Rings, and Blizzard cinematics. I will probably deviate from history a lot for the sake of entertainment, and will add in magical elements and Greek gods.
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Yandere Dev... what modeling package does he use?
Been looking at some of YandereDev’s models and I am impressed one man is such a prolific 3D master. Does anyone know what software he uses? What I find even more inspiring is that he made an entire game based off a shot post. He actually took a shot post and made something of himself from it.
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No title
Autoshills keep saying Blender isn't used in the industry. Well guess what? It IS! Look at this. It was used in FF VII. Just another proof that Blender is indeed used in the industry and can produce quality assets.
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Hundreds of Abstract 3d Monkeys BTFO
and you're going to be next
Rachael is a design influencer. Rachael is not real. Rachael is a replicant. Rachael was created by our dear friend
- Did she manage to fool you? A bit more here:
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Lo/v/estruck recruitment thread
Hello, my group is working on a game to rival Yandere Simulator. We're a casual amateur group trying to use this project as a learning experience for all of us. We're currently looking for people who can model and animate, or at least are eager to learn such while putting their skills to use.
There is no pressure or intense scrutiny on the work. It is an open learning environment and everyone is welcome. One of our major concepts is that we can triumph over Yandere Simulator with literally no prior experience.

If interested, please contact rednico6#1353 on Discord. Thank you and have a nice day :)
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/3D Industry General/ - No hobbyists allowed
Le 3D memedustry general, only Emmy / Oscar / Game award-winning 3D pawns are allowed to write in this thread... Ok, this time everybody else working in the industry can write here as well, BUT NO HOBBYISTS ALLOWED.

Jokes aside, how is it working in the industry for you? Tell us something about your workplace. Me first:

>game industry
>props / environments
>about 6 months of experience, still a noob
>salary is actually really good

>I got into 3D somewhat late, I'm self taught and in mid 20s, I realized almost everyone is younger than me and has more experience than me, which is somewhat depressing, not gonna lie
>sometimes it does start feeling a bit like a grind and doing certain things like optimizing shit and unwrapping is pretty boring and mindless
>also, sometimes hands and fingers start hurting from all the mouse clicking

All in all, working in the industry is pretty much what I thought it would be, it isn't the best nor is it the worst. Honestly, I'm not sure if I imagine myself doing it for a long time though, I just happened to get a job opportunity without asking for it and have been doing 3D as a hobby. When the project is big, you're just a small barely significant wheel in a system, and I definitely feel replaceable. I guess it will be a nice feeling once I see my work in a finished game for the first time.

And again, realizing I'm maybe too old and seeing younger people with better skills than mine feels bad. That's what happens when you focus on a one thing in life I guess, I'm more of a generalist and pursued different interests in different times, though. Now I don't know if I should feel bad about it or not.
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No title
is 3d modeling used for the construction of a random piece of junk like this probably cheaply made bust from hot topic?

Who makes the first copies of it? It is sculpted from clay, made in cg?

What kinds of jobs, other than animation and special effects, could digital scultpting help with?
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No title
Post your recent work) Here is mine
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No title
Once LuxCore has 100% compatibility with Cycles nodes, should Blender ship with it? It seems like a superior renderer in many ways.
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Is sculptris woth something?
After all hearing these comments on the " ZBrush blender got r*ped" thread, I want to take a look at sculptris.

Are the people saying that blender is shit wrong? Is it true ? Or it doesn't matter? Also is Sculptris worth an install?

Please don't turn this in a thread the same level as the poly vs sculpt ones.
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No title
>that feel when accidentally pressing multiple unknown shortcuts in a row in a 3d app
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No title
>''Blendlet" shows 3 times on a single page

I'm proud of you /3/. Eradicate all blendlets now.

>And now that's 4
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Drive Thru
I've looked all over the Internet and for the life of me I can't find a decent photorealistic drive thru model with generic non-copyrighted marquees and names. Does anyone knows where I can find one in a 3ds or obj format? or can I commission one for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance.
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I am a hevy photoshop user, and my boss wants me to learn some 3d shit for product mockup and stuff
>buy and Download Adobe Dimension
>boot it up
>no GPU rendering - i can live with that
>shitty light configurations - okay, cool
>crashes every single time - Fuck it

Wich alternative app should i use?
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No title
Are Low poly models with nice painted textures, the only realistic style for indie solo developers budget?

Like what's the AAA style that still is realistic for a single developer time/money budget?
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No title
does this alien skull I made in zbrush look good?
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3D files for gun molds
file (4)
I'm looking for collections of 3D models of pistols, to make some custom kydex holsters for friends. Free is ideal, but I'd be happy to pay for a file I can download and modify. I'd like to print dimensionally accurate models, without too much editing. I'm having trouble finding .stl files that are true to size. There seem to have been online archives for this type of thing, but they're been disappearing since 2017 (as far as I can tell). Any suggestions?
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No title
0 images | 10 replies
No title
best software to make in the fastest time something like this?
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Is Blender as amazing as its users claim?
In every thread about Maya and Max, in every 3D related video, all you see are comments claiming Blender murders Max and Maya. Many such commenters claim to be former Max and Maya users who switched to Blender.

Is Blender actually that good? If not, why is there so much hype for it?
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No title
So I made a cube and I made it editable.
Then I realized I need more polygons for sub. Is there a way I can automatically add them without the need to draw them manually?
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No title
okay guys, here's the plan
>get into industry
>agree to do anything because finally made it
>work unpaid OT because "ambitious"
>get hopes and dreams slowly crushed by demands and workflow of industry
>burn out and realize this was no different than any other 40h/w office job
>resent 3d

how's my 20 year timeline guys?

in all seriousness, use blender to create portfolio, then learn pirated maya/houdini? or should i just skip blender and transition to industry standard asap? what kind of grunt work should i look for? I heard rigging was the most common entry level 3d work to do?
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No title
Questions thread.
9 images | 68 replies
No title
5 images | 39 replies
No title
I want to make a coomer game in Unity, but with just as much appeal as quality 2D or real life models. That means no playdough skin, deformed oily skin and crappy shadows.

What are the best base models, techniques I could use and extra people I could hire?
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Give me a reason
Give me one (1) reason, a single good reason why I should use Blender and not simply pirate Maya.
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/UE/ - Unreal Engine General Thread
As always, I have a question about Unreal, so I might as well open a general again so the thread doesn't become pointless if the question is answered.

I have an already existing scene built in Blender, and I'm trying to find a way I can export the whole scene to Unreal. I don't want to just export a bunch of individual objects that I'd have to place manually again, because the scenes need to match 1 to 1 in both programs.

I've tested out new Send to Unreal blender addon:

But from what I see, it only exports individual assets + I'm not sure it even supports collections so it just exports everything into one messy folder.

I though that maybe I could parent everything in a scene to 1 object and import that, but idk if I misunderstood it, but this means the lightmap will be shared across the entire group? I got an error when trying to bake lighting.

Another idea I had was to just export everything individually, but with pivots at the world center, so when I drop them in the scene at (0,0,0) the objects will keep their world space. Maybe that could work, but I'm not sure if that's a good approach.

Ideally, you would have a live link where the whole scene updates in Unreal automatically, so if I modify an object or change its position, it will be updated in Unreal. That means I wouldn't have to keep importing new version again and again.

Any ideas?
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No title
Post the best 3D model you’ve ever made.
4 images | 24 replies
No title
is she right?
14 images | 93 replies
No title
What programs do companies use to make logos like these (random examples)?
0 images | 14 replies
No title
im a college student and tried it out of curiosity why is it so shit compared to maya ? not user friendly at all.
1 images | 17 replies
No title
Is it realistic to find a job after a year of learning 3D? What would I need to know how to do?
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Pixely Low Poly
I want to learn how to replicate the pixely low poly models aesthetic from the PS1 era or similar. Any tips or good tutorials out there? Anything would be appriciated. Also if you're working on something similar then please come by and show your work.
45 images | 203 replies
References and guides thread
Anatomy, tutorials, construction, building, texturing, etc. Anything that you think might be useful goes.
110 images | 167 replies
Blender Traditionalist Thread
Blender 2.5 is best blender. Anyone else use older versions? I feel that 2.5 is the best version but I have massive respect for those using even earlier versions.
1 images | 31 replies
Alberto Mielgo
Can we talk about this?
Mielgo and his team have done it again, how the fuck are they doing it, what is the process? How do they get such realistic lighting while using just a background plane? Is it all composition? I'm not that familiar with it, but there is no way you can do so much with it, right?
Thoughts, /3/?
6 images | 16 replies
There is something I'm not seeing
How come this poorly detailed model is 500K triangles?

While this more highly detailed one is only 199K?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
How many wagies out there get to spend their time creating shit they actually enjoyed and cared about?
Most on duty tasks are irrelevant garbage bullshit
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No title
Explain to me why maya is better than blender?
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math for perspective
hi im trying to draw and concept several things particularly turned tire wheels, drills, propeller, especially from lower angle and

i was convinced that in order to draw independent from sketching one must also rely not on sketching and directly addresses each lines, parts and contours and things related to it.

another one also said to mindfully deconstruct the subjects in my mind
into simple objects and math occurs much often to solve variety of problems even though i dont realy know where to start

so question is, given image belows, what went wrong with the picture realistically and how do you correct it or find corrections in order to know the right object and shape and sizes given the case again?

what elements are required to precise the subjects given?

i realize the question is probably abit too board since art math and visuals themselves are, very board,

but bear with me and have your shot, as the solution just have to be, precise enough and clear(nice lookin) enough to be used in different cases and occassions.
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No title
What do you think of 3D World magazine? Should I subscribe? I read the archived issues on my phone at work sometimes. But what do you think? Is it good??
0 images | 4 replies
No title
What are the best software/methods/plugins to make tress and other types of vegetation?
0 images | 5 replies
VRoid and Unity
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.51.29 PM
Using VRoid and Unity3d to produce my first visual novel! Any other VNdev's here? Any critique or suggestions would be appreciated.
5 images | 36 replies
No title
Fuck me.

I wish I had this kind of talent.
11 images | 85 replies
The best program for creating 3d objects?
I'm still a beginner in the world of 3d creations. I learned the basics using Blender, 3ds max and mudbox but I wouldn't want to waste my time trying to understand things that won't be useful to me, so I'm asking you great masters of /3/ what software is best for creating weapons, buildings, furniture and so on?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
I made a tool in unity and am wondering if its good enough to put on a tools reel to apply to studios. I can record tracking data from any type of tracker (hand keyed, head tracked, eye track) and then playback and use that stored data to do things like vertically scroll the final image to fit a 4k video onto dual 1080p monitors or just see what was being focused on at a particular moment, which is useful for many things. Look at the cube moving showing the recorded tracking and the dynamic scrolling of the video. I have been working on this project for 1 month, learning unity and c#
0 images | 7 replies
Solidworks export
Aight lads, I'm trying to print myself a nice poster of a SolidWords drawing, but I keep getting a stupid "for educational use only" watermark for obvious reasons. Would someone with a full SolidWorks licence be able to PDF this drawing for me without the watermark? Many thanks.

The part

The drawing
0 images | 2 replies
No title
ITT: Post your donut, anvil and coffee mug
82 images | 220 replies
No title
Quality anime hair with good topology, how the fuck do you achieve it?

shit topo
>UV sphere and manually do each strand
I will kill myself.

any other method?
2 images | 42 replies
Super Hero Art
So this is what you need to do to make it in the 3D industry? Every famous artist I see in this field is doing some shit for Marvel or DC, it's actually tiring to see so much Batman sculptures around the internet.
0 images | 16 replies
Looking to comm an NSFW SFM animation
The name says it all. I'm looking for someone who's skilled enough in SFM to do animations, and who also does commissions, preferably for cheap. Trying to search on Twitter is like trying to find a diamond in the rough, and Google is too damn vague with it's results. I'll be willing to go into more detail about what it is I want to comm if anyone's interested. If so, just let me know and we can try and work something out.
1 images | 4 replies
/blend/ - Blender General
mixer yogi
Welcome to the Blender General, where we discuss Blender, share our Blender-related works and ask for Blender-related help.

>What is Blender?
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


>Blender Market


>Useful tutorials

>Useful addons

Previous Thread: >>754822
22 images | 91 replies
Feature Length
If you are so good as you claim to be /3/ , why haven't you made a feature length, officially be on IMDb with a 7+ rating, and have your masterpiece on hosted by AMZ prime?
0 images | 6 replies
No title
How long would it take to learn to make animations like this? Asking for a friend, haha...
2 images | 24 replies
Blender Rigging
I've made multiple 3d models and characters. But everytime i arrive at rigging, i get fed up figuring out how to make a really cool and easy to use for animating rig/ik-rig/face-rig

Do ya'll know any good resources for doing all that? Not like the basic making a skeleton and weightpainting, that's pretty intuitive
0 images | 1 replies
Blender addons
What are /3/ opinions on blender IF we also start ussing blender addons on our work?

I mean, watching this video, blender starts stopping being a crappy mediocre piece of shit and It looks now (with the addons) like a competitive professional tool.
1 images | 4 replies
bowl floating in water
How do I make a bowl floating in water WITHOUT any water (of the SEA plane) in it.
I am hoping there is some way OTHER than grouping another negative sphere inside the bowl, as the bowl itself is already a boolean and the addition of the extra sphere might make parts currently invisable reappear.
This is a test render to see how to render a floating ship without water inside.

I am using VUE Esprit 2016 R6
0 images | 0 replies
Autodesk 3ds Max 2012...?
Does Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 no longer exist online?
>No official website has it.
>Found only 2 torrent(s) with 0 seeds and <1 availability.
It's required for use with Havot tools 2012 which is the only way to create animations for Skyrim Legendary Edition.
Anyone know where the software 'Autodesk 3ds Max 2012' can be acquired?
6 images | 27 replies
No title
what's the best zbrush course for a beginner? the one with the tranny?
0 images | 20 replies
XPS simple 3d models
when you belong in the kitchen but it&#039;s time to fire up the (((ovens)))
I am about this nuclear right now. what the fuck is wrong with every poser on the market? I just want something simple, looked all over, and sure enough the free-est solution is the best, xna lara or xps. But nowhere, FUCKING NOWHERE is there any sort of generic 3d posable figure made of shapes like the wooden figurines from art class. I don't want to larp, I want something to pose and use as a drawing reference. I've had it, I've come to the last place I know who might be able to tell me to fuck off and kill myself because I'm never going to find it on jewgle.
1 images | 2 replies
Facebuilder serial?
Anyone know where I could find the serial/crack for keentools facebuilder?
or in any which case a way to reset the free trial?
I launched it awhile ago and coudln't even try the damn thing.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
What do you think guys? it's my first time
0 images | 1 replies
No title
What is objectively the correct topology for knees and elbows?
8 images | 19 replies
No title
Wanna 3D model a sexy robot dame. And need more good references. Also What do you think about robot/practicality vs human-looking/attractive.

hot 3d robot thread
28 images | 76 replies
Alias Autostudio
images - 2020-08-01T095349.192
Is here anyone who's expertise in autodesk alias autostudio? Please I need some help.
0 images | 1 replies
Grass in next gen games
What happened with grass in recent games that makes it look so good? Look at grass in TLOU2 or Ghost of Tsushima.

From what I can see, they finally switched to individual grass blades instead of cards (although maybe only for a tall grass), and I assume PCs are now powerful enough that we can afford an actual geo. This also means that now each individual grass blade can move by itself and you don't have a whole grass clump move like its glued together. It also reduces transparent space on cards which can also cause drastic FPS drops.

But is more geo really more efficient than cards at this point? I did some experiments with this in UE4 once, and maybe I didn't set it up correctly, but I haven't seen a big difference on larger scenes completely filled up with thick grass.
1 images | 25 replies
No title
what do you think of Maciej Kuciara?
4 images | 41 replies
Reasons Why Blender Is Total Shit
1. You can't make selections through culled backface geometry
2. You can't use absolute units when scaling/extruding/insetting
3. You can't do proper edge offsetting without an add-on
4. You can't easily add a vertex to an existing edge (come on, I have to be wrong about this one)
5. You can't make a global material (non object-specific)
6. You can't enable backface culling in render preview

One month into dicking around with this pos, and I'm fucking angery. I'm hoping any of you can correct me on any of these points.

Also, gladly taking recs for a modeling solution geared towards hard surface and architecture that works well with substance designer material exports. Don't care if its not free as I'm tired of this freebie pajeet-tier spaghetti coded open source shit, I wanna program made by a white man.
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No title
Will blender eventually reach a point where even if is not the best tool in the industry will be good enough for like 99% task you will need in the industry?

Not the best, but like good enough for 99% of taks?
0 images | 15 replies
Installing Maya
Anyway I can get Maya onto my computer? I'm trying a copy from CGPeers, but it stops me at the license screen, and I can't do an offline install. And be damned if I'm going to pay the money they're asking for their dumb subscription model.

>but muh education license
Tried that, But the hoops to go through it is just as annoying, not helped by the fact that I have no idea who to put in for as "education institute".

>but muh blender
I have Blender already, but it's got issues. Then there's the whole "learn multiple programs" adage.
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No title
roast me
I taught myself to use Fusion360 about 5months ago, is this good progress for that amount of time?

I've done larger projects but this has probably been the most mechanically involved.
0 images | 4 replies
How the fuck do I get a job in gamedev?
>be me
>skilled in all aspects of developement
>3d, concept, coding, animation, game design, debugging
>applies for multiple job offers in the industry
>big and small jobs, some only looking for juniors
>gets rejected or ignored EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME
>looks at the team behind X studio that rejected said application
>cucked by a bunch of betas whose only experience in gamedev is small shitty ass gamejam phone games (ie pic related)

what am I doing wrong?
How is it possible that I am (seemingly) far more capable than half the people at some of these studios and yet they reject me?
4 images | 38 replies
No title
Anyone knows where I can pirate expensive as fuck models, or just any 3D models in general?
I'm trying to find a free version of these:

Moralfags/paypigs need not respond to this thread
3 images | 24 replies
No title
>instantly appears through your z-brush screen saver
Nothing personal ooga booga
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No title
When were you when Blender never became the industry standard?
14 images | 100 replies
No title
What is the easiest to learn to use constantly 3D software for absolute beginners? Anything with any price goes as long as it is easy to learn.
0 images | 2 replies
The Perfect Storm for GPUs
>covid quarantine forces more normies into the "work from home" bandwagon
>a chunk of those either go into 3D, amateur game developing or mining causing the demand for GPUs to increase
>China trade war makes certain materials and parts more costly for the production and assembly of GPUs
>the mass production of PS5s and Xbox Xs will require biblical amounts of GDDR6 RAM, a component that is required to build virtually every GPU nowadays, causing the price of the component to skyrocket and the final price of GPUs to be 50% higher
tl;dr by the end of this year all graphic cards are going to cost 150% more
0 images | 13 replies
3d/graphics programming
Does anyone here do any graphics programming? I'm just getting into webgl (js+webgl directly, not threejs or pixiejs) and it's reeeally exciting (I know it's babby's first). I'd love to contribute to blender one day.

Also, anyone know much about job opportunities in this direction? Preferably not in videogames.
1 images | 7 replies
is 3d model creation a good hobby?
is 3d modeling and stuff good for a hobby? i want to pick up something new during quarantine other than gaming and get out of my slump. making dragons and stuff would be really cool too. pic is random sculpt i found
1 images | 3 replies
Recover a 3ds max file
Hello, faggot here calling for help, last month i reset my laptop, I made backups of my main files, I was learning 3dsmax and I had a file almost finished, but when it was reset its lost, i recovered the file but only the .scene, so now it dont open,
someone who knows how to retrieve the file from a scene?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
why do people model rooms like this...
2 images | 9 replies
Have any of you installed Artstations Chrome extension?
it basically pops new artwork from artstation with artists profile link, everytime you open new tab
shit made me jealous at first but i think it's motivating me now
i never went on artstaions front page either anyways so i think this is nice way of catching up with next fuckery community is doing
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No title
what the fuck did i do? how do I get rid of these squares?
0 images | 10 replies
No title
Is there 3D software with metric measuring easy and friendly like 123D or old alibre but free and not requiring internet connection to work?
123D is simple and efective for some jobs but too primitive and have lack of functions.
I tested like freecad and wings3d this is literally sabotage.
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3d printers
I have never bought a 3d printer before, and I'm looking to get one. I do flatwork design and would like to do little models of houses that i can put various patios and things out to show customers. Anyone own one they can recommend (or not)? Also 3d print general.
9 images | 54 replies
No title
Does anyone know much about the software available for this or any other that might be compatible?
Pico g2
Already got it and yeah it's pretty cool but I think it needs a better browser. Mozilla is supposed to be working on one.
Any information would be appreciated.
1 images | 2 replies
Texture Painting General
Which application do you use and why?

Also, post your recently painted models.
19 images | 142 replies
No title
Head - One
The last two things i had made then stopped again, what do you think, should i just give up, also post the last thing you made.
2 images | 17 replies
No title
is it possible to decently replicate film in 3D CG im not talking about just the grain but all the other elements that make up film
0 images | 2 replies
No title
happy merchant
I want to 3D print the happy merchant. Does anyone know where I can find a CAD or STL file?
0 images | 0 replies
No title
okay /3/, what is the ABSOLUTE easiest software you can think of that I could hop into right now and make something easy. Or at the very least, the most beginner friendly. You can make nice looking things in blender but it's such a fucking storm to a newcomer. Can't tell what the fuck anything is.
Everything else I've used is relatively simple or laid straight out with no confusion.
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SHAPES nag screen
Got a file from someone and it brings up this nag screen on launch.

Anyone know what lines to alter in the .ma file to get rid of it?
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Maya? Blender? Please help
So the shitty 'art college' I graduated from 3 years ago let me have a license for Maya 2016, which I've used for a few projects since. Then one day, they finally realized that I don't go there anymore and cancelled my license.

My options currently are:
>learn blender

Blender has a learning curve that many people who were formally trained in Maya might have a hard time adapting to, even with their latest update. Also a lot of the same tools I've come to depend on in my workflow don't seem to be there or require convoluted steps that just seem so.. unappealing.
Also many scripts and plugins I've come to depend on, like Arnold and RenderMan and something called RapidRig all seem to be non-existent in Blender or have very little, if any, compatibility.

But piracy.. that's so messy. I've done contract work for some big companies and I don't wanna risk any of the shit I have to come about risk violating my NDA should I get some nasty malware. I've seen friends get their bank accounts hacked because they trusted Photoshop cracks off Pirate Bay, and that alone is enough to spook someone with something to lose such as myself.
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Banging my head
>Quixel Bridge
>Try to import asset
Textures do this, I've checked the uv maps and all and the problem seems to be in the imported textures themselves. They somehow get imported partially, a fifth of them is visible.
Does ANYONE know ANYTHING that I can do to maybe get one step closer to solving this piece of shit problem? Thank you.
0 images | 3 replies
Any miniature STL repository out there?
Am broke, currently supporting several patrons, but can't really afford previous releases that cost 60$ like TitanForge, Asgard Rising etc. Is there any repository for paid STL files here on 4chan?

Also, looking for this model, it was deleted by the author some time ago (it was free), anyone has it saved?
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No title
>he wanted to get into 3D but gave up because it was too hard
1 images | 20 replies
No title
WTF Blender are making their own mouses now? How will Logitech recover?
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No title
Can you use Skyrim mods as free assets?
Literally millions of armor sets and fully rigged bodies and faces and monsters and decoration
what's stopping people from using those unlicensed assets? the format they're saved as?
I know companies can't do anything about their assets being used in modding, so taking, let's say, tracer's model from a Skyrim mod and using it in a licensed project is illegal, but what about unlicensed stuff used in skyrim mods? or any mods?
2 images | 9 replies
MODO- What happened?
Is Modo a shit software that nobody uses any more? will we see it disappear in the next few years? I remember the hype and liked the modelling tools and UI.
1 images | 14 replies
No title
Why is the navigation in blender so fucking shit. I’m trying to make a level right now and it’s a fucking nightmare. The zoom is always too fast or too slow. The pan rotation is always going through walls and rotates the camera to another side of the fucking map. It uses this thing called a dolly point which means you pivot around a point in space in front of the camera. Why cant they just have the camera itself rotate? I’ve already looked through settings and guides and it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to change it.
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